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How is it I’m already missing NY and I’m still here...!
I’m looking forward to just walking around tomorrow (in that exact beret lol) to all my favorite spots without (too many) plans.
I’m hoping to have the kind of day where I can stop at a coffee shop, maybe even browse a book store.
Thank you so much everyone who showed up at today’s workshop.
I’m still flying. ❤️
ANNNNND I almost forgot- let’s do the giveaway today!! I’m giving you a chance to win a pair of the amazing @lissomofficial shoes. They’re like comfortable, light, ballet slipper sneakers.
To enter:
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Photo by @tuttidelmonte ✨✨


I had just met her a few minutes before this photo was taken...
She’s beautiful, and so it this photo...
Especially for all the things you cannot actually see (but certainly feel): the trust, joy, sharing, compassion and friendliness!! These are the greatest qualities of which @jessicaolie is (casually) brimming with!! @jessicaolie and I photographed by @sfreneenyc
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wearing @aloyoga


Thank you yogis for practicing. Yoga lights up the world. Let’s spread the LOVE.
See you tmrw at the laaic gathering!! (Sold out- sorry!)
Ps- I need a babysitter tmrw night between 5:30-9! Message NOW please!!
In the photos:
@izayoga1 @jinnee__
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Standing bows are better with friends. ✨
Post any variation of your standing bow and tag me. I post your pictures every Thursday (this week I’m a day behind- so tomorrow!)
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@aminahtaha and I in @aloyoga photographed by @azkosber


La Jolla, yesterday, right before the workshop at the beautiful @trilogysanctuary. We got to witness this glorious sunset and clearly, we were utterly in awe of the magic.
Thank you to all the INCREDIBLE yogis who came out last night and truly opened their hearts. It was one of the most charged up, electric classes I’ve ever taught. And a special thank you to the one of a kind @alexa.hatt who organized everything so gracefully and took such good care of us!
Even though we were only there for a few short hours, the stop at La Jolla was unforgettable and we can’t wait to come back again!!! Bye California! We love you so much! See you in a couple hours NY.
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📷 @ezrabaderman
And this coat and everything else is by @aloyoga ✨💕


No place is too small, too dark, too remote for infinite, unconditional love.
#laaicmeditationmonday #loveandalliscoming #love
Thank you to the incredible @tuttidelmonte for capturing this moment. You are one of a kind. Thank you. 💗


Last week’s leaps of faith turned into full on flying this week.
There was no time to stop and think.
It started out in Seattle, where my schedule went something like this:
5am-8:30am: wake up and play with Akiva
8:30am-4:30pm: shoot the cody plans
4:30- 5:30: Put kiki to sleep.
5:30- 8:00- me and ezra time, eat, shower, emails, instagram, plan the next day....
8:00pm- sleep

Of course most days, shooting time (and sleeping time) would also mix in a bit with KIKI time. I would be in mid class- cameras rolling, everything set up and we would hear a loud baby roar upstairs. I’d look over at John the sound guy and he’d look at me like, yeah you should go figure that out. Lol.
Filming Yoga and meditation classes, focusing intently and also completely accepting and finding compassion for all that’s outside of my control....it’s was a practice...
Some days I felt like I could hardly speak. I would ask the guys filming if the words made sense. They thought I was joking. Thank God.
Maybe when we fly, it feels like a dream.
So here I am, sealing my week in Los Angels- the epitome of a dream city.
And I think I’ll keep on dreaming...just a little bit longer.
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Giveaway Friday is on a Saturday this week!!
It’s well worth the wait though. This week I am partnering with @elshejewelry to give YOU and your BESTIE each a shaker hand chain!! I LOVE mine and so happy to share this with you.
To enter:
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Also- the winner of last week’s @wellnesscandles trio set is:
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📷 @azkosber with @aminahtaha 💗💗💗

Los Angeles, California

Feels nostalgic being back!! ✨
Because of all the flying around and Shabbat, Giveaway Friday will be tomorrow!!! Come back tomorrow to find out the winner of last week’s prize and this week’s partner!
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Venice Beach

Can you tell I am a bit obsessed?
#thatface #🤯 It’s our last day in Seattle, we’re wrapping up and making our way to LA 🙏💕
#loveandalliscoming 📷 @ezrabaderman


Yesterday’s act of kindness really came into play today when Ezi just really needed a day off.
We’re shooting AND staying at the same location which makes life easier but filming harder...
It’s cold out and Ezi and kiki were upstairs while we were filming a Vinyasa class downstairs. It got increasingly louder until I had to stop, run upstairs, pick up a crying Kiki crying in my arms, convince Ezi to get some alone time while simultaneously and miraculously connecting with the beautiful @pamela_goldberg who was able to get to the location 15 minutes later and care for Kiki so wonderfully for the rest of the day until we finished shooting.
Thank you THANK YOU T H A N K Y O U.
Thank you Ezi, thank you Pamela, thank you Griffin and John. Thank YOU for listening and thank you Kiki for teaching me to be all that I can. We got THREE PLANS filmed. 😅😅😅😅😅
The #laaicpostureoftheweek is cat stretch with the wall because it is my ultimate feel good pose. Try it. And tag me so I can ❤️ it and post it on my page tomorrow.
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Queen Anne, Seattle