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talia sutra

I feel everything.
I accept it.
I let it be.
I let it be.
I let it be.
It passes.
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talia sutra

All strength is born of softness.
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talia sutra

Very excited to announce my upcoming NYC classes at the @alonewyork studio this upcoming January 19th and 20th. These will be my first classes of the new year and I can’t imagine a more amazing way to kick off 2019! Click the link in my bio to sign up for THE METHOD FLEXIBILITY and THE METHOD BACKBENDING!! I can’t wait to give you all a giant squeeze!! You can also click on the link to sign up for:
Milan: April
Tel Aviv date coming soon! 🖤 love you all and sending blessings your way🖤
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talia sutra

Emotions seek to move and be released as they arise. When we try to hold these moving energies from being released, they become a persistent chronic pain or an unpredictable eruption of energy at the slightest trigger.
Our bodies are doing their best to maintain a balance of all the different kinds of energies within us on their own, it’s their nature.
The more ignorant we are to ourselves and others, the more inner pain we will endure, regardless of our actual circumstances. The more awareness we shed on ourselves and others, the less pain we will experience, regardless of our circumstance.
Awareness is the carrier to truth. Compassion is the path. And all the roads will lead to love. #loveandalliscoming
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talia sutra

Asana practice offers the opportunity to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Simply by recognizing tension, by breathing into it, it begins to lift off the body. Eventually the asana is a reflection of the inner state: clear, steady, still like unmoving water.
Like you: completely unconcerned and peaceful beneath the busy ripples and fluctuating waves of the mind.
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talia sutra

I love winter for days at home, spent together and with good friends...with no awareness of time and no need to go out. For the small things that are actually everything: making cookies, eating them together, singing songs, telling stories, lighting candles, standing on our heads and dreaming up the future together. All while wearing unicorn, lamb and reindeer onesies, of course.
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Don’t forget to have fun guys. 💕👌💕
Thank you for the photo @miriamturtlem love you❤️


talia sutra

He adds a very large dose of love to anything...🙈
I’m grateful to be home this weekend with my Ez and Kiki, just to cuddle, read Dr Seus and drink tea while listening to the rain outside.
About to turn my phone off, but wanted to wish you a beautiful and peaceful weekend. Thank you for all your love and support always. We love you!
thanks for the beautiful capture @ezrabaderman
Thank you for this incredible vegan puffer coat @aloyoga. I am literally on cloud nine. (It’s called the cloud puffer and it’s an exclusive piece. So warm and perfect!). #loveandalliscoming #besttimeoftheyear #cuddle #mommyandme


talia sutra

Flexibility is a state of being.
It’s us, without the tension we cling to like armor.
I am so happy to announce the launch of THE METHOD: FLEXIBILITY on @alo.moves 🤗Learn the three step method to help release tension physically and beyond. Move deep, breathe slow, and discover new spaciousness within yourself! 🖤
Click the link in my bio to check out this new series! I hope you LOVE it!! #loveandalliscoming #yoga #flexibility
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talia sutra

If for some reason I ever have a doubt about how unbelievably, unconditionally loved we all are, I think about the way the universe brought us together Ezra.
You’re my proof. Always.
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talia sutra

Paris, je t’aime.
Thank you all for making my last workshops of 2018 so incredibly special and meaningful. I love you!! See you again soon 💓
Beautiful shot by the beautiful @delphinejoly_yogaphotomaton 🙏
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talia sutra

Ask yourself these three questions daily:
What am I paying attention to?
What am I a vessel for?
How can I be of service?
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talia sutra

You can only give away what’s truly yours.
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