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A 501c3 organization bringing adoption awareness to overlooked, homeless senior dogs. 🐶 [email protected] 💌 Next event June 9th, NYC! Donate! 💸↙️

“About two years ago I had to put down my last of 3 dogs. I had always bought puppies and pedigreed dogs. However, I knew this time I wanted to adopt a dog because so many people I talked to said how a rescue dog is different, that they know they have been given a 2nd chance.
So I started my search for a rescue dog which took no time to find my Cooper. He had been rescued from a situation where he was tied to a car bumper most days. He was underweight, had terrible teeth and a host of issues but after seeing him I didn’t care. I knew he was for me.
When I first met him it was in a kennel that had a sea of barking dogs and roaming cats. The noise was deafening. He just sat there in the middle of all the chaos looking so sad. However, I knew that day I would not leave without him.
I immediately adopted Cooper and started addressing his health concerns and it has been a pure blessing. The first thing I did for him was take him to a chiropractic vet to have his stiff neck addressed. He is so much better now after being treated with adjustments. He has arthritis, sheds like mad, acts like a dud but he is so full of love I don’t know what I would do without him. He is afraid of cats, dogs, storms, rain, & the wind but ring the doorbell and he acts like he would challenge Godzilla. He is a hog on our sofa and if you dare take his spot you will get stared at until you kindly move.

The joy Cooper brings is indescribable. When I get home from work at night he greets me at the door with a full on smile of dog teeth & if he’s tired I get a half smile which looks just like Elvis. When I leave for work in the morning he looks out the window watching me leave. He’s sweet, kind and funny. Everything you want in a friend. Even my husband who is quite picky about animals would tell you he is the best dog ever.
So my little (now 70 pound) friend went from being tied to a car bumper most days to walking, & some days trying to run, on 9 acres. My husband jokes he went from homeless to a leather sofa & will never give it up. Everything I have is his, he knows it. That’s quite alright. It is his place, I tell him everyday. I’d do it all over again. -Donna” ❤️ #seniordog


(near) CHARLESTON, WV: 8 year old CJ is looking for someone who is looking to make a real difference in a homeless dog's life. For most of his years, CJ lived on a chain in a backyard. He was finally surrendered to the shelter...but that was a year ago. He's never left. 😪 CJ loves to be around people and soaking up attention. He's never had the experience of living in a home with someone who enjoys his companionship. This is his 3rd feature on SSD and CJ is hoping his story will finally reach that one special person who will change his life. PLEASE SHARE! 🔆🔆🔆 Raleigh County Humane Society wrote, "CJ is still at the shelter and he's had no inquiries at all. He is 8 years old and weighs 55 pounds. He was originally adopted from our shelter but he was brought back after several years. Unfortunately, CJ lived outside on a chain for a long time. His ears are scarred up from fly bites, but his personality is his best feature and makes you not even see his scars. He is always grinning and is eager to be with people!

CJ can definitely live in harmony with another dog if they are they type to leave him alone. He would do better in a home with calm dogs - he does not play. And he does not take correction well from other dogs. His behavior in playgroups has been zero play. He just wanders amongst the other dogs and enjoys being outside and keeping to himself. He cannot live with cats (as they are fun to chase). CJ is your typical old man and would prefer not to have children lean on him or rough house with him. He really deserves an indoor home to live out his golden years.

We have a two page adoption application. After it is filled out, our adoption counselor looks over it, and verifies that any current pets are up to date on vaccines. We do adopt out of county, and out of state. Transport is regularly available to Staunton, VA, and to as far north as Plymouth Meeting, PA, once a month." To adopt CJ, please email with any questions or to submit your application.

