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Handstand like nobody’s watching... because they’re not, they’re all New Yorkers. 🤣❤️🏙 #iloveny #aboutlastnight #yogaeverywhere
ps. Does it feel like holiday festivities have started earlier this year to you too?
I heard all the Christmas songs playing while shopping the other day, and Thanksgiving is still over a week away! 🙊


Riva G

Fall, you are Unbe-leaf-ably beautiful!
Autumn is one of my favorite seasons - hello cozy sweaters, cute boots & pumpkin spice ☕️ ! - but the time change & shorter days can leave me feeling a little less than motivated every now & then...
Does anyone else feel that way too?
Check out my new Blog Post if this sounds familiar. I’m sharing which 5 yoga poses help me transition into the fall season, and get me back on track!
Link is in my bio! Let me know if you find this helpful and if you’d like me to share more poses to practice this fall season! 😍


Riva G

I’ve been guilty - on more than one occasion - of saying that travel is my greatest teacher. And while I truly mean that, I’m still somewhat unprepared to answer the question I’m often asked next: what exactly have I learned from traveling?
I think most people expect me to say that each time I wander I find myself a little more, or perhaps that travel has the power to connect so many of us from different cultures and walks of life.
And while all that is true, I’m pretty sure the greatest lesson I’ve learned personally is to just APPRECIATE.
To take note of the moment - wether it’s staring in awe at the Grand Canyon, or driving around in circles, lost in the middle of nowhere. To be present. To find joy in the little things. To realize that the little things are usually the big things.
And to remember that once that moment is gone, I’ll never get it back. And if I can’t learn to appreciate it, I’ve gained nothing at all. ❤️
Happy Friday loves! 😘
ps. This pic was taken at the beautiful sand dunes in middle of Idaho - a completely unplanned stop that turned out to be one of my favorite places on our trip.
pc: @nathanrosephotography


Riva G

Ok so the first half of this video is in real-time, & the second half is sped up x3!
I’ve kind of gotten used to speeding up my videos - I love how much more of each flow I can fit in that way... but I still enjoy sharing real time movement, because it genuinely shows how slow I move... plus you can see all the little wobbles that are a part of each flow - and those are the best parts!
What do you guys prefer to watch - flows in real time, or ones that are sped up & can fit more in?
🎵 holy soul by salt cathedral


Riva G

Sunsets, and salt flats, and magical mountain views... ⛰💜
If you remember my previous visit to the salt flats, I discovered that the salty surface was more prickly than I expected, which left my hands & feet feeling a little, ummm, exfoliated 😹... So this time around I came prepared with my travel mat for additional protection. 🙌🏼
This pretty yoga mat folds up into a compact square & weighs less than one pound! I got it from @gaiam via @target (I’m posting the link in my bio for the next 24 hours in case you want to check it out for yourself)! 😍
pc: @nathanrosephotography
#utah #saltflats #sunset #everybodybends #gaiamanywhere #ad


Riva G

Just admiring our beautiful NEIGH-bors 🐴 who were HAY-nging out during our stay at the MARE-velous @fsjacksonhole where we enjoyed these beautiful views and the finest HORSE-pitality... 😹
Haha, omg I know that was so bad, and I’d apologize for all the corniness, but honestly you guys probably expect nothing less of me by now, and besides you should know that I can’t stop myself anyway... 🤷🏻‍♀️
#justHorsingAround #iknowihaveaproblem
ps. It was a little windy, glad I had my hair in a PONY tail... 🤦🏻‍♀️
#okimdone #promise
pps. Swipe left to see the view from my room. ☕️
pc: @nathanrosephotography


Riva G

Grateful for the places that make me feel small, and for all the reminders from the universe that magic is anywhere we choose to look for it. 💙
Every so often I worry that scrolling through so many incredible photos I see here on the daily will desensitize me to the real beauty out in the world. That I’ll only find satisfaction in unattainable perfection.
But then I’ll experience a moment like this, watching the sun set behind the Grand Teton mountains, and I’m reminded that no number of perfect photos couldn’t ever replace the experience of being in the present moment. And for that I’ll always be grateful.
#reality #betterthanperfection
pc: @nathanrosephotography


Riva G

So happy to be in Wyoming, I’ve been floating on cloud nine since I arrived...
#backatit #allthebadpuns #stillgoingstrong #🙊
No photoshop or levitation skills happening here, just one little monkey jumping on her bed and a quick click
by @nathanrosephotography to create these fun shots!
Check out the slow-motion, behind the scenes video on my story! 😍
And yes - this bed at the gorgeous @hoteljackson was as comfy as it looks! 🙌🏼
#sleptlikeababy 😴


Riva G

The mountains were calling and
I had to go... ⛰💛🚗
Help me caption this pic! I love hearing your suggestions.. they always make me laugh! 😍
#HelloWyoming #mountainlove #grandtetons #roadtrip
📷 @nathanrosephotography


Riva G

Zig zags on the salt flats just before sunset... 💙
We kicked off our road trip in Utah yesterday, and went straight to Bonneville Salt Flats for our first stop. Now I’ve been here once before - 2 summers ago, so I knew it would be beautiful. But this time around there was a layer of water over the salt that created the most perfect reflection as far as the eye could see.
Naturally this made me very happy 😂 but just in case you’re thinking it was all fun & games, the salt was prickly (even downright sharp in some places), which made it tricky and uncomfortable to hold any pose for very long.
Let’s just say my hands and feet feel extra-exfoliated today.. 🤣🙌🏼🤷🏻‍♀️
What’s the most uncomfortable thing you’ve done for a photo??
Share below! 👇🏼
PC: @nathanrosephotography


Riva G

Being a little extra while in Soho last night... but isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when it’s date night AND your birthday week? 🤣❤️🎉
Tomorrow we head out on a little adventure - a road trip that takes us to one of the most scenic regions in the US (& somewhere I’ve never been before)... any guesses where? 🌎 🚗
Here’s a hint: it’s a National Park that spans across 3 different states...
ps. Wearing all @revolve for everyone asking in my story 💃🏻
#nyc #roadtripready


Riva G

Current relationship status: head over heels for sparkly skylines and cute stretchy denim... oh, and all the cheesy puns too of course. ❤️
I mean, it probably comes as no surprise that most of us yogis have a thing for ‘accommodating’ clothing 😂, but seriously, have you ever seen a pair of jeans that can do this?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ #meneither
Thank you @Athleta for bending all the rules with your Sculptek Denim... I may never view NYC the same way again, and by no means is that a S T R E T C H of the imagination... 🙊
#oops #cantstop #sorry #notsorry
ps. Check out my stories to see how I warm-up for this splits variation, and a video of how I get into it! 😍
#PowerOfShe #YogaEverywhere #ad