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Moved from Sweden to Paris to follow my dreams 💙

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Chilly winter afternoons strolling through the city, which reminds me of how happy I am to be where I am! (Also, mental note: I really need to get myself some mittens and a hat for this cold weather soon) ❄️💙

Rue Saint-Dominique

“Twilight fell: The sky turned to a light, dusky purple littered with tiny silver stars.” Parisian evenings and this la #DdeDior watch by @Dior💖 (Photo: @ineffabledaze) #partner

Pont Alexandre III

A little glimpse of some recent work for one of my favourites, @Dior. Capturing their beautiful la #DdeDior watch, with a ribbon-like bracelet, inspired by the maison’s Haute Couture savoir-faire as this beautiful city lights up and another magical night in Paris begins ✨💛 (Video footage: @ineffabledaze - Music: Chris Zabriskie) #partner

Paris, France

Keeping cosy and warm during Parisian winter days (and never not eating my daily dose of pastries) & loving this delicate and feminine la #DdeDior watch by @Dior 💙 (Photo: @ineffabledaze) #partner

Paris, France

Getting in that holiday spirit with @Christofle ✨ #ChristofleParis

Rue Saint-Honoré

Since my reality is standing in a sea of moving boxes up to my knees at the moment, here’s a little throwback (where the only thing reaching my knees were these awesome @Louisvuitton boots 😂) 💚 (Photo: @journeyintolavillelumiere)

Paris, France

Tea time at the always beautiful @Rwcrillon ✨ (Also, I just have to say that I’ve never been greeted by happier door men than the ones here - always puts a smile on my face 😀)

Hôtel de Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel

Have had to deal with moving flats for the last last couple of days (eeexciting 😀👏🏻) but was finally able to pop out for a little while to enjoy the city the other day. Now: back to editing and unpacking boxes 💙


Dreaming about this magical view... 💛

Hotel Plaza Athenee

Winter in Paris ❄️

Pont Alexandre III

Getting ready for a night out in Paris with my #Pantheredecartier @Cartier ✨ (Photo: @journeyintolavillelumiere)

Plaza Athénée