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Susie's Senior Dogs

🎉💸 SPONSORSHIPS ARE OPEN! We are super excited to announce SSD is accepting grant requests again!
The SSD grants are open to 501c3 shelters or rescue groups and intended for specific medical or health related needs of homeless senior dogs. The purpose of these funds is to help senior dogs who are currently up for adoption (or soon to be up for adoption) receive the vet care they need in order to become happier, healthier, pain free, and more adoptable to the general public. We encourage any 501c3 shelter or rescue to apply — or tag a reputable shelter or rescue you know that is in need of financial help! (Please note that this sponsorship is only open to senior dogs who are age 7 years old and up.) Link to sponsorship form in bio:

Applications will be approved on a case-by-case situation.

SSD followers: If you wish to support SSD and our mission to help homeless senior dogs, your donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated. You can give via PayPal using email OR checks can be sent to: Susie's Senior Dogs, PO BOX 20334, New York, NY 10011.

SSD is a 501c3 organization. (EIN 47-2621309) 💸💸💸 #seniordog #seniordogs #grants #sponsorship #donations #501c3


Susie's Senior Dogs

ST. AUGUSTINE, FL: Biscuit is one of those hilariously endearing elders, everything she does is cute! She always has something to say about mealtime, and when the weather cools off watch out for that extra pizazz in her step! Biscuit was a sorry sight while living at the county shelter. She looked as though her vibrant spirit was crushed. Thankfully, she was pulled by a rescue in early December and now her lively spirit is back in full force! Biscuit still needs a place to call home. She's hopeful 2019 will be her best year yet! PLEASE SHARE! 🍓💚🍓 @swamphaven rescue wrote, "Biscuit is 12 years old and recently rescued from a rural county shelter. She was picked up as a stray in Putnam County, it’s the poorest county in Florida. (Hunting with dogs is common in the south, especially in Putnam.) The first word that comes to mind when you meet Biscuit is 'endearing.' She's got the permanent puppy dog eyes and wrinkly skin and something about her makes you want to just scoop her up and tell her 'everything’s okay now.' She’s great for short walks, but really loves nosing around the backyard. She’s not quite a sun worshipper, but she does sit very regally in the afternoon sun while watching the rest of the dogs play. She gets excited and chatty when it’s time to eat and she gets the zoomies (as much as a 12 year old can) when it’s cold outside. Her fur is soft, her temperament is mild and (like they all do) she deserves nothing but the best.
Biscuit is currently fostered with dogs and a cat, and most of the time she’s indifferent to everyone. Every now and then it’ll look like she notices them and tries to engage, but she’s really rather your attention over theirs.

Swamp Haven does adopt nationwide, but Biscuit needs to stay in Florida. She is heartworm positive and undergoing treatment. She’s otherwise a healthy little lady. She also isn’t a fan of being in the car, it’s pretty stressful for her, so we would like to keep transportation to a minimum." To adopt Biscuit, please email to apply! (Photo by @ariel_baldwin_photography) ❤️ #seniordog #adoptme #florida #adoption #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

It took six years to get adopted, but less than six seconds to settle in! 10 year old Cooper got ADOPTED! ☺️👔😍 If you think a long term shelter dog can't adjust quickly to domestic life...think again. After Cooper's former owner passed away, he was surrendered to the shelter. He was just four years old at the time. Cooper spent the next six years at @bornfreepetshelter in #Miami, #Florida waiting for somebody to give him another chance at love. Even though Cooper consistently remained easygoing and calm, in all those six years nobody ever chose to adopt him. (The Miami area has horrific homeless pet numbers.) Cooper was featured on SSD back in October, and after two months of coordinating logistics, he finally made his way home to New York just in time for the holidays! Cooper has settled in with his new family very quickly, it's as if he has always belonged. And we wholeheartedly believe he has... 😀

His mom @jacquelineguacc wrote, "Cooper is doing great! He was nervous when we first got him, and is still a little weary of men, but he warmed up to me right away and I can tell he knows he is safe with us and is finally home. I am so grateful that I came across your post. When I saw him I knew right away that we were going to figure out how to get him home and give him the life he deserves.

