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apparently it’s #nationalpuppyday so here’s shot of me hanging with the little homie, avoiding folding laundry, and watching the ncaa tournament, hope you have an amazing day! ✌🏼#puppylife #italiangreyhound


@carlingnicole you promised me it doesn’t rain in los angeles like it does in seattle, what is this!?!😂 #losangeles #rainyday


one of my favorite students has to use parallel bars for wrist pain in his practice, i have been practicing with them more to hopefully gain some valuable insight worth sharing and laughing at myself along the way!

#handstand #practice #yogapose


i always find when i focus on my own efforts distractions don’t hold much weight

#practiceandalliscoming #yoga #focus


fun ways to get up off the floor or a funny way to clean the floor? it’s all perspective and entertainment at the end of the day. #rolls #movement #slowlybutsurely


eight years in the game ❤️ @carlingnicole


i’m back in los angeles, there is new @communeyoga merch on the website, and i am teaching all weekend at the studio, come practice with me + check out the new gear online. thanks to @familyindustries for making our designs come together flawlessly ✌🏼 #losangeles #yogastudio #lifeincommune #happeninginhighlandpark


after 10 straight days of sweating profusely and laughing hysterically i have finished filming a new batch of @codyapp plans! excited to share all of them with you soon, meanwhile practice the awakening yoga solar practice on there now, create better movements patterns in your yoga poses and transitions ✌🏼 wearing @aloyoga
#workhard #sweat #practice #codyapp


all you need to practice yoga is yourself, everything else is just a bonus ✌🏼 #yoga #yogapose #yogavideo


first time pulling this one off! i don’t ever use parallel bars but they were floating around so i figured to give this a go. definitely a different challenge, more than anything on this movement i am pretty happy i didn’t chicken out and tuck my knees into my chest halfway up, i thought about it during the sticky part 😂 new things are always challenging on some level or another but when they come together its such a cool feeling! my video guy cut off my celebration dance, it was awkward anyway, don’t worry you didn’t miss much. hope you have a great day ✌🏼 #handstand #parallelbars #handstands #practice


i’ve been working on some really cool stuff with @tannerwalker_hmp over the last few days, stay tuned and check his work out!

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hanging with @carletonjames and russ. when it’s sunny in seattle in march you throw on your flannels and hoodies then go by the water to pretend it is actually warm outside! happy to be enjoying the nice day with good people ✌🏼 #seattle #southlakeunion #flannels