Steve McCurry@stevemccurryofficial

Steve's body of work spans conflicts, ancient traditions, and culture, yet always retains the human element.

Novice monk, #SriLanka, 1994.


This young boy was selling fruit on the street at 9 P.M. in #Kabul, #Afghanistan, 2004. Over the years I have witnessed children working in fields, factories, ditches, tunnels, mines, and ship-breaking yards.
The scope of the child labor problem is vast. Hundreds of millions of children spend their childhood working and do not have an opportunity to play, go to school, or live in a healthy environment.


Boys studying at school, #Bamiyan Province, #Afghanistan, 2002.


Since 2002, the Mobile Mini Circus for Children (@mmccglobal) based in #Kabul, #Afghanistan, has performed and conducted workshops for more than 2.7 million children in 25 provinces all over Afghanistan. The combination of entertainment and education, has paved the way for cultural activities even in parts of the country where music, singing and other forms of artistic expression had been suppressed or forgotten for decades.


A coal miner smoking a cigarette in Pol-e-Khomri, #Afghanistan, 2002.


Steel mill, #Serbia, 1989.


Serbian Monks, #Serbia, 1989.


A priest gives an outdoor confession in Medjugorje, #Bosnia, 1989. Medjugorje has been a place of Catholic pilgrimage since the Virgin Mary allegedly appeared on Apparition Hill in 1981.


El Retiro Park, #Madrid, #Spain, 1995.


Two boys after the Festa dei Ceri, Gubbio, Italy, 2011.


The Festa dei Ceri in Gubbio, Italy, dates back to the 12th century. People charge through town carrying three large wooden structures weighing hundreds of kilograms topped with statues of saints. The people who support the heavy ceri (candles) wear colored shirts to represent their respective saint – yellow for St. Ubaldo, blue for St. Giorgio and black for St. Anthony.
Lunch celebration during the Festa dei Ceri at the Piazza del Duomo. Gubbio, Italy, 2014.


Getting ready for the Festa dei Ceri, Gubbio, Italy, 2014.


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