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SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Sweet, adorable Chihuahua mix Roz is 9 years young and is out on the West Coast looking for his forever home! He has been up for adoption since February, arriving from an animal shelter in Oakland, where he was found as a stray. It's hard to believe this little guy hasn't been in a home his whole life because he's an adoring gentleman who loves nothing more than going for a walk or playing with stuffed toys! After noticing his loving personality, his handsome ears immediately catch your attention - he's waiting to hear someone say they're ready to adopt him! Roz has lived with cats, kids, and other dogs, so he's perfect for most homes. PLEASE SHARE! 🐹

Roz's @muttvillesf foster wrote, "Roz is very sweet and so grateful for pets and love. He is calm and devoted without being clingy. He is very attentive, and when he’s not napping curled up next to someone, he's most likely staring adoringly up into your eyes. Roz can nap and be low key, but also has plenty of energy for walks and playing with toys. He has no trouble jumping up on a lap or climbing stairs. He is respectful of other dogs’ space but also likes to curl up and snuggle with them. Roz completely ignores cats." Roz is in good health, but has some common senior dog ailments. He was found to have a condition called KCS, which means that his eyes do not produce enough tears naturally. He's currently on life-long eye medications, and his condition should be monitored by his adopters and their chosen veterinarian. Roz also has a mild heart murmur and a medial patellar luxation, and is on medication for any discomfort. monitored.
To adopt Roz, please email​ with subject line "Roz." An adoption application will be required!
@muttvillesf is located at 255 Alabama Street, #SanFrancisco, #CA. ❀️ #seniordog #sanfran #dogrescue #adoptme #adoptdontshop


(near) DENVER, CO: If you have a heart for super-senior dogs, 15 year old Dave is in great need of your compassion! This little ol' fella is looking for a home to provide him the most comfort possible for his end-of-life care. While he does have some health needs to be monitored and pain management to be addressed, Dave is looking for lots of love more than anything else. His #qualityoflife is most important - something that a shelter cannot provide and, sadly, where he is currently living. Dave needs somebody who is willing to pick him up from the shelter and love him forever. He is NOT a candidate for transport. PLEASE SHARE!! πŸ’πŸ’ @arkvalleyhumanesociety wrote, "Dave is a 15 year old #miniaturePoodle / #Schnauzer mix who was brought to us as a stray. Because of that, we know very little about Dave's past, but he came to us with some significant health issues.
Since being under the observation of our vet, it has been determined through running blood work that Dave is in early stage #kidneydisease, early stage #liverdisease, Pannus in both eyes and has periodontal disease. Because of these medical issues, we recommend further evaluation with your own veterinarian. Dave has very limited vision and diminished hearing but he does respond to snapping or clapping and will easily follow a clicker. We are happy to provide the adopter with at least two weeks worth of a liver supplement and eye drops for the Pannus. We would really like for this sweet pup to live the rest of his days in a loving home, not a shelter.
We think Dave would do just fine with dogs or cats, as long as they are respectful and not too much for him as he's a fragile dog at his age and current health. As you would expect, Dave is sweet and content just curling up in a bed and napping. Also, as you can imagine with all of his issues, we haven't had a lot of interest. We are looking at this as a sort of hospice home, where Dave can feel safe, secure and most importantly loved, until he crosses the Rainbow Bridge." To adopt Dave, please email to set up a meet & greet ASAP.
@arkvalleyhumanesociety is located at 701 Gregg Drive, #BuenaVista, #CO. ❀️ #seniordog #colorado


"Since we brought her home in April, Pandora has continued to open up and show us more of her very silly and playful personality. She loves snuggles and will clamber onto us whenever we are sitting or lying down--we didn't know we were signing up for a 80 pound lapdog, but we absolutely adore it!
We've discovered how much she enjoys toys and clothes, so we've spoiled her with lots of both, which she loves showing off as the grand old lady she is. She recently started rolling over and asking us to scratch her belly, and we heard her bark for the first time a couple weeks ago! Her perpetual wink and sweetness has made her lots of friends in the neighborhood, and many of the local kids recognize her and say hello to her out on walks.
We found out recently that she'd lived most of her life (9 years!) at a shelter--this broke our hearts, and she definitely got extra cuddles that night when we got home. We are over the moon to have her with us now, but so sad that it took so long for us to find her. We would encourage anyone who is considering adopting a senior dog to go for it--it's been so endlessly rewarding for us, and we couldn't imagine our lives without our Panda bear. (Her Instagram is @pandoras.barks -- she has brought us so much happiness!) xoxo,
Connie & James" ❀️ #seniordog #adopted #happilyeverafter #fairytale #adoptdontshop


