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Susie's Senior Dogs

HOUSTON, TX: Meet Faline! She is a royal princess who is looking for her perfect castle. She does, of course, enjoy the finer things in life, but Faline is a lovely princess who is nice to everyone and gets along with all. Faline is not picky as to where her future castle is located, but she expects only the most loving of families so be sure you're ready to take on her princess needs. And in return, Faline is ready to make her humans feel like absolute royalty! PLEASE SHARE! 🏰
@joyrides_rescue wrote, "Faline is about 8 years old, 12lbs and is soooo sweet! She was turned into the pound when her owner passed away and we pulled her from there. She has had so little adoption interest in her and we have no idea why - she's adorable!

A perfect day for Princess Faline would be to wake up from her slumber in her loyal subjects' bed atop their pillow. Her subjects will carry her down for a potty break, and then serve her breakfast. After breakfast, she will lounge with her subjects on the couch or rally any fur siblings for a game of chase. Naps are a common occurrence with Princess Faline. Her life is centered around being carried, naps, mealtimes and walks around the block (er, castle?). Princess Faline loves and gets along with all of her loyal subjects, which include humans, dogs and cats. If you are looking to spoil a princess, Princess Faline is the right one for you. She will let you spoil her with kisses, hugs, naps, delicious yummy treats and, most importantly, love!

Local and non-local adopters are OK, we transport to all 50 states. Faline is heartworm negative, had a recent dental cleaning/extractions and has no known health problems!" To adopt Faline, please email with any questions or to apply! (Photo by @argphotography_houston) ❤️ #seniordog #texas #adoptme #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

🌈 "I just wanted to share that we lost our sweet Mabel yesterday afternoon to an aggressive cancer. We only had her for a short time. But the memories we made will last a lifetime.

When I saw her post in 2017 her name was Nimh. She was a wonderful addition to our family. And we will miss her terribly. Some day the memories of her last days will fade. And we'll think about her as she was in her happy times. The way she loved to soak up the sun. Rolling on her back. Rubbing her face in the grass. Or always walking two steps behind Max, our other beagle, with noses to the ground. They were the odd couple — completely different but always looking out for one another.
We spent our last time with Mabel outside in her happy place. Max keeping guard. Scaring off all the garbage and FedEx trucks going by, lol. Mabel was happy.
So as we grieve we share memories of that sweet, sometimes hood rat, momma's girl. It's comforting that somewhere over that rainbow bridge is a pretty girl. Soaking up the sun. Rolling around the grass. Still living the best life. And throwing out that mean side eye to anyone who she thinks deserves it! -Jennifer" ❤️ #seniordog #rainbowbridge #foreverloved #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

**EDIT: ADOPTED!!** BROOKLYN, NY: Shucks. 8 year old Van Halen still hasn't received any interest in her two month long shelter stay. This gal is both tough and sweet! She's a tough because she hasn't gotten sick once yet, an accomplishment at a busy shelter with lots of dogs swapping germs. But we don't want to press her luck for too much longer. Van Halen needs out of the shelter. She's very smart and knows commands, it's clear she was once somebody's companion. But she was found a stray and came in to the shelter quite thin so it's likely she hasn't had a stable home in awhile. Van Halen hopes an adopter will give her a chance very soon. PLEASE SHARE!! 🍎 A shelter volunteer wrote, "Beautiful, friendly Van Halen with the big soulful eyes always greets you with a big grin. It's obvious that someone taught this fine lady some important skills! Playful and friendly to humans of all ages, including small children, she comes when you call her, glad to have any attention you can spare! She knows sit, shake paw, and lay down, and will do anything to please you - or maybe get a treat! She loves to be petted and play fetch and play with toys; she would be a perfect dog for a family with kids who can give her lots of love. She keeps to herself around other dogs, preferring the company of humans, so it might be best that she be the only dog in her forever home for now." Van Halen has cautiously participated in doggy social settings at the shelter. It is a supervised introduction done outdoors. She does not make trouble with other dogs, but she is uncomfortable when new dogs sniff her hind or face area or get too close for her comfort. The behavior staff feels she could possibly live with another dog, however, SLOW introductions would be a must. Van Halen cannot live with cats.

