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practice tip!! one of the most important things i have learned over years of practicing yoga is how to breathe in challenging situations. it is such a simple thing to train, yet hard to truly learn how to put into action. in an asana practice try moving yourself into a physically challenging pose (chaturanga is a good one for starters because it works for everyone) and take long extended breaths. see if you can work up to a breath count of 7, meaning you inhale and exhale for 7 seconds, bonus points if you can add in some retention or pause 😊 let me know how it goes, this has really helped me reduce stress and understand how i am breathing in all situations ✌🏼 #yogapractice #breathwork #yogateacher


patrick beach

whenever you are doing something new it is easy to only notice how different it is from whatever your usual normal is instead of looking for similarities to where you already feel comfortable.

we all have areas in life that feel like home, and most of the time you can find them even the toughest situation if you look and listen close enough. take your time, be steady, and build a trusting relationship with yourself. it takes work, of course, but the good news is that everyday you have the chance to continue to put in the work. the only person you are guaranteed to see everyday is you, so give yourself permission to pay attention and see what shows up!

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patrick beach

lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ these are too funny to me. ten-ish years ago paired with this afternoon. carling and i have had a laugh with everyone on this. young me is pretending to blue steel it up with the super oversized earrings! maybe i will shave in 2019?! #10yearchallenge


patrick beach

2019 goal :: getting this cleanly from the floor! i am usually not one for goals based on my physicality (outside of working on becoming more healthy) but this has caught my attention for one reason that actually has nothing to do with my practice, consistency. in most parts of my life i am a wildly inconsistent person.
constantly traveling, spending time with different friends, exploring new places, sleeping in different beds, eating at different restaurants, and the list goes on, in fact the only part of my current life that is every day (outside of breathing) is my constant communication with carling :) and my awakening yoga practice. i want to challenge myself to be steady in another discipline that is focussed in one direction, walking one path instead of many. the more i explore movement the more areas i want to play in, and i will continue to do that as well, but this movement in particular combines one of my strengths in movement patterning, press handstands, with something that i can improve upon, length through the back chain of my body.
although it very satisfying to work on things you are already good at i am constantly appreciating the ability to embrace a challenge, it won’t always be easy but the only way to it is through it. even when the work is tough somebody has gotta do it! expect regular updates on this over the coming months, do you have any goals for this year?

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patrick beach

trust me you will want to wait for the end! πŸ˜‚βœŒπŸΌ every day i am thankful to have cool friends who expose me to new things and can laugh at my failures trying to learn these new things along with me πŸ˜‚ one of my favorite things about these moments is how collaborative they are - two people working on new levels of movement patterning, my body and mind connecting in different ways creating a new sense of freedom... until it all falls apart. to me thats what is so beautiful about it all. nothing needs to be perfect or mastered today or in this moment. it is a process that just continues to build. slowly but surely more blocks are added to the foundation, opening new possibilities for joy and freedom in this human vessel known as me!

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patrick beach

it has been a pup party at the house the last few days as yokai met his new bff @oliver_chaweenie - they ran circles around each other and all of us for 48 hours and now can barely move a muscle unless the word treat is involved πŸ˜‚ speaking of treats Summer is holding one behind the camera which is what both of these little monsters are staring at!



patrick beach

one of my favorite things about my relationship with @carlingnicole is how many different things we enjoy together. people ask all the time if we met in yoga and the truth is we didn’t. we were both very into the practice but a few of the main things we bonded over were watching basketball and listening to records late at night. we have always had many pillars of our relationship and they have complimented each other nicely. we both believe in balance, keeping everything in some form of moderation has helped us grow into becoming more complete supportive partners for one another. we both want what is best for the other without regard for the self, it is one of the most unique feelings i have ever had in my life. there is a brian fallon song lyric that has spoken to both of us for a long time which is β€œyou can’t make me whole, i have to find that on my own, but i held you babe a long long time ago”. as each day, month, year passes it rings more and more true because we have become a bigger part of each other’s memories. always there to support one another, to love one another, to share life with one another but never to take over the other person’s sense of self. everyday we do our best to come to the table as the most true version of ourselves.

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patrick beach

i have been posting a lot of hand balance related work but it is so important to look at the body and movement as a whole. getting every part of you involved in your practice is essential to becoming more conscious as you participate in the world. if all of that is too much for you, keep it simple and remember not to skip leg day!!
work from the feet. they are your foundation for moving through life, and they interact with the earth more than any other part of you ever will. so work them to be strong, teach them to be smart, and take time to let them recover!

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patrick beach

one of my favorite parts about traveling around the states is how easy it is to bring yokai around for the adventure. he is up to explore any new surroundings as long as his outfit is weather appropriate, sleeps peacefully during every car ride and plane flight, and is interested in all local cuisine πŸ˜‚ (maybe too much street food from the actual street though!) hes been to atleast 15 states and i’m pretty sure his favorite is New York, if for no other reason than the plethora of leftover pizza crusts he finds on every walk.
anyway here we are on the dock, me pondering parenthood, him pondering food (and the water which he is both enthusiastic about and extremely scared of, he wants to love it but is truly, deeply confused by it) and little does he even know that the clock is ticking on his status as only child πŸ˜‚



patrick beach

when you practice do you feel more comfortable on your yoga mat or will any space to flow do? whenever i’m traveling, its always an interesting adventure practicing wherever the opportunity arrises. for me, the place matters minimally and its the habit and ritual that keep me moving.

spending the last week in seattle has been amazing, great to see family and friends, exciting to break ground on our new seattle studio, and always finding new inspirations for movement! the weather could be a bit warmer though πŸ˜‚ back to los angeles tomorrow, feed me the sunshine!

wearing @aloyoga

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patrick beach

a little morning handstand practice with the crew, maybe yokai will make a return to handstands soon!

we have just two spots left in our 200 hour teacher training that starts this february in los angeles, come join us and an amazing cast of people from all over the world πŸ˜ŠβœŒπŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ learn more and apply on my website

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patrick beach

WE’RE HAVING A BABY!!! @carlingnicole 😍😍😍 #yogateachers #lovers