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Chasing the Milky Way ✨☁️

Does anyone else think that rock looks like a giant parrot? The other day @ambertorrealba and I decided to take a last minute trip to Joshua Tree for the new moon with @kelseybloome and my good friend Matt Haas. We were stoked to get there before sunset and the clouds were amazing. Those clouds stuck around for a while after the sunset and actually called some of their friends haha. We had a small window of being able to see the Milky Way so we all rushed out to try and get some shots. Stoked I was able to get a couple before the cloud cover went to 100%.


“The impact zone”

In the middle of this photo of the wedge is what we call the “impact zone”. Here the water is coming from the shore, the left, the right, and from the top to create a “bowl” if you will. The water is sucking up the sand cause it is so shallow in this area. This is a a fairly uncommon occurrence at most beaches.You could say it is the place to be, or the place to avoid and that all depends on what kind of day you’re having. As you can see the crowd loves it!!


My kind of sunset 🌤️

This shot was taken at Horseshoe Bend. You see this spot in so many photos, videos and all over the internet. When you’re there in person, in “real life”, you feel like you’re on another planet. The size of this canyon and it’s presence just gave me that insignificant feeling. Truly a magical landscape that, if you can, you should visit.


Teamwork makes the dream work!
@baileysca has been shooting me for 12 years now. I wouldnt feel comfortable cutting it this close with anyone else in the water.
Video: @lagunasocal
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Low tide in Dana Point 🏄‍♂️


Trying to cool off at Lake Powell ☀️

The time I spent on Lake Powell was breathtaking.  From the towering cliffs, emerald green water, and the stand alone beauts it was was one the most beautiful places I have ever been.  Huge thanks to @travisburkephotography and @surflakepowell the experience was amazing!
Photo: @ambertorrealba
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The Wedge is such a crowd pleaser 👥
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The crowd seen in this photo was shorty forced to move when the next set came in.  A little known fact by most of you is that I have almost drowned at the wedge when I first moved to California.  It was a very humbling experience to say the least and I never skimmed or looked at the ocean the same.  Ignorance may be bliss but be mindful of never turning your back on the ocean.


3️⃣1️⃣ 🎂🌊
Photo: @ambertorrealba
Thanks for all of the love today everyone 🙌


Narrowly escaping getting taken out by another skimboard. Summer crowds are already getting thick in laguna! 🌊☀️
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Video: @lagunasocal


The earth feels so alive when the waves are crashing and the sun is shining. So nice to have a break from the gloomy weather!


Happy world oceans day everyone!
I wanted to share more of the Cabo Coast line where we typically skimboard when we visit.  As you can see from the different shades of blue in the water there is a pretty crazy drop-off.  It is really easy to get caught in the water washing back out into the ocean after a wave breaks, and it gets deep real quick.  The ocean is a powerful force and not something we should take lightly.  It controls A LOT more than we think.  #happyworldoceansday #worldoceansday


Solo surf sessions are the best 🏄‍♂️

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