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Firstly Madhuri ki support CHESTHUNNA andhariki thanks , haters ki no thanks 😉
Yevvaru support kosamo ee video post cheyyatledhu bhayya ,messages lo discussions pettakandi .. Came across this ,thought this had to reach a few more people interested in Bigboss so re-shared it anthey ..Antharjathiya charchalu verey posts meedha pettukundhamu😍


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Happy is the man who finds a true friend,and far happer is he who finds that true friend in his wife ❤️
Happy Friendship Day to all the friends out there 🤗


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Naa pilla edichina tharavatha game Ni game la choodalenu inka , NAA pilla hurt so nenu hurt ,hence this post 🤘 --Sir Mr.International Figure Garu meeku anipinchindhi pakka vallatho discuss chesthey oppu , verey housemates adhey Pani chesthey thappu ah 🤬 #ChillThatha
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Now that Pradeep told ,yes I actually went and tried shouting near the Bigboss House a couple of days back ❤️😉🙈 I made this video as I wanted to show Maddz that I actually did this..Inka chaaala video undhi kani adhi maaathram personal 🙈 ... PS- This is for all those people who asked me if I really went and wanted to know more about it ,rest all can ignore this 👍
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Jaya Janaki Nayaka on Star Maa @that_actor_nandu


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Oka ammayi cheppatam common I'm secured in my man's arms ani, oka abbayi ga chepthunna I'm secured in my Woman's Arms ❤️
Girl Power just doesn't mean fighting for women, fighting for what is right regardless of gender is REAL GIRL POWER . I'm a proud man to have such a Powerful Woman in my life.
PS -Sorry for the PDA
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Fell in love with the same person again , iam extremely proud of her gutsy and sportive attitude.Alot of people are asking me if iam ok with Geetha's decision,yes I'm absolutely ok with whatever decision she took and she will take in her life, she is having fun and that's all I care about & I love that about her ❤️Respect to you darling .

PS- If u watched the show carefully,she said Its not for Babu Garu ,she would have done that for anyone there 🙂
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Ee Manchi donga ki vote chesina andhariki akkada dongathanamu chesina vasthuvulu anni dedicated 🤣