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Susie's Senior Dogs

Smile much?!!? He's got a reason to! 8 year old Gannon got ADOPTED!! 😁😁😁 Gannon spent his entire life as an outdoor dog. He was finally surrendered over by his former owner - in this case, a very good thing. Thanks to his rescue who saved him, and now his new mom, Janet, Gannon gets to live happily-ever-after indoors for all the rest of his days! Gannon knows he's got a good, good thing! 😍

Janet wrote, "Things are going great with Gannon! I still can't get over what a good boy he is. He really just wants to be on my lap.
After losing my last dog, Axl, last year, who I also adopted as a senior, I knew I wanted another senior but I was a little nervous about the 'upkeep' and getting my heart shredded again. I had been trolling the site for months, but as soon as I saw Gannon's face, I knew he was the one I wanted. When I met him for the first time, I sat down on the porch, he sat down next to me and put his paw on my leg, and the deal was sealed.
He has settled in so easily. No messes, no barking. He hated his crate so I have been giving him free reign in the house when I'm gone and he's been perfect. He loves the couch. He has spinal spondylosis and a little arthritis but it's manageable with meds and he still loves his walks and playing fetch. It breaks my heart to think he's had all this love in him for so long and his previous people didn't appreciate that. He has a great life now, thanks to Aussie Rescue for taking him in." ❤️ #seniordog #adopted #adoption #happilyeverafter


Susie's Senior Dogs

"I just made a donation to the fundraiser in honor of our sweet Buster. We are so grateful for the work you do that brought him to us in 2015. We are still grieving his cheerful presence in our lives...he left a big hole in our hearts.
Even though we are still sad, we decided to look for a senior dog who needed us, and recently adopted Jerry, a little #Chihuahua, from a rural shelter in our area. Our vet's best guess is that he's around 10 years old, but despite a funny walk from some arthritis, he's a pretty healthy little (5lbs!) guy after some medicated baths for a skin condition and some good food to get his energy up. He's already bossing our greyhound around, so we know he's feeling better. The shelter told us they heard his person had passed away... a reminder that loved dogs can end up in bad times through no fault of their own.
There will never be another Buster, but we are excited to see what kind of super senior little Jerry might turn out to be. -Jamie" ❤️ #seniordog #newoldlove #adoption #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) PORTLAND, OR: She's cute, she's spicy, she's Cheyanne! This adorable 12 year old has endured some tough years and arrived at the shelter with severe hair loss and inflamed skin from a bad case of a flea allergy. Thankfully, Cheyanne has made quite the comeback and healing nicely with care at the shelter. But she needs a real home to truly thrive. Cheyanne would love to be in a home and treated as the queen she is. As the saying goes, better late than never! Cheyanne deserves a wonderful retirement life. PLEASE SHARE! 🌶🌶🌶 Clackamas County Dog Services wrote, "Cheyanne is about 12 years old and is a #Chihuahua mix. Her personality is spicy and she is a character! She was an owner surrender. It seems that the owner was having a hard time taking care of her. She had no hair on half her body. And she didn't know leashes. We have been giving her baths and her hair is growing nicely and the volunteers have been working on leash walking. Now when she sees a leash she gets very excited.
Cheyenne is happy and bouncy and trots around like a horse sometimes. She has a good amount of energy and likes to play, but will also like to cuddle up in a lap at the end of the day. At present, she seems to be healing nicely from a flea allergy (she came in with a lot of fur loss, and inflamed skin.) She would benefit from continued flea treatment and soothing baths. She only has one tooth left (so soft foods for this sweet gal). She loves people and attention, loves to be pet and solicits attention. She doesn't seem bothered by other dogs (though we require dog meet-and-greets at the shelter to make sure everyone can be friends). Cheyenne is looking forward to the next part of her life being the best part of her life!

We only adopt locally, meaning that we do not transport. For every adoption, we require that every person in the home meets the dog prior to adoption, as well as every resident dog." To adopt Cheyenne, please email with any questions or to set up a meet & greet!
Clackamas County Dog Services shelter is located at 13141 SE Hwy 212 #Clackamas, OR. ❤️ #seniordog #oregon #adoptme #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

🌈 "I wanted to let you and your supporters know about Faith, our sweet dog we adopted from @rileycountyhs after she was featured on your page several years ago. She passed away peacefully several weeks ago after a diagnosis of kidney failure.

