Scott Blake@scott_blake

Best known for Barcode Art, Scott Blake creates work that is scandalous, witty, fun, pornographic, and humorous.

Chicken in motion.


When you picture pedal-assisted bikes or electric bikes, you probably don't think of them rolling around the streets of Omaha. But, one local bike shop is changing the way Omahans get around. If you haven't tried an E-bike, KMTV @3NewsNow Emily Szink highly recommends it!


Someone took my collection of yellow coupon “BAG OF $AVING$” from my driveway. I was saving them for an art project.


360° on the #LazierBoy #MotorizedDriftTrike


Munchables #Flipbook for @TheFlippistFlipbooks @Galleries1988 exhibit “30 Years Later” in Melrose.


I made a 60v 18,000mAh power bank for my #ElectricDriftTrike. It holds six @DewaltTough 20V MAX lithium batteries. I used the red caps that come with the #Flexvolt batteries, and riveted them to a steel bar. I connected three of the batteries in series to increase the volts, and the other three are connected in parallel to increase the amps. These batteries are rated at 9 amp hours each, and all together it can generate 60 volts at 30 amps.


@sj_obc teaching Gertie tricks.


I made a bunch of PVC sleeves for my #MotorizedDriftTrike, like the #LazierBoy sofa chair in the second photo. I cut the extra hard schedule 80 PVC pipe to fit snugly on 4.5" X 5" X 10" go kart tires. I also put a small strip of grip tape inside the PVC pipe to keep the sleeve from slipping off of the wheel.

Inner Diameter
9.91 in / 25.17 cm
Outer Diameter
10.75 in / 27.31 cm
Wall Thickness
.42 in / 1.06 cm
Sleeve Width
5 in / 12.7 cm


Keeping on the sunny side, Amanda and William Coker.


We hiked up a 1,300 ft mud slide.


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