@hsrcadopt is located at 325 Grey Flats Road, #Beckley, #WestVirginia. ❤️ #seniordog #adoptme #searchingforlove #soulmate #betterlatethannever #adoptdontshop


Super thrilled for 11 year old Pinky and 8 year old Rose! With some teamwork with @fosterdogs NYC, these two seniors ladies found freedom and left the @nycacc this morning! (Check out SSD ‘stories’ for more pics and vids!) Both Pinky and Rose will go right to #foster care and both will receive all the vet care they need (“the works” as we say 😬). Pinky was purchased from a pet shop 11 years ago and surrendered when her owner’s personal health issues became a problem in properly for caring for Pinky. We believe Pinky was loved, but perhaps isolated, and she is very fearful and timid with new people. But she has a very sweet heart underneath that nervousness. She hasn’t received vet care in a long time. She has very overgrown nails and all of her teeth are rotting. (And we’ll see what else the vet says upon thorough examination.) Pinky does warm up relatively quickly and we are absolutely certain she will blossom in a home again. 💕 Rose was also surrendered to the shelter by her owner due to the landlord saying she couldn’t stay. After being pulled, Rose went into foster care (with @luckypapayas) and will also be fully vetted prior to adoption. She is described as “painfully sweet” - and that she is!! Rose is super friendly with people and dogs and will make a wonderful, low key companion. She would be perfect for a first time adopter. Both Pinky and Rose are up for adoption with @FOSTERDOGS <— follow them to continue the journey with Pinky and Rose! These two are both in need of a forever home and we can’t wait to see their futures’ unfold! ❤️ #seniordog #fosterdogs #nyc #animalshelter #adoptdontshop


(near) GREEN BAY, WI: After nine years of abuse and neglect, Marley was finally saved by the local animal control because his case was bad enough to warrant an official rescue. Marley's story is extreme. And this senior fella needs someone who will understand he is a perfect pup who has a broken past. Marley is scared of men and other dogs. He is looking to be the only pet at home, but he can live with men if they will simply give him time to trust he will never, ever, ever be hurt again. Once that happens, this boy blooms! We so want to help Marley find his perfect-for-him forever home. PLEASE SHARE! 🌹🌹 @fetchwirescue wrote, "Marley hasn't always known love. He was first brought into Fetch Wisconsin Rescue as a neglect case through local animal control. He was extremely malnourished, flea-ridden, and covered in skin infections. He and his brother had been forced to fight for their food, and had some cigarette burns. Marley was too sick to even be vaccinated, and spent several months getting healthy before he could be neutered and brought up to date.

Now that he's healthy, Marley is looking forward to finding his forever loving home. He enjoys being outside, and a big yard with a fence would be ideal for him. He is an old man at heart. He loves to be pet (especially his belly!) lay by the fireplace or in the sun, and rests for most of the day. He is potty trained and can hold it about 5 hours before he needs to be let out.
Marley isn't fond of male strangers and gets overwhelmed with loud noises and lots of action. He'd do best in a calm environment with a laid back family. He's reactive on walks towards other dogs (but he definitely is making progress), and also because of his previous fighting with his brother, Marley should go to a family where he can thrive as the only pet.
Marley is being fostered in #Appleton, #Wisconsin. He weighs 45 pounds. If you're interested in meeting Marley, please fill out an application. Adopters will be expected to undergo a home visit and then meet him in his foster home prior to adoption." To adopt Marley, please email with any questions or to apply! ❤️ #seniordog #needslove #TLC #adoptdontshop


“My time with Weston was short, but worth every minute. I first saw him on my college campus. A club would bring shelter dogs to campus for students to meet and play with. Everyone was over by the puppies, and he was just laying there...I went and sat by him and he stood up, moved closer and collapsed in my lap. I immediately called my mom and told her I adopted another dog. He was older, skinny, missing some hair but I loved him.
The next day I went to the shelter and got his full story. They said that through tracing his microchip, they had determined he had spent over 1000 days total in the shelter system. He was 14 years old and had kidney problems. I didn't care though - whether it was two days or two years - we needed each other. I took Weston home and he immediately fit in. He cuddled with my mom's two dogs during visits and lounged around the house with his two other new fur-sisters.