He is such a sweet boy, very smart and affectionate. He is getting a long well with his new brothers and I can already tell he knows he is part of the pack. When we move into the family room to watch TV or all head upstairs to bed, he goes right in his place and waits for his blankie. He really lights up when we let him out to run in the yard, he also loves going on walks and loves riding in the car." ❤️ #seniordog #homesweethome #adopted #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) PORTLAND, OR: How many ways can we define the perfect dog?! 11 year old Lucky is a dream! She's friendly, well behaved, and loves to lounge on the couch. She likes to take car rides, assist with errands, and go on trips to the beach - she doesn't even mind a little sand between her toes! Lucky is good during bath time, she's patient, and she's calm. We could keep this list going forever with how wonderful she is! Unfortunately, despite everything she has going for her, Lucky has been at the shelter for almost a year without any adoption prospects. Let's get this #goodgirl home! PLEASE SHARE! 💝💟💚 A shelter volunteer wrote, "There was lots of activity on Lucky's SSD posts, but no adoption applications. Lucky came to the shelter because her owner could no longer care for her. This 11 year old female pit bull had some skin issues when she first came in and was an absolute doll during her daily baths and in the car on several trips to a specialist in Portland. She is happy to ramble along on walks or just hang out in the sun with us. We’re all very fond of her and hope to find her a great home.

Lucky went to an event on the beach and was a real star. She met lots of people and dogs and even took third prize for one of the costume categories. She really doesn’t need much exercise at this point, she would be great as a tag-a-long friend!

Lucky will need a fully fenced yard. She has lived with dogs and children. The shelter requires all members of the household, including your dogs, to meet prospective adoptees at the shelter. We do home checks, but for those of you who live outside of the county, you’ll simply need to bring photos of your home, yard, and fence. Because Lucky is over ten, her adoption fee is $50.00 and includes micro-chipping and registration." To adopt Lucky, please email to apply!

@clatsop_animal_assistance is located at 1315 SE 19th St, #Warrenton, #OR. ❤️ #seniordog #oregon #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

KNOXVILLE, TN: 9 year old Cherry is a quirky girl in the best possible way, she's a bundle of humor! She is super friendly and loves to do silly things (think: adult humor, not puppy antics). Cherry identifies more with her quirky feline friends than she does with her canine peers, so if you have cats that's cool with Cherry! Cherry been at the shelter since last May and it's because people aren't giving her a chance or even taking a look at her. Cherry is really special and we to find her a forever home (with a sense of humor!) before she hits the one year mark at the shelter. PLEASE SHARE! 🃏

@ywacpets wrote, "Cherry has been at the shelter since 5/25/18 and has had little interest from adopters. She originally came to the shelter as a stray.
Cherry is a #quirky girl -- she loves to chase her tail and bring every toy she has over to your lap! She also loves being a part of everything you do, whether it be riding in the car, folding laundry or walking around! She knows tricks like sit, stay and lay down. She hordes tennis balls, and if she loses one she will not stop hunting until she finds it!

Cherry does ok with cats, but needs to be the only dog in her new home. We have done cat tests with her and had her at an employee's house who has seven cats. She should be slowly introduced to cats, but she’s gentle and almost just ignores them. She’s not dog aggressive, they just make her very uncomfortable and she does not like to share food/toys/people. But we have her in outdoor runs and she sniffs and ignores the other dogs through the fence. She is scared of small kids, so only kids 13 years and older.
Cherry is heartworm negative, up to date on flea/tick and vaccines. She’s also microchipped and spayed. She is an older lady so we have her on medicine for her hips, and feel she needs to stay on something for them for the rest of her life. We require that the interested parties meet Cherry in person." To adopt Cherry, please email with any questions or to apply!

@ywacpets is located at 6400 Kingston Pike, #Knoxville, #TN. ❤️ #seniordog #Tennessee #adoptme #adopt #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

NORWALK, CT: 8 year old Ziggy has been heavily promoted on SSD. We first shared his story back in April 2018. More so, Ziggy has someone at the shelter who has been advocating very strongly for him, but so far it's been a discouraging journey. Ziggy has never been able to find a place that he can truly call "home" forever. Ziggy is youthful and he will keep you active, that's for sure! He would love to find an adventure buddy, or, simply, a best friend will do, too! Ziggy is not picky, but he sure does want to leave the shelter soon. PLEASE SHARE! 🦋💚🦋 @petanimalwelfaresociety wrote, "Ziggy is a friendly boy searching for his forever people. He's very sweet but stressed in the shelter. He's had no potential adopters during the last few months, unfortunately. We got one inquiry from the first SSD post, but they never followed up with a visit. Things are pretty much the same for Ziggy. And he’s continuing to work on his training.

Ziggy is an energetic guy who would be a great hiking or walking partner. He is a fun-loving and loves to play ball! He is also intelligent, inquisitive and attentive. He is eager to learn and would make a great class partner. He likes to be close to his people and his perfect family will be up for both quality fun and cuddle time. He is great with people, including children. (He's even been to Stepping Stones Museum for Children and did great.) Ziggy needs to be in a home with no other animals. We are working on a program of counter conditioning with him around other dogs as he can be quite vocally reactive when he’s around other dogs. (The behaviorist he saw recommended Prozac, which he’s on currently, to help with behavior modification.) And he cannot live with cats.

