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No matter what life brings, your smile gets me through it all ♡ 🌈✨ my little Solshine 🌞


This rainy morning calls for a warm cup of anti-inflammatory Golden Mylk ✨
Made with almond milk, turmeric, black pepper, raw ginger, cinnamon, coconut oil, some @superfeast reishi 🍄 and stevia for a bit of sweetness ✨💛


Dinner tonight is leftovers from lunch ✨
A mix of various beans and lentils, over some rice with bell pepper, tomato, avo, topped off with some of my homemade hummus & lime❣️ I swear, avocado and tomato were made for each other 😍 I pretty much eat it every day 🤤 anyone else feel that way? ✨ not pictured: Adams not so photogenic bowl 😆 but just as delicious 👌& Luca and I shared this bowl ✨ #veganfamily #plantpowered


“Now I see the secret of making the best person: it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the Earth.”-Walt Whitman ||
Oh Mother Earth, how I love you 🌎 ✨🌈🌼 I promise to raise my children to love you and respect you🙏 to care for you and to teach others how much we need you 🌱 i am grateful everyday to wake up and know I am here, with you, all the animals and humans, coexisting ✨ co-creating ✨ so much love 🌎❣️Happy Earth Day ❣️🌎 #earthling #naturelove #earthday


“Step into your fears. Feel them. Endure them. Battle through them. However, they are no match for your courage. They don’t stand a chance against your undying strength. You are a million times more powerful than them. Step into your fears. But, don’t allow for them to overcome you, for you are the master of your life.”
— Nicole Addison || #raisingthefuture #childhoodunplugged #naturechild


✨You are part of my soul. I am part of yours. Forever.✨


"Awaken your mind to see the world in all of its colour, for there is far more that exists beyond the monochrome worlds that we often construct. "
-Nicole Addison ||
Family picnic at the park yesterday ✨ eating the rainbow 🌈 all raw 💫 Luca is becoming much more interested in foods lately. He used to only like little tastes of things here and there, now he's gotta have everything mama is eating ✨ || his little shorts are handmade by @luluandroo 💛🌼


Sharing a big bowl of sweet, juicy watermelon with my Solshine ✨🌈💗


I think at times one of the hardest part of motherhood is lack of community. You can sometimes feel lonely and overwhelmed. and as if no one around you can truly understand your needs, worries or questions. I was In search of a local mama friend, and my prayers were answered when @holisticallyhomegrown randomly messaged me here and we were magically connected ✨ it's rare to find connections like this🌈💗✨ and I am so grateful to have found her 💫 social media can be a tough place at times but It can definitely create magical and beautiful friendships 💫✨ #momfriends #babyfriends #divineconnection


Do you ever have one of those days where you wake up feeling motivated, so you create a list of things you are determined to get done? Today was one of those days for me. But Luca had other plans.. He started getting sleepy around his usual nap time so I tried to put him to sleep, after an hour of singing, walking around, going outside, doing everything possible, this boy would not nap, so I gave in. And let him play a bit longer and I said we'll try again in an hour. .
I felt frustrated at first, now my day was all out of whack, and I wasn't going to be able to get the things done when I wanted too. But then I thought for a moment and laughed at myself for ever thinking things would go as planned. .
One thing after another, today keeps surprising me and not going the way I thought it would... and it's only 1pm!
But as I sit here, I realize there's a lesson in it all~ we have to surrender to the flow of life. Allow what comes to come and let go of what you thought it would be. Life is full of surprises, and just like us, children have off days and all we can do is flow with them. Accept what is and create space ✨ .
Luca finally realized he was too sleepy for anything else and surrendered to his nap 😆 and I decided to make myself a big bowl of goodness, sit on my lanai, enjoy this beautiful weather and forget the rest💛 🌴🌼☺️


Luca and I ✨ by @aldousmassie 🌈 always blown away by his beautiful artwork 🦋💗


My little nature lover & explorer 🦋🌈🌼✨ it's amazing how connected and in~tune he is with his surroundings 🌱 wearing the cutest little romper from @luluandroo 💛


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