We never knew her age, but with a heart murmur and slipped disc, we always suspected her old age would be abbreviated. We just never expected to lose her to kidney disease. She was discovered wandering around Kansas with cherry eye and her eyes crusted over. When she was posted on SSD, and no one stopped up, I knew I had to have her even though she was miles away in another state. Elin, a volunteer with RCHS, had friends in Seattle, where we lived, and offered to come over to visit friends and bring Faith with her. It was meant to be!

Despite her maladies, she was always up for a walk, a snuggle or a tummy rub. She didn't have much vision by the end, and we suspected she might be suffering from a little dementia...but she was doted on and treated like the diva we thought she deserved to be up until her last day. She took our move from Washington state to Montana like a trooper and absolutely adored the snow! We had our first snowfall a few days ago and I wish she could have made it long enough to go outside in the white stuff one last time.

We have no regrets about adopting a senior dog. We miss her terribly. She has left a huge hole in our hearts, and for close to three years she was the best companion. She enriched our lives beyond measure and we will love her forever. - Nancy and Roger (and her siblings Ranger the Dachshund and Choca the Lab)" ❤️ #seniordog #luckyinlove #rainbowbridge #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) HOUSTON, TX: Need someone in your life who will simply listen? 10 year old Bonnie is just the gal you need! If you couldn't tell, she's got the ears for the job. 😃 Bonnie is affectionate and peaceful and will really enjoy cuddling sessions with her future human. She was brought to the shelter after her former owner passed away, and she is undoubtedly missing companionship. Bonnie is considered "URGENT" due to overcrowding at the shelter, including a high number of senior dogs. It's a sad situation. PLEASE SHARE! 🐰

A shelter volunteer wrote, "Bonnie is all ears! She overheard that November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month and feeling extra hopeful that she will not be overlooked in an overcrowded shelter of close to 800 animals.
Bonnie is 10 years old, weighs 87 pounds and is a #GreatDane / #GermanShepherd mix. She is long and lanky with a set of undeniably cute floppy ears! She is a quiet gal who spends most of her time napping next to her kennel mate oblivious to the small space and loudness around her. Bonnie appreciates short walks and stretching her legs out in the yard. She mostly likes to roam the yard alone and then after a good while lie down for a moment of peace. Bonnie enjoys receiving affection from her humans and will stand by your side to let you know that she enjoys your company. When it is time to head back inside while placing the leash around her, she looks into your eyes with gratitude for the time spent. She is housebroken and gets along well with other dogs.
Bonnie is #heartworm positive and appears to have some arthritis but that doesn't seem to crush her spirit. Because of her age, a wonderful organization named @theheartwormfoundation, and through partnership with @thegreymuzzleorg, free heartworm treatment will be provided once Bonnie is adopted or fostered through a rescue. Please open your heart and home to a senior like Bonnie. Currently, adoption fees are being waived. This senior deserves more than the life in a shelter." To adopt Bonnie, please email with animal ID# A309062.

Montgomery County Animal Shelter is located at 8535 Hwy 242, #Conroe, #TX. ❤️ #seniordog #texas #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

{Volume on.} Pit Bull. Please watch Sara’s tail pull in after her fart. Was that me? Wasn’t me. 😂 (*Just noticed Simon’s acknowledgement of the fart. 🤨) #pitbullflowerpower #wannabe #dogmom


Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) CHATTANOOGA, TN: 10 year old Hazel is a really calm gal (with occasional bouts of The Zoomies!) who has been residing at the shelter for almost an entire year. She's also been featured on SSD twice already but we've had no success in finding her an adopter yet. Hazel is behaved when out in public, she rides well in the car, and she really knows how to relax when at home. She'll quickly settle in as your best friend. She's a really great buddy!! But it's been so hard to get her the attention she deserves. Please help, PLEASE SHARE! 🔜💝 @heschatt wrote, "Hazel is getting close to hitting the one year mark at the shelter. We are at a loss to figure out why nobody has taken this great girl home. A shelter volunteer took Hazel for a day out of the shelter. This is what she had to say: 'Hazel went to Tractor Supply with me to pick up dog food for my own pack. She walked right beside the cart, no problem. She sniffed everything going in and out. She wagged her tail at everyone, she doesn’t know a stranger. Hazel rides in the car nicely, wants to sit in the front seat and is curious about everything.
We took a stroll around the square, and she sniffed every single bush and flower there was! She snorts like a pig when she sniffs. She did some zoomies in the grass in the middle of the square and caught the attention of some nice ladies.They got down on the ground with her and she loved on them. After this, Hazel got a bath and a blow dry, which she tolerated well. She was so easy to take out in public, such a free spirit.' Hazel prefers to be your one and only dog at home, but she does get along with some dogs. A meet and greet is required if you currently have a dog. She seems indifferent to cats, but it is hard to test in a shelter environment.

