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My homework from my sports therapist is to incorporate more backbends into my practice. I’ve been practicing these up the wall for fun!
Swipe right for real-time, tongue-out kind of breathing.
Backbends, you make me feel some kind of tension and I’m going to lean into it, instead of run from you.


Stephanie Birch

New class tutorial is up on A breakdown of balancing poses and how I learned to play around with them at home. Check it out!


Stephanie Birch

The next three write club meetups will be themed.

November: gratitude & reflections next Saturday, Nov 17th, at 6:30pm
December: let go (Dec 29th)
January: let in (date to come!)

Write from the inside-out, connect to yourself through guided prompts, meditation, and more. No experience necessary, come with an open heart.

Yesterday’s, Write Club Wednesday was delivered to your box, titled: surf lessons.

You can sign up for weekly prompts, write club workshops, and more on my website (link in bio).


Stephanie Birch

It’s been awhile...


Stephanie Birch

Parking lot reminder.


Stephanie Birch

I sat in meditation in today’s class and felt waves against my back again and again. I felt my body physically rocking. Wave after wave nudging me gently but without a lingering pause. I know it’s message because I’m being asked to step up and out. I feel scared. Because that’s what growth does, it’s scares me. I feel worried. Because I wrap myself around other people’s opinions and disappointments. Like I want to be good, not ruffle. My heart speaks in waves. I cannot pretend or shy away. I do know this, change is always changing. It’s the constant. Waves against my back gently reminding, nudging, and encouraging me onward anyway.


Stephanie Birch

Join us in Aruba for our Authentically You retreat. Centered around making peace with your past, shedding layers, anchoring into self-love and making our way into our authentic true selves -- a true experience of coming home. Six days of the perfect blend of yoga, meditation, self-discovery, writing, and fun!

The retreat is held March 28 - April 2, 2019. I’m so excited to share this experience with @yoga_girl and write from the inside-out with you. Payment plans available.



Stephanie Birch

Thoughts on movement and fear-based teaching. I used to teach from this place. And am still working on dropping the mindfuckery of one-way complexes, dos and donts, and “you’ll die if you do this” bullshit. There’s plenty of fear prevalent in our day to day, we don’t need to bring it onto our mats.



Stephanie Birch

I think I’ve gotten married like 12 times now. 😂


Stephanie Birch

“You should’ve brought your reusable bags.”


Stephanie Birch

I move my body to move my life.
- bear walks
- Sun A
- chair-plane tip-toe with knees-wide thang (thanks, @amkzing)
- Warrior 1, Warrior 2, & Reclining/Reverse Warrior (with heel pops!)
- low squat and bind to lift
- standing leg raise variations
- crow pose
- fold and gentle twist
- squat low-downs and frog jumps
- turn the camera off and cat-walked my personal runway, holler.