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I never planned to teach yoga.
I never planned to be married.
I never planned to be a mother.
I could have never planned my life. Only God could.
So, I just stepped out of the way.
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Thank you for all of your messages, comments and reposts of yesterday’s post. You are my pillar and without your support, the words would not be written.
The way is not always easy. Sometimes it’s tempting to give up.
But we can always come back.
And it does get easier. And we slowly surrender.
And with each step, we remember a little more clearly who we really are...
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Photo by @ezrabaderman
Stunning blue by @aloyoga


All of us suffer. We suffer under our own thoughts, our judgments, our constant comparisons and expectations.
This fearful living is the norm. It is what we are taught as soon as we enter this world.
We shake as we make our way through seas of strangers. Enemies.
The incessant fighting robs us of joy. Robs us of our natural state. Robs us of nature.
It destroys our internal atmosphere as well as the atmosphere of the world we share.
It leaves us fearful. It deludes us so deeply that love- the uniting force of the universe- is dismissed as a weakness or at best a fairy tale escape for the romantics.
I refuse to be robbed of the truth of who I am.
I am kind.
I am loving.
I am grateful.
I see your beauty and know the rest to be a lie.
I will fight with all I have to remain in love.
And when I feel I am pushed beyond what I can take, I know I can ask for help and I will be answered.
Please, help me see the love, the light in this pain I’m feeling.
Please, help me see the love, the light in this pain I’m feeling.
Please, help me see the love, the light in this pain I’m feeling.
Keep me away from becoming that which I am not.
I am kind.
I am loving.
I am grateful.
This love vibrates strong in me. It gives me a strength which cannot be measured.
It keeps me safe from those who seem to harm me.
It gives me a clear voice when I speak up.
I can not be pushed because I know who I am.
I am kind.
I am loving.
I am grateful.
I have no fear.


You can’t give different loves to different people. There is only one kind of love.
Pure. Unconditional. Sweet. Understanding. Forgiving. Compassionate.
Fearless is its nature.
Anything else is an impostor.
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Each day I am building myself a home in my body.
A good place to return to.
A good place to be.
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Thank you for this photo @ezrabaderman
Thank you @aloyoga for the outfit and for the new invisible underwear, very useful when wearing these light colors.


You guys haven’t seen Kiki walking yet! How sweet is he? Always giving kisses and hugs.😭😭😭😭😭
He loves playing with pots and pans and since it’s been so hot outside we’ve been playing in the kitchen a lot.
Trying to do handstands but mostly just cuddling and kissing. How did I get this lucky? 💔❤️💔❤️💔❤️
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I’m wearing @aloyoga
Music: He Ma Durga by Donna De Lory
** kiki has seaweed stuck on his diaper Incase you’re wondering 🙈😂


Life is messy. Embrace it.
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I’m interested in the simplest expression of truth, the lowest common denominator.
Imagine if we could identify with our origin instead of our (relative) differences- our age, size, shape, language, color...
Can you close your eyes and sense who you are past your human identity?
See yourself looking at yourself. A part of this universe. Never apart.
All coexist. All interdependent.
Family is what we choose to be familiar with. What we choose to accept. And ultimately- what we choose to love. Love is the only truth. Everything else is relative.
So who is outside of our love? Why? And how can we shift into an everyday choice of living the simple truth of this mind blowing connection?
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I can’t believe I was away from him for eight days. It feels like a dream now.
I’ve been home for a day and a half now and I’m writing this after experiencing a small miracle.
While I was away, Akiva (who is now 13 months old, eating solid foods well and still breastfeeds often) had an ample supply of expressed breast milk stored for him. He finished the last bag the day I got back. I was getting detailed reports from best-dad-ever @ezrabaderman daily.
I never imagined that I would return and Akiva wouldn’t want to breastfeed anymore. But that’s what happened. He refused every time I’d try, but not in a non interested way. He would cry and look utterly confused and sad. I felt helpless.
He was clinging to me asking for “boo” (his word for breast milk) but shaking his head and crying no at the same time!! Naps and sleeps were becoming more difficult because of this confusion. I found myself unable to do anything. Ezra would give him the expressed milk from a bottle and I would have to hide somewhere.
Tonight after playtime and dinner, I was hiding so Ezra could put Kiki to sleep, but it just felt off. Akiva wasn’t falling asleep and the vibe was just not right.
I shifted into a new awareness. I knew what to do.
It was past his bedtime. I asked Ezra to leave and the two of us alone played until he asked to go to bed. I took him to our bed instead of his and lay down next to him. He giggled the sweetest little laughs of joy and turned on his head doing somersaults! Haha! I was laughing along. Then he just lay next to me and latched on and it was like nothing had ever happened.
The sweetest feeling of peace.
I think he was must have been very confused at which bedtime and feeding routine to follow- since Ezra and I were both with him together since I returned. I’m so happy I was able to, despite the jet lag, shift into love gears, follow my intuition and most importantly: follow Akiva...He always tells us exactly how he feels...we just have to make sure we’re listening. 💛
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Wearing the gorgeous earth color by @aloyoga
Capture by my love @ezrabaderman


Here’s what I would whisper to my younger self:
Beauty is an inner recognition of the truth of who you are.
It’s simple.
It’s a vibration.
It cannot be bought. It cannot be compared.
It cannot be measured or weighed. It cannot be outside of your Self.
It cannot harm. Because it’s love, manifested.
you’re more beautiful than you will ever know. You just have to (finally) believe it to see it. ❤️
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Here is where I’m at.
I want to see the grace in people. I want to find their sweetness and forget anything else.
And not just in the ones that are easily loved.
The ones who push the delusion of limits I have surrounded around my heart. I want to love them too.
I want the miracle of loving awareness.
I want the sweet release of forgiveness.
The spaciousness of knowing and being one with it. One with love.
One with you.
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