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Susie's Senior Dogs

SCOTTSDALE, AZ: 9 year old Pee Wee is a wee little one who doesn't like wee little ones of the human kind. He was surrendered to the shelter and is now in search of a new home. Which, of course, is tough to find because of his age. But wee little Pee Wee has a big ‘ol loving heart for his (adult) person! He bonds quickly and it’s been lonesome for him at the shelter. Pee Wee recently had a slumber party for one night to practice being ‘home for the holidays.’ He was a very good boy, but he had to go back to the shelter since it was just a one night getaway. Let’s help little Pee Wee find his forever getaway! (With no little human pee-wees!) PLEASE SHARE! 🙅🏻‍♂️ @foothillsanimalrescue wrote, "Pee Wee's former owner was remarried and Pee Wee didn't get along with the children in the home. Foothills Animal Rescue offered to take him from Yuma when their shelter became full. He's been at our shelter since the beginning of October.
Pee Wee is almost 9 years old and weighs 10.5 pounds. He is pretty set in his ways. He likes to select his dog friends on his terms -- we aren't quite sure what those terms are, but he's met some dogs he likes and others he does not. We are asking potential adopters to bring their resident dog to the shelter and we'll conduct a meet and greet to ensure everyone gets along.
Pee Wee does not care for children and should go to an adults-only home. He isn't a big fan of walking, but enjoys hanging out in the sun in the backyard. Pee Wee would be the PERFECT pet for someone who is lonely and looking for a friend. He bonds very quickly to his 'person' and becomes protective of them. We understand he has some personality quirks, but that's why we love him and we know there's someone out there who will give him a chance.
Pee Wee's adoption fee has already been paid. We don't mind adopting out of state, but a potential adopter would have to pay the fees. Also, he is VERY quirky and it would be best for the potential adopter to meet him first." To adopt Pee Wee, please email to apply!
@foothillsanimalrescue is located at 10197 E. Bell Road, #Scottsdale, #AZ. ❤️ #seniordog #arizona #homefortheholidays


Susie's Senior Dogs

"Wrex is 12 years old and came into my life about 3 years ago. I had put my best dog friend to sleep a few months before and was ready for a new best dog friend. I watched his post on the @oregonhumane Society website for a few days and then I went and met him. He was quiet and laying on the concrete floor next to his dog bed. He had skin that was bald, raw, and bleeding. I met with him in a private room and he was minimally curious with me, his skin flinched when you touched him, and his breath was horrible. He had been given up twice and most recently because of his severe skin allergies. He had a terrible skin infection and was on prednisone and antibiotics. Learning his story, I had to bring him home.
Over the first year we were at the vet a lot. I tried every natural, herbal, and pharmacological treatment to heal his skin but his skin infections were coming more frequently and more severe. One day in November 2016 I took him back to the vet and this time I happened to see a different vet. He started him on an anti-itching medicine and then recommended I bathe him at least 2 times a week with special soap. My first thought was TWICE A WEEK??!! But I knew it was worth a shot.

He now gets bathed once a week but he doesn’t flinch when you touch him and his last skin infection was November of 2016. That is a huge victory.
He is an amazing soul. He is kind and quiet, a champion napper, patient with little kids, and he is beginning to enjoy new adventures. It’s fun to think of the completely different life Wrex has now.... camping, hiking, road trips, and hanging out at the beach. He has bad hips but loves walking and sniffing every blade of grass and every tree. I have spotted him playing with rope toy a few times!
There is something really special about adopting animals, especially older animals. They seem to know you are rescuing them without needing to be told. Wrex is not my first old dog and he won’t be my last but I will enjoy his company while he’s here and be grateful for what he brings to my life. -Michelle" ❤️ #seniordog #worthit #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

NAPLES, FL: Cookie will do anything for a cookie! This treat-motivated, people friendly, dog friendly, cookie friendly (hehe!) senior gal has been at the shelter for 13 months. That means this will be Cookie's second holiday season alone. It's sad because Cookie has a lot of energy for her age and thrives with exercise and playtime. She will be a great addition to a home with other dogs who enjoy playing, or as a solo pet with a human who is active. She's so fun! We know Cookie will bring so much sweetness and joy to a family...but where are they? PLEASE SHARE! 🍪🍪 A shelter volunteer wrote, "Cookie has not had the happiest of lives. Before being surrendered to the county shelter by her owners, they were cited for things like not vaccinating and tethering Cookie outside. In November 2017, her owners brought her to the shelter saying that she was 'too big.' How a dog suddenly becomes too big at 9 years old is something that we will never understand.
Cookie is people friendly and dog friendly. She would do well as an only pet with a family that is committed to exercising her, and would love a fenced in yard for her to run around in. She would also do great with a doggie sibling who matches her play style and energy level. You would never guest her age because she is incredibly energetic and very playful. She loves to play with dogs and does great in playgroups at the shelter.
Cookie is a high energy senior, and strong, but also a total love bug and loves to cuddle. She would make a great walking buddy. She knows sit, down, high five and crawl. She is also very treat motivated, so she could definitely learn more. She has never had any structure in her life and needs a family that is going to commit to training her and keeping her active.
Cookies is very friendly with people and would do fine in a home with kids, but might do better in a home with older kids, just because of her energy level. She also would prefer a home without cats. She weighs 47lbs and is perfectly healthy." To adopt Cookie, email volunteer to set up a meet and greet.
Collier Domestic Animal Services is located at 7610 Davis Blvd, #Naples, #FL. ❤️ #seniordog


