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Shabbat shalom, שבת שלום
from my heart to yours.
Photo of us by @begoldish @tylergoldflower


I used to tell this story often in my classes.
There are monkeys in the wild which are often sadly caught in this clever trap:
A handful of delicious nuts are placed inside a long necked jar.
Little monkeys slip their arm into the jar, happily clench their prize but find they are unable to pull their fist through the narrow neck of the container.
Only those smart enough to let go are free. 🐒
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Music: The Velvet Underground/ I’ll be your mirror


Thank you @yaeli44 for these captures of our Love and All is Coming Tel Aviv event.
This is the fourth international LAAIC community event! We focused on the importance of plants and @urban_farming_israel inspired us to grow our own food indoors!! We then flowed to the sweet instrumentals of the soulful @ortal_pelleg, inspiring everyone who walked through the boulevard to stop and breathe a little deeper.
Thank you to my LAAIC TLV team: @_shelbi___ @yogabyhadar @emilycrasnick for helping bring this community event together!! First of many, many more!! #loveandalliscoming #community


I created Hatha Bliss, my new plan on @codyapp so that even if you only have 30 minutes, you can practice with me at the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world!
These non-flow classes are perfect if you don’t quite feel like jumping around your mat but still want a challenging and full practice- no fillers. Just beautiful classical Hatha yoga postures.
Classes are based by mood so they’re super easy and fun to choose from and come back to.
Have you tried them yet? If you haven’t, click the link in my bio and you can try them for free with your week trial.
@codyapp is the best gift any yogi can receive. I use it daily to practice with some of my favorite teachers
Sending you my love wherever you may be.
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Seattle, Washington

Sometimes (always) I like to imagine (believe) that I’m a fairy. 🧚🏻‍♂️
What magical creature are you? Any hippogriffs out there??!
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Photo by @ezrabaderman
Wearing @aloyoga


A muscle gets stronger when contracted.
Thoughts are articulated perfectly through a focusing of the mind.
In the same way- there can be no physical expansion or material manifestation without a conscious restriction.
So if we want more vitality- we must actively restrict an attitude of boredom and procrastination. If we want more joy- we must actively restrict judgmental comparison and mean gossip.
Obviously this is easier said than done. But like working a muscle, with practice- very doable!
When we know what to actively restrict, what we truly desire becomes more apparent.
And when we know our true desire and also yearn to receive in order to share, light and love pour into our lives abundantly and our dreams and wishes manifest as if by magic.
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Photo by @ezrabaderman
Outfit by @aloyoga

Yafo, Israel

The moments where you feel lost and distant are actually preparing you, drawing you towards the epiphanies which follow.
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An epic shot by @keoniglory while in Bergen a month ago.
Wearing @aloyoga

Bergen, Hordaland

The source of love is endless. There is endless love all around us and within us all the time. But it is heavily and deeply veiled. Like a lightbulb hidden under many layers of cloth, bright but unseen.
We remove a layer of darkness by having a deep desire to see clearly. And then another by asking and yearning actively for the truth. And then more layers peel back when we make kindness our way.
And when we desire fiercely to share all we receive- love beats in our heart, shines in our eyes and animates our fingertips. #endless
Photo by my husband @ezrabaderman who brilliantly designed this light installation for my birthday. 😭
I am wearing the red velvet bodysuit by @aloyoga. It is incredible. 🙏


If I fits, I splits 😻. Thank you for the photo @keoniglory, from our time last month in Bergen.
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Bergen, Hordaland

Inversions, Kiki kisses and @freskincare = my fountain of youth.
Kiki and I would like to remind you that for the next 24 hours only you can get yourself the amazing 123FRÉ set 25% OFF using the code EMPOWER and FRÉ will donate 10% of proceeds to the women of the Izourane Argan Cooperative in Morocco. (See my last post for more info!) The set includes the most incredible light, sweat proof spf, night serum and gentle exfoliating cleanser. I can’t live without them and it feels so good knowing my skincare choices help support incredible causes like this one.
Click the link in my bio and use my code EMPOWER to make a difference, both on your skin and in the lives of the Izourane women.
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Hey guys!
Let’s catch up on a few things!
First of all- if you happen to be in Tel Aviv on March 16th, I will be hosting the first ever Love and All is Coming event FREE of charge at the @urban_farming_israel green house on Rothschild Boulevard. The incredible people behind @urban_farming_israel will give us a short introduction to caring for indoor plants and even growing our own indoor edible garden!!! I will then lead us in a short, 30 minute open level flow to some sweet hang drum music by @ortal_pelleg !! Of course, spaces are very limited. To join you must email shelbi@taliasutrayoga.com
Special thank you to @yogastore.co.il for providing us with mats for this special event!
Secondly- have you clicked the link in my bio yet to try my 30 minute classes on @codyapp ?? If you’re looking for a way to practice on your own at home- look no further. You’ll love these classes. They change your whole day around in 30 minutes.
Lastly- I’ve had a cancelation in my Mallorca retreat and now have one spot open to offer! If you’d like to grab it go to Taliasutrayoga.com

More news coming soon!! And yes we will bring back the #loveandalliscoming schedule soon!
Xo t

Photo by @ezrabaderman
wearing @aloyoga