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Came across this gem of a photo of Simon and our former (huge!) foster dog Virgil. 🀣 Virgil has long since been adopted to a great home and is now heartworm free! But what else are tons of dog pics on your phone for?? Smiles for days..... 😁😁 #seniordog #adopted #smilesfordays #giveadogachance #adoptdontshop


NEW HAVEN, CT: Even though it's more challenging to find a bonded pair of seniors an adopter, we'll simply keep showing up to you again and again with their story until someone decides to adopt these two cuties!! Mama & Pop have been at the shelter since June 2017. They must stay together as they adore each other's company (plus, who could split up gram & gramps?!). These two seniors remain hopeful that their special adoption day will come soon...and until then, we beg you to PLEASE SHARE! πŸ‘΅πŸΌπŸ’˜πŸ‘΄πŸΌ @newhavenanimalshelter wrote, "Mama and Pop were surrendered by their owner in June of 2017 because she could not take care of them anymore. Mama is around 7 years old and Pop is around 9 years old. They've been posted a lot online but no one has come to meet them. It's mainly because of their age.
Mama is the more outgoing and energetic of the two - she loves to play with the balls in our play yard and runs over to you to get petted. Pop is more laid back but perks up when Mama is around. When we let them hang out together in our play yard, it's normally Pop who instigates play. They both love to be petted and don't mind meeting new people, and they have both done very well at our outside adoption events. Sometimes Pop is so relaxed, he falls asleep at events!
They both don't mind being bathed, and they both ride well in the car - Pop sits quietly and likes to look out the window while Mama is good for the most part except for when she wants to give you kisses.
Mama likes all dogs, but Pop can be more selective. We feel he likes females more than males (but that's not a hard and fast rule). He seems to be okay with the other dogs at adoption events, but we don't let the dogs interact too much. Both dogs can live with cats. Mama wanted to try and be friends with the cats even as they were swiping at her face, Pop was a little scared of the cats and tried to run out of the cat room.
All adoptions must be done in person." To adopt Mama & Pop, please email to set up a meet & greet!

@newhavenanimalshelter is located at 81 Fournier Street, #NewHaven, #CT. ❀️ #seniordog #bondedpair #marriedcouple #adoptdontshop


(near) MEMPHIS, TN: The truth is, Velvet needs a big miracle. She is 14 years old and has been at a rural Tennessee shelter since she was 6 months old. It is known that Velvet thrives in a home - but a forever home she has never been able to find. Velvet has never been able to come out of her shell and she is quite timid upon first meeting. A home environment would truly give her the chance to shed some of her nervousness that she's never been able to get away from while living at a shelter. PLEASE SHARE! πŸ‡πŸ§€πŸ‡ @fayettefcar shelter wrote, "Velvet is 14 years old & weighs 53 pounds. She was found in the middle of the woods by hunters when she was a puppy. Sadly, she hasn't found her forever family yet and she's been at our shelter for almost her whole life. She has been painfully shy since she was a puppy, and although she still remains timid with strangers - when she loves you, she loves you 100%. The reason we believe that Velvet has not been adopted is strictly due to her #shyness, her fear of men and preference to be the only animal in the household. But we know her family is out there and hope that it is you!

Velvet still plays with her toys, loves to cuddle on the floor or on furniture, she knows some basic obedience and is house trained. Her only medical issue is color dilution alopecia (thin hair). Velvet is not on any medication other than heartworm and flea/tick prevention. She is an old girl but a #healthy one!

Velvet does require a fenced in yard. She does not like walking on a leash in new/strange places, it makes her extremely nervous. Non-local adoptions are an option, however, potential adopters would need to travel to our shelter.

