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Coachella life ✌🏼


Why dance alone when you can #DanceWithYourDog?
💃🏻: @sarawoohoo
In the spirit of encouraging confidence and positive self-image, we’re starting a new video series called #DanceWithYourDog!
We figured there’s no better way to express who you truly are than on the dance floor with your furry bestfriend.
Our goal is to mashup videos such as this one to highlight some great dancers in our community. Let us know if you love it so we can bring you guys more!
This video features the talented @sarawoohoo. Here’s what she has to say: “Music has always been my happy place. It wasn’t until I fell in love with EDM that I began shuffling. I find myself smiling and getting lost in the music. Shuffling has given me confidence to express myself without caring what others think.”


This is how you Coachella ✌🏼


Coachella ready ✌🏼


Phew! I’ve been tagging along on all my human’s business trips these last few months. We’re pretty pooped but happy to be back in Miami. Looking forward to staying in the sun for at least the next few weeks ☀️


This makes me look nothing like a bunny 🤔 #happyeaster


I live in the espresso lane ☕️


Anybody else just want to boop his nose?


I need to order a pizza, but the phone is all the way over there... #struggleisreal


The FURce has always been strong with this one #nationalpuppyday @starwars @disneypets


I heard they’re called ponchos because they hide your paunch. #thankgoodness


I’m lost. Can you give me directions to your heart? 😉


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