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She’s a super-lucky-duck shelter pup! 8 year old Nikita got ADOPTED!! 💜🙌🏽😁 Nikita was one of 800+ animals at @mcaspets who were (are) yearning for a home. Supposedly, ‘Texas tan dogs’ are overlooked often at the shelter because people feel they are ‘ordinary’ looking rather than getting to know the personality type. 😐 Thankfully, Natasha and John were on a mission to get to know Nikita. And wow! Did everyone win! After a (natural) settling in period, Nikita is thriving with her new family and - even better - her personality is shining!! 😍

Natasha and John wrote, "After seeing Nikita on SSD, I knew she was the right dog for us! We brought her home on the 9th and it took her a few days to relax and settle in... But wow what a dog! This sweet, quiet, licky girl has had a hard life but she is very happy to have found her retirement home.
She is the best at walking on a leash and likes slow walks with lots of sniffs best. She loves her toys and is content to squeak them to herself when it is time for the kennel. Her favorite sleeping position is on her back with a paw in each direction, and she loves to give her sister (a 12y/o golden mix) quick licks as she walks by.
Though we know it will be a long road, we can't wait for her to recover from her heartworms so we can start playing ball in the backyard (accidentally dropped a tennis ball and she seemed to have a blast chasing it down) and taking her on a jog when she fancies it.
We look forward to many years of toothless grins and sloppy kisses with this amazing girl." ❤️ #seniordog #luckyduck #adopted #adoptdontshop


(near) LOS ANGELES, CA: Oh-so-bonded and having an oh-so-hard time getting any human love! Senior boys Dusty and Frosty were found together on the streets of #LosAngeles. They loath being apart and feel anxious when separated. The shelter is working hard to find them a home together but not having any luck. Frosty has some skin allergies that needs desperate attention - something that only a special adopter and forever home can truly provide. A shelter can only do so much, and it's TLC that is needed most right now. PLEASE SHARE! 💙🧡 @sgvhumanesociety wrote, "Dusty and Frosty are very bonded, very gentle and super sweet senior #LabradorRetriever mixes. Dusty is 10 years old and 55lbs and Frosty is about 13 years old and 74lbs. They were found lost roaming together streets and while we are not certain that they are biological brothers, we can tell that they share a very strong bond. They were microchipped but nobody came to look for them and the shelter has not been able to locate owners after several attempts. And, sadly, there has been no interest in them from potential adopters.

Both boys are rather medium energy, they walk good on leash, although Frosty can pull sometimes. They are very affectionate and very good meeting different kind of people. And probably would be very good with kids. They have been socialized with other dogs in our parallel dog runs and on walks to the park and they are relaxed. (Potential adopters are encouraged to bring their pets to the shelter for a Meet-and-Greet with boys to make sure that everyone gets along.) Unfortunately, the shelter does not test dogs with cats.
Dusty is in a great shape with no medical issues. Frosty experiences an allergy which manifests as very itchy lesions on his body. Although these lesions got a little better since Frosty got to the shelter they are still not improving enough and are very uncomfortable and itchy. Frosty needs professional care and a comfortable environment to spend his golden years with his best friend Dusty.“ To adopt Dusty & Frosty, please email to apply!

@sgvhumanesociety is located at 851 E Grand Ave, #SanGabriel, #CA. ❤️ #seniordog #california


ALAMOGORDO, NM: Got room on that couch? Timber is looking for a spot to stay! This pretty, voluptuous gal is more of a cuddler rather than your outdoorsy type - although, for health reasons, it's been recommended she get lose a few pounds and she does enjoy her (slow) walks! Timber is great with other dogs of all ages and is a special companion with many happy days ahead of her to be had. She just needs someone to give her that chance! PLEASE SHARE! 💓💞💓 @ArcticRescue wrote, "Timber is 8-9 years old and was surrendered to a shelter when her owners could no longer care for her. She is sweet and laid back. And she is an extremely loving dog who gets along with all people and other dogs. She weighs in at 90 lbs (!!!) but will be working on returning to a trimmer figure now that she is in rescue.
Timber likes to go walking but isn't up for much strenuous exercise right now because she needs to lose some weight. We're working on getting her on a diet and stepping up the regular exercise. She'll probably always be more of a cuddler than an adventure junkie. On her walks she walks ok on leash and tends to like to enjoy the scenery as she goes, sniffing and meandering along, rather than walking with a purpose! She could use a refresher on basic obedience, but is so mellow that it is not really an issue.

