Gary and supporting cast@omgdeedee

His beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man’s entire body. CA, US
This page talks politics. DO NOT CONGRATULATE.
Canon/SGS8 #gare🐻

I've noticed over the last few days that when Alice and Gus are "fighting" she's actually holding him down and licking his face. #resistanceisfutile


This is an old picture but this is kind of how they looked today when the DirecTV guy's foot came through the ceiling. #reallydude


Commander of the Space Force has forced himself into Gus's space. #babyjegus #spaceforce


Lordy there are tapes


Looks like somebody's asking me to squish the hell out of him. #gustopher #why #fringsfridayfreakshow


Most difficult: Margo
Easiest: Alice
Gary was utterly shook when Margo showed up. We had quite a few weeks Gary freaking out. Once you get #margoed, everything else is cake.
Alice blended in like she'd always been here. She's smart enough to know when and who to avoid (Hank) #TeamGaryTrivia


#TeamGaryTrivia are you gonna finish that edition: As you can see, team Gary gets along pretty well. @jennifuhh4 asks : who was easiest and who was most difficult to integrate? And go.


Hi guys, my friend Patti (@boo_and_binx ) needs some help. Boo was hospitalized for a blockage and he's going to have a long and expensive recovery. If there's anything you can do, donate or share, she would really appreciate it. Link in @boo_and_binx bio. Thank you ❤️


It's hot AF and everyone's pissed so it's time for an epic flail. #gankyouverymuch


This is/isn't a Gus baby pic. I would/wouldn't shit you. I'm sorry/not sorry for my treason. This is/isn't a double negative.


It's Margo (That's Khaleesi to you) that's always watching TV. Her favorite shows are (obviously) Game of thrones and The Americans. Props to those who guessed TRMS, but she's actually the head writer for that. #TeamGaryTrivia


#TeamGaryTrivia, couch potato edition: Who watches TV the most, and do they have a favorite show (question by @plant_snob) uhhmm guys you don't have to guess the show but I hope you do