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Prenatal teacher training with @birthwisdomyoga_ is coming up in February. If you’re looking to expand love to mamas and mamas-to-be, get yourself to one of Julia’s workshops or her teacher training. Sacramento and beyond!

Here’s a few photos from our recent session with @rooswraps.



Stephanie Birch

We’re all living to the end, anyway.


Stephanie Birch

It’s @jenpastiloff’s #nopantssunday! And I got tagged by @yulady to share. Dare accepted! Show yours. Wearing my “grow a pair” shirt from @negativeunderwear.
Sunday is good day for no pants. Happy no pants Sunday, friends!


Stephanie Birch

Dang, Facebook, you kill me with these memories. B was rolling with style thanks to all those hand-me-downs from friends.


Stephanie Birch

Still working on this. And listening to @yoga_girl’s podcast today was a good reminder to be present with purpose and let go of the need to please. Online, in person, and beyond.


Stephanie Birch

This one time I got to wear a champagne skirt at The Crocker Ball.
Skirt by @cocktailcoquettes.


Stephanie Birch

Teaching yoga while having a bout of gas is really hard. I just wanted to let that out.


Stephanie Birch

“I’m better at math than I am at ice skating, mama.”

He also said, “That was really hard but I’d like to do it again.”

First time on the ice for this guy. A couple teary-eyed moments paired with big smiles and butt splats.



Stephanie Birch

I was going to title tomorrow’s email: quit your b*tching, as my dad would say. This felt a little gentler. Write Club Wednesday goes out first thing tomorrow morning.

This might be a tough writing prompt for some, but see if you can be open and honest. And note — this is a no judgment exercise.

To join my weekly prompts and emails, visit the link in my bio. I promise not to bite unless you ask politely.



Stephanie Birch

Balance, flail, and walk it off. It’s all yoga.


Stephanie Birch

Let’s meet in Aruba this Spring. Join @yoga_girl and me for our Authentically You Yoga Retreat.

We’ll yoga, meditate, write our hearts out, eat well, explore, and have lots of room for play!
Spots are filling up! Say yes.

Join us March 28 - April 2 for a week in the Caribbean. Payment plans available, reserve your spot by heading to the link in my bio.

Say yes.


Stephanie Birch

Hello, beautiful.