**UPDATE: Foster Found!!** Currently at Newark shelter with @shelterchic rescue and 15 year old Pooch needs a FOSTER in NYC starting TODAY! Pooch was owner surrendered back on 5/11/2018. He is just an old guy who needs a place to go as he appears to be coming down with a doggy cold. Pooch is very friendly and tolerant. Please email ASAP if you are able to commit to fostering 15 year old Pooch starting today for a few weeks! πŸ’•πŸ’™ #seniordog #supersenior #fosterme #adoptme #newyork #adoptdontshop


β€œI DID IT! I GOT MY BANDAID OFF!!” πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ˜πŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ˜ We made it through 7 weeks of healing with the help of a bunch of amazing vets & techs, two mishaps from mom & dad (forgetting to put cone right back on) and one amazing dog. Sara is a rockstar!! 😍😍😍 #seniordog #mastcelltumor #healing #bestgirlever #adoptdontshop


(near) MIAMI, FL: While holidays like #FathersDay are nice to recognize the amazing dads-of-all-kinds out there, not everyone has one! Jake and Jill don't have a daddy or a mommy. These two have been waiting at the shelter for the last FIVE YEARS. And this is their 3rd post on SSD. They are both very friendly and wouldn't mind sharing a home with another dog(s). They just wanna' get outta' the shelter! Look at those tail wags -- who wouldn't want to be greeted with those smiling faces and wiggly butts each day?! PLEASE SHARE! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Born Free Pet Shelter wrote, "There has been no interest in Jake and Jill. We knew it was going to be hard to adopt a senior #couple. But they are so sweet and loving, they really deserve a home! It's really hard for us to find people who wants to adopt older dogs. They were adopted out from our shelter as puppies. However, after 5 years their owner became ill and was no longer able to keep them. And they were returned them to our shelter. Jake and Jill have been in the shelter another 5 years. They are now 10 years old. Jake is 39 pounds and Jill is 49 pounds. They are not very big, just chubby. ☺️ They are both are even-tempered, friendly, laid back and sweet dogs. Jill is the outgoing one of the two, Jake is more calm but also very sweet. They are both very good with other dogs and kids. These two are such a great pair. They are super well mannered and well behaved that you will be happy to have them around. They are brother/sister and it would be great if they were adopted together. When they are together they are inseparable, they like to stay close to each other.
Jill needs to lose a lot of weight and once she does she will be able to walk better. Other than that, Jake and Jill are both healthy.

Adopters will need to drive to the shelter to adopt Jake and Jill in person." To adopt Jake and Jill, please email to apply!

@bornfreepetshelter is located in #Homestead, #FL. ❀️ #seniordog #florida #miami #adoption #adoptdontshop


(near) POUGHKEEPSIE, NY: Jax is just 7 years old but he’s been through a lot in his short life. He was part of a very bad hoarding situation for his first six years, and for the last year he’s been at the shelter while waiting for court to allow him (and the rest of the dogs in his case) to be legally adoptable. That time has finally come - Jax is up for adoption! But the problem is his shelter does not have much adoption demand and especially not so for older dogs. πŸ˜• Jax has a gentle personality and he is good with other mellow dogs (a meet and greet at shelter is required). This loving boy has waited long enough...PLEASE SHARE!! 🐼

@hvhsny wrote, "Jax is approximately 7 years old. We seized a large group of huskies in May 2017 from a hoarder. There were 22 live huskies in total. Many of been adopted, but we do not have a high demand and we've been having a very difficult time trying to get Jax placement. We have had them for one year (due to legal reasons, we were recently awarded 'ownership' of the dogs and not allowed to adopt them until they officially became ours) and we still have 10 of them to place.
Jax has a great personality. He is very kind and gentle, loves attention, and has become a favorite among our volunteers. He loves being outside, but does dig (he almost dug out of his yard one day) and needs supervision when he is out. He seems to do well with mellow dogs. And anyone interested in adopting him who has a dog at home would need to bring them to meet him at our facility to make sure they get along.

Jax is in good health but has some arthritis in his hips that we are managing with gabapentin and dasuquin. He is neutered and while in our care he had his teeth cleaned and whatever teeth needed to be extracted were taken out." To adopt Jax, please email (include "Jax" in the subject line) with any questions. Adoption application required!! Hudson Valley Humane Society is located at 200 Quaker Road, #Pomona, #NY. ❀️ #seniordog #adoptme #hudsonvalley #newyork #adoptdontshop


A trip to Prospect Park in Brooklyn was a β€œfirst” today with our senior dogs Simon and Sara!! The thrill of doing something new together (yes, something as simple as a trip to a new park is definitely considered an adventure πŸ˜€) is still the same with an adopted older dog as it would be with a young dog. Kinda like human relationships - whether you met in your 20s or your 60s, there is no difference when it comes to experiencing new things together! πŸ€— #seniordog #firsts #olddogs #adventures #thegoodlife #thesimplelife #adoptdontshop