Velvet has been spayed, is microchipped, up to date on vaccines, and has been on heartworm and flea/tick prevention. She comes with a 30 day pet health guarantee. The adoption fee is $95 with an approved application." To adopt Velvet, contact Laurie by emailing with any questions or to submit your application.
@fayettefcar shelter is located at 555 Clement Drive, #Rossville, #TN. ❀️ #seniordog #shy #tennessee #adoptme #animalshelter #adoptdontshop


(near) SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Why is it that smiley Hank is not getting any interest? It's truly mind boggling. 😫 This is Hank's 3rd post on SSD and he's been at the shelter for six months. Despite numerous efforts of getting Hank in front of potential adopters, he is the longest resident dog! Wisely, Hank has been passing his at the shelter by taking weekly training classes. He is SO ready to go home! PLEASE SHARE!! πŸ“šπŸ“πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸŽ“ A shelter volunteer wrote, "There have been no emails or calls yet on Hank. ☹️ Hank is estimated to be 9 years old. He came in as a stray. He's just the best boy and he's been in this city shelter so long and is the longest term dog. He is 75 pounds, but just skin and bones and can't seem to keep any weight on in the shelter.
Big handsome Hank boasts a personality as large as he is. He's jolly and energetic with a zest for life that rapidly becomes contagious. Fetch, food puzzles, and affection are among his favorite indulgences; simply goofing around with his human pals seems to provide no end of delight.
At his core, Hank is a giant love-bug and would like nothing more than his own home where he can be adored and doted on as a cherished member of the family. We did an intro with Hank and a female dog. It went well overall and was a positive sign that Hank could be a strong candidate for a home with a well-matched female dog. However, he is not recommended to live in a home with cats.

Hank got the special privilege to attend weekly training classes. And I had the privilege of being assigned to handle Hank in class and he excels! He is one of the best behaved dogs during class & learns something new each week. He rarely reacts to other dogs during class, even if they are barking or growling. He's such a good boy & such a fast learner.
The shelter is a city-run shelter, so they cannot arrange for transport themselves, but they will adopt to out-of-state adopters who come to the shelter & meet adoption requirements." To adopt Hank, please email with any questions.
@berkeleyanimals Animal Care Services is located at 1 Bolivar Drive, #Berkeley, #CA. ❀️ #seniordog #shepherd #adoptme #adoptdontshop


Still amazed that after SIX YEARS in the shelter, 10 year old Roxy was finally adopted and is now living The Good Life as she has deserved for so, so long! Roxy had been at Misfits, Mutts & Meows shelter in Oklahoma and attended many adoption events over the years. Volunteers endless advocated for her and tried their hardest to promote Roxy during adulthood...which quickly turned into seniorhood. Time and time again, nothing worked out for Roxy.
But then, all thanks to one volunteer who never gave up, Roxy's story was submitted to SSD back in January and she was posted here shortly after. Roxy's photo landed in front of Cynde...and the rest is history!! Roxy was adopted several weeks ago and has smoothly settled into her new life. What a lucky gal! πŸ€πŸ€ Cynde updates, "Roxy is one of the family! She learned quickly to follow Ellie's lead. Both girls have full house privileges when I run to the store but still require separation for longer outings - that way they can each spend some quality bone chewing and toy time without sibling interruption! (Bones and toys will always be a source of possessive conflicts.) I'm amazed that Roxy is such a great watch dog. But Ellie and Roxy have yet to figure out that Gabby (the cat) rules the roost around here! They all like each other and coexist quite well." ❀️ #seniordog #adopted #happilyeverafter #thegoodlife #slowintroductions #adoptdontshop


Princess and The Pee! Sara has a hard time making the long trek to get outside for her morning potty (we're in a temporary apartment in an elevator building and it takes foreverrrrrr to get outside, plus she's been used to having a little backyard). When she's in a good routine, Sara LOVES snoozing all night for 8 or 9 hour clips (and let's be honest, so do we) so the current solution is for daddy to carry her downstairs every morning while she's still half asleep. (She would never pee in daddy's arms.) No accidents and we all get to sleep. WIN-WIN. We love you, Sara! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #cityliving #thereisasolutiontoeveryproblem #adoptdontshop


