Sam Smith@samsmithworld


Beautiful girl In the crowd tonight in Montreal. I don’t know what it is Montreal but the two shows I have played here in the bell centre have been two of the best gigs I’ve ever had. You guys blow my MIND! You sing a long like something out of my dreams. It’s my life’s aim to always be able to come to that exact room and sing for you after every album I make! I am yours forever. I love you all so much ❤️


Montreal. The sun is out and we can’t wait for tonight x pic by @jamesmsbarber


Toronto. Thank you for showing us so much love and kicking off our North American tour with fireworks. I love you and I love Canada. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring my music to your wonderful city xx Hope you all got home safe xx 🌹😘❤️ p.s. you like my new coat 👅 thank you for making me this beauty @Givenchyofficial


Beautiful few weeks off in California. Ready to kick off our North American tour in @champagnepapi ‘s Kingdom - Toronto - TOMORROW!! Can’t wait to see you all there xx


I love you @_dr_woo_ xx 6th woo piece now. Skipping out of your studio all bandaged up will never get old. Thank you brother x


Quick Scooter to the coffee shop before some music making with @stargatemusic xo love you guys


Pink sky at night.


💚Always and forever in our hearts


Pretending I’m in Big Little Lies for the weekend


Magical three days in nature, getting my shit together.


Music was my first love, and it will be my last


ORANGE WARSAW FESTIVAL. I have left the stage tonight feeling so truly content and HIGH. It was my first show ever in Poland and I can’t wait to be back in your arms Warsaw. Thank you for lifting my heart and giving us all you had tonight. Enjoy LCD sound system!! Gonna be so sick!!


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