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no pants, no problems.



We got pooped on by a bird today.

B said, “I’m not sure I like birds so much anymore. They tend to follow their own rules, which doesn’t seem fair for people that get pooped on.”


It’s all just a scripted reality show.
I don’t watch reality tv shows, unless I count instagram as one.


Snagged this gem from the master, @ryanorrico.

“Do your own shit and stop relying on shit you can’t control.”


Shit going in, shit going out.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m supposed to care about things because I’m a part of such things.

What matters most? Certainly not the distractions I impose on myself.

I’m working on halting the distractions in my line of vision and within earshot.

It’s all a circus.


I’m going to water myself from the inside-out.

This #randomtalkingvideo goes out to @veazey_yogi & @bandofitness for calling me out on my showering habits.


Friendly reminder from one fiercely-loving, badass woman, @monicajustesen.

“You can be critical of something and still support or participate in it.
...And it’s actually very healthy practice to be able to think critically about the things you’re supporting or participating in.”



Waiting on laundry.


This is a post-tit in case you were wondering.


Making Instagram great again.

If it’s in the bio, it must be true.
What does your bio say about you?

Alyssa, from @thejournaldeck, asked me about my bio on her podcast. We went there. Did you get a chance to listen to it yet?

Hit up the link in her bio and listen to episode 48. Let’s continue the conversation.


What dreams are made of: more froth for @ambrecomes.
Yoga and cheers. 🤓


Let’s move it, move it, friends!
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