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...Because every picture tells a story.... look carefully... can u tell?

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@gomofarah @klitschko 🥇 💪🏻 Two guys, a girl and a conversation! When you are in the company of two world class athletes, you’re guaranteed to walk away feeling like you can do and achieve anything. From comparing fist sizes to the crucial need for quality education around the world...we covered it all at the @gesforum. Awesome to meet you both. #GESF

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Me and my eternal search for the sun...☀️❤️

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Ummmm is that all for me? Ok then.. thank you!! Lol I almost look scared.. #wheretostart #dubai #hospitality #foodcoma #localindulgence #livinglifequeensize ❤️❤️❤️

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#NeverAgain 🙏🏼 It’s difficult to muster up the words to describe my feelings after listening to Lewis Mizen, Suzanna Barna, and Kevin Trejos, three teen survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, FL on Feb 14th. I listened to them talk about fighting for gun reform, but what stood out the most were the specific reforms they are seeking...listening to teenagers speak in such detail about bullets, gun capacity, magazines, reloading times, etc is very surreal and extremely disturbing. This is not what children should be talking about...yet in the reality of our world today, they do. They are determined and (as they said themselves) they have age on their side...they’re not stopping anytime soon. And just like that, there is hope for the world! #GESD @gesforum

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

So wonderful to see you again @juliagillard...and proud to stand alongside you as a champion for global education. I’m looking forward to continuing our discussion from #UNGA. Big thank you to the @varkeyfdn for bringing us all together. #GESF @gesforum

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai bound.. can’t wait.. who all will I see there? ❤️#traveladventures

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And that’s a wrap! Peace out NY ✈️ Dubai here I come.

New York, New York

Mommy don’t leave.... @diariesofdiana is my tail today..❤️🐶

New York, New York