Timber's previous owner reported she was good with kids and cats, but we do not have any first hand information. However, she is good with other dogs ranging from puppies to other seniors! She was very good about being groomed and travels well in the car.
We adopt out of state and have adopters across the country, but do require our adopters to pick up Timber in person." To adopt Timber, please email with any questions or to submit your application! ❤️ #seniordog #newmexico #adoptme #adoptdontshop


Remember Rocky from the Texas shelter with over 800 animals? We are so happy to announce that Rocky got ADOPTED!! 💕❤️💕 You may think...what's one success story in a sea of so many homeless animals in need? Well, for Rocky it truly means EVERYTHING. And we encourage every pet lover and anyone contemplating bringing home a new pet to give a shelter dog the same chance that Rocky has found. Thanks to his new mom Ann who followed her heart, Rocky's life is changed for good for his forever!! Ann wrote, "I heard that Rocky from @mcaspets in Texas had a following and that you might enjoy a few pictures. He is a completely different dog, and just joyful! It’s heartwarming to see such a transformation.
I always prefer adult and senior dogs for adoption. They are calmer, there is less chewing and destruction than with puppies and young dogs, they are usually housebroken (or are easy to train because their bladders are fully developed), they are appreciative, grateful, and loyal. And, they desperately need our help. As you know, there is a high euthanasia rate in shelters because seniors are very frequently overlooked or passed over for younger dogs and puppies. Plus, I am getting older and feel more comfortable with an older dog.
I lost my senior American Bulldog/Sharpei mix unexpectedly in March, and was devastated. I never intended to get another dog, but MCAS posted urgently that they were over capacity. That means many dogs are risk for euthanasia. I contemplated for a few days and kept hearing a voice in my head and heart, maybe it was my sweet lost Stubbs, telling me that I had the ability to save a life. I decided to honor Stubbs' spirit by adopting an older dog who otherwise might not make it out.
Rocky is a lovely boy, and everyone is getting along very well. He is a very welcome addition to our family. Rocky is part American bulldog, and even looks similar to my Stubbs. So far, he is a perfect fit, and he is so joyous now! He's putting weight on and is looking healthy and happy. I am honored that I could give him a good home to spend his senior years." ❤️ #seniordog #adopted #loved


(near) MIAMI, FL: So bummed. Jake and Jill finally had some adoption interest...but unfortunately things didn't pan out when the landlord said no. So, we're back for the fourth time on SSD with high hopes of finding these FIVE YEAR long shelter residents their special someone soon! YEP - Jake and Jill have lived at the shelter for five years. So many efforts have been made, and yet still they can't seem to find anyone who will commit to adopting them both. Jake and Jill are both very friendly and wouldn't mind sharing a home with another dog(s). They just wanna' get outta' the shelter! PLEASE SHARE! 🐼🐼 @bornfreepetshelter wrote, "There has been no interest in Jake and Jill. We knew it was going to be hard to adopt a senior couple. But they are so sweet and loving, they really deserve a home! It's really hard for us to find people who wants to adopt older dogs. They were adopted out from our shelter as puppies. However, after 5 years their owner became ill and was no longer able to keep them. And they were returned them to our shelter. Jake and Jill have been in the shelter another 5 years. They are now 10 years old. Jake is 39 pounds and Jill is 49 pounds. They are not very big, just chubby.
They are both are even-tempered, friendly, laid back and sweet dogs. Jill is the outgoing one of the two, Jake is more calm but also very sweet. They are both very good with other dogs and kids. These two are such a great pair. They are super well mannered and well behaved that you will be happy to have them around. They are brother/sister and it would be great if they were adopted together. When they are together they are inseparable, they like to stay close to each other. They are happy dogs who love attention. Jake loves head scratches and Jill will demand belly rubs.