Please go check out SSD's stories right now. So many amazing senior dogs waiting at @animalhaven shelter in SoHo, NYC for a good home...but all the adopters are passing them over! Mason is 10 years old and first arrived at the shelter with his brother who was very sick. Sadly, Mason's brother passed away not long after. Mason needs a warm and loving home. He just waits in his kennel like a good boy...while people pass by him when they see that his card says "10 years old." 😩 Please head to @animalhaven located at 200 Centre Street in lower Manhattan and visit him! (JUST SHOW UP DURING ADOPTION HOURS - no appointment needed.) And go watch stories to see all the other senior cuties waiting to get lucky in love! πŸ€ #seniordog #WHEREAREALLTHEADOPTERS #adoptme #prettyplease #soho #manhattan #nyc #ADOPTDONTSHOP

Manhattan, New York

(near) MIAMI, FL: It's very hard to believe but this beautiful, peacemaking lady has been at the shelter for over ONE YEAR. 10 year old Duchess is known for bringing her calm presence to the shelter's doggie play yard and showing the dogs who get riled up at each other that there is no need for that! Like so many senior dogs, Miss Duchess has simply been overlooked and forgotten by adopters due to her age and the overwhelming number of homeless dogs in need. So, we hope to finally get her the attention she needs! PLEASE SHARE! 🌴🌴🌴 @bornfreepetshelter wrote, "Duchess is such a sweet and loving dog. She is 10 years old and arrived at the shelter when her owners moved and couldn't take her with them. She gets along with all the dogs in the shelter and she is also known for being the #peacemaker of the place. When she sees one of the small dogs barking at the big dogs through the fence she will walk in between of them so they can keep moving along without problems.
Duchess is very #easygoing and enjoys spending her days laying down underneath a palm tree and keeping herself cool. πŸŒ΄πŸ‘πŸ½ She loves people and will slowly walk to you wagging her tail to greet you and hoping that you will give her some love back. Though Duchess is very sweet, gentle and calm, the one thing she doesn't like is sharing her food with other doggies. She will just need to be trained or to simply eat by herself.
It's a small shelter so transport is not available - adopters will need to drive to the shelter to adopt Duchess in person." To adopt Duchess, please email with questions or to request an application.
Born Free Pet Shelter is located in #Homestead, #FL. Shelter visits are by appointment. 🐢 #seniordog #miami #florida #petoverpopulation #adoptdontshop


THANK YOU to all SSD donators!! Minnie is a senior pup who directly benefitted from your generous donations and received all the vet care she so needed after years of neglect.
The even better news: Minnie is now officially ADOPTED! 😍

Izzy's Place wrote, "Thank you for donating toward Minnie's life-saving surgery! She came to Izzy's Place supposedly spayed but that was not so. Thankfully her foster mom noticed something wrong and brought her to the ER vet - she had Pyometra - a common life-threatening infection in adult/senior female dogs. (The vet removed 2-1/2 lbs of infected pus from her uterus!) Minnie's surgery went well but her struggles didn't stop there...she had been neglected for so long that she also needed dental surgery before the infection spreads.
The good - ok, GREAT - news is that little ol' Miss Minnie has been adopted! We are so very happy that she has an amazing furever Mama to help her recover and then give her the very best retirement years ever!

Maureen, Minnie's new Mom, recently shared that she loves to play and in spite of cataracts and arthritis she's still very active and playful and is loving her new life and family.
Thank you to all who donated through your organization to help this sweet little senior gal." ------- NOTE: The recurring monthly donation option is now available for SSD for! ---> **CLICKABLE LINK IN BIO**


(near) PHOENIX, AZ: Melody and Rainy's life abruptly changed in early December when their former owner moved into an assisted living facility and a family member brought the girls to the public shelter requesting euthanasia. (The person's thought was that it was better for them to be put down than to be potentially separated because they are so bonded.) The shelter recognized that Melody and Rainy were still very happy and healthy girls and did not honor the request. Melody and Rainy were pulled by a private rescue group but still haven't had any luck finding their forever home. PLEASE SHARE! 🍰🍰 Take Me Home Arizona wrote, "Melody and Rainy have been patiently waiting since the beginning of December for a forever home. It’s clear that these girls were adored in their previous family, they are both so immediately affectionate and bond quickly.
Melody is approximately 11 years old. She is a very petite, quiet and calm Chihuahua mix and weighs approximately 10 pounds of affection. She loves to be near people, and adores snuggling quietly in your lap. She has a magical singing voice that comes out with a special request word - 'hihihihihi' to get her started singing!
Rainy is approximately 7 years old and 18 pounds. She is the more active of the two and equally affectionate, giving gentle kisses, snuggling and putting her head on your shoulder for love. The girls are mostly quiet and they are not big barkers. And they both love walks, rides in the car and are great companion dogs. They are currently fostered with school aged kids, dogs and cats. They do fine with the dogs, Rainy is very cat curious but has learned to get along.

