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A\w/esome cat rescued from the streets of NY. This accnt is run by the humans who found her😈 PLEASE RESCUE/ADOPT DONT SHOP FOR ANIMAL FRIENDS!

❤️/\m/\❤️ CUUUTE!! Thanks for the photo! 📷@ks7wx


The feeling is mutual 💗 we love @xenotees @meowparlour @whiskstowhiskers @macaronparlour !!! (FYI: @macaronparlour has vegan croissants sometimes- when they aren't sold out - whaaaat?!! And amazing cookies!! So good !)
Repost: @xenotees ・・・
These are a few of my favorite things- macarons from @macaronparlour, my @princessmonstertruck mug, @cafeyaucono & sketching on a Sunday.

This is my 1st time trying macarons & I'm totally hooked. The s'mores one was insane! I'm looking forward to trying all the rest, especially the one made with @cheetos 😻 Thank you for the delightful flavors Christina 🍰 @whiskstowhiskers & Edgar @popcatsshow ☕️


Having a Monster under your bed is good luck. #PrincessMonsterTruck is just one of many amazing Monsters. Rescues make an amazing addition to your family and home. Remember ALWAYS ADOPT NEVER SHOP for your animal friends! #PrincessMonsterTruck


YAY! Moon was found!!! Thanks for all your kind messages friends ❤️❤️❤️


Bushwick/ Bedstuy / East NewYork
Brooklyn, NEW YORK!
Missing Italian greyhound named Moon.  Last seen at Chauncey st and Saratoga ave in Bedstuy running in the middle of the street heading Southeast. Very fast do not chase!!! If found please contact:


@catcampnyc continues at the castle 🤣 turns out the badges double as cat toys! Thanks to @catcampnyc @meowparlour & @thecatdaddy for a super fun weekend. CatCamp is the only event we do so far because its focus on cat rescue and celebrating the amazing people in T&R /rescue who spend so much time & energy protecting animals and their rights❤️💪 what an amazing crowd of people!!! Thank you Thank you! We'll be posting more pictures throughout the week! The #PrincessMonsterTruck family ❤️'s #CatCampNyC


Hey @xenotees the pillow is a hit with #PrincessMonsterTruck !!! Check out their booth at @catcampnyc


CAT CA/M\P TODAY! (@catcampnyc ) We're not bringing the cat but we ARE bringing some stuff with her face on it an a bunch of great affordable cat prints by amazing artists! AND OUR FRIENDS @heretosunday will be sharing their special artist made cat-wares ❤️❤️❤️


/\m/\ Ever alert neighborhood watch 👀


Eagerly awaiting you commentary... #PrincessMonsterTruck


A mug half-empty sort of a mood 👿☕️⌛️ #PrincessMonsterTruck (Mugs available in the website)


Freak flag at full mast 🏁🐸🐶🦋 #SunnyTheFrogDog #PrincessMonsterFriendAndRoomMate


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