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Sunday morning. Photo by @bdhoben #family #love #albinism #adoption


Over the last two weeks, I had the opportunity to play a small part of this intensive story with New York Magazine @nymag about the the immigration polices as they are implemented in NYC and surrounding boroughs. Since her husband, Indra, - the sole family breadwinner - was taken into ICE detention 10 months ago, Risma Fadersair has been managing to care for her four children on her own. Two of the four are special needs, with autism and Down syndrome. I get nervous when Bryan leaves town for one week and I have to take care of my two on my own. I am humbled by her strength and determination. Kudos on NY Magazine and the Marshall Project for taking on this issue so thoroughly. See the full story here :


TOMORROW June 24, out film Child, Bride, Mother: Nigeria will be playing as part of the BROOKLYN WOMEN'S FILM FESTIVAL®️ (BWFF) at The Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It will be one of 10 shorts shown tomorrow, starting at 12pm. The run time for the whole program is 1 h 42 m. To purchase tickets, please visit . The film follows Aisha, who was just 13 when she was kidnapped by Boko Haram, caged and forced to marry one of the militant group’s insurgents, a fighter who “smelled of blood.” Three-and-a-half years later, she escaped, pregnant and with nowhere safe to go. For Boko Haram’s child brides, freedom presents a different sort of struggle. — The BWFF is a female focused film festival, run by women, about women and for everyone. BWFF showcases films made by female writers and/or directors and gives special preference to films that contain women in key creative roles. The films are fierce, edgy, and relevant.
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Deepa Pullan sits in the late afternoon sun near her home in Delhi, India. Deepa has albinism, a rare condition caused by a recessive genetic trait which leads to little or no melanin, or pigment, in the skin, hair, and eyes. Today, June 13, is International Albinism Awareness Day. While albinism can be found in living beings across the globe, its occurrence varies greatly. For instance, albinism is more widespread in Tanzania than in any other country. About one in 1,400 people there is born with the trait, and about one in 17 carries the recessive gene. In Europe and North America the rate is only one in 20,000. On the San Blas Archipelago off Panama, the rate among the Guna people is a staggering one in 70. Sadly, people with albinism face struggles no matter where live. They are commonly discriminated against and their low vision — a result of the lack of pigment in the eyes — often leave people with albinism legally blind, often without accommodations in school or the rest of society to make their lives more accessible. They are also more susceptible to skin cancer and in many places don’t have access to sunscreen. In the worst cases, they are hunted for their body parts by those who mistakingly think magic positions made of them will bring them good fortune. For more information about albinism, please visit @noahalbinism. #inmyskiniwin #albinism #beauty #color #canonexploreroflight #exploreroflight #canoncps


My girl graduated from preschool today ❤️ Regrammed from @bdhoben #love #family #albinism




A present from my son. #naturalbornartist


Enjoying my coffee in my awesome new 50mm Canon lens mug!!!! Thank you @CanonUSA for the surprise gift! •
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At @worldpressphoto and so excited for the winners but nothing like some quality time with those you love @andreabruce @newshatavakolian. If you don’t know how badass these ladies are, you need to look them up, stat.


My husband and daughter have some quiet time. Every parent celebrates their child’s firsts: first birthday, first haircut, first words, first day of school. My husband, Bryan, and I are no different – except that as adoptive parents, we’ve crammed years’ worth of firsts into the last 12 months, such as the image above: first iPad (especially helpful for children with visual impairments). Just over a year ago, my husband and I officially became parents to Forest, then 7, and Lotus, who was 3½. Since then, it’s been a torrent of firsts: first lost tooth, first words in English, first birthday parties, first family vacation, first Christmas, first trip to urgent care. To mark the anniversary of our plunge into parenthood, please see my latest blog post (link in bio) which includes excerpt from the full story of our adoption in National Geographic titled, “How Photographing Adoption Changed This Family’s Future.” #albinism #family #adoption #light #blackandwhite #canonusa #exploreroflight


United States Senators Kirsten Gillibrand (D-New York) and Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nevada) chat with Boko Haram survivors Ya Kaka, 18, and Hauwa, 17, at the conclusion of a bipartisan International Women’s Day event on Capitol Hill where the girls shared their stories with over a dozen U.S. Senators. There, they advocated for the thousands of girls who remain captive in northern Nigeria by the terrorist group. The event, a collaboration between @TooYoungToWed and Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Susan Collins (R-Maine), comes at a time when violence against women dominates the national – and international – conversation.

@TooYoungToWed is a nonprofit organization named after @natgeo article published in 2011 that I photographed. The girls were abducted and forced into marriages with militants in 2014, months after the more widely know Chibok school girl kidnappings. They will be in NYC for the next week, continuing their journey from survivor to advocate as their raise their voices for their sisters. #BringBackAllOurGirls #tooyoungtowed #endchildmarriage #girls #internationalwomensday #IWD2018


Ya Kaka, 18, takes a photo of her first bowl of Asian style soup. Wary at first, she reported that it was delicious! •

Former Boko Haram abductees Hauwa and Ya Kaka, are here in the Washington DC to share their stories with lawmakers and advocate for the thousands of other girls in northern Nigeria who remain kidnapped and forcibly wed to militants. •

Ya Kaka’s fate could have been different had the Nigerian government moved faster to rescue them. “We were not taken to forest immediately, but there were no attempts to rescue us in the month we were there.” she said. “Had they responded immediately, we could have been rescued there. The government should assist and rescue the girls that are still in the bush.” •

Please continue to follow their journey here on @Instagram. Or come meet them in person at @tooyoungtowed’s Inaugural Gala on March 8th in NYC. See the link in our bio for more information. #girls #tooyoungtowed #endchildmarriage #canonM100 @canonusa @canoncps #canonexploreroflight