Hazel has osteoarthritis, lumbar-sacral sclerosis, and hip dysplasia. She will need to be on meds for life.

We prefer you meet the dog in person prior to adopt, but we've made exceptions in the past and transport is possible, with help, to the right home!" To adopt Hazel, please email with any questions.

@heschatt is located at 212 N Highland Park Avenue, #Chattanooga, #TN. ❤️ #seniordog


Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) EUGENE, OR: 11 year old Lucky is incredibly patient, social, and chill. She loves to meet new people and quickly makes friends wherever she goes. If you're looking for a tag-a-long dog, Lucky will make you proud everywhere you go! The unfortunate part is that Lucky has been lingering at the shelter since early this year. Which actually isn't too surprising for an 11 year old gal of her size, people aren’t seeking dogs like her out. 🙁 But if there is any place that can help Lucky find love, it's right here! So we ask...PLEASE SHARE! ⚓️⚓️⚓️⚓️ A shelter volunteer wrote, "Lucky came to the shelter because her owner could no longer care for her. This 11 year old female pit bull had some skin issues when she first came in and was an absolute doll during her daily baths and in the car on several trips to a specialist in Portland. She is happy to ramble along on walks or just hang out in the sun with us. We’re all very fond of her and hope to find her a great home.
Lucky went to an event on the beach recently and was a real star. She met lots of people (at one point she was sitting on the lap of a woman she’d just been introduced to) and dogs and even took third prize for one of the costume categories. 🥉

Lucky will need a fully fenced yard. She has lived with dogs and children. The shelter requires all members of the household, including your dogs, to meet prospective adoptees at the shelter. We do home checks, but for those of you who live outside of the county, you’ll simply need to bring photos of your home, yard, and fence. Because Lucky is over ten, her adoption fee is $50.00 and includes micro-chipping and registration." To adopt Lucky, please email with questions or to apply!

Clatsop County Animal Shelter is located at 1315 SE 19th St, Warrenton, OR.

The shelter is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12 noon to 4PM. ❤️ #seniordog #oregon #adopt #adoption #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

🙌🏽 YAY!YAY!YAY!! SSD is thrilled to update that we've already raised over $15,000 towards our $40k end-of-year goal!! We're nearly halfway there!

Fundraising is the not-so-exciting side of animal rescue and we appreciate your patience while we ask for donations. With that said, we're gonna' keep asking anyway! 😁 SSD is a unique 501c3 organization that has the ability to allocate funds to the specific needs of #seniordogs all around the country. Most typically, this includes dental care, spay/neuter surgeries, heartworm treatment, specialty surgeries, therapy sessions, and monthly medications. SSD sponsors pretty much anything that will make the senior dog in need more comfortable and more adoptable to the general public, while also alleviating the financial burden for the rescue or shelter that is caring for them.
It's with much pleasure that SSD is able to give so generously because of you! Thank you so very much to everyone who has donated so far. And also to everyone who continues to comment and share these posts. Social media is a crazy, busy place these days and we're very grateful to have our little slice. > Online giving via PayPal (link bio) OR please head to 😍 > Checks can be mailed to: PO BOX 20334, New York, NY, 10011 💜 #thankyou


Susie's Senior Dogs

"You had posted about Bailey in May 2017 or so with the picture above. As soon as I saw that picture, I knew I had to go to the @arkvalleyhumanesociety to see if we'd be a match. We were. I brought her from the mountains to the city to live with me. Bailey was 14 years old when I adopted her. We were able to spend 16 months together before Bailey passed away in September 2018.

Bailey was a true trooper. After adopting her, I had taken her to my regular vet to better understand what the state of her health was. She had so much arthritis, as well as Bridging Spondylosis. The vet put her on some medication to help manage any pain and help her feel a little better. In addition to the daily walks, I had an acupuncturist come to the house to treat her. When that didn't seem to be providing the benefits I had hoped, Bailey went to weekly physical therapy appointments where she did hyrdo therapy (a treadmill in water) and some massage. It all definitely helped, but couldn't help Bailey live forever.

