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Hi. I now want to be a mom of dwarf bunnies. No, we did not take one home. I’m going to have to do a lot of smooth-talking to Tiller for that.
Holy cuteness, @sammy.cakess.


Leaving the finishing touches and connections alone for awhile.

Solfire Yoga

Coloring outside the lines.
Writing on a whim is how I’ll begin, no rhyme or forced reason. If you’re into this kind of whim, send me your email to be added to my newsletter thing-y. The first letter went out a few days ago and many of you have sent your kindness. To you, I am grateful. I’ll likely be sharing less in this text box as I’ve moved my depth to another avenue.
I’m still here. Maybe differently. Or in a way that’s always been me.


This is my little sister. She just graduated from Sacramento State last night with high honors, cum laude. She’s worked her ass off holding up to 3 jobs at a time to afford her college career. She did this ALL on her own. She may tell you she couldn’t have done it with us (crazy Molina family of 7). But that’s not true. We witnessed her sweat, cry, tantrum, fight like mad, and bleed through it. Soon, she’ll be off to get her masters this spring. She’s a boss. She’s been the boss in our family since she came into the world. She’s been clapping back in rap battles and bringing it since her diaper-wearing days. She’s one of the smartest people I know and I’m grateful she’s my sister. Kay, you inspire me everyday.
I love you, @kaymolove. I may be the oldest, you are certainly the brightest.


Current crush: @adultyoga. I don’t know her but I’m crushing on her words and ways.
Play MASH. Write your crush(es), careers, cities, and cars (or no cars at all).


Happy Festivus!

Golden 1 Center

We have a lift-off, my friends. If you sent me your email address, you should have your first emailed newsletter from me. If you didn’t get it, send me a DM.
Thank you for playing along.
More to come soon.


Him: I’m sorry we fight sometimes.
Her: We fight about the good stuff.


Hi. I’m doing something new. I’m starting an email newsletter thing. I’ve got my first letter ready to go. Thinking I’ll have it out by the end of this week. I’m nervously-excited and excitedly-nervous. Which means I’m kicking my own butt to share what’s real and what’s great and sometimes what’s not-so-great.
If you’re into it, drop me your address below or DM me.
[edit] turned off commenting to protect your emails below. Thank you, again, friends. Your warm thoughts encourage me to keep on. Looking forward to connecting with you.


Lovers gonna love.


Get your ass up. Kick your own ass. Or get your ass kicked (lovingly) by people in your life that care. People that care for others (the collective) outside of their own personal advantages. We all have a great desire for our own personhood, it’s our nature, survival. But. Working together makes us better, smarter, and we help each other to become more adaptable through shared experiences and habits. So long as you continue to surround yourself with people that care for themselves and each other. People can only care for another the same way they care for themselves.
I can recite a million mistakes I’ve made in life (and the ones I make everyday). Some of my greatest mistakes have been my greatest realizations, lessons. Sometimes we don’t know. And we don’t know what we don’t know. You learn. You unlearn. You walk away from people that don’t jive, put up a front with you, or that cause harm. Or ones that use you for their personal fit and gain. Some of my mistakes include me lingering a little too long in a relationship, walking on eggshells, and have kept me from getting my ass up simply because I wasn’t with the right kind of people. Letting someone else’s voice be my own and excusing myself along the way to step back, let my shyness rule, and have someone telling me who I am and what to be.
Know your people. Your people will be the ones that encourage the shit out of you. And the ones that bust your balls a bit. They’re the ones that care for greatness (the collective). Because when you’re doing really great things, they’re right alongside doing really great things. And you’re helping each other grow, lifting each other higher, and getting shit done — taking as many people with you along the way. It’s real life inclusion. On the mat, in the studio, in the community, off these damn screens, real-time. Showing up fiercely-loving. Get your ass up with your ass-up people everyday.
PS - this is a picture of a yoga pose for no “real” reason other than my ass is up.


Make a mess of yourself.
There’s no need to tidy up.