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how long does it take to learn how to do something in yoga? this is another one of the most common questions that i get asked, with the word “something” being replaced by literally any pose you can think of. and the answer is always it depends. there are so many variables that come into a yoga practice and every person has their own unique natural predisposition to thrive straight away in certain parts of the practice. when i started out inversions came easier for me, i could go into handstand from a number of different positions but couldn’t get my front leg to straighten in triangle! it pretty much looked like a lazy side angle pose even though i was trying with all my effort to get my front hip as far away from my front foot as possible, my legs would be shaking the whole time - it was a mess! whether it is physically, mentally, or spiritually some parts of the practice take more time, enjoy the process. i like to think of a yoga practice as a toolbox, at first all you have is a hammer and a nail which helps you put a few things together. then over time you acquire a wrench, a screwdriver, a set of drill-bits, and what you can build gets more complicated. the funny thing is what you put together isn’t that important, being aware that you were even building in the first place is. this is a practice of self awareness more than anything else, all the tools you acquire give you the opportunity to deconstruct and reconstruct yourself in a way that helps you continue to grow and feel better. there is no ceiling on your potential if you keep the heart, mind, and spirit open for the next opportunity to learn.

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turn your sound on for this one! @carlingnicole is rallying off tips for balancing handstand as fast as possible in honor of our new series journey to handstand on @alo.moves - practice with us today from anywhere in the world 😊🙏🏼 #handstand #journeytohandstand #yogapractice #yogachallenge


strawberries or blueberries?! what is your summer favorite? the local farmers market has been treating me well 😊🍓🔵 #eatfresh


recently i have been getting a lot of questions and messages asking why some of the sequences i practice are so different than what you would normally see in a vinyasa yoga practice. the answer is because the awakening yoga practice is about imprinting a series of movement patterns that can help any student delve into their own unique abilities as they learn about themselves in the process. going through each piece of the practice more consciously helps the body realize what is possible. this possibility isn’t just about tricky transitions and big poses, it is about finding ways to solve problems through the body first, about seeing ourselves more clearly through the lens of asana. effort in this direction builds a pattern of taking personal responsibility for yourself. taking ownership for our practice can help us take more ownership over our entire lives. learning to be strong within ourselves, in faith, and in our presentation to the world is how we find our place among the madness.

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join me in los angeles august 17-19 for an awakening yoga practice intensive at @communeyoga! learn the foundations of our unique practice style as well as keys for floating forward, mobility assessments for your yoga poses, and how to add functional movement to backbends. this practice intensive is also good for 15 hours of continuing education credits with yoga alliance, hope you can join us 🙏🏼 #yogavideo #yogapose #yogalove


this is the moment when i was trying to work handstand push ups on a ledge with a four foot drop (pretty hard to find a proper gaze point) and my dog decided he wanted to be there to support my physical and emotional struggles. at this point, all i can do is thank him 😂🐶🙏🏼 wearing @aloyoga

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if you are brand new and want to start a yoga practice, keep things simple - find three to five yoga poses that require your complete focus and practice them a few times each. try to be in each pose for up to one minute. your mind and body fully connected on one thing at a time for one minute. then lay down, close your eyes, take 10-20 deep breaths in and out through your nose. this humble beginning requires nothing but yourself, and is a very grounding practice style i still use in my own journey today. after the breathing is complete you will feel more at ease within yourself 🙏🏼 #yogapose #asana #beginneryoga #yogapractice


learn to move with a purpose, practice with me anytime anywhere on @alo.moves ✌🏼 #yogavideo #yogapractice #yogainspiration


yokai is working on his top knot too - how long do you think it will take him to get there?! 😂 #topknot #manbun


join me this october for the awakening yoga 300 hour teacher training in los angeles at @communeyoga! advance your teaching and practice through our unique method of mindful movement.

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let’s learn handstand together this summer! today @carlingnicole and i are teaming up with @alo.moves for a two week #journeytohandstand challenge to get you going. for the next two weeks we will be practicing one class a day from our new journey to handstand plan on @alo.moves with all of you so we can make the hard work more fun together!
to join the challenge, practice along with the Journey to Handstand class series each day and post how your practice went using #journeytohandstand #alomoves and in each post remember to tag:

myself + @carlingnicole
3 people will win a 6 month subscription to @alo.moves and $100 gift certificate from @aloyoga !

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goodbye italy, thank you for the amazing memories with my family! and for the many of you asking yes i will be back to teach here next year, we are already working with a few great places ✌🏼 #italia