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Hooorahhhh! From tragedy to triumph, 10 year old Rudy got ADOPTED!! 💛💛💛 Rudy's former human passed away and her death was very hard for him. Rudy was used to living a certain way, and moving to a shelter was super difficult for him. He has some special needs that didn't make him a fit for every type of home, but simply the right type of home. Thankfully, that home (and heart!) is with Sarah who saw Rudy's multiple postings on SSD and decided she had a place for special Rudy in her life. 💕

Sarah wrote, "I’m writing to update you on Rudy, the 14 year old chihuahua/corgi mix who I adopted from @PeaceableKingdom Animal Rescue after seeing him posted twice on Susie’s Senior Dogs. We are working through some anxiety that Rudy has, but it was clear he was thrilled to be back in a home as he immediately jumped on the couch to take a nap when he got to my apartment.

I honestly don't know why Rudy caught my heart they way he did- I always assumed the next dog I would adopt would be a pit bull, because I know what amazing dogs they are and how hard it can be to get them adopted. Rudy's description just sounds like he was looking for MY home- single woman, no other dogs.

I started volunteering at animal shelters when I was 14, and the senior dogs always pulled my heart the most. They were always the most confused to be in the shelter, and the most grateful for love. As a vet, I feel prepared to deal with health issues that come up. I am currently in the midst of a veterinary oncology residency, where the biggest focus of our job is maximizing quality of life, for however long that may be, so it's only natural for me to adopt a senior dog. Although Rudy seems quite spry for his age, so I'm hoping we have quite a bit of time left together!

He truly acts like a puppy with his toys- part of me doesn’t believe he’s really 14. I’m sure that with time Rudy will learn to trust again and enjoy his golden years.” ❤️ #seniordog #adopted #secondchances #adoptdontshop


KEARNEYSVILLE, WV: Handsome 9 year old Flash is the real deal. He's loyal and loving and playful, too! He thrives with a best friend! Sadly, prior to coming into rescue, Flash's spirit was bruised one too many times in his life. He sometimes worries that new people will harm him and he needs an adopter with patience, just until he warms up to you. Unfortunately, Flash has been waiting almost three years for patience to come along. (Who knew it was so hard to come by?!) Flash is crying out for help! PLEASE SHARE! 🐑

@reachout_rescue wrote, "Flash has been with us since late 2015. We’ve had him featured on our Facebook several times already but our reach is not that great. Flash is currently in boarding as we don’t have a foster for him.

Flash is looking for a special home. But he has a lot to give in return! Over the course of his life he must have met enough people who were not nice to him because he can sometimes be unsure when he meets new ones. It’s a bit tragic because Flash LOVES people. His ideal home would be one with not too many people coming and going at all times as this could be stressful for him.
There are so many ways in which Flash will reward for this patience and understanding! He’s house trained, he’s loyal, he is experienced enough NOT to chew things up around the home, and he is an outstanding playing buddy. As soon as you get out a ball Flash will go into his playing stance, waiting for you to say 'Are you ready?' When you toss it he will happily run as fast as he can to get it. After a little of this he is ready to come in and hang out with you, his human! He’s a very chill dog around the house.
Flash has been getting along with most dogs but a slow introduction is best. There’s no reason to think that he wouldn’t get along with other dogs at this point. He’s a pretty calm dog.

He does not have any health issues. Other than he’s slowing down, getting older. Our adoption area is #Maryland, southern parts of PA (including the #Philly area), northern parts of VA, & the parts of DE, WV, and NJ adjacent to Maryland.” To adopt Flash, please email to apply! ❤️ #seniordog #adoptme #TLC


(near) PORTLAND, OR: Best friends. Besties. BFFs. Whatever you want to call them, Lucky and Glock are mom-and-son and bonded at the hip! And - you guessed it - they NEED a home together. This is a must! It would absolutely destroy them to be separated at this stage of their lives. Lucky and Glock have always lived together and were surrendered when their owner could no longer care for them. Sometimes life doesn't always work out as we all hope or plan, and Lucky and Glock most certainly could use a stroke of good luck right now. PLEASE SHARE! 🥜

A shelter volunteer wrote, "This mother and son duo are a bonded pair. They have always lived together and it would break their hearts to separate them. Glock, a male 8 year old Rottweiler/pit bull mix, is a strong boy, eager to walk as far as you’re willing to go. And he likes everybody he’s met at the shelter. Lucky, a female pit bull mix, is 11 and content to amble more slowly and then hang out with us in the sun. Whoever is lucky enough (pun intended) to adopt this duo is in for twice the love, cuddles, kisses, desire and most of all loyalty.