About four weeks in, he lost his appetite. Not even boiled chicken with honey and unsalted broth could perk him up. At the vet, they told me he had gone into full blown kidney failure. They put him on antibiotics and a strict water/food schedule (when he would eat). Two weeks later, at approximately 6AM on a Sunday, I woke up. I never wake up that early on a weekend but I knew something was wrong immediately. I screamed his name...nothing. I tried to feel for him on the bed but he wasn't up there. I got up and found him on the dog bed, he had passed away in his sleep. It had been one day short of 6 weeks since I had brought him home.
I miss Weston every day - he was thrown away and discarded but all he wanted was love and a home. It was all worth the heart ache of losing him - I'd do it 1000 times over if it meant a senior dog didn't pass in a shelter kennel with just a number to be identified by. He had a family. RIP Sir Weston. -Jennifer" ❤️ #seniordog #foreverloved #alwaysworthit #adoptdontshop


NEW YORK, NY: Omg! It's Kensie! She is officially up for adoption! Have you been looking for THE perfect senior dog to adopt? Kensie is it! She is BFF material. So well behaved, super friendly, playful and an overall amazing senior gal. More important, she needs you! Kensie is very good with other dogs (she is currently being fostered with a small male senior dog) and she would be happy to share a home with another pup. At one point in her life, someone gave Kensie a horrible ear crop job, but Kensie's inner and outer beauty shines so bright that it most certainly doesn't matter at this stage in her life. Kensie is a true lover who deserves only the best family ever! PLEASE SHARE! 🤩🌟🤩🌟 @PupStarzRescue wrote, "Kensie is the queen of cuddling. She is such a sweet, happy-go-lucky kind of gal with an adorable wiggle butt that can’t help but make anyone smile who meets her.
She may be 9 years old, but Kensie does not act her age. Kensie LOVES to go for walks, and says hello to passerby’s, people and pups alike! She is crate trained, quiet in the household, and potty trained! Kensie is being fostered with another smaller senior pup and they have fast become best friends. She’s not only stunning with her perfect brindle coat, but is even more beautiful on the inside. Her foster mom raves about her as does anyone that meets her. Full of kisses and cuddles, what’s not to love?!" Kensie has had a total #geriatric workup at the vet and she is overall healthy. She weighs 47lbs. She has good bloodwork and will be scheduled for a full #dental prior to her adoption - another bonus for both Kensie AND her forever family!
Kensie is currently being fostered in #Manhattan, #NYC with @tinycowbigcity. She can be adopted in the tri-state (or nearby) area, however, adopters MUST come meet her and adopt in NYC.

To adopt Kensie, please email with any questions or to apply. (Adoption application is required!) ❤️ #seniordog #angel #newyork #adopt #adoptme #adoptdontshop


Just livin’ her life of zero regrets. 😆 #sarathegreat #seniordog #wisheveryonecouldmeether #adoptdontshop


LOS ANGELES, CA: Handsome Bocelli is having some tough luck. Over the past several months, this super-sweet fella has been to countless adoption events (including the giant Best Friends LA event this past weekend) & each time he walks away without a family of his own. People always think Bocelli is cute, but then when they learn that he is 10 years old they are no longer interested. Bocelli is a low energy guy who loves to cuddle and hangout with people. He's also very dog friendly! He will make a wonderful addition to your family...if only given the chance. PLEASE SHARE! 🐾🖤 @Dogswithoutborders wrote, "No luck yet on Mr. Bocelli, not one interested adopter. He was rescued on February 27th and he's been to countless adoption fairs every weekend since. When people asked about him at the event this past weekend his age turned a lot of people off, which was a huge bummer.
Bocelli was surrendered to the shelter by his family. He is an 10-ish year old blind Tibetan Terrier/Lhasa mix and weighs about 25 pounds. He really is a special dog and we are hoping to find him the best home and family ever!
Bocelli's personality is super #lowkey, he’s a lazy old man that just loves to be near someone or know someone’s around. He’s always looking for a toy on the ground and when he finds one he falls asleep with it in his mouth! He’s such a cuddle #lovebug and has the cutest Ewok sounding cry/bark when he’s looking for you. He gets along well with other dogs and all humans, but he just wants to be loved!
Bocelli is great on a leash, but hates crates! He is completely potty trained and neutered. Bocelli is overall healthy. His left eye is more sunken in than his right one, and he requires eye drops, but he’s not keen on receiving them. Doctors have looked at both eyes and there is the option of having them removed but it is not necessary, therefore we have opted out of doing that procedure. Besides his eye and a few missing teeth, he is a very healthy dog!
@dogswithoutborders does a foster-to-adopt trial week. Adoptions are #California based owners only." To adopt Bocelli, please email to apply! ❤️ #seniordog #losangeles #adoptdontshop


