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【尋找你的絕世瞬間】 得獎名單公布

拍攝的那0.5秒是個充滿創造力的瞬間,按下快門的那一瞬,將原本專屬自己的感動分享出去。不論是落日餘暉下的街景、氣勢雄偉的壯闊山川、街角小貓的懶散姿態,任何主題都可以是你的 #絕世瞬間
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恭喜以上得獎者獲得《絕世瞬間》新書一本! 請上述得獎者於三日內提供姓名、電話、地址,未回覆則視同放棄。ps活動獎品寄送限台灣地區(含澎金馬地區)


photo by Martin Rietze,自然的呼喚|Rarely Seen: Photographs of the Extraordinary


Video by @Renan_Ozturk | Basecamp on the north side of #Everest at 17.5k feet - I had never felt the pull of this mountain or wanted to climb it much at all until arriving here with such a soulful team. The iconic shape and presence of the peak from this vantage point is a magnet for exploration, all the lines of the valleys pulling you upward. #sirensong #everestmystery Join me @Renan_Ozturk for more images from the roof of the world


Maldives ✨😍😍😍✨
Picture by ✨✨@passportinonehand✨✨
#wonderful_places for a feature ❤️


¿Lo sabías? National Geographic recibió 15 nominaciones a los Premios Emmy. ¡Felicitaciones a #FreeSolo, #PlanetaHostil e #ImperioSalvaje por el reconocimiento!


“Shark 🦈 attack!” writes @squishy_thefrenchie


Every time dancer, singer and actress Nia Sioux (@niasioux) gets onstage, her confidence shines. 💖 “Dancing has helped me gain confidence tremendously,” says the 18-year-old. “When I was younger, I was always scared and nervous before going onstage. Putting yourself out there more, it releases that fear.” Today on our weekly series #YouGotThis, Nia shows us how she slayed at Vidcon 2019. Check out her tips for boosting your confidence and practicing self-love, right now on our story.

Photo of @niasioux by @jordanmatter


Dear Grandmother | Photograph by Ricardo Ramos
“Teresa (28) visits her grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s, almost every day. She is in a nursing home that specializes in the elderly. Sometimes she recognizes her granddaughter,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Ricardo Ramos. “Teresa wants to take care of her because her grandmother took care of her.” This photo was published in our “Take Care” story, guest edited by @natgeo photographer Gabriele Galimberti. To submit to our current assignments, go to the link in our profile.

“I have a similar situation with my Grandma... Unfortunately, I am not able to visit her often, I travel too much. This picture and story are really moving.” — @natgeo photographer Gabriele Galimberti (@gabrielegalimbertiphoto)


Photo by Stephen Wilkes @stephenwilkes | I’ve always been captivated by history, and Venice is one of my favorite cities in the world because it truly remains timeless. I decided I wanted to photograph the Historical Regatta (Regata Storica), an event that’s taken place in Venice every year since the 1500s. The boats and costumes seen in this photograph are exactly as they were back then. The day was beautiful, and although the bridge was crowded and I could barely move, the stunning sunrise and sunset made it a perfect scene for this Day to Night.

The Day to Night series began in 2009. From a fixed camera angle, I capture fleeting moments of humanity and nature as light passes in front of the lens. I shoot thousands of images through day and night, then digitally blend a select group to create a seamless composite image. To see more photos from my travels near and far, follow me @stephenwilkes.
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Musée de l'Ermitage, Saint-Petersbourg, Russie, 2019 🇷🇺💦
Le mois dernier, j'ai eu l'occasion de visiter le 2e plus grand musée d'art du monde, avec une impressionnante collection d'arts et plus de mille salles.
Voici une série de photos prise à l'extérieur et intérieur du musée avec le mode Ultra Grand Angle du #HuaweiP30Pro
@huaweimobilefr #HuaweiShot #ad


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