Ryan Ashley Malarkey@ryanashleymalarkey

Co-owner of @thestrangeandunusual Oddities Parlor 💀 Co-host of @inkmasterangels on Paramount Network👼🏻 Co-Parent of @torontoandcasper ❤️

A super special thank you to @madelinesigler for taking all of our crazy behind the scenes footage and assembling this AMAZINGLY and hilariously accurate composure of daily life while filming @inkmasterangels ❤️ @nikkisimpsontattoos @kellydotylovessoup and I love you guys forever, and we wish all of our @inkmasterangels family were in these videos with us, because you shared all of this joy alongside of us. ❤️ thank you to our producers, our crew, our PA’s, the men behind the curtain and @paramountnetwork for working SO hard to make this dream come true. Swipe through to see just a glimpse into the shenanigans everyone put up with all season 😂


NYC! Come and say Hey this weekend! Me and @nikkisimpsontattoos will be in the @inkedmag booth grinding all weekend, we are booked for all 3 days but we will be selling some art prints, signed prints, stickers, taking photos and meeting all of YOU! Stay tuned for more details or follow @nyempirestatetattooexpo


Lovely wristlet for a lovely lady! This got us second place in Tattoo of the day Saturday at the @united_ink convention! @popotattoo beats me every time!!! Thanks guys it was a blast 🙏🏻 @fkirons @balm_tattoo @heliostattoo @eternalink @hivecaps @united_ink


Check out the progress on this intricate Seance sleeve I’ve been working on! We added this freehand spirit woman conjuring out of the planchette last weekend at @united_ink swipe through to see the design and the before pic! Done with the best ❤️ @fkirons @balm_tattoo @heliostattoo @eternalink @hivecaps


So @rat_legs just took this photo with an iPhone in our kitchen?


😱❤️🇮🇹 @charlyhuurman


I am so so so proud of @fkirons and @gastonfkirons for continuing to be at the top of the industry and surprising me once again. As many of you have already heard me say, the Xion my favorite machine I’ve ever used. I never imagined it possibly improving, until now. Hello, future. 9 hours of battery life on one charge??? THAT. IS. INSANITY. Love you love you love you @fkirons and I can’t wait to be in line for your #xionlighteningpack 😍


I am so elated to finally be able to post this and announce the conclusion and completion of this “Twin Flame” painting I started almost a year ago. Swipe through to see the process in reverse all the way to its beginning stages. It is acrylic on canvas, and though entirely unsketched and unplanned it has shown me deeper meaning from inside my own subconscious and for that I am forever grateful. This painting got me through the darkest winter, and illuminated the path for me into spring. The entire painting is an allegorical story, can you see the meaning? What does it mean to YOU? It now resides in Spain, where it belongs. ❤️🙏🏻 And Ps:... make sure you zoom in 😉 music by my favorite @angelolsenmusic


Swipe through to see a very small collection of just a few of my all time favorite tattoos ❤️ taking a moment to appreciate all of my amazing clients who I’ve had the priceless pleasure to not only tattoo but spend time with, and also to appreciate my sponsors and teams who helped me make these tattoos happen 🙏🏻 @fkirons @balm_tattoo @heliostattoo @eternalink @hivecaps


Almost a year ago already, doing promo at the @usweekly party for @inkmasterangels season ONE! It’s crazy how time flies, and how much can happen in just 1 year. Looking back I realize how true that Modest Mouse song is- “the years go fast and the days go so slow”


Some beautiful shots from the past week. @charlyhuurman takes videos like he’s being chased by zombies 😆 but come on, how insane is this nature? It’s crazy to think that places like this exist in the world. It all just felt like a dream. It’s so humbling and so hard to believe I had the opportunity to visit this natural wonder, and all of the other beautiful places I’ve seen over the past year or so. Taking a few moments to be truly grateful to the universe, and really take in how lucky I am for this day and every day. ❤️🙏🏻


FINISHED! Well, for now. 😉 2 days and 2 sessions done on this super cool ornate wing design while guesting here in Spain at @utopiantattootribe 🙏🏻 such a great start! Her plans are to laser the dragon on her shoulder slowly as we will start filling out the center back with long dripping jewels and diamonds, then eventually cover the dragon. One of my favorite clients ever, it was such a blast and truly my pleasure 😘 @utopiantattootribe @fkirons @balm_tattoo @heliostattoo @eternalink @hivecaps