Lucky had some skin issues when she first came in and was a very patient girl during the several weeks when she needed daily baths. She was also well-behaved on trips to a specialist in Portland. Both dogs are very popular with the volunteers and we’re all hoping to find them a great home where they can spend their senior years together. As one volunteer says, 'They are pretty darn easy and just want to hang out. And they love their walks.' Glock is selective about other dogs, but Lucky seems to get along with most, as far as we can tell. If there are other dogs in the house, they will have to meet at the shelter.
They will need a fully fenced yard. The shelter requires all members of the household to meet prospective adoptees. We do home checks, but for those of you who live outside of the county, you’ll simply need to bring photos of your home, yard, and fence." To adopt Lucky and Glock, please email to apply!

@clatsop_animal_assistance is located at 1315 SE 19th St, #Warrenton, #OR. ❤️ #seniordog #Oregon #adoptdontshop


Sara carried her special treat home from the pet store (one, of course, that does *NOT* sell puppies!) so she could savor it in the comfort of her living room. Sara, you are the cutest!! 😍 #dogsdothedarndestthings #loveyou #adoptdontshop


(near) SAN DIEGO, CA: Why the long face?! Because there are no adopters in sight for Miss Pearl! This lovely lady is the total package - beautiful, even tempered, and friendly to all. So why hasn’t anyone submitted an application for her? Frustrating to say the least. Pearl is 8 years old and very calm and easygoing. Seriously, the MOST chill lady ever! Pearl is a dream doggy who deserves her dream family. PLEASE SHARE! ☹️☹️ @bff_pet_rescue wrote, "Pearl arrived at the shelter in December 2017. She became stressed and her health started to deteriorate at the shelter so the shelter staff considered humanely euthanizing her. BFF Pet Rescue decided to pull Pearl and her foster (@nocnursejuli) stepped up to offer her home thinking we would only have her a few days or weeks. But under her foster's care, Pearl has thrived. And because of SSD's sponsorship she was able to get the medical care she needed.

Pearl is very easygoing. She is fostered with Chihuahuas, pit bulls, maltipoos, etc! and she's been to other people’s houses and she has no problems with their dogs. She is overall easy. She just wants a decent meal, some scratches on the head, a comfy place to lay down and a short walk a couple times a day. She had most likely never been in a house, but quickly learned how nice it is and loves it. She’s 95% potty trained, we go a week or so and she might have an accident and we think it’s probably because of smell (she is fostered with lots of puppies). But for the most part she holds it until she is let outside. She would love to be in a home with someone that isn’t gone for long periods. And she likes being a princess, so she doesn’t care if they have other dogs or not at home.

Pearl is on apoquel for itching, CBD, and metacam. She will need these life long maintenance. Our adoption fee is $200. And distance is not an issue, the adopter would just need to cover the costs associated to transport." To adopt Pearl, please email to apply!

Pearl is located in #Temecula, CA - 1.5 hours from #SanDiego. ❤️ #seniordog #sochill #southerncalifornia #adoptme #adoptdontshop


"THANK YOU SO MUCH for sponsoring Grady’s heartworm treatment a few months back!! When Grady first was pulled from a kill shelter he was withdrawn and unreachable. Having spent his entire life in a pen at the home of his elderly owner (now deceased—hence his surrender to the kill shelter). According to everyone at the Mary Ann Morris Animal Society (M.A.M.A.S.) Grady WAS such a love and came so far from simple love, consistency, and attention he got while at the shelter!
A few months ago he was transported by a wonderful group of volunteer drives from M.A.M.A.S. in Bamberg, South Carolina, up to Maryland where he was lovingly welcomed into the foster home of one of the volunteers associated with a M.A.M.A.S rescue partner-- Reach Out Rescue & Resources. There Grady began to truly thrive, become comfortable with people, and learn that he LOVES walks and taking time to smell the roses in his yard! I am happy to report that last week Grady was adopted by a lovely young couple and has a new Aussie sibling! Yay Grady!

Thank you to all of the donors for making Grady's happily ever after possible!

