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Moving meditation, that’s what I practice. Mindful intention set on asana and breath. Yoga ✨
I almost always love the in between, in motion captures better than the full posture, it’s all about the journey right? 😽
@aloyoga ✨ @colinkenneth x

Mojave Desert

Spent the past week climbing and exploring at Red Rock National Park 🧗🏽‍♀️⛺️ 🐕
Found myself in some challenging situations and made many memories ♥️
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Red Rock National Park

✨ the magic inside you is aching to come out, let go and ruffle those feathers up,
you’re going to learn to fly today ✨
Pose variation inspired by my friend @jessicaolie
Miss your sweet soul xo


Part 2/2 Please read part 1 (my last post) before continuing to read.
🖤 I care very deeply for my fellow teachers, Kino, Dana and any others going through any of this. I’ve looked up to, have admired and loved connecting with the entire yoga community as a whole in person and on social media. It saddens me that these things have happened and I greatly appreciated your messages of concern on this matter, asking if I’ve experienced any bullying, am being silenced or threatened with lawsuits and the answer is no to each of those. I have been working with alo for 4 years now and I have been continually surprised by those I’ve worked with directly. They’re the first and only yoga company who reached out to me valuing my teaching and support me while I continue to chase my dreams. I’ve had the opportunity to teach with and learn from what has always felt like a family of insanely beautiful hearts.
I’ve only had the opportunity to meet and get to know a handful of the yogis that make up the caring and loving family of support that I’ve grown close to and gotten to know. It truly hurts my heart to read the hurtful and hard things that Kino and Dana have gone through in the past and present. 🖤 I would like to openly ask you to share your thoughts, experiences and views. I have a limited voice in this matter (and my own feelings about it that I’ve talked with those I work with about) though it wasn’t and hasn’t been my experience with alo, • but as a whole and in an effort to create as much positive change in the community as I can I leave this with you and look forward to hearing what’s on your hearts. I want to thank @kinoyoga and @nolatrees for speaking their truth and sharing with us, there has to be a way to treat this with care and love as we try to encourage change. I’m only human and hope this has only helped in this matter and communicated my concern and love for this community, I am trying to see all sides of this and to navigate by being open with you all as well as providing a space for you to share. ✨
ADDED - please read the link in my bio to read the response article from Cody on @elephantjournal
magic made by @colinkenneth 📷


Part 1/2 💙 I want to start by saying thank you all for being here, for each & every one of you sharing your practice, your journal entries during challenges, & becoming your most authentic self in such a vulnerable space that at times can be ... not all rainbows & fairy tales. I’ve been able to enjoy many adventures on retreats & classes to connect and get to know you more personally. I’ve been so proud to see you baring your hearts on our shoulders together as we learn & grow as a community.
Community has always been something I’ve viewed & stood for as something that is loving, welcoming, & healthy for all participants ( beliefs, background, size, sex, race, alll inclusive ) The yoga/creative community I wish to grow & contribute to is inclusive, accessible & loving. I’ve definitely felt many forms of bullying and negativity on here in various ways - which is a topic I could go into entirely by itself but for lack of more space to write on certain things I want to bring to light I’ll revisit that one. What I’m shedding light on today is several peoples experiences with working in this creative space, sharing yoga & how the business side can at times be messy. ✨ I invite & expect you all to form & stand behind your own opinions, beliefs, thoughts and ways of life. ( which should always always always be the case, no matter my opinion or anyone else’s on social media for that matter ) I try my very best to encourage you to be exactly who you are and to find the space to express yourselves from authentically. If it’s ever been in question or hasn’t been expressed through what I share I will continue to share love in new more thoughtful ways :)
✨ I also want to state that we each have separate and individual experiences, which doesn’t make anyone else’s less than or wrong if it’s different or controversial. I can only speak from my experience but also want to hold space for & discuss hurtful or negative interactions that others have encountered.
I ask that you go and read the article written by @kinoyoga in @elephantjournal about her experience with @aloyoga as well as @nolatrees, if you haven’t already, before you continue to read • continued in next post xoxo


Have you taken time to yourself today? Reading? Writing? Moving?
Take a moment and check in with how you’re doing and listen to your hearts directions 💙

@aloyoga sky blue leotard 🙈
Song is an original I’ve been writing ✍️


We are so small in this world, yet what we do has such a huge and significant impact on everything around us✨
Never forget the importance of love and kindness in all that you do 💙 @aloyoga ⛅️


🤓 Seriously silly 🤪
If there’s one think I’ve learned from 2018 it’s that this life is too fecking short & I don’t want to waste a second of it doubting myself or second guessing, ( heh second guessing ⏰ ) this includes being silly the decision to share such silliness 🤘🏽
Happy Wednesday babes! Keep it weird


Like the water falls
I fall and fall again
And I get back up
I freeze
I melt, I’m solid
I am fluid
I move and am moved
Ever changing,
Like the water falls I am flowing
@aloyoga x @colinkenneth ✨


Sometimes I just play around sporadically though out the day, other times I set my mat down and just lay there. It varies like the wind, rising and falling like the sun. Sometimes it’s strong and other times it’s really soft and playful. Don’t over think, just practice practice practice 💜

Dog party and playing before some stormy weather and goat cheese making. Rue and her new boyfriend Brüno playing along with me 🤗


Don’t waste a second being anywhere else but here right now, living in the present moment has changed my energy and overall state of mind in so many ways ✨
Manifesting more days spent like this one 💗 feeling alive, outside and adventuring 🐆
Got to stumble upon this gorgeous meadow to play in with @colinkenneth 🌸 @aloyoga leotard 🦄 if they come out with every color of the rainbow I think I’m set for life 🤗

Sequoia National Forest

What are you putting out into the world? How is your heart? Your state of mind?
Better yourself, better your surroundings, heighten the world around you 💗
playing in @aloyoga new pink leotard 🙈 xo
Song is my acoustic cover of Seven Nation Army ;)