Van Halen MUST be adopted in person at the #Brooklyn shelter. No transport.

To adopt Van Halen, please email with animal ID# 58568.

Brooklyn @nycacc is located at 2336 Linden Blvd, #Brooklyn, #NY. ❤️ #seniordog #newyork #animalshelter #adoptme #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

(semi-near) DES MOINES, IA: Meet Mae! She's a teeny sweetie up for adoption in rural Iowa. And she's taking to social media to get her story out there! Mae's rescue pulled her from a southern state to help redistribute the overcrowded shelter system problem. They've done a great job getting many dogs adopted in their area, but seniors are always harder to place. Mae is big ol' snuggle bunny (in a tiny body) and hopes her local-ish adopter will see her story soon! PLEASE SHARE! 🌸

@emmetcountyanimalshelter wrote, "Mae was in a high kill shelter and her future was grim, but just looking at that tiny sweet face with those big eyes we knew we had to give this senior girl a chance! Mae is an itty-bitty Chihuahua around 10 years old and weighs under 10 pounds. We are in a very rural area with — about 1.5 hours to any town of size and 3 hours to either Des Moines, IA or Minneapolis, MN.
Mae is a snuggle bug and would love nothing more than a human who has the desire to sit, relax and cuddle up with her tucked in beside you. She is fine with other dogs of similar activity level. But we recommend no cats at home. And we are asking no small children in the home given Mae's size.
Mae does have a low grade heart murmur and is on two medications to help her with that condition. She won't likely be up for any long walks or strenuous games of fetch in the back yard. Mae is up to date on vaccinations, spayed and micro-chipped her adoption fee is $100.00.
The shelter requires an application filled out in our website. All pets in home must be spayed/neutered and current on vaccinations. We check references and talk to vets. Our group typically does not transport. However, we could work with someone within a reasonable distance." To adopt May, please email with any questions.
Emmet County Animal Shelter is located at 1703 7th Ave S, Estherville, IA. ❤️ #seniordog #bestfriend #adoptme #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

Who else has a senior shadow, always following you around the house? He’s always there...just following. ☺️ #seniordog #superseniorsimon


Susie's Senior Dogs

"I adopted my mama two days after Valentine's Day this year. I'd wanted a rescue greyhound for a while but had never been in a position to go ahead with it due to real estate restrictions.
In preparation for that day, application forms had already been submitted and I was in all the greyhound owner Facebook groups I could find to make sure I was well read and prepared. 😂 I live alone in an apartment and work full time, but knew I could give the right dog everything they needed (and more!). When I finally gave @gap_qld the green light that I was good to go, I had an army of people cheering for me because they knew how much it meant. Not long after, GAP emailed me with a potential match. Jedda (aka my sweet darling angel babe) had been raced and then used for breeding, after which she was 'dropped off' at a nearby university for their vet program. The uni referred Jedda onto @gap_qld and she flew through their assessments (because she is perfect, obviously). Jedda is 10, has an eye condition called pannus, a small heart murmur, and an arthritic left wrist I can only assume is an old racing break.
I won't lie, her age made me long will we have together? Will it all be worthwhile after the inevitable goodbye, whenever that may be?

I thought about it and realised that I could die before her. I could die next week. We all could. Morbid; yes, true; also yes. So what's the point in worrying about that? I had a chance to give the most deserving of dogs the best golden years of all time and after being a devoted SSD follower for years I knew it was fate.
I took the plunge and she has taken to life with me so easily! She loves EVERYONE! I love the way she snaps her teeth in the air when she's excited or how she rubs her face on my leg in happiness after a stranger makes friends with her. How she 'chitters' her teeth when she feels nothing but bliss, how she takes her eyedrops like a champ, how everything she does is just heaven on earth. Jedda is the best company ever & I've felt so much calmer since her arrival.
It has been the best decision of my life & I'm so lucky to have my sweet girl. -Tehya" @returnofthejedda ❤️ #mamadogseries


Susie's Senior Dogs

Sara is home!! With four less teeth!! 😬😍 Sara had dental surgery today and they took out four teeth that were starting to rot. A huge thanks for the @westchelseavet staff for always taking such great care of our pups and making us feel like rockstars. 🤩 (And, obvi, we always pay full price for our personal dogs’ vet care — there is no incentive giving them our heartfelt thanks!) 🐶 #seniordog #dentalsurgery #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

