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Celebrating strong women all
over the world 🌎 #sisterhood
#ad Have you ever felt so inspired by a woman in your life - maybe one you haven’t even met - that you can’t help but want to follow their lead?
There are so many strong women I admire, but my mom was my first inspiration - she showed me firsthand how to be strong, and her love for helping others is still something I find most remarkable. 💙
I remember as a kid how she didn’t hesitate to take in two children who were in desperate need of a better home, even though she had six kids of her own.
And to this day she continues to aid women who are suffering from domestic violence. 🙏🏼
Want to join me in celebrating the women making change?
Right now @Reebok will be donating 100% of proceeds - YES, that’s 100% - of all proceeds for every sale of their ‘Be More Human’ campaign t-shirts to the Women’s Strength Coalition and the Movemeant Foundation! 🙌🏼
The message on my shirt reads:
‘We change the world every
time we lead by example.’ 💙
I love this quote, but each shirt in the collection has a unique message, and you can find one that resonates with you.
Who inspires you and why? Tell me!
@Reebokwomen #BeMoreHuman
pc: @nathanrosephotography


It’s a beautiful day to have a beautiful day. ☀️
Happy Sunday, loves! Right now I’m getting ready to try something new! Any guesses?? (hint: it’s a type of work-out! Check in on my stories soon to find out.)
In other news - I just got my first Vitamin B injection (to help boost energy), and I can’t really say I feel anything yet, haha... 🙊
Have you ever had one and do you notice a difference when you got it? 🤷🏻‍♀️


Balancing on the edge of Miami Beach 💙
Never a dull moment! We had an interesting start to our trip yesterday (which you prob already know if you saw my story).
My hubby accidentally booked his flight down to Miami for the wrong date (his ticket was for next Thursday instead of yesterday) 🙈 #oops
He only realized it as he was on his way to the airport and couldn’t check in to his flight...
Luckily the airline was able to get him a seat on the plane and he made it down by evening.
Too bad I had to wait around at the beautiful beach all day... 😹💙☀️
Has anything like that ever happened to you? What’s the craziest thing you’ve experienced while traveling!


Shoulder love.. (a new Blog post!) 🎉
If tightness in your shoulders is something you’re all too familiar with, you are definitely NOT ALONE...
So many of us carry tension in our shoulders - whether it’s from sitting at a computer for hours a day, using our smartphones 📱, or even from the way we sleep! The shoulders are one of the most common parts of our body to feel tightness AND hold stress. 🙈
Having stiff shoulders can also affect our yoga practice. Many of the poses we perform can be compromised by a limited range of motion in the shoulders.
Forearm Stand (show here), is one example. Tight shoulders in this posture can cause the body to compensate when the proper alignment is not accessible. 🙁
Shoulder-opening poses are a great way to relieve some of the tension we hold in the area, AND they can help prevent injury in postures that require more open shoulders.
Gomukhasana Arms (shown here) is one of my favorite shoulders stretches to practice (swipe left to see 2 additional modifications of this asana).
👉🏼 For step-by-step instructions on how to get into this posture, AND 3 more of my favorite shoulder openers, head over to my new Blog post at:
- or click the link in my bio! 😍
Tag a friend who would find this helpful, & let me know if you want me to share more tips & tutorials! ❤️
Happy practicing! 😍
ps. For more yoga tips, scroll through the hashtag #yogawithriva


You can be fooled
by the mind and
you can be blinded by
the heart, the
true answer to any
decision lies always
within the soul,
the divine intuition,
the ever knowing self.
~ @beautaplin
Missing Mykonos and these beautiful blues, but counting down the days until my next adventure begins... 💙


A picture is worth a thousand words, right? 💁🏻‍♀️
Well if that’s the case then here are 8,000 words of wobbles, flops, & tumbles I’d like to share with you. 😹
I always want to keep things real here, and since I know how easy it is to scroll through your newsfeed and feel like every photo seems to show a perfect pose or crazy balance, here is your friendly - & somewhat amusing - reminder that:
1. We ALL start as beginners, 🌱
- AND -
2. Even after years of practice, we still have our wobbles and there will always be days where we feel off-balance.
It’s called being HUMAN, and it’s totally normal, so don’t ever feel bad about it. ❤️
#keepingitreal #weALLfalldown


How do palm trees get on Instagram? 🌴
Same way as us, they LOG in. 🤣
Haha, sorry but this is what happens to my brain by the time Friday rolls around (everything becomes a joke) 😹... or maybe I’m just getting a little too excited for my tropical getaway that’s coming up, but that made me Lol.
I always love a cheesy joke - tell me your favorite one below, and then check my story for a few more ‘so bad they’re good’ funnies! 😍
Missing those palm trees and my beautiful sister, @tditty2, who is holding me up on her knees! ❤️


Stars and Stripes and lots of sparkly lights
#Happy4thofjuly 💫❤️🌟💙💥
Feeling extra festive this year, PLUS I couldn’t decide which of these celebratory pics I liked best, so here’s all of them! 🤗
Which one is your favorite? (1, 2, or 3?)
pc: @nathanrosephotography
👉🏼 PS. I’m posting the behind-the-scenes video of the second pic to my stories, check out how we captured it!
pps. I just noticed that you can see the reverse-progression of the sunset and the NYC skyline lighting up in each pic. 😍
#okthatsit #imdone #happyfourth


Backbends, and toe-stands, and inversions, #ohmy ❤️
Had fun putting this collage together!
A few of the shapes I’ve made in front of my window... 😍
Which one is your favorite? (1 is top left, & 9 is bottom right).


The pic you post to instagram Vs the one that reminds you not to take your pics too seriously.. 💦
Haha, nothing like a salty splash in the face to keep things from getting too extra... 🤣
Just wanted to share this real moment with you guys because it makes me laugh, and hopefully it will do the same for you... and if not, then at least I can remind you that today is Friday, and that’s always a great reason to smile 😁
#keepingitreal #justgottalaugh #friyay
Have a wonderful weekend, loves! 💙


A home practice is an interesting thing...
you can flow through all your favorite poses as much as you like, and avoid all the ones you don’t love quite as much... 🙈
Haha... which is exactly why it’s also a dangerous thing. 🤣
Well I did make sure to squeeze in a few of my not-so-faves into this flow... (which is sped up a million, and of course packed with many of my favorite ones too).
What are some of the postures you tend to avoid but know you should practice more of?
One of mine rhymes with ‘Share pose’ 😂
#shhh #donttelltheyogapolice #🙊
🎵 Alef by Sol


Isn’t it funny, how we can look at one other and easily see something beautiful, but as soon as we look at ourselves it’s so much harder to see?
Why are we so quick to look past our own beautiful traits, and to focus only on our perceived flaws?
Society’s standards are much too narrow for all the beauty bursting out of us.
Let’s start seeing ourselves as we really are.. As whole and complete and perfectly imperfect.
Because we are. ❤️
#thetruth #youarebeautiful #thewholepackage
pc: @ljbnyc1