Transport, Fostering, and Adopting saves lives! -Mary Ann Morris Animal Society" ❤️ #seniordog #heartworm #adopted #dogrescue #nonprofit


(near) MIAMI, FL: Jake and Jill...went up the hill...and are STILL searching for forever love! This is the 5th post on SSD. And their 5th year in the shelter. They have many volunteers helping them search high-and-low for a family, but they keep turning up empty. They are #inseparable, and also enjoy the company of other dogs! They are a silly and sweet and laid-back pair; Jake & Jill are family dogs! They've missed out on so much already and they deserve better. PLEASE SHARE! 🦋🦋 @bornfreepetshelter wrote, "We haven't received any inquiries yet. 😞 They have been posted many times, but this is their only chance. They are great dogs, it breaks our heart seeing them there. It's really hard for us to find people who wants to adopt older dogs. They were adopted out from our shelter as puppies. However, after 5 years their owner became ill and they were returned them to our shelter. Jake & Jill have been in the shelter another 5 years. They are now 10 years old. Jake is 39 pounds and Jill is 49 pounds. They are not very big, just chubby.

They are both are even-tempered, friendly, laid back and sweet dogs. Jill is the outgoing one of the two, Jake is more calm but also very sweet. They are both very good with other dogs and kids. These two are such a great pair. They are super well mannered and well behaved that you will be happy to have them around. They are brother/sister and it would be great if they were adopted together. When they are together they are inseparable, they like to stay close to each other. They are happy dogs who love attention. Jake loves head scratches and Jill will demand belly rubs.

Jill had an injury in two of her legs last year but she had surgery and is fine now. She needs to lose a lot of weight and once she does she will be able to walk better. Other than that, Jake and Jill are both healthy.

It's a small shelter so transport is not available - adopters will need to drive to the shelter to adopt Jake & Jill in person." To adopt Jake and Jill, please email to set up a meet & greet or to request an application!

@bornfreepetshelter is located in #Homestead, #FL. ❤️ #seniordog #bonded #adoptdontshop


LAGUNA BEACH, CA: Aptly named, Sassy is full of spirit and absolutely adores being around people, so much so that Sassy's shelter is trying really hard to get her out! ASAP. Sassy's greatest love is humans and she is seeking a forever home where she'll be adored and cherished and a big part of your life. Forever. Sassy can be a little saucy towards her fellow canines but - with the right match personality - there is a good chance she can live with another dog. (Cats, too!) Interested in adopting this special senior? She needs you to come to the shelter and seek her out! PLEASE SHARE! 🐶💞😀 @lagunabeachanimalshelter wrote, "11 year old Sassy was found abandoned in a box at the shelter. Unfortunately, because of her age, she's not getting much interest even though she really tries by being friendly to anyone who walks by! We're hoping that if she gets featured by Susie's Senior Dogs it'll catch the attention of some senior-loving people so she doesn't spend too much of her golden years in a shelter!
Sassy is very sweet and happy-go-lucky with people. She loves any attention she can get, and really just wants to be near people. She does fine on walks because she wants to go wherever you go! And she has no teeth, but that doesn't dampen her smile! Other than being toothless, she has no medical issues that the shelter is aware of, nor is she on any medications.
Sassy LOVES people, but dogs not so much. It's possible she can live with another dog, given the right dog. We could certainly try an introduction if an applicant has a non-reactive dog. Sassy would likely bark at a cat initially, but that’s it. Very unlikely she would be aggressive in any way.
Interested parties must apply in person at the @lagunabeachanimalshelter. No same-day adoptions. All members of the household must visit." To adopt Sassy, please email to apply!

@lagunabeachanimalshelter is located at 20612 Laguna Canyon Road, #LagunaBeach, #CA. ❤️ #seniordog #california #adoptme #adoptdontshop


"Four years and one day ago, I met my family in Bryant Park before I knew they were going to be my family. I had just been neutered and thought Maxie [my future fur-sister] was such a looker that I couldn’t stop mounting her. 🙈 The next day they came back for me, and we had a celebratory (and a little tearful) transition with [my former foster] @susiesseniordogs. I was still a little scrawny, stained, and bruised, but everyone could tell I had a big, beautiful heart. ❤️ ...
In the past 4 years, I have become a pampered, precocious pup again, Benjamin Buttoning my way through life. Every year that passes, we guess my age with the vet; the past three years the guesses have held steady as nobody thinks I could possibly be as old as I was thought to be when I was fresh off the streets.
My family looks different now, but I LOVE how fun, dynamic, and exciting it is. A lot has changed in the past 4 years, but I am always grateful for the things that stay the same: love and patience (sometimes) from my family, begrudging snuggles from @maxiegrams, and the support I still receive from this terrific community. Love, @peteythepoodle" ❤️ #seniordog #stagename #adopted #family #siblings #thegoodlife


