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Stephanie Birch

Today, I woke to a handmade card that reads:
I just want to say...
You are a very goddess and mythical.
You are the #1. I love you.

Happy mother’s day to all the mamas! And baby’s mama’s, mamas’ mamas, mamas, baby mamas’ mamas.



Stephanie Birch

Churn like butter.

Today’s write club wednesday prompt is in your box. It’s my forever theme: send grace, just in case.

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Stephanie Birch

Omg. Someone caption this photo. This old gem is from the archives of what the heck was I thinking/doing. 🤦🏼‍♀️ 😂 #TBT



Stephanie Birch

We took turns peeing in order to get this selfie. She’s my muse, @musedujour. Thank you for last night.



Stephanie Birch

Alright, friends! @theburgerpatch officially opens for your mouth and belly delight this Saturday! Come get your plant-based deliciousness on the grid!

Congrats, @sleopold29, @bethanycrouch, & @theburgerpatch! Thank you for having us over for friends & family night! You have a 7 year old fan too!



Stephanie Birch

Day date with my favorite and hottest ex boyfriend. Love you, @ktuuaga.



Stephanie Birch

I taught my first real life public yoga class 5 years ago at a lululemon. I cried because I accidentally ended class 20 minutes early. I literally had no idea how to teach a class top to bottom.
In my experience, teaching yoga was a rather lonely experience (an unexpected reality). Early on in my teaching, other teachers weren’t so open and kind. Secretive about their processes, their music, and distant. I remember asking teachers with eagerness and budding newness how they did this or that. Or what songs they played. Sometimes I admitted to teachers how I was nervous (and excited) they took my classes. I’d receive words that said: “I don’t share my process with other teachers.” Or “I don’t share my music, get your own.” And, “you shouldn’t be nervous, that’s nonsense.” Some of the biggest walls came from teachers I loved, respected, and admired. I questioned myself so many times (and still do). And told myself this is how it is for the new kids on the block. I went quiet to protect myself from getting hurt. It’s crushingly small to live that way. Trying to fit in is a betrayal of the self. I watched Brene Brown’s Netflix special last night and cried (a must-watch). I mourned every time I let someone sitting in the cheap seats take up space in my heart. But also, I feel really grateful for every bit of “toughness and roughness.” Because it has shaped me and shown me to not give up and be radically inclusive. I’m grateful for all the teachers who are in the arena with me (you know who you are). I went where people said not go or told me to be careful. I had to keep on keeping on until I found my home and people that said, “we’ve got you.” They’re the ones that include, instead of push away or attempt to make one feel small. The ones that mirror my best and show me fierce-love and accountability. I see where I have failed in these areas and where my work is. Today, I feel clear and ready to keep failing forward. There’s a buzz in my body, a pep in my step. And I encourage you to do the same. Remember: failure is a forward motion.



Stephanie Birch

Join me this Saturday at 6:30pm for this month’s write club workshop. All are welcome. Link is in my bio.

Did you get today’s write club wednesday prompt? It’s a 5 question check-in and how-to on writing from the inside-out.



Stephanie Birch

I don’t know how @yogimemes found this photo of me in frog pose! 😂


Stephanie Birch

This book. This woman. The work she does knocks the wind out of me and simultaneously makes me stand up taller.

Friends: do yourself a favor, preorder her book On Being Human (it comes out in June). The link to preorder is in my bio. Preorders are a super big deal when it comes to publishing a book which means don’t wait to get yours and an extra copy to gift someone in your life that needs a lift on our shared humanness.

This is @jenpastiloff’s first book on how she went from waiting tables to beauty hunting (on being human). I’ve known Jen almost four years now (holy time!) and she’s been one of my teachers and a dear friend that has endlessly encouraged me to take flight and wing it, stay real, and take no sh*t.

Jen, I can hear your voice and feel your words. I’m so proud and honored to know you. Thank you for keeping it really-real and reminding us all to do the same. I love you.