Ziggy is eligible for PAWS' Senior Pension Plan which means no adoption fee, annual vaccinations, wellness exams and senior profile bloodwork free of charge at PAWS." To adopt Ziggy, please email with any questions or to set up a meet & greet.

PAWS animal shelter is located at 504 Main Avenue, #Norwalk, #CT. ❤️ #seniordog #connecticut


Susie's Senior Dogs

9 year old Jill can finally rest easy! She got ADOPTED! ‼️ Jill once belonged to somebody who used her solely for hunting. And when she aged and became past her "prime" to hunt, the former owner surrendered her. Not everyone has a "'til death do us part" relationship with their dog, sadly. But we are thankful Jill was able to find a better life for her senior years. In her former life, Jill was never taught typical domestic pet skills, such as potty training. And because she would have accidents it was hard for her to find an adopter. But Jill finally found The One! Her new mom Bella is patient and kind. And life for Jill is finally complete.
Bella wrote, "Jill is my first senior rescue! I have rescued my whole life but never a senior. I honestly can't tell you what made me choose Jill. When I looked at her picture, I was drawn to her immediately. I couldn't stop thinking about her after I read the post about her. It was strange, but my heart told me when I looked at her face that she was mine. I knew it would be hard for her to get adopted because she was having accidents. I also knew that I can handle it, and train her. I knew Jill had to be with me because of my patience for animals. I didn't want to see her adopted and then returned.

Jill is so happy. She has her own couch and I actually cover her with a little blanket and she has her own pillow. She is very food driven & is so smart. When I walk her, she pretends to pee to try and get a treat, LOL. She is very lively for a 9 year old retired hound. And she has made no accidents in the house!
At the vet she was in the waiting room waiting for doctor Sherri. And when the doctor opened the door, Jill charged passed her, knocked her on her butt & found some treats on a table and proceeded to eat them all. Doctor Sherri immediately fell in love and Jill had the entire clinic in a wonderful uproar. Jill is in amazing health and she should have many good years left in her.
Jill has already made friends with my neighbors & visits them when we walk. She is truly a love. I can tell you this, from now on, I will only rescue senior dogs. They have a very special place in my heart forever more." ❤️ #seniordog


Susie's Senior Dogs

🌈 "I just wanted to share an update on our sweet Victor. He was with us for only two months before crossing the rainbow bridge. We knew he was an old guy and probably older than the life expectancy of a cocker spaniel, but I had hoped that he could have stayed with us longer.
My kids and I were away on a trip when Victor started having seizures. Luckily, my friend was taking care of Victor at home and was able to take him to the vet. I spoke with the veterinarian on the phone and she said that his seizures were severe enough that she recommended humanely euthanizing him. I felt bad because I wanted to be with him when it was his time, but I also don’t believe in causing more suffering just to make myself feel better.
In the two months he spent with us, Victor was given unlimited treats. He had three dog pals who were kind and loving to him. He was allowed to sleep under the covers between my boyfriend and me. He loved to sleep, and he was allowed to sleep whenever and wherever he wanted. One of the other dogs stole the Christmas ham and shared it with him. His was snuggled often by adults, kids and dogs. He had is very own red wool sweater. He got to take a car trip out of state to visit family. He was finally given the life that he deserved all along.

Victor taught us that it’s possible to be kind even when life’s circumstances give you every reason not to be kind. He also taught us that an old dog can give more than you could ever give him. These photos basically sum up his short time with us. If you’re considering senior adoption, I urge you to do it. You won’t be disappointed and the love you get will be tenfold. -Erin" ❤️ #seniordog #foreverloved #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

SOUTH BEND, IN: The weeks keep flying by and 11 year old Tessa - who has spent 6 YEARS in the shelter - isn't getting any younger. And the idea of getting adopted feels like it's getting further and further out of reach. Of course we will not stop trying for Tessa, but can you imagine advocating for a girl for six years, like her volunteers have? That's a long time. The shelter has heavily promoted her in their local community - she even got her own billboard promotion! So we really just can't understand why nobody is coming forward for this beauty queen yet...PLEASE SHARE again! 🙏🏽🖤🙏🏽🖤 @petrefugesouthbend wrote, "Tessa is a very well-trained, 11 year old mixed-breed dog. Tessa is in the shelter. She doesn’t have a foster, and never has.
Tessa is incredibly smart, has done agility classes, is highly food-motivated, is a skilled snuggler, and LIVES for car rides, walks and special treats - cheeseburgers. She loves to be told how good she is and is always ready to sit, stay, shake or 'sit pretty' for a treat. Tessa has gone to grammar schools to visit children. She loves to swim in kiddie pools, and wade in lakes, and run and roll in grass and rest with her head on a pillow. She is a laid-back, loving dog who has never met a human she doesn’t like. She is great with all people!

