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A\w/esome cat rescued from the NY streets. This accnt is run by humans (@emporiumobjectum) (@tracytimmins)who found her😈PLEASE RESCUE/ADOPT DONT SHOP!

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I told #PrincessMonsterTruck that people who are on Instagram we’re really upset about their “algorithms” and their “likes” and their “brand reach” and she was all 😒 ....
Anyway I agree with her. Seek out information and stop acting like this “branding” bs is normal.
What if we all just posted about our favorite accounts that share important information about animal rights and human rights? Here’s some of the accounts we suggest keeping up with: @nrdc_org (protecting the land) @centerforbiodiv (protecting endangered animals) @aclu_nationwide & @splcenter (protecting human rights) @shaunking and #TheNorthStar (the voice of the future - seriously check out the North Star!) local animal rescue heroes: @bushwickcats @nyanimalrescue @socialteesnyc @woodstocksanctuary (& hero @brookelyndb ) @tamerlainefarm (& hero @mikey_deee ) local animal-lover community center @bushwickbark
@c.legit5 (oh! and of course @iamlilbub our outer space sister from a Midwest mister who fills our feed with positivity) 💗 share some of your favorites or tag us whatever you feel is right 🤪


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Behold the mystery box Such great mystery. Such intrigue... 📦👀😈😳 #PrincessMonsterTruck


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SALT LAKE CITY!!! The awesome people at @mercyslc and @the_stockist are doing a fundraiser for animal welfare!! Check it out!!! ❤️❤️❤️😻
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This Friday, join us and our good friends @the_stockist for a holiday party with a dang good cause! We’ll be raffling off an assortment of great prizes from our friends around the city, selling t-shirts designed by @jakemillertattooing, and raising money for @utahhumane and @saltlakecountyanimalservices! Drinks, food, and fun begin at 8pm, raffle starts at 10.


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#PrincessMonsterTruck is easily distracted from her special toy by a piece of crumpled paper... 🤦‍♀️📄
This year in the storm of holiday consumption 💸we are reminding ourselves to SHOP SMALL & LOCAL, and consider quality over quantity! And of course shop cruelty free because we love the living beasts!! 😈🤗❤️ (ALL PRINCESS MONSTER MERCH IS SOURCED CAREFULLY & MADE ETHICALLY most made in USA! Accept no substitutions!!) please share your favorite ethical / local /sustainable pet related gift ideas!!


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🙀💙💚💗 how could you not!!??? NEW YORK! This is gentle CATALINA 💗 she needs your calm embrace and will reward with looove!!
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URGENT! THIS GORGEOUS GIRL NEEDS A FOSTER HOME STARTING ASAP!!! Catalina is about a year old, only 6 lbs, and a “scaredy cat” kind of feline when she’s stuck here in our office in a cage. She’s shy and sensitive and doesn’t like all the commotion here, but we have a feeling she’d open up and be much happier in a quiet home if you’ll just give her a chance. Catalina is fine with other animals but doesn’t gravitate toward them, so she’d be ok in a home with other furry pals or solo. She’s stuck in our office and really needs out so she can experience life as a loved pet and finally get the opportunity to shine. PLEASE HELP!!! Pickup is today/tonight at our east village office, fostering lasts 4 to 6 weeks. If you can give this mini lady a place to stay, please submit the foster application at and email NOW!!! #rescuecat #adoptme #cat #adoptdontshop #kitty #catsofinstagram #feline #tabby #tabbycat #rescuecatsofinstagram #animalrescue #lucky #fosteringsaveslives #nyc #love #life #nyccat #raisingawareness #savinglives #secondchance #changetheworld #socialtees #socialteesnyc #straypride


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Happy to announce CHEESE IS HEADED HOME!! Yay!! We had the honor of meeting this special guy last night @dorisbedstuy what cool dude and such generous folks @notwesleysnipes @the_dooch for rescuing him. He definitely knows what love is thanks to Doris!! We wish him and wonderful Kat ( @kittyfrown ) so much love! ❤️❤️❤️ ((Kat said he purred the whole way home 😭💔🤗😌😻))


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BROOKLYN!! Cast your eyes upon this gorgeous beast! Welcome him into your home? ... Yesss? The wonderful people at our favorite Brooklyn Bar DORIS @dorisbedstuy have rescued this gentle guy so that you can bring his love into your home 💗🙌😻 let's make a love connection people! ❤️ spread the word...
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Hi there ! I’m STILL looking for my forever home. Can you help me find it?
The kind folks here at Doris have been taking care of me for the last couple months but I think I’m wearing out my welcome !
A little bit about me:
•I’m a fully intact male cat, maybe about a year or so old, judging from my full set of teeth. •I’ve recently had my rabies vaccine and have my own file at Pure Paws Veterinary Care of Clinton Hill
• I tested negative for feline leukemia and feline aids
• I’m on a monthly program of Revolution for fleas and heartworm
• I get along with people, dogs and everybody!
• I like to sleep and cuddle and get under your feet !

Here’s a few things I need:
• Once I’m settled into my new home, I should get neutered! This can be done for free through the ASPCA
• I need a steady home life and safe and dry place to sleep and eat and call my own

What do you say ? You wanna hang with me ? ! DM me here and we can get started !


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We usually bring our own cloth tote bags with PMTs face on the front, but in the rare chance that a paper bag ends up in the house you better believe #PrincessMonsterTruck is inside of it 🙄😸👜


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One time, years ago when images of PMT first started finding there way around the internet, I accidentally posted a pic of a necklace I made (intended for the jewelry I designed IG account) on the newly created Princess Monster Truck account 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️. I figured out my mistake when someone commented, "shame on you for using your cat to sell your jewelry". Then as I apologized for my tremendous mistake (🙄🤔🙄), it occurred to me... that this jewelry and art editions I make actually pay PMT's rent, unlike comments from jerks! Hahahaaaa, but seriously. Anyway here's some pillows I made. Aaaand @PrincessMonsterTruck for scale. Hopefully my hand-marbled, hand sewn pillows with my art printed on them don't offend you guys 🤣🤣 haha! But seriously, all proceeds from @EMPORIUMOBJECTUM benefit #PrincessMonsterTruck in one way or another. 👋😅😅😅😁 Actually serious: NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS USED IN MAKING THEM (I use carrageenan (seaweed derivative -which isn't so good to eat, but great for marbling👍) with the paint rather than any animal products. 100% made in USA. (Pillow insert filler from recycled water bottles). Shout out to studio friends and the wild beasts that inspire 😈✌️


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Nature is amaze 😳🐿🐦#PrincessMonsterTruck


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Now, more than ever we must protect our delicate and declining environment! Learn more about the Endangered Species Act (link in profile) and support the hard work done by @nrdc_org and @centerforbiodiv to fight legal battles against pollution +++++++++++++
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The Endangered Species Act has saved countless species, including Yellowstone's vulnerable grizzlies, who just won back well-needed federal protections. We must #stopextinction and save protections for vulnerable wildlife.


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We all have busy days... DONT FORGET TO VOTE, New York!!! #princessMonsterTruck