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Today marks 76 years since President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, which forced over 100,000 American citizens of Japanese descent into internment camps. Internees were forced to give up businesses, houses, schooling, jobs, and the majority of their worldly possessions. The relocation, known in history as the Japanese internment, was based on racist assumptions that Japanese Americans were a threat to the security of the United States as it entered a state of war with Japan. Today, the internment is understood to be an enormous violation of civil rights. #ThisIs2018 and we’re not here to let history repeat itself.
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Four days after 17 people were fatally shot in her Florida high school, #EmmaGonzález stood before a Fort Lauderdale, FL gun control rally and called BS on lawmakers' "thoughts and prayers." She should have been at home grieving her classmates, she said, "but instead we are up here standing together because if all our government and president can do is send thoughts and prayers, then it's time for victims to be the change that we need to see."
On March 14, students and teachers will stage a national school walkout organized by the Women's March to demand Congress take action. And on March 24, activists will take to the streets in Washington D.C. in a March For Our Lives rally demanding the same.
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Words: Lauren Holter
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President’s Day 2018 🇺🇸✊


“They say that tougher gun laws do not decrease gun violence — we call B.S.! They say a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun — we call B.S.! They say guns are just tools like knives and are as dangerous as cars — we call B.S.! They say that no laws could have been able to prevent the hundreds of senseless tragedies that have occurred — we call B.S.! That us kids don’t know what we’re talking about, that we’re too young to understand how the government works — we call B.S.!” — #EmmaGonzález

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Would rate this long weekend a 10/10 because an extra leisurely day at 🏡 is pretty unbeatable.
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Pour it up pour it up (on #NationalDrinkWineDay).💎🍷


Meet Kimberly Drew (or @museummammy), social media manager at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 🎨 "Social media touches everything I do. Some of my greatest friendships have been born from social media interactions. And when it comes to my personal style, social media definitely plays a role. Instagram and Twitter have been incredible vehicles for discovering new voices in fashion."
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Catch us becoming one with this Matisse-terpiece. 🙃✨🎨 #Gallery29 #LaGerbe
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issa long weekend getaway. 🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋
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Ya feel?
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Here's how Olympian @bmartrun refused to let adversity get in her way and paved her own path to success. 💪🏃‍♀️
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