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✨ The things I share, write about or that inspire me are in many ways the things I’m in desperate need of myself. When I practice them in more radical ways I awaken myself more intensely.
Sometimes I can only manage to practice in small ways that result in small steps on my journey and that’s okay. I am human, always learning, making mistakes and trying my very best to grow through each experience.
Give yourself a break and recognize all the things you do, instead of focusing on the things you haven’t done yet. ✨

Singing Sure Thing by @miguel ~


Who’s ready for warm weather 🙋🏽‍♀️ 💛
Hawai’i is coming so fast! 🌈
I’ve had a few inquiries about my next retreat and I’m so happy and excited to be hosting a retreat with @kaylala88 for @go_light_our_world ✨ in Portugal! 👯‍♀️ Click the link in her bio to see more details, and the beautiful space it will be held in! I’ll also be sharing more in my story :)
Wishing you all the happiest Friday!
Can’t wait to see my workshop babes this evening ♥️ #blissfullhearts


How I stretch after a good climb 🐒 📐♥️
I do this on trees, rings, just about anything I can monkey around on. I’m only now noticing I’m totally in kapotasana, with gravity helping me open in a different way ✨
#neverstopplaying loves!

Berkeley Ironworks

☽ All the words, books, advice & therapy
are just noise if at the end of the day you’re unable to turn inward and listen to your own beating heart ☽

Thanks to @the_southern_yogi ‘s post today which inspired this little thought 💭


Posted my first journal entry on my blog 🙌🏽 check it out, comment with your thoughts or let me know what you’d like to hear more of 🦋
Link is in my bio > click journal 📓
Already working on getting more cover songs on there 🙏🏽 thanks for being patient :) next up is Wonderwall by Oasis by popular demand.
Sharing all these different parts of me and learning how to use technology is getting me out of my comfort zones and forcing me to open up in new ways, so thank you loves! ✨ I’m stoked to have this new space to share and create from!

Song on this flow is my acoustic version of Sure thing by @miguel 🔥


You guys! I’m so excited for Friday 🤗 I haven’t done a workshop in a while and I’m so happy to have found such a beautiful space to hold it in 🦋
Can’t wait to meet all you Bay Area loves!
Sign up is in my bio and story to come play 🙌🏽 Thanks @aubrymarie for inspiring me to practice more reclined hanumanasana 🧡
@aloyoga xo


✨ To all my curvy backs out there, here’s some postures I’ve been incorporating into my daily practice to help build strength on my convex side and flexibility on my concave. I suggest getting any x Rays or photos handy of your spine, get to know which side is convex and concave and where your prominent curvature is, thoracic or lumbar.
Then try a few of these exercises on both sides spending more time on your less dominant side.
Trying to write this so everyone will be able to understand and not get confused by me saying a bunch of lefts or rights because it all depends on your spine specifically :) I’ll be taking a few photos too and making a post to show you more in depth how to modify your practice and reverse your scoliosis! 🤗 Happy bending and happy Monday!
Playing in my favorite @aloyoga shorties 🦋
Singing Beautiful Thing by Grace Vanderwaal


San Francisco babes!
I’m teaching my very first @blissfullhearts Workshop 🤗 a preview of what learn from my eBook ✨
We’ll be warming up with yummy flows and breaking down our practice to better understand heart opening to make more difficult postures accessible 🦋
Come play this Friday 5:30pm - 7:30pm ✨
There’s only 4 spaces left for this intensive class. Sign up on my website or swipe up on my story 🌙
Can’t wait to see you loves! Xo


Each time we turn away and try to escape we feed fear, and let’s be honest, running is exhausting. 🖤 Fear can have no power to grow when it’s recognized face to face.


This lil mama has been through so much the past few weeks. She’s all healed up now :) thanks for the love and concerned Furr parents out there ~
It amazes me just how much I learn from her kind, forgiving heart each day.
Even in pain, healing or difficult circumstances she remain so light and calm.
I love you, my little Rue Bear ♥️ how the heck did I find you? 😘🐺🐾
Looking so sophisticated and wise with her white hairs coming in 🙈
I get this question a lot, she’s a German Shepherd and she turned 4 on October 2nd :)


I’ve gotten a lot of questions about handstands lately. I’m a strong believer in foundational strength, grown with patience and practice.
I love pushing myself by testing my abilities and trying new things. From experience I’ve learned that jumping into postures without proper warm up and foundation can sometimes be unsafe. At the beginning of my practice I was so taken by the abilities of my friends and teachers that I just started popping into handstand eventually creating tension in my neck and wrists from improper alignment and engagement.
When I talk about foundations for handstands that means headstand, forearm stand and arm balances like bakasana 🤗 headstand and forearm stand in my opinion being essential building blocks. They’ve helped me progress so much in my strength in all inversions as well as handstand. Practicing press up from headstand, then in forearm stand, both are easier than in handstand but build the same strength gradually to prepare you. The same goes for working into deep heart openers like wheel or towards splits, utilizing all the different postures to warm up and grow our physical bodies capabilities 🧡 I don’t post headstand practice enough but I put it in almost every time I get on my mat :) here’s some different ways you can test your core ✨
✨ song is my acoustic version of Wonderwall by Oasis


Feminism isn't about making women strong. Women are already strong.
It's about changing the way the world perceives that strength. ~ G.D. Anderson 🖤

I have been reading a few seriously empowering books lately and this about sums up my mood for today 🤗
Happy Friday babes! ✨
Braving the Wilderness ~ Brené Brown
When things fall apart ~ Pema Chódrón
You are a Badass ~ Jen Sincero