Jill needs to lose a lot of weight and once she does she will be able to walk better. Other than that, Jake and Jill are both healthy. Adopters will need to drive to the shelter to adopt Jake and Jill in person." To adopt Jake and Jill, please email with questions to request an application!

@bornfreepetshelter is located in #Homestead, #FL. ❤️ #seniordog #florida


Even her begging is so polite. (Depending on who you ask.) 😆😋 #grandmapleasefeedme #salad #beggerscantbechoosers


“I wanted to send you a quick note about how wonderful @andypampers has been! I fractured my ankle and 2 vertebrae about a month ago falling down my stairs. My mom stayed with me the first week while I was on crutches and sensing something was wrong, Andy would barely leave the front of my place to walk with her. I had to walk to the corner with them so when she would walk him further he would go more than 50 feet before pulling her back. As long as he could see me, he'd walk like 30 feet then look back, walk another 30 ft and look back again. I've been in a walking boot since then and he's so good listening to 'go slow for mommy' ...'don't pull'. I know he's missed our longer walks but he's been such a good boy and I knew how proud of him you would be!!!! Only 12 days left in the walking boot, thank goodness! -Stephanie” ❤️ #seniordog #bestfriend #happilyeverafter #adoptdontshop


We shouted and begged and pleaded and begged some more...and it was totally worth it 'cause 9 year old Kensie got ADOPTED!!! ❤️💃🏻❤️ Kensie's adoption must be credited to a special SSD follower named Jillian. She's been a part of the SSD community since its beginning and was always keeping an eye on adoptable senior dogs. This time, she turned an "adoptable" into an "adopted" senior by way of her in-laws who live just five minutes down the road! That means Kensie has a full time family of her own AND lots of visits from Jillian and her family, and extended family and...the list goes on. The begging to adopt was DEFINITELy worth it!! JMy in-laws have finally given Kensie a wonderful home. Sheila is my mother-in-law and I helped her through the computer side of the adoption because computers just aren't her thing -- haha. (And I completely take credit for being the one showing her dogs from SSD all the time until she picked Kensie!) Her and my father-in-law are the ones who actually adopted Kensie, although her son (my husband) and I live five minutes down the road.

From the big city, to the middle of the mountains with a huge fenced yard. She has a new 13 year old doggy sister, who really needed her own 'pack' again after her big brother and all the neighborhood dogs passed a couple of years ago. Kensie has so much energy, there's no way to tell other than her white face that she's 9 years old. With five grandkids in the family, she's definitely gonna get lots of love and lots of work outs!
Kensie has already gotten used to the cat and her new doggy sister, Sammy, is especially tolerant of her being in 'her bubble.' After the first couple of days, we noticed that men make her a little nervous, but everyone is giving her her space when she wants it, and there's a pile of training treats at the door to hand her one when men come through the door. She LOVES kids and women though. Her mommy is her favorite, but she's not shy to melt into the grandkids laps either. We really really really love her!" ❤️ @pupstarzrescue #seniordog #adopted


(near) SACRAMENTO, CA: So pretty and witty and wise! Meet Lucie! This little lover is on the search for a very patient and understanding home. Lucie is sweet to the core. She is NEVER aggressive. However, she can be timid and afraid, and she simply needs a gentle adopter and forever home. Lucie does best with other dogs around, so if you have a home with pets please consider adopting Lucie!! Or, PLEASE SHARE! 🍭🍭🍭 @sammiesfriends at Nevada County Animal Shelter wrote, "This pretty little gal is Lucy, a #queenslandheeler. She is around 9 years old, 45 pounds, and she gets along well with other dogs. Actually, she thrives around other dogs. Lucy’s owner passed away, so she needs a loving and understanding family.
Lucy is very fearful of people because she only ever saw one person for her entire life. When her former person passed away, Lucy's whole world shifted. She is nervous, but never aggressive. She will just need a very understanding and patient adopter, as well as a secure fenced in yard since she is scared and a potential flight risk. Once Lucy trusts you (hot dogs and time help this) she is an extremely sweet dog and would make a great companion to a dog as well!
We aren't able to transport dogs. We prefer people to meet them at our shelter. Adoption process is a two page application (online or at shelter), interview, and a meet and greet with our behaviorist if they have other animals." To adopt Lucie, please email with any questions or to submit your application!
Nevada County Animal Shelter is located at 14647 McCourtney Road, #GrassValley, #CA. ❤️ #seniordog #adoptme #northerncalifornia #adoptdontshop


