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Photo by @cristinamittermeier // Can you guess what is wrong with this penguin? We spent a month in Antarctica on assignment for @natgeo and it was not until the second week that I realized we had not seen snow once. Every day, however, we experienced several hours of incessant rain. As temperatures warm in Antarctica, the weather regime is changing from snow to rain. In the past, the penguin colony would be covered in snow but now, it is a large, muddy mess. Baby penguins are covered in fluffy down and they can easily preen themselves the it snows. When they get muddy and wet, their down loses its insulation ability and as temperatures drop at night, they become hypothermic and die.

As the debate on weather or not to protect the Antarctic Peninsula starts to play out, I hope that the members of the Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), who will be voting on this issue are inspired to protect it for all humanity.

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Together | Photograph by Geoffrey Reynaud
“Taking advantage of the favorable weather to take a flight over thousands of reindeers on their move,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Geoffrey Reynaud, “it was a wonderful moment.”

“You have made a beautiful photo of a simple sentence: Thousands of reindeers on their move. I love that you shot this scene from above, revealing just how many reindeers there are. Because what an epic moment to witness Geoffrey — I can only imagine how amazing this experience must have been, not just visually as a photographer, but also aurally, with the sounds of thousands of reindeers thundering together in one direction. Well done.” — @natgeoyourshot Producer David Y. Lee (@davidylee)


Video by @cshimala
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Cricket Hill

Photograph by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz
A sea of yellow #rapeseed #flowers is the big money maker for the villages near Xinghua, #China. The wetland was excavated into a network of fields and canals long ago, and now the locals make more money from agro-tourism every spring that they do from the oil-rich seeds. As China’s youth flock to cities for a better life, there are fewer people to farm labor-intensive landscapes like this, causing a shift to industrialized food production. To see more of China’s changing #food supply, follow @geosteinmetz


Un viaje épico alrededor de nuestro planeta 🌎 #OneStrangeRock, dirigida por @darrenaronofsky y presentada por @willsmith. En marzo.


Paris Montmartre by night ✨

Paris, France

Maldives 💖💖💖 Picture by ✨✨@thiago.lopez✨✨
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Full bars at the top of Nob Hill 📶

Nob Hill, San Francisco

Photo by @anandavarma: A male Cuban bee hummingbird, Mellisuga helenae, perches on a tree branch. #studioshot #wildlife #hummingbirds


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