Melody and Rainy are a bonded duo and must be adopted together. Both girls are housebroken and use a doggy door. They are spayed, current on vaccinations and shots.
Our policy is the adopter submits application first; then meet and greet; and then a short trial before official adoption." To adopt Melody and Rainy, please email with any questions or to submit your application. ❀️ @seniorsheltercrew #seniordog #arizona #adoptdontshop


GOOD NEWS! All thanks to Susie's Senior Dogs' generous donators, SSD is once again accepting medical financial sponsorship requests from approved 501c3 rescues and shelters for homeless senior dogs! πŸΆπŸ’°πŸ‘πŸ½ (Please note, this sponsorship is only open to homeless senior dogs who are currently up for adoption and waiting for their forever homes. Senior dogs ages 7 years old and up will be considered. New applications only at this time.) SSD is working with limited funds and each request will be approved on a case-by-case situation. If your rescue or shelter is unable to pay for a surgery or special procedure needed for a senior dog in your care, but you'd move mountains in order to get them the vet care they need, then please apply!

Or, tag a rescue or shelter who needs help and fits the 501c3 requirements! πŸ’°πŸ’° (EVERYONE: If you wish to support SSD and our mission to help homeless senior dogs, donations are always welcome! You can give via PayPal using email OR checks can be sent to: Susie's Senior Dogs, PO BOX 20334, New York, NY 10011)

Ready, set, let's care for some senior dogs! **LINK TO APPLICATION IN BIO!** πŸ’œπŸ’œ #charity #seniordog #vetcare #sponsorship #adoption #adoptdontshop


NEW YORK, NY: 11 year old Pandora's name means "The All Giving" - and that sums up this pretty girl pretty perfectly! Pandora is an 80 pound body of love, affection, and even more love. Her most favorite thing in the world is being around people and she will literally give you her all! Pandora has been up for adoption for many months and she's looking for her permenant pad ASAP. She's doesn't want to have to bounce between living situations and hopes her adopter will find her soon! PLEASE SHARE! 🐢🐢 @pupstarzrescue wrote, "This 11-year-old, 80 pound gentle giant is ALL ABOUT love, affection, and being near her people. Sporting a permanent eye wink, Pandora is a #SharPei/Redbone #Coonhound mix, and her big, unique, wrinkly face only adds to her sweetness and charm.
Pandora is a champion smoocher and enjoys giving kisses as much as she enjoys receiving them. As a senior gal, Pandora is well-behaved, relaxed and mellow, and will be content hanging out with you while you watch TV or surf the net. She is unfazed by ringing doorbells, unfamiliar people, or screaming children. Pandora does prefer to be the only animal in the home; she doesn't want to live with other pets.

Show her her leash and she is ready to rock and roll! Pandora -- remarkably spry and agile -- enjoys the outside and walks like a lady (a lady HALF her age!) on a leash: she's amazing! Offer her a tasty treat after a nice stroll and Pandora will be most appreciative.
Sounds like an angel, right? Oh, she also travels well in a car and you might have already guessed by now, is 100% reliably housebroken.
Pandora is a giver and tries not to ask for much in return. Her heart bursts with love and gratitude. This beautiful, kind-hearted dog deserves a forever home and human as special as she is.

Pandora is up for adoption in the Tri-State area. As long a potential adopter is within reasonable driving distance and can come meet her in person." To adopt Pandora, please email with any questions or to submit your application. (Potential adopters MUST submit an application to be considered.) Photos by @pawtography_nyc ❀️ #seniordog #pandorasbox #nyc #tristate #adoptme #adoptdontshop

New York, New York