A senior dog adoption is always exciting, but how about TWO senior dogs adopted by the same family?! Yep! Tulip AND Susie got ADOPTED!! 🙌🏽💕😍🙌🏽💕❤️💕🙌🏽❤️😍🙌🏽💕 Two Saturdays ago SSD’s senior dog adoption event got rained out. ☹️ Batool was one of the many people planning to attend...but she didn't let the weather stop her plans! 😀 Even though the adoption event didn't happen last minute, Batool got in touch with the rescue and then got in touch with Tulip's foster. She then drove to the foster's home to meet (and adopt) 10 year old Tulip. Susie, an 8 year old pup, was also being fostered with Tulip. And well, how could she say no?!? Best story ever!! 😍

Batool writes, "Tulip and Susie are my first senior dog adoptions. They’re actually my first adoptions period. I grew up taking care of my younger siblings and I got peed and pooped on and got called on to resolve arguments and I was often up rocking them to sleep late into the night so I pretty much have infinite patience. (We also have a third dog, Teddy, their little brother!) @friendswithfourpaws rescue told me about Susie the night before my meet and greet with Tulip. I looked Susie up and I saw her ears! My ears were disproportionately large for my face growing up and I was made fun of for them a lot, so now I have a particular soft spot for ‘funny’ looking ears. At the time, I considered Susie, but I decided that two dogs would be too much. But then the next day I met Susie! I just looked at her and I felt it. She reminded me a little of myself. Fortunately, I had Teddy’s carrier with me and they both fit PERFECTLY inside it because they’re so TINY.
Susie and Tulip are both such distinct lovable personalities. Firstly I am surprised by how energetic they both are! I was told Susie would be a sweetheart once she warmed up to me but Susie was jumping and hopping on my bed and twirling for treats almost the very next morning I got her! And Tulip was initially true to her description but she gets more energetic every day. It’s like nobody told her she’s supposed to be a ‘senior’ dog. 😂" ❤️ #seniordog #adopted #iftheresawilltheresaway #adoptdontshop


(near) CINCINNATI, OH: Another not-so-wonderful weekend has gone by oh-so-wonderful Max, he's still at the shelter! ☹️ Max would love to spend his days with humans to love, enjoying the simple pleasures that life has to offer. Max was adopted nine years ago as a puppy. Sadly, his former people have gone into an assisted living facility and Max was returned to the shelter in February. He was featured once already on SSD, but he didn't receive any adoption inquiries at all. Max hopes to find his forever home long before summer starts and he needs our help! PLEASE SHARE! ☀️☀️☀️ @animalfriendshumanesociety wrote, "Max is a 9 year old #BorderCollie mix hoping to find his forever home. He was adopted from the shelter back in 2009. Unfortunately his previous wonderful family had to move into assisted living and could not take him with them. They brought him back in February of 2018.

Max is a very sweet, loving, laid back, mellow boy who just wants a quiet home where he can rest his slightly arthritic bones. His favorite pastimes include taking walks, getting brushed and sitting and watching the world.

He lived with three other dogs in his previous home. At the shelter, it seems he doesn't like dogs in his face so another mature dog who respects his space would probably work. Max does like to chase squirrels and rabbits and probably needs a home without cats. And he would do best in a mature home with no small children. Max is #housebroken and would make a wonderful #companion.

