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Be nice to everyone even if you don’t like them. Listen to I’m Sorry Dad podcast below


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Cathy’s breakthrough performance😂 Vine 2013? I plan on bringing back Cathy, High Society, Alexxx (lipstick character) more fun stuff with @vincentmarcus, and new characters you haven’t seen yet


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The first high society video I ever made☺️ 2013 #vine


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Joshua Meyrowitz is a comedian living with autism. He joined @bjcalvillo and me to talk about comedy, movies, and more. Listen to I’m Sorry Dad anywhere you get podcasts. Please subscribe, and follow @autisticthunder. New free episodes every week!


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Toy Story 5


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If you go to 1 show of mine, make it this one☺️ It’s an important gig for me and all the talented comedians involved. It’s a big show because, if we do well, we’ll likely get booked often at The Laugh Factory, which is HUGE. And I have industry people coming to scout me out😱 Come help us get a little closer to the dream🕺🏻 July 8th at @laughfactoryhw. Tickets at laughfactory.com. Use promo code “freshface” for $10 tickets. Thank you!!!


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The Water Bottle Boys play charades! (@vincentmarcus)


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If you listened to my latest podcast you’ll know what this is about😂 Check out I’m Sorry Dad podcast with @jonwalkup @kennethbeckerdite & @bjcalvillo. On iTunes, Spotify, and everywhere you listen to podcasts


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Ralph’s on my backpack!!! (And she’s on IG: @chubbyralph)


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Happy Father’s Day to my fahhhtha who came up with the term “Beah pahty”, coached my little league team, taught me how to ski, throw, and do math. Thanks for playing catch in the back yard even tho you’d say “damn it alllll! My shouldah’s killing me”. Thanks for the dimples and blue eyes that bail me out of the social awkwardness I also inherited from you😂. Most of all... my Dad is a good role model who doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in his body. You’re a good dude, Dad!!! Look at the camera next time.


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Clip from @icehousecc in 2017 when I was broken-hearted. I don’t tell this joke anymore, cuz I’m over Liz... so have at it, internet! And ignore that one word I messed up!!


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Superheroes I can relate to💪🏻


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Don’t fuck with @chubbyralph