I just can’t take the cuteness when Simon is sitting across the room staring at me like a tiny cartoon character. I can’t! 🤪😍 #seniordog #myoldman #loveyou #adoptdontshop


AUSTIN, TX: Texas heat in the summer with no air conditioning? Ugh! 😨Unfortunately, 9 year old, 94 pound Leroy is enduring the heat at the shelter right now. Instead, he much prefers (and deserves!) to be spending his retirement days cool and comfortable. Leroy has the cutest habit of kissing an unsuspecting human...and then running off as if it wasn’t him. Seriously-sooo-cute!! Do you have a place for Leroy in your heart and home? PLEASE SHARE!! ☀️⭐️☀️⭐️ @austinpetsalive wrote, "We have a #GreatDane mix who's been with us since December. Leroy is a big guy who gets ZERO attention at the shelter. He's in one of our larger kennels to accommodate his size but it's still a kennel which isn't ideal for this sweet, old man. Plus it's in a back corner that people don't always notice. We hate seeing this guy at our shelter, he's 9 years old going on 10. And he deserves air conditioning and humans to love on him.

Leroy is an old man with the soul of a puppy. When other dogs his age are mostly interested in the couch, Leroy still loves toys, loves playing fetch, and still gets the zoomies around the yard! Not that he doesn't appreciate the couch. A lot. His signature move is to lay a big sloppy kiss on you and then run away as if you wouldn't know it was him.
For all his goofiness and affection, Leroy can be a bit nervous with new people. But you won't have any trouble knowing when you've earned his trust (see: big sloppy kisses). He hasn't been taught many commands, but he is extremely treat motivated and has already learned ‘sit’ as long as there's a treat involved. Treats are the quickest way to win his heart and mind.

Leroy is heartworm positive but treatment will be through @austinpetsalive so a local adopter would be ideal. We're looking for an adult only home or someone with older kids (teenagers) with no other dogs. Leroy has had joint stiffness so a home without a lot of stairs would be best.
To adopt Leroy, please email with any questions or to apply!

@austinpetsalive is located at 1156 W Cesar Chavez Street, #Austin, #TX. ❤️ #seniordog #texas #animalshelter #adoptme #adoptdontshop


PORTLAND, OR: Meet Miss Sasha! This pretty little lady used to live out in a backyard with a few other dogs who were all fending for themselves. Thankfully, they made their way into rescue. And for 13 year old Sasha, it's a VERY good thing to be looking for a new home at this stage of her life. Backyard living is no way retire! (Or, for that matter, no way to live.) Sasha is super sweet and friendly with all humans and animals alike. If you can make your way to Portland to meet her, Sasha will be waiting to make her way home - with you! PLEASE SHARE! 😋

Agave Dogs Rescue wrote, "We know someone out there has to have a heart for an old gal like sweet Sasha. She is a senior #teddybear / #Pomeranian mix, 13 years old, has no teeth, quiet and just wants to tinker around your yard and nap in the sunshine. Sasha was brought into the rescue when her owner was relocated due to an elder abuse situation. Sasha was kept in a dirt yard with a few other dogs and receiving very poor care for who knows how long.
Sasha gets along with everyone, including other dogs and cats. She is independent, but loves to lay on the couch and hang out with her people. She LOVES walks and gets around pretty well. She is absolutely adorable with her oversized tongue (which hangs out 99% of the time) and her ritual of cleaning her face off after every meal.
Sasha has no major health issues, but she does have some hair loss related to her previous living conditions. Understandably, she has some minor anxiety over being alone. And she's not 100% house trained, but she's doing pretty well!
Sasha is available for adoption locally and potential adopters must be willing to come and meet her in #Portland, #OR. She is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and dewormed. Little Sasha's adoption fee has been waived to help her find a kind person that will offer her a final home." To adopt Sasha, please email to submit your application! ❤️ #seniordog #lookingforlove #oregon #dogrescue #adoptme #adoptdontshop