NORWALK, CT: 8 year old Ziggy's frustrating shelter journey continues. This is his 7th feature on SSD - he's quickly climbing to the top of our list of dogs who've been featured the most. Not a good thing when you really want to be adopted. Ziggy's shelter has worked tirelessly to get his story out there. Not to mention the emotional and financial resources they've poured into this well-deserving boy with hopes that someone will finally connect with him. Ziggy is a fantastic people-dog, but he cannot live other animals. We understand that's a deal breaker for some, but Ziggy is a great dog who still matches up with plenty of adopters out there. If only we could find that special someone. PLEASE SHARE! 🦋

@petsanimalwelfaresociety wrote, "Ziggy is very sweet but stressed in the shelter. When people do respond to Ziggy's posts, they don’t typically understand the animal issues. They will ask things like, 'is he okay to reside temporarily with their parent’s dogs when they come visit?' (He cannot.) We're trying not to get discouraged. His person must be out there somewhere!
Ziggy recently went to Board and Train for about a month, and we are able to provide pre and post adoption training support. He really is a great people dog and was recently at a radio station where he, of course, did really well. He can self entertain with his chew toys. He’s really gentle, especially when you give him treats, it’s like he knows he could hurt you so he doesn’t grab. He is also intelligent, inquisitive and attentive. Ziggy likes to be close to his people and his perfect family will be up for both quality fun and cuddle time. He’s also the perfect party guest because he doesn’t jump and he likes kids.
Ziggy needs to be in a home with no other animals.
Ziggy is eligible for PAWS' Senior Pension Plan which means no adoption fee, annual vaccinations, wellness exams and senior profile bloodwork free of charge at PAWS. He’s currently on amitriptyline to help with behavior modification. He just really needs a place to live out his life with some dignity." To adopt Ziggy, please email to apply!
PAWS is located at 504 Main Avenue, #Norwalk, #CT. ❤️ #seniordog


Susie's Senior Dogs

😬 SMILE!! Our girl Sara is having her first dental tomorrow! (Digging around in her mouth to show you was pretty pointless. 🤣) Dentals and senior dogs pretty much go hand-in-hand. We adopted our senior Sara almost two years ago and very regularly take her to the vet. And, until now, she has not needed dental work. However, in recent times we've noticed some increasingly bad breath, which was an immediate red flag that now might be Sara's time to finally need that dental. 🙊 Sure enough, a trip to the vet last week confirmed that miss Sara has some new build up on her teeth causing the odor. (And possible tooth extractions, which won't be known until she is in surgery.) A dental requires sedation, and her bloodwork came back perfect so she is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia. 💪🏽 If possible, it's much better to opt to do dental surgery for your dog at the first sign that they need it rather than waiting until they are much older and anesthesia is riskier. Of course, surgery and anesthesia can be risky at ANY age, but the risks only go up as they age. Oral hygiene is super important to our dogs’ overall health, and one of the best perks is it clears up their bad breath! 🙌🏽 We'll keep you posted on how miss Sara does tomorrow. We know our girl is going to do great!! 👊🏼 #seniordog #oralhygiene #dentalsurgery


Susie's Senior Dogs

LOS ANGELES, CA: Remember Catalina from our adoption event back in March? Well, we've got good news and bad news. Good news—she is cancer free!!!!! Bad news—she is still up for adoption. (Although, that could be good news for her future adopter, just sayin'!) Catalina is "move in ready" and has all the traits of the perfect furry best friend. She loves everyone and simply wants to be a part of the family. Let's help her find her forever home. PLEASE SHARE! 🥤

@maedayrescue wrote, "We rescued Catalina about three months ago from the shelter, where she kept getting over looked for her age. She is a 10-ish year old #BostonTerrier. She was found on the street by a good Samaritan. When they checked her microchip they took her straight to the registered address and the person who answered the door said 'I’ve never seen this dog before in my life,' even though Catalina was pulling to go inside like she knew the house. The person who found her was forced to take her to the shelter and with no surprise, her former owner never came for her.
Catalina is great with all dogs and all people. She is a typical Boston who wants to enter a room like there’s a party! We haven’t fully cat tested her, but she doesn’t chase them on the street. She’s pretty chill with that sort of thing. Plus, she listens if you say 'no.' Catalina still loves toys, but of course loves to sleep, nap and get her snore on! She is potty trained, great on leash and just wants to enjoy that senior life. If you are looking for a dog who is just ready to move right in? This is her!