AUSTIN, TX: Despite having zero adoption interest we're all trying to keep a happy face on over here, and nobody is doing it better than Leroy is! Lovable Leroy has been at the shelter since December. This is his 3rd feature on SSD and, while we try to stay positive, it's hard to keep up the hope. Leroy hasn't had any emails or visitors come see him and it's all a super big bummer. But as you can see, Leroy keeps on smiling despite his circumstances. So, let’s put out some effort again for lovable Leroy! PLEASE SHARE! 💞🖤 @austinpetsalive wrote, "Unfortunately, we haven't had any inquiries on Leroy. :( Our vet team took another look at his teeth and agreed to re-age him - he's now estimated as 7 years going on 8! The cutest thing about Leroy is we were out in a yard and someone came over to give him a plush toy. Next thing, he's ready to leave the yard to take it back to his kennel! Treats won't even do it, he loves his toys! He acts like such a puppy dog.
Leroy is a big guy (weighs 95lbs) who gets ZERO attention at the shelter. He's in one of our larger kennels to accommodate his size but it's still a kennel which isn't ideal for this sweet, old man. Plus it's in a back corner that people don't always notice.
When other dogs Leroy's age are mostly interested in the couch, Leroy still loves playing fetch and still gets the zoomies around the yard! Not that he doesn't appreciate the couch. A lot. His signature move is to lay a big sloppy kiss on you and then run away as if you wouldn't know it was him.

For all his goofiness and affection, Leroy can be a bit nervous with new people. But you won't have any trouble knowing when you've earned his trust.

He recently started going to playgroup and gets along well with the other pups. He'll remind the rowdy dogs to mind their manners if they get out of line. Leroy could go home with a well-matched dog.
Leroy is heartworm positive but treatment will be through APA so a local adopter would be ideal. Leroy has had joint stiffness so a home without a lot of stairs would be best." To adopt Leroy, please email to apply!

@austinpetsalive is located at 1156 W Cesar Chavez Street, #Austin, #TX. ❤️


"We adopted @nelliethenanny 4 years ago from the @nycacc. At the time, we lived in the suburbs of D.C., and we had one human baby, Juniper, who was about 4 months old. Since then, we welcomed our son Cyrus to the family, moved to TX with Dan's work, & then to MN, to my hometown. Nellie, now about 12 years old, is such a joy. She is laid back, loving, funny, & sweet. She loves everyone who enters our home, everyone we pass on the street, appreciates a gentle walk around the neighborhood, & is always up for a low key night in. Her adoption fee was the is the best $25 we have ever spent.

After moving to MN, we found out that the #fostercare system for the county is in crisis, as it is in many counties across the nation. We decided we had to help, and become licensed to be #foster parents. Nellie won the hearts of every social worker who came out to interview us. Initially, I had been apprehensive about how she would be received by our licensors, since she is a large #pitbull. But the licensors said, if anything, she is an asset to our home environment. This May, we finalized our foster care and just a few days later brought home a beautiful 2 day old baby boy in need of a home.

More recently, we decided to adopt another wonderful elderly dog, Sylvie. Nellie and Sylvie hit it off at our meet and greet-- and by 'hit it off' I mean they sniffed each other very nonchalantly and went back to their business as usual. They are a perfect pair. Despite all the hardship in their former lives, Nellie & Sylvie are still so eager and trusting with people. I really am just in awe of how big their hearts must be. I love that our kids will grow up learning to be kind & gentle & respectful towards animals because of them.

Dan & I feel so many emotions as we look at our 2 biological children, one precious baby who came to us through foster care, & our 2 adopted aging pups. We don't know how much time we will have with our #seniordogs or our foster son. That is the really hard part of all this. But isn't that what life is all about? We feel like the luckiest people alive because of all the love we have in this house.
Dan, Olivia, Juniper, Cyrus, baby R, Nellie, & Sylvie" ❤️


He loved her. He really, really loved her. (Simon and "his" late Suthie. The one girl he truly loved!) 💝 #seniordogshavemyheart