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having faith and trust in yourself is a huge part of this life thing we are all experiencing. learning to stick with yourself through the moments of i don’t know and i’m not sure helps us all realize how easy we limit ourselves with negative thought patterns. you will never be perfectly ready for any opportunity that comes up, you could always have done more to prepare but that is not the way timing in life seems to work. when a moment comes trusting yourself to be able to adapt, learn, and grow on the fly will always open up more doors than shying away from being part of the experience ever could. getting out of your own way is all part of learning to be present in the moment and present in yourself. say yes to life ✌🏼 #yogavideo #handstand #yogainspiration


patrick beach

friday back bend vibes bringing good energy to a sunny afternoon 😎✌🏼🌴 #yogaeveryday #handstand #yogaflow


patrick beach

give this a try to build a ton of core strength! one of our themes for this week of our teacher training has been finding center in yourself, adding blocks to any work in L sits whether is is under the hands for added lift or in between your legs for added intensity will help you bring the body to complete attention at the midline, the center of yourself. the great thing about these props is the metaphor they bring to the practice, with blocks under the hands you can enable yourself to potentially lift up in a way you have never done before, with blocks in between the legs you are intensifying the movement so much you can’t shy away from what is taking place. enjoy the journey and let me know how it goes!

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patrick beach

it feels good to be back working on these handstand pushups! two months ago i could consistently get 3-5 in a row, then randomly one morning i woke up with a sore left shoulder. i didn’t think much of it and just kept going business as usual, that was the wrong choice and my labrum on the left side paid the price as the pain continued to increase. the patterns i was moving through were helping me build lots of strength but were also not creating enough balance in my body. i had to reshape some of my practice to create a few new patterns that would help my body work better as connected unit. i started running ideas by a friend of mine who is a physical therapist, we had some really interesting conversations that led me to a series of new daily practice rituals. after a few weeks of incorporating them i am now completely pain free and feel like i am on a sustainable path to becoming stronger than ever. it is funny when i look back at the journey over the last few months, there were days where i would be so frustrated by my situation that it limited me from looking for a sustainable solution. no matter what you do we all have natural movement patterns that can lead our body to over develop or over work certain muscle groups and this front shoulder pain just happened to be one of mine. everyday i learn more and more that the old thought process of fighting through challenges whatever they may be isn’t as valuable as working to a deepen knowledge and create paths for solutions.

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patrick beach

taking ardha navasana to the next level for over decade! today’s challenge - adding as many blocks as you can find into the equation. a block between the legs to build a strong connection to the midline and blocks in the hands because at this point why not 😂 if you give it a try let me know how it goes ✌🏼 wearing @aloyoga

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patrick beach

when i practice movements it is easy to tie myself to the aesthetics of particular shapes or positions instead of focussing on creating my own progress. i always try to remember the only thing i can control is my attitude and my effort. if i keep putting myself into what i am passionate about with a positive mindset whatever results i am looking for can fade away because i have the opportunity to enjoy the process of my own growth. appreciating the activity for each opportunity it gives to find a simple sense of radiating joy 😊✌🏼 wearing @aloyoga

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patrick beach

accidentally playing with the difference between presence and focus in my practice today, fully in tune with moving my body but clearly not aware of my surroundings! that cactus meant business when my foot swept over for the arm balance and pricked my toe 😂🌵 constantly learning the lessons of this practice in as many serious and silly ways as possible 🙏🏼 wearing @aloyoga

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patrick beach

you don’t need to heal yourself to be yourself ✌🏼 #yogainspiration #yogapractice #yogapose #mensyoga


patrick beach

#Ad Spending time in New York always inspires me to try new things. This time I found myself at a local NYC staple eating delicious plant-based food, which paired perfectly with one of my favorite flavors of @KeVitaDrinks Sparkling Probiotic Drink Mojita Lime Mint Coconut!


patrick beach

recovery is important, twice a week i make time in my schedule for a simple ritual that includes gentle yoga, light stretching with props, rolling out tight muscles, and a hot soak using @drteals - what are your favorite self care rituals? #ad


patrick beach

australia yoga friends, i am hopping across the pacific in november to teach in melbourne, sydney, and byron bay, come practice with me!

november 20-24 @yoga213 in melbourne for teacher's intensive and workshops
december 7-10 @powerliving in sydney for workshops
december 13-16 @creatureyoga for inversion training intensive

hope to see you all soon!

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patrick beach

do you like smoothies or juices more?! this is my go to green smoothie right now. you can watch the play by play of making it in my story or check the recipe below ✌🏼 -three cucumbers juiced
-heavy amount of spinach
-two bananas
-twelve strawberries

enjoy! #smoothie #greenjuice