Susie's Senior Dogs

🌈 "I wanted to let everyone who saw Gert’s adoption post on SSD know that Gert lost her battle with cancer in October. After a late night visit to the ER, her oncologist sadly confirmed her cancer was everywhere. Rather than start steroids (the only option, which came with a high risk of tumor lysis) and risk her passing in the hospital (which she hated, no offense to the wonderful doctors at AMC), we chose to bring her home and spoil her for 2 days. For 2 days she ate. We ordered her a meatball pizza, her favorite food. She ate peanut butter, rotisserie chicken, filet mignon, ice cream, and lamb cheeseburgers. She couldn’t move or walk, but she never stopped eating. She loved to eat.

Gert came to us as a foster back in January from the @nycacc, pulled by @mrbonesandco with the name True Blue. We quickly learned she had lymphoma, and decided she would stay in the place she now called home, with the dogs she came to love as sisters, and the man she had fallen in love with (her dad, Eric). All in all, we had 9 months and 4 days with our spicy senior granny. She played in the snow and in the grass, she participated in professional photo shoots. She had a party in her honor for her adoption day, with tons of friends and family, and her own cake. She had songs made up about her, and made thousands of people on the internet fall in love with her. Not bad for 9 months and 4 days of a 12 year old, cropped-eared pit bull with cancer.

There will not be one minute that goes by that I don’t miss her, or that I don’t wish we had more time. All Gert knew was that she was part of our family and she was loved. Looking at everything she accomplished and how happy she was, I don’t feel sad. I don’t regret breaking my heart by falling in love and losing her. When our hearts are ready, we will be back to fostering, ideally seniors and pits and mamas, and if the situation presents itself we would be open to another fospice. Thank you for everything Gert. #thankyouforbeingaGert -Sam" ❤️ #seniordog


Susie's Senior Dogs

TRENTON, NJ: Who can resist a big ol' sweetie-pie? Ox is that guy! He weighs a hearty 85 pounds which makes him perfect for snuggling with. Prior to coming to the shelter, Ox lived in a home his whole life. He's polite and behaved and he belongs with a family, not alone at a shelter! Ox is very good with fellow canines and all people, too. He's really just a big mush! He so deserve to get back into a home again soon and we hope we can find him one before 2019. PLEASE SHARE! 🍝

@trenton.animal.shelter wrote, "Ox was found as a stray wandering the streets of Trenton. A previous owner was alerted that he'd been let go by the person holding him and she came to see him at the shelter. She was not in a position to take him back, but gave us all his details.

Ox is between 10 and 11 years old and lived most of his life with another female dog. He lived in a house and is housebroken. He's been very well trained and even knows some tricks like 'high five!' He's a big boy but walks very nicely on the leash and is easy to handle. He's friendly with people, but can be a little aloof on the first meeting (he prefers his ball and will play fetch forever, like a young dog!). He's very polite with other dogs, but like many older dogs doesn't like young nippy dogs, or dogs that get in his face too much. He never lived with cats, they tested him at the shelter with the caged cats and he didn’t show much interest.
Ox is very healthy in general, a little stiffness in the hips that is barely noticeable.
We feel Ox would be a fairly easy addition to most homes. If there are existing dogs in the home we require a meet and greet and they must be up to date on shots and spayed or neutered. We generally don't transport, but we have a large volunteer group and can usually find someone willing if need be (depending on how far, etc.)." To adopt Ox, please email the adoption coordinator at to apply!

@trenton.animal.shelter is located at 72 Escher Street, #Trenton, #NJ. ❤️ #seniordog #newjersey #cuddlebuddy #adoptme #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) PORTLAND, OR: Lucky is a good girl. A very, very good girl. She loves making new friends, she enjoys going on errands, and she is a true joy to be around. In her nearly year-long stay at the shelter, Lucky has attended adoption events, beach events, and even made trips to big city Portland to see a vet specialists - she's been so many places and met so many people! And she has even been featured before on SSD. Sadly, all of these efforts so far have been fruitless. And Lucky still waits, asking each person she meets if they'll give her a home. PLEASE SHARE! 🦌❤️🦌 A shelter volunteer wrote, "There was lots of activity on Lucky's first SSD post, but no adoption applications. Lucky came to the shelter because her owner could no longer care for her. This 11 year old female #pitbull had some skin issues when she first came in and was an absolute doll during her daily baths and in the car on several trips to a specialist in Portland. She is happy to ramble along on walks or just hang out in the sun with us. We’re all very fond of her and hope to find her a great home.

