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An excuse is the first sign of a loser.
Champions take responsibility.



Gone for a minute but I’m back now. @GunsmithClothingCo

SW: 258 (May)
CW: 243
Goal: 230

Last time I was below 230 was my senior year of high school. After the football season ended, I had lost a total of 25 lbs and weighed in at 222. Then 8 months later I went off to play college ball at 262 with the same size waist I had at 222, aka I made some f*cking gainz dude.

These days I have zero desire to weigh a lot and actually wouldn’t mind losing some muscle. Feeling “fit” and being confident in my clothes is my only goal now and that’s it. Couldn’t give a bigger f*ck about being massive or my numbers with lifts. I lift for personal reasons, not to impress others.

Well, maybe you learned something new about me today, cheers 🍻

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Love you Dad. 🤜🤛 #HappyFathersDay


“I’m not even flexing” - most dudes
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Nothin like a nice, snowy summer. #SeemsLegit #Oregon


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Drove @Mangozillla to my dad’s place this past weekend. He lives in the middle of nowhere, aka dirt and gravel af, but I still sent it because cars are meant to be driven, and because ‘Merica. 🇺🇸


Grip it & rip it.💀🇺🇸⚡️


I wasn’t put on this earth to be average. @GunsmithClothingCo @GunsmithGym


I have no idea what’s happening in this photo, but I dig it. @GunsmithClothingCo


Motivation can only do so much for you, at some point you need to take the bull by the horns and create the life you always claim you want to live.
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When you just recovered from leg day, and today is leg day. @GunsmithClothingCo
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