Catalina recently had a cancer scare, but thankfully the vet removed the mole and she is now cancer free! She also recently had a full dental done. She is in great health!

We do not ship dogs on planes or allow out of #LosAngeles area adoptions." To adopt Catalina, please email with any questions or to apply! (Catalina will be attending an adoption event with @maedayrescue this Sunday, May 19th at 616 N Hoover Blvd, Los Angeles from 1-4PM!) ❤️ #seniordog #adoptme #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) DENVER, CO: Julius and Doja are an elder couple and were used to breed puppies for profit in their younger years. When their former owner moved to an area that has breed bans, they were brought to the shelter. Thankfully, their breeding days are long behind them. These two love birds are looking for a calm home where they can simply lounge around since it's their favorite activity! They are content with each other's company and well behaved around the house. They would love to find a home with love, peace and quiet! PLEASE SHARE! 🥜

@canehavenrescue wrote, "Julius is a grey 12 year old pit bull and Doja is a white and tan 11 year old pit bull. When their former owner moved to downtown Denver, in the heart of the pit bull ban area, he took them to the shelter. The previous owner was definitely breeding them for profit.

Julius' favorite thing to do is lay on the couch with his favorite bone. He loves ice cream and chicken nuggets. Doja adores getting pets and ear scratches from whomever! She also enjoys giving humans some licks, licks and more licks! She is perfectly content just laying next to her Julius and/or her human on the couch.

Julius and Doja would do best as the only pets in the house. It is unknown if they have been around small children or cats. However, we know they can get a little overwhelmed with a lot of people in the house. They truly just enjoy lounging around with their human or hanging outside in the back yard.

They are completely up to date on all vaccinations and have been fixed. They both have minor lumps or lipoma under the skin, but other than that they are in great health! Julius and Doja must be adopted together. We fear they would die of a broken heart if separated." Julius and Doja are currently located in Adams County, #Colorado. Please note that certain parts of #Denver (and Colorado) have pit bull breed bans. Julius and Doja can only be adopted in #pitbull friendly towns.
To adopt Julius and Doja, please email Amanda at with any questions or to apply! ❤️ #seniordog #elders #couple #adopt #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

"Meet our mama dog, Jenna! We adopted her a year ago from @dcluckydog, a Washington, DC-based rescue that partners with high-kill shelters in the South and brings pups up to DC to give them a better chance of getting adopted.
My fiance and I knew that we wanted to adopt an older dog (I've been an avid SSD follower for years), but we hadn't started seriously looking for a canine companion. We decided to stop by an adoption event over Memorial Day weekend even though we were 'just looking.' Jenna approached us at the event and we immediately fell in love with her and brought her home that day. The rescue said that she was having a hard time getting adopted because of her age, but we thought that her maturity was one of her selling points!

We don't know much about Jenna's past but she was clearly neglected: Her front teeth were worn down to the gum line (they've since been removed--we call her our toothless wonder), she had hot spots all over due to untreated seasonal allergies, she has scars on her back, and she clearly had a few litters of puppies before she was spayed (people stop us on the street all the time and ask whether she's pregnant/nursing). The vet thinks she's around 8 or 9, but we don't know for sure.

Jenna is the light of our lives. She is so sweet, calm, loving, and well-behaved and gets along well with other dogs and humans of all ages. She loves cuddling on the couch, burying bones in the backyard, and (occasionally, if the mood strikes her) playing fetch. She has had a few health issues along the way due to the neglect she experienced, but overall she is a happy, healthy, and very smiley pup. We love her so much and are so grateful that she chose us to be her forever family! -Elizabeth" ❤️ #mamadogseries #adoptdontbreed #spay #neuter #adopt