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Happy Sunday loves! Let's play a fun game & spread the love around like soft butter on a slice of hot toast. 😍
Insta-stalk the person in the comment above you and leave them a compliment in the comment here. 👇🏼
I'll be sharing some of my favorite feeds of yours (in my story) from those who leave a comment here today! 💙
ps. New blog post from Portugal now up, lots of never-seen photos now up! Link in bio 🇵🇹
pps. Swipe left to see what cutie jumped (literally) into this pic, just moments later 😻
ppps. This love-spreading sesh was inspired by the beautiful @em_carey 🙌🏼
PC: @nathanrosephotography at the beautiful Monserrate Palace in Sintra

Monserrate Palace

Exactly one week ago, during a rare, quiet moment at this magical spot with my love... 💙
I guess I should have waited a little longer than a week to post a throwback, 😹 but honestly, when it comes to Paris, is there even such a thing as 'too soon'? 🙊🗼🇫🇷

Tour Eiffel

Stretching in a winter wonderland ❄️
Couldn't have asked for a prettier welcome home than a fresh blanket of snow. 💙
Wishing everyone a cozy weekend! 😘


Isn't it amazing how one can feel
so large and so small, all at the same time?
(Watch until the end!)
No words... just had to share this footage of one of the most magical sunsets, from high above the Atlantic Ocean, in beautiful Portugal. 💙
Filmed by @nathanrosephotography
🎵 remix of past lives by @bornsmusic

Cabo da Roca

Au revoir Paris... ❤️
To be honest I wasn't going to post this exact photo, I had taken another one in the very same spot, but I'm doing a headstand on this ledge above the Seine, and not wearing my coat. 🙈
Maybe it's a better photo that would have gotten more attention, but truthfully this silly one kind of sums me up more accurately - the real me when I'm not upside down... just a basic cheeseball who can't quite nail the right hand placement while standing upright for a kitschy pic... 🙊🗼
#CantHelpIt #ImCoolerUpsidedown 😹

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Just when I think Paris couldn't possibly get any prettier, along comes this playful little street. 💗
I think I could spend months here, wandering around from one charming neighborhood to the next (sampling the fresh baked goods in every quaint boulangerie along the way 🥖😻), but for now a few days in this special city will have to make do. 😊
Au revoir Paris, mon amour... I leave a little piece of my heart here with you 💗

Paris, France

Making shapes by The Louvre on an early morning stroll through Pairs. 💗
It was a chilly morning (you can still see the salt on the ground), but I had just finished a cup of hot tea and a chocolate-filled pastry, and was feeling bold enough (& warm enough) for a very quick handstand in this iconic spot. ☕️🥐
I had always wondered about the design of this museum - why had they built such a modern structure alongside a very historic one? So I did I a little research and found this out:
The Louvre Palace (building on the left) was a fortress turned royal palace that became the museum in 1793. The famous glass pyramid, (on the right), was constructed in the 1980's, and though was controversial at first, soon became loved & a main attraction in its own right.
It was built as a new main entrance to the museum, because the original one couldn't handle the enormous number of visitors the museum gets - over 7 million a year. 🙌🏼
#funfacts #louvre #parisjetaime
pc: @nathanrosephotography

Louvre Museum, Paris

Rainy weather in Paris hasn't stopped us from walking around outdoors and making our way from one end of this beautiful city to the other... but it did call for some extra pit-stops along the way, at all the cute cafes & yummy bakeries that line the charming streets here. While it may be the most delicious way to experience this city, I'm pretty sure that if the weather doesn't clear up, I may just turn into one large chocolate croissant by the end of this trip... 🥐☕️🥖
pc: @nathanrosephotography

Paris, France

Bonjour from Paris 🇫🇷
Falling in love all over again with this beautiful city.
The last time I was here was a couple of years back... it was a great trip with a good friend, but I have to admit to being extra excited this time around to be visiting with my love. ❤️
We walked all over the city, making a special stop of course at this iconic spot, and though I didn't manage to get a cheesy pic together yet (I'm still working on it 😂), we did somehow happen to find a quiet moment almost all alone in this magical place. 😍

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Finding all the pretty nooks in Portugal, and there's certainly no shortage of them in this gorgeous country. 🌿💗🌿
The last few days here have been a whirlwind of adventure - from the vibrant streets of Lisbon to the palaces and mountains of Sintra.
I couldn't have picked a better place for the perfect stopover. 💗
PC: @nathanrosephotography
@tapairportugal #portugalstopover #portugal
#sintra #ad #goodbyeportugal


Grateful for the places that make me feel small, and for all the little reminders from the universe that magic is anywhere we choose to look for it. 💗
Watching last night's sunset from one of the most stunning spots... endless green hills to my right, infinite blue ocean to my left, and the most beautiful sky all around.
At that moment in time, all I could think about was how large and miraculous this world really is... 💗 #grateful
ps. video of this epic sunset & more scenes from Portugal on my story :)
pc: @nathanrosephotography

Cabo da Roca

Finding balance in the beautiful Monserrate Palace in Sintra, Portugal. There is so much magic in this country...
we came back to Sintra for a second day in a row because we couldn't possibly see everything here in just one. Lush gardens, lavish palaces, and the most beautiful winding roads that take you to the next charming spot... loving every minute of this stopover adventure. 🙏🏼
PC: @nathanrosephotography
@tapairportugal #portugalstopover #portugal
#sintra #ad #monserrate

Monserrate Palace