Tessa is reactive to other dogs and small animals. She can be distracted from reacting to other dogs by using treats and keeping a distance while on walks, but Tessa needs to be the only animal in the home, and she requires a fenced-in yard.

Tessa has also been on anti-seizure meds for some time. Her seizures are well controlled, but she will have to stay on meds for the rest of her life.
She has been overlooked for years. Tessa is loved and treasured by us at the shelter, but every dog deserves her own people. We believe Tessa’s forever human is still out there waiting to meet her and take her HOME." To adopt Tessa, please email shelter volunteer Kristen at with any questions or to apply!

@petrefugesouthbend animal shelter is located at 4626 Burnett Drive, #SouthBend, IN. ❤️ #seniordog #Indiana #adoptme #adoptdontshop


Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) BIRMINGHAM, AL: It's really hard to put into words the wonderfulness of an old, soulful dog. Even the most eloquent writing couldn't possibly sum up the emotion around 10 year old Amber's life and how she has humbly accepted her circumstances. Amber's soft heart and kind nature is beyond measure. She may have a slightly leaky bladder (which is only worth mentioning because, sadly, and no matter how slight it is, there are people who will be disturbed by it), but her leaky bladder is no match for her oozing heart. We know Amber deserves the best - do you deserve her? PLEASE SHARE! 💝

Calhoun County Humane Society wrote, "Amber had grown up with two little girls and though she lived outdoors, she clearly knew love as she lights up and does a little dance when you say her name. Then the family fell apart and Amber found herself with a relative. She fell by the wayside, neglected for many years and then driven to the shelter, which was closed. So this 10+ year old girl was put out in the parking lot of an abandoned building across the road to meet whatever fate.

Years with no vet care left her with advanced heartworm disease, horribly infected ears, a tooth rotting away to the root. Yet she has shown nothing but gentleness and kindness to everyone. Amber received a Susie's Senior Dog medical grant to take care of all these ailments. It was a rough go, but she has come through like the survivor she is.

Gentle Amber asks for very little in this life. She does have slight urinary incontinence when lying down, but she absolutely loves walks in the woods outdoors. So a win-win situation is someone able to take her outdoors often and let her exercise, warm her bones & empty her bladder, and to provide her with comfy leak-tolerant bedding indoors. She is otherwise housetrained. Single-story living is a must as she wants to follow you from room to room. She is a quiet girl, very tolerant of a household's goings on and antics of other animals as well.

Adopter must come meet Amber and provide her a comfortable ride home." To adopt Amber, please email to apply!

The shelter is located at 1201 Parkwood Dr, #Anniston, #AL. ❤️ #seniordog


Susie's Senior Dogs

Nothing wrong with wearing your track suit for six days straight when you’re 101 years old. 👴🏼 #retirement #seniordog #tracksuit


Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) BOSTON, MA: If it's been on your heart to create some change in 2019, Lacey would be a great place to start! Although 12 year old Lacey has been diagnosed with the C-word (argh, cancer), she isn't ready to be defeated just yet. She loves to spend her days meeting new people, leisurely walking on her leash, and truly enjoying life's simple pleasures. Hospice care most certainly requires a form of strength, but you'll never know what your heart is capable of until you try. And all that really matters is that Lacey is worth it! PLEASE SHARE! ☯️💟 @scituateanimalshelter wrote, "Lacey is a 12-year-old pit bull mix and is an absolute doll. This sweet girl came to us with a 15 pound mass on her stomach. It was recently removed and she is feeling like a young lady again. Sadly, Lacey was diagnosed with mammary cancer, so we are hoping to place her in a comfortable hospice home that will give her the love and companionship she deserves.
Lacey is friendly, loving, enjoys meeting new people, and walks well on a leash. Age doesn’t seem to slow her down - she is always up for an adventure! She loves chewing on bones, chasing tennis balls, going for long walks, and snuggling on a comfy couch or in a warm bed.

Lacey doesn’t get along with other animals, so she would do best in a home where she can be an only pet. She would also prefer to live with older kids who know how to behave around dogs and won't jump on her.

Regarding her medical, she is currently doing well but does have mammary cancer so we presume that she will have a shortened life and her owners should be prepared for veterinary care for her.
There is no adoption fee for the right family for Lacey. We could find someone to drive her to a good home if it wasn’t very far (i.e. NJ, etc). We think she’d be best with kids over 10 but I imagine it would depend on the family." To adopt Lacey, please email for more information or to apply!

@scituateanimalshelter is located at 780 Chief Justice Cushing Highway, #Scituate, #MA. ❤️ #seniordog #massachusetts #adoptme #adoptdontshop