Max's health is good. He was heavy when he came in, but has lost some weight. He was on rimadyl for achy joints, but overall he is fine. He loves his walks and he's a #laidback sweet guy." To adopt Max, please email with any questions or to apply!
@animalfriendshumanesociety is located at 1820 Princeton Road, #Hamilton, #OH. ❤️ #seniordog #ohio #insearchoflove #adoptme #adoptdontshop


🌈 “I adopted an old dog last year who is now over the #rainbowbridge. Her name was Ella, but I liked to call her Ella Bella.

Ella was a #blacklab who was in Animal Services in El Paso, TX. I volunteered at the Humane Society most weekends, which is right next to Animal Services. My roommate and I walked through Animal Services one morning and I saw this old black lab who was clearly in some bad shape. As soon as I tapped on the glass, she slowly hobbled up and wagged her tail at me through the window. Instantly I was hooked.

It was risky getting her because I am in the military and was about to depart overseas for a year. I had a boyfriend who was just returning from overseas who would take her after I left. Even though I was about to move, I adopted her. I couldn't leave her in that place as such an old dog. Clearly she was in need of some love.
I took her to the vet the day after I got her, and low-and-behold, she had so many issues. Either way, she was now my dog who I loved.
My former boyfriend and I decided we were gonna make her last year(s) her golden years. She was spoiled by sleeping in beds and on couches, she got treats all the time, and had a green backyard to roll around in. Her personality was that of a princess who didn't like to be ignored or left alone. Her favorite snuggle position was for you to sit on the ground with your legs spread apart, and she would nestle up between them. If you took your hand off of her, she'd look up at you like ‘Did I say you were done?’ She never barked, but instead would groan and sigh all the time — getting up or laying down, or when you stopped petting her, or if she wanted food.
After I left to go overseas, she started to lose a lot of weight due to her body not taking in any more nutrients. My boyfriend was patient with her bowel issues and gave her all the love in the world. She passed away this year in February, only 7 months after we got her.
Ella brought a light into our lives that only a dog really can. We miss our girl, but now she's able to roll in the green grass without any pain or suffering. We'll always love our Ella Bella. -Cassie” ❤️ #seniordog


(near) DETROIT, MI: So, so handsome & so, so adoptable! Meet Frank! 😍 This super-cutie was found as a stray and brought to the local animal control. His skin was in terrible shape, he needed dental care, and had many skin tags. In short, he needed a whole lotta' TLC! Thankfully, Frank has been fully vetted and is as happy and as handsome as ever. The only thing left on his checklist? A forever home! Frank has been seeking a mellow household (with other mature pets is ok!) and he hopes to find his very own family soon. PLEASE SHARE! 👔👕🧢 Shelter To Home Rescue wrote, "Frank is a senior boy around 11 years old. He came to Shelter to Home with a severe skin issue. We have been successful with taking care of the infection and his fur has grown back nicely.
Frank is a happy old man who loves his bed and seeks out his human for scratches and love. He is looking for a less active home. There can be have cats and dogs, but probably best if there are kids involved that they be older. He is not really a snuggler, but would love to go for walks with you. Frank does not need a crate while home alone, for the most part he will sleep. But if Frank wakes up he usually has to urinate and will go in the house if nobody lets him out. (If you are concerned, then he would be ok in a crate while nobody is home.) Frank has not barked since he has been with STH. And he also doesn't get up on the furniture or the bed.

Frank had some bad teeth and we took care of that with a dental and removing several teeth. His breath smells nice and fresh now! We also had some large skin tags removed, they didn't look to attractive and hit him on the collar and harness area. He had a tiny one between his eyes and our vet decided to remove that one so he still looked so handsome!

Plain and simple, Frank will make you smile! If you feel like you can open your home to a senior 'old man' then please send an email for an application. We do a meet and greet and home visits. We will not ship our animals." To adopt Frank, please email Lori at to apply!

Shelter To Home Rescue is located at 266 Oak Street, #Wyandotte, #MI. ❤️ #seniordog #jrt #adoptme #michigan #adoptdontshop


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