I love hearing the happy endings for all of these wonderful dogs. I wanted to share my own story of senior dog adoption.
My family had dogs as I grew up; and we always got them as puppies. As much as I love the puppy stage, my job and other life commitments would have made having a puppy nearly impossible. I decided on a senior dog, looked around for months, and finally happened upon Walter, a 11 year old Beagle/Pug mix, at the Pittsburgh Animal Rescue League. I knew I liked him from the moment I saw him.
I have had him now for about 7 months. It has been so gratifying to get know him and to watch a shy, underweight dog with lick wounds (from anxiety) grow in to a healthy, confident dog. He loves walks, car rides, and playing fetch. He is good with almost everyone and every animal. There is a #soulful #contentment to a senior dog that is just as attractive to me as the puppy stage. I want every to know how rewarding it can be to adopt a senior dog and that there's definitely an older dog out there that can not only fit in to your life, but also increase its joy exponentially.
Thanks for listening to our story! -Jackie" ❀️ #seniordog #adopted #loved #adoptdontshop


A huge thank you to the SSD community and donators!! πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ’œπŸ™ŒπŸ½ Pearl is one of the special senior dogs whose health & happiness has greatly benefitted from your generosity - read her story below! SSD has only been able to sponsor so many #seniordogs because of YOU! We are truly so grateful for every single dollar donated to SSD which gives us the special opportunity of passing it along to specific seniors in need of medical. Truly, THANK YOU. πŸ’•

@bff_pet_rescue wrote, "Pearl was taken to the @northcentralshelter in Los Angeles in December 2017. She is a senior dog with skin and arthritis issues so the shelter environment was very hard on her. Many of the volunteers fell in love with her but she quickly declined there. A shelter volunteer reached out to a volunteer at BFF Pet Rescue asking for help – the shelter was considering humanely euthanizing Pearl and he wanted to try to give her a shot at life. We honestly didn’t expect much time with her, she was slow and her skin was oozing and bleeding when we got her. She went straight into a wonderful foster home who immediately jumped into action.
Pearl has thrived and we decided that she was healthy enough to be adopted out! But, first we needed to take care of a huge dangling tumor on her foot that dragged when she walked (we needed it tested and also worried about it catching on something) as well as some dental work. Thanks to Susie's Senior Dogs and a medical sponsorship, we were able to make that happen for her. We believe that in order to be 'adoptable' this had to be done and the dangling tumor was unattractive to potential adopters as well.
Pearl got both procedures done on June 14, 2018 and is now happily recovering! Pearl would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported her through this journey. She was a dog who we thought would have 1-2 weeks at the rescue but has since been thriving." πŸ’œπŸ’Έ #seniordog #dollarswithwings #thankyou #nonprofit #adoption #adoptdontshop


NEW YORK, NY: ZERO. NOTHING. NOBODY! Come on, folks! Why is Kensie not getting any adoption interest at all? Even after her latest feature on SSD she received NO EMAILS. Kensie is dog friendly, she loves human attention, she is potty trained, she is great in the car, she is overall why is nobody interested in adopting her?!? Is she being judged by her looks? 😀 Whatever the reason, it is very frustrating because Kensie is a great dog who is desperate to get started living her happily-ever-after life. Where are all the adopters?? Let’s get Kensie home! PLEASE SHARE! πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜• @PupStarzRescue wrote, "9 year old Kensie is the queen of cuddling. She is such a sweet, happy-go-lucky kind of gal with an adorable wiggle butt that can’t help but make anyone smile who meets her.

She may be a senior dog, but Kensie does not act her age. Kensie LOVES to go for walks, and says hello to passerby’s, people and pups alike! She is crate trained, quiet in the household, and potty trained! Kensie is being fostered with another smaller senior pup (who is a little cranky at first) and they have fast become best friends. She’s not only stunning with her perfect brindle coat, but is even more beautiful on the inside. Her foster mom raves about her as does anyone that meets her. Full of kisses and cuddles, what’s not to love?!" Kensie has had a total geriatric workup at the vet and she is overall healthy. She weighs 47lbs. She has good bloodwork and already had a full dental done - another bonus for both Kensie AND her forever family!

Kensie can be adopted in the #tristatearea (or nearby), however, adopters MUST come meet her and adopt in #NYC. She has been fully vetted, including a dental! To adopt Kensie, please email with any questions or to apply. Adoption application is required! ❀️ #seniordog #greatdog #adoptme #newyork #adoptdontshop


Caught in the act!! πŸ˜† Guess it’s time I admit to myself - after 3.5 years - that if Simon were up for adoption his bio would include β€œnot housetrained.” πŸ™ˆ I mean, he will (and does) pee and poop outside. But then.... Eh. Well. Pee happens. And that’s what belly bands are for! πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ˜‚ #simonisstillgreat #seniordog #diaperbomb #adoptdontshop


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