Lucky went to an event on the beach recently and was a real star. She met lots of people (at one point she was sitting on the lap of a woman she’d just been introduced to) and dogs and even took third prize for one of the costume categories.

Lucky will need a fully fenced yard. She has lived with dogs and children. The shelter requires all members of the household, including your dogs, to meet prospective adoptees at the shelter. We do home checks, but for those of you who live outside of the county, you’ll simply need to bring photos of your home, yard, and fence. Because Lucky is over ten, her adoption fee is $50.00 and includes micro-chipping and registration." To adopt Lucky, please email to apply!

@clatsop_animal_assistance is located at 1315 SE 19th St, #Warrenton, #OR. ❤️ #seniordog #adoptme #oregon #homefortheholidays #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) MIAMI, FL: Tiger is a precious oldie who has spent wayyyyyy too many years in the shelter. For five years, 13 year old Tiger has been enduring shelter life. The volunteers believe it's because Tiger was already an older guy when he first arrived and he has several growths and moles that people consider to be “ugly" - how terrible! Age has crept up on Tiger and he saunters like a geriatric fella, but he is so very loving and the shelter wants to see him spend his days in a home. We wish we knew of Tiger's story earlier, but we will try our best to get him the home he deserves ASAP. But...we need your help. PLEASE SHARE! 🧚‍♀️ @bornfreepetshelter wrote, "Jumping Tiger is incredibly delightful, social, and friendly. He was boarded for one month when his owner became gravely ill. Unfortunately, she passed away and Tiger was suddenly without a home and companion. He was surrendered to the shelter when he was 8 years old and he is now 13 years old.
Tiger truly enjoys the company of people and befriends anyone he meets. He loves treats and will love you if you give him some. He is a really good boy and will sit and give you paw by command. We think the only reason he hasn't had any adoption interest is that some people think he is 'ugly' due to his breed, color, and moles (which, by the way, are benign and there is no need for surgery to remove them). However, we think he is the cutest!
Tiger was recently diagnosed with a vestibular syndrome which makes his head tilt and might be a little clumsy here and there while walking. He had some medicine for it and is doing a lot better. He gets along with other dogs with a proper introduction but will do better with calm and docile dogs.

Transport is not available. Adopters will need to drive to the shelter to adopt Tiger in person." To adopt Tiger, please email with questions or to set up a meet and greet.
Born Free Pet Shelter is located in #Homestead, #FL. Shelter visits are by appointment. ❤️ #seniordog #florida #adoption #adopt #adoptme #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

🌈 "I wanted to share with everyone that our sweet Toby crossed the rainbow bridge on Tuesday. He was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and it took him quickly. He would have soon turned 17 years old.

We adopted Toby - aka Big T, Big Fluffy, Toby-tobe, Tobias - from @wcanimalcenter in Franklin, Tennessee 3.5 years ago after he and his bonded partner Belle, the dachshund, were spotlighted by Susie’s Senior Dogs at least 5 times. No one seemed to want the big, fluffy German Shepard Dog/Chow mix. Turns out that was our win.
Toby was such a sweetheart. Yes, he could be a bull, a dynamic force, but under all the fur was one sweet boy. He loved to travel. And travel he did! To Colorado, Texas, Ohio and finally to his favorite place, northern New York where he could sit on the deck and watch the river roll by in warmer months or his very favorite- hang out on a snowbank in winter (for a few minutes anyway, he was an old man). Please don’t worry about Belle. She’s getting extra loves and attentions, I think she’s adjusting just fine. After all she is a doxie and the Queen of all she surveys.

