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Canon/SGS8 #gare🐻

Did someone call security? Gus's ECG and x-ray were normal, the fluid around his heart is gone, and now I'm waiting on blood test results, (possibly today) and of course his monitor results which will take about a week or so. He had to relearn to walk when we got home, and that took about an hour. It was also hilarious. He's doing great now though, even getting on the bathroom counter and the cat shelves. I'll do a video of him without the shirt so you guys can see what it looks like.


Gus's follow up is at 10 am today, I'm really hoping for clean retests. He seems perfectly abnormal so I'm expecting it. The appt will be at least a few hours, and he'll come home with a Holter monitor that has to be worn for 24 hrs. Check my story if you want to see what the t-shirt says.


Your carrot seedlings disappeared? Wow, I wonder what happened. #gare🐻 #witchhunt


These pretzels are making me thirsty #juniormiss


Box on the table, Day 3. Alice has shown an interest in the box so he only gets out in the morning to tweet and piss. #Hankyouverymuch


When you've been up all night coming up with amazing nicknames like "spygate" #dobetterson #gustopher


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #askhankanything #idk #hankyouverymuch


It's aways a good time for some dumbassery #Gargo


Y U so adorable, Gus? We have him wear his shirts so he can get used to wearing something for his monitor on Friday. #gustopher


Margo asks "Where in the world is Gus?" #averygoodquestion #margoylemonday


Gary & Gus are the morning mob leaders. Today Gus screamed and screamed while Gary walked across my pillow, pulling my hair out while stepping on it, and that's the point I know it's over. #TeamGaryTrivia #foodandFOMO


This morning, the soon to be $23.95 Food Hunt, composed of 6 Angry and Heavily Conflicted Cats, arrived in the bedroom at 6:30 am. Which two Cats were the Ringleaders? #TeamGaryTrivia #lockthemup


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