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Trust me, it looks much better in person.


Definitely worth losing sleep for a perfect sunrise this morning. Tag someone you’d take here 🙋🏼‍♂️


You know me better.

July/August travel schedule releasing soon in my bio.


Craziest experience of my life. Under my favorite waterfall in Iceland with winds reaching 50-60mph 💨


As you all know, I like to get outside and I’ve found that no trek is too treacherous with my versatile @hitec boots. I’m back in the city this week but still reminiscing over my last #CitytoTrail adventure – look at this scenery! Where should I go next for #MyHiTecView? Let me know where you’ve gone recently to enjoy the outdoors. #ComfortableAnywhere #ad


Took a necessary break from social media and went off grid for a few days. Feels great to be rested and back to work. Just a few more weeks to the biggest trip of my life. In the meantime, here is Crater Lake from this past week. Stoked on life 🙌🏼


Keeping track of the expectations that I have on my body as summer rolls inSwipe through to check out the Motiv Ring I found at @b8ta Portland store this week - there’s a link in my bio if you want to check out @b8ta! #discoverfirsthand #poweryourweird #sponsored


Nobody said it was easy.


Foggy Oregon coast.


Definitely worth waking up early for that golden light ☀️


The mountains is where I want to be.


One of my favorite things about living in a city like Portland is having endless opportunities to seek adventure, just a few minutes from downtown. When going from #CitytoTrail, I’m liking my @hitec boots – they’re comfortable anywhere I go, and waterproof which is perfect for PNW weather. I recently took in this amazing view. Where are your outdoor adventures taking you? Share your #MyHiTecView #ad