I highly recommend to all who will listen, please adopt a senior and, whenever possible, adopt a bonded pair. You won’t regret it. Until the next time a sweet old timer catches our heart- we will be following SSD. And preaching the gospel of adopting the old timers. -Janice and Don" ❤️ #seniordog #rainbowbridge #foreverloved #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) CHATTANOOGA, TN: December 11th marked one year that 10 year old Hazel has been at the shelter searching for her forever home. The good news is that she recently found a temporary foster home, and while she'll have to go back to the shelter in two weeks, it's been a wonderful chance for Hazel to get a much needed good night's sleep. She is rooming with another dog and they are getting along great! Hazel would love to find a forever home soon...wouldn't it be amazing if she didn't have to go back to sleeping in the shelter? PLEASE SHARE! 🥂🙏🏽 @heschatt wrote, "Hazel is 10 years old and she scored a temporary foster home! It's only for two weeks, but it will help her so much and we can get a lot more information about her in-home behavior. We've learned that Hazel is housebroken and is getting along splendidly with foster sister. (The other dog is another large, female dog who is pretty calm.) Hazel is a calm gal, but that doesn’t mean she's lost her spunk or her passion for life! She would love to go out on the town with you - in the car or on a walk. She loves humans and is very easy-going with kids.
Hazel is taking hydrotherapy to help with her osteoarthritis, lumbar-sacral sclerosis, and hip dysplasia. It ain’t easy getting old! But Hazel is not going to let that stop her! She loves exploring the world and she never has met a stranger. Give Hazel belly rubs and she'll be your best friend, even if you just met.
Hazel will need walks and hydrotherapy for the rest of her life to keep her spry and happy. And she will need carprofen, gabapentin, and glucosamine to keep her pain free, but she promises it’s worth it! It’ll help her keep up with you on all your adventures!

Hazel’s adoption fee is $50 which includes all age appropriate vaccinations, spay, and microchip. A meet and greet is required if you currently have a dog. (She seems indifferent to cats, but it is hard to test in a shelter environment.)" To adopt Hazel, please email the shelter volunteer at to apply!
@heschatt is located at 212 N Highland Park Avenue, #Chattanooga, #TN. ❤️ #seniordog #tennessee #miracleshappen #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

👏🏽 A gigantic thank you to the kids of SSD's Animal Club who raised more than $800 dollars for Susie's Senior Dogs at their school bake sale today!! 😍 Animal Club first started three and half years ago and is run by SSD. The club is geared for 6th, 7th and 8th graders and an elective, after school program. The main focus is on educating students about humane treatment of animals, as well as exploring different career opportunities that involve working with animals. Some of our trips have been to animal shelters, animal sanctuaries, animal hospitals, the @wolfconservationcenter, @apecofqueens, the @wildbirdfund, the @NYPD K9 and Mounted units, and many others! At our visits, Animal Club is given a super special, behind the scenes tour of each location. We have learned about many different kinds of animals, why it's important to protect them and what unique role they play in our world. We also learn about different job opportunities available pertaining to our location visits and what educational path it takes to get there. (Every kids knows about becoming a veterinarian, but many are surprised at what else is out there!) It's such a fun, hands on club.
A small portion of SSD funds are used to cover the costs of Animal Club in order for it to be 100% free for the students. We are so thankful to the students today for raising money for the 2019 season. We can’t wait for our upcoming trips! They are an enthusiastic and eager group (who ask amazing questions!) and SSD is incredibly proud of their efforts. Thanks, guys!! 💘 #animals #education #animalclub


Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) SAN FRANCISCO, CA: What a stunner! Dehlia is a gorgeous 10 year old lady who is lost among the many dogs looking for a forever home. For people who aren't traveling and have time off work, the holidays can be a wonderful time to adopt a dog. All those days at home to bond! Dehlia is looking for an adult-only family where kisses and snuggles are welcomed, she's quite affectionate! Deliah is a delight and will settle in quickly with someone who enjoys a deep human-dog bond. PLEASE SHARE! ❄️🥫🔥 🌲
The Milo Foundation wrote, "Dehlia is a 10 year old #ItalianMastiff mix. She once had a happy home for several years, first rescued and adopted in 2012. When her family had a baby and learned she is scared of young children, she was surrendered back to Milo in February 2018 and has been looking for her forever family ever since.
Don't let the gray muzzle fool you. Dehlia greets her favorite volunteers with butt wiggles and bouncy steps. She is the sweetest pup... loving, affectionate, kind and gentle. She'll give you endless snuggles, knows all her basic commands and is house trained. Dehlia is fantastic with adults and easy on leash. (Unless she sees a squirrel, so be on the lookout!) She is great at being walked by lots of new people who come to volunteer and is even tolerant of playing dress up every once in a while.
In her kennel she is so patient and quiet, even if some of the other dogs get rowdy. She has hiked with dog friends and doesn't seem to pay mind to other dogs, though as an older gal she prefers not to engage with the young bouncy pups.
This girl is more than ready to find a family who is ready for a BIG dog with equally big cuddles. Her 100+ pounds make the perfect heated blanket, as she loves to snuggle and get hugs. Little kids are a bit much for her, so she would do best in a home with children over 12. Adopters must be able to come meet Dehlia in person for a meet-and-greet before adopting." To adopt Deliah, please email with any questions. Adoption application required.
@milodogsandcats adoption center is lcoated at 220 S. Garrard Blvd, #PointRichmond, #CA.


Susie's Senior Dogs

Is it a photo or is it a video? 🤔😆 #saraandsimon #seniordogs #isthisthingon