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happy to be spending time with these two #family


nice countertops are for handstands right?! #handstand #yogalife #yogalove


a functioning cog in some great machine serving something beyond me. thank you universe

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how lucky am i to get a perfect avocado on a sunday?! what should i do next buy a lottery ticket?



saturday morning home practice at my own house! even though the weather is a little more or less at the moment it feels good to be home. last night in @solar_yogi class we moved from ustrasana to navasana a few times with this slick and very natural cross ankle position which inspired me to put these other pieces together with it this morning. one of the most interesting things about yoga transitions to me is when you know the foundations of your practice adding in new ripples is seamless but when the foundations are off kilter everything can feel wobbly. honing in on the basics of your practice is what opens the doors to everything else just like when you learn how to pay attention to yourself it is easier to find happiness. of course yokai wanted to join, he loves being on camera almost too much 😂

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i made it back to los angeles! teaching at @communeyoga this weekend, come practice!

10:00am vinyasa
12:00pm fundamentals
5:00pm vinyasa

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teacher trainings at @communeyoga 😊 the best time of the year! we always have an amazing crew, come practice with us ✌🏼 #yogateacher #yogastudio #yogapractice #yogalove


everyday i am working to put more of the puzzle pieces together. circle wheel is a cornerstone of our awakening yoga solar practice, we do ten in a row (here i accidentally did twelve, so aggressive!). while this piece is a challenge the first phase of the movement is actually a more accessible back bend than full urdhva dhanurasana. i love this sequence because it allows me to explore my backbends without getting so flimsy i lose control of my other transitions and poses. coupling this with inversions invigorates the body and increases the heart rate. this transition is very challenging and like many others you see me post requires a high level of skill, focus, and dedication. this stuff takes time. don’t rush your process, immerse yourself in it. the awakening yoga practice is built to create a shift in your body, mind, and spirit. that’s what a steady yoga practice does. the power of yoga is it’s ability to move you into the present. i was going to write more but the ending of this just wasn’t tying together right and it’s 1:42am where i am here in belfast so i need to embrace my own present moment and try to go to sleep! catch you tomorrow ✌🏼 #yogavideo #yogapractice #yogalove #yogaflow #yogaeverywhere wearing :: @aloyoga


my full body strength challenge starts today! this week practice each one of the classes from my new Full Body Strength plan on @codyapp, post about it using the hashtag #fullbodystrengthchallenge and you will be entered to win a 3 month subscription to @codyapp - winners will be chosen on monday may 21st so hop on your mat and get after it! #yogalife


when you get into nice hotel rooms and start seeing the furniture as “props” 😂 #yogapractice #yogalife


some friday practices require tie dye socks! also if you are working on pistol squat or trying to learn how to add the movement to your practice access the lowest point from lunge is really helpful. with the socks on you can slide the feet through and distribute weight between the feet which will help build strength and create comfort with the movement.

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we practice hard 😂✌🏼 @carlingnicole #yoga


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