I can't say enough about how wonderful Bailey was. My friends all say that me adopting Bailey was a wonderful thing for Bailey. I tell them was a wonderful thing for me to have Bailey in my life. Seriously. She was SO sweet and smart...and she reminded me every day to be patient and kind (let's just say her poop escapades were legendary...again, let's just say I'll never understand exactly how she managed to poop into the cupholder in the rear passenger door side pocket). The day Bailey passed away, I was uncertain as to whether it was the right time. We all struggle when faced with this decision, but as I shared with my friends...about an hour after the vet left the house, I was writing a Facebook post to share the news, and I felt Bailey's energy/spirit enter the room. She said 'Mom. Mom! MOM! Guess what? This is INCREDIBLE. I feel FANTASTIC.' Believe me or not.
I am forever grateful that the universe conspired to connect me with Bailey. She was an amazing dog and I am so much the better for having had her in my life...even if it wasn't long enough. -Laura" ❤️ #seniordog #foreverloved #rainbowbridge #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) OKLAHOMA CITY, OK: Who says you need all four legs? Maverick is perfectly happy and capable on just three! Maverick is 10 years old and has been at the shelter for one year. He was featured a couple weeks ago on SSD, but he's still without any adoption interest whatsoever. Maverick's relaxing game is strong - he loves to just hang out! He's a really stellar companion and it's a shame he's been overlooked for so long. PLEASE SHARE! 🏆

@petsandpeoplehumanesociety wrote, "Maverick has a great personality, kind of a goofy, marmaduke type. We had him at the shelter for a year or so and was overlooked and overlooked. Finally, a great family came and adopted him. He was great in the home. He followed everyone around from room to room just wanting to be near them. He was wonderful with the older son who was 10 years old and he loved him, but the younger son, who was 8 years old, had a previous fear of dogs and just could not warm up to Maverick. So unfortunately they had to return him.
Maverick is a sweet boy who loves his stuffed animals and toys. We think he would be best in a home as an only dog or with large playmates like himself. He also would prefer older, calmer children as he is a little older and calmer himself! He also likes older, calmer dogs who won't get in his face. Smaller dogs and puppies that are busy just are not his thing. He would be fine hanging out with other dogs as long as they are just wanting to 'hang out' too!
Several months ago, Maverick started dragging his leg and foot. We tried several braces but finally, at the vet recommendation, his rear leg was amputated. And his personality actually blossomed! He healed quickly and is actually more active and playful now. He is housebroken and weighs about 60 pounds.
We would adopt Maverick to an out-of-area home but the adopter must be willing to drive to meet him and drive him home. We take good care of him and love him but he so deserves his own home in his golden years." To adopt Maverick, please email to apply!

@petsandpeoplehumanesociety is located at 701 Inla Avenue, #Yukon, #OK. ❤️ #seniordog #adoptme #oklahoma


Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) BALTIMORE, MD: 8 year old Nico is Mr. Magnífico! Nico is looking for a lasting relationship. He's a wonderful partner and easy to live with. Nico currently resides at the shelter, but was given a sleepover with a staff member to test out his habits in the home. Nico is housetrained and perfectly content to spend his days snoozing. Nico is back at the shelter now and he is patiently waiting to find a permanent home. He wants more than just a one night stand, he wants forever! PLEASE SHARE! 🍕🛋🏡 Montgomery County Animal Services & Adoption Center wrote, "Nico was surrendered by his owners due to moving somewhere his breed was not allowed. He has never had had an application or a rescue interested. We did the movie poster advertisement recently but didn’t garner any interest (at least not anyone that came to the shelter to apply). A staff member recently took Nico on a sleep over and reported that he was super well behaved, and mostly wanted to snore on a dog bed. He had no accidents. And he did well in the car. He is a staff favorite and we are sad he is so often overlooked. He would be good with older kids (our behaviorists recommend 10 years and older due to his size, strength and reactivity towards other dogs), and doesn’t need a ton of exercise, and is really mellow and sweet. Nico is okay with dogs at a distance, but not in close spaces, so he needs to be the only pet in the home.

Nico has recently developed ‘creaky hips’. Our veterinarian did x-rays and have determined he has some hip dysplasia in his right him. He should likely continue on a maintenance plan of joint supplements, and lose a little weight to keep his joints in good shape.
Nico’s adoption fee is $75. We accept adopters from all over, but they must come meet the dog(s) in person. We do require all family to visit. We adopt out to both home owners and renters (we check property ownership) and renters must show proof of landlord approval for a dog." To adopt Nico, please email to apply!

Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center is located at 7315 Muncaster Mill Rd. Derwood, MD. ❤️ #seniordog #maryland #adoption #adoptdontshop