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come to my upcoming NYC + BARCELONA workshops↙️


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talia sutra

Never underestimate a smile.
In the moment when a smile is effortless, like the breath, you can witness the mind is sane, the body is free and all are truly seen.
Just like any posture, you can practice smiling, until one day it is natural. Physical practice rewires our minds and brings us into the here and now, into our true selves.
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With the beautiful @meliniseri who inspired this caption.
Photo by @sfreneenyc 💜
Both of us wearing the new lavender color by @aloyoga


talia sutra

We played around in the cold, feet freezing but hearts warm and giggly.
I’m so grateful for this city and all the amazing people in it.
I’m grateful for all my playful, beautiful friends. Feeling like a kid always🥳! Photo by the amazing @sfreneenyc
Love you @aminahtaha @meliniseri @sfreneenyc
We’re all wearing the new @aloyoga spring line which launched today!!


talia sutra

His face is my teacher.
#Kiki #joy #presence #play #loveandalliscoming #momlife
Playing at the @begoldish space in TriBeCa. This stunning outfit is by @aloyoga from the spring line which comes out soon!
Cutest capture by @ezrabaderman 🖤


talia sutra

All practices are pointless if we don’t remember the golden rule:
BE KIND. Never treat another being in a way you would not want to be treated yourself.
That’s it. It’s simple. But we make it complicated. #loveandalliscoming #youareall #allisyou
And HEY NYC!!! Missed you! Love you even in the brutal cold.
wearing the new @aloyoga Spring line! #aloyoga
Photo by @ezrabaderman and @baby_sutra 🙏🥰🥰🥰


talia sutra

In my element.
#playing #begoldish #ny
@tylergoldflower @begoldish
10 spots left for Sunday’s event at this special space.⚡️the link is in my latest story😘


talia sutra

Best way to end the day. Bed yoga and cat cuddles.
And thank you for all the love and support! Ezi and Kiki will get here Thursday morning!! ❤️❤️❤️
Ps- nyc workshops are sold out but please save the date Sunday the 13th from 12-2 for a special new year event. Details soon!
Wearing new @aloyoga !!! #cats #yoga #nyc #begoldish #loveandalliscoming


talia sutra

On my way to nyc without Kiki and Ez.
Very unexpectedly, our plans changed today and instead of flying together (which had been the plan for months) I am on my way alone.
Ezra’s efta (like a British visa to the US) had to be renewed and he had not realized that.
Cross your fingers that they can join in NY soon. 🥺
I’m about to board my flight. Sending love to all and thank you to all of you sending me hugs and support on DMs. They help a lot.
Taking it one breath at a time. 💓
See you soon NY 💗


talia sutra

Prioritize your practice time.
You’ll be shocked at how much more time you seem to have during the day.
And you’ll notice that everything you do after practicing is done with more alertness. Everything is more alive. You feel yourself getting full when you eat because you are present. You respond to all the emails and run the errands and rest if you need to and it’s all done without concerns. With practice, what you do is not as relevant as the how it’s done.
I’m so happy to see so many of you practicing with me online on @alo.moves!!
Thousands of you are learning to be closer to yourself using The Method: Flexibility and The Method: Backbending!! Right now, you can sign up for an annual membership on @alo.moves for just $12 a month! And you keep that price for life.
I cannot recommend @alo.moves enough!! It is worth every penny. Take care of yourself, make time for practice and study so that you can shine your light and ignite others along the way.
A few of my classes are also on the #31DayYogaReset playlist + challenge!
31 days, 31 classes to kick off the new year!
Five winners will receive: $200 Alo gift card, 6 month membership to Alo Moves, and an Alo Yoga Warrior yoga mat

Click the link in my bio to check it out!! #loveandalliscoming #yoga #practice
Photo: @shaniyoga.photography


talia sutra

You and I are the constant, unchanging awareness behind it all.
You need look nowhere but where you are right now. Can you sense the space you’re in? The sounds around you? The quality of your breath?
What about your inner space?
Can you watch it with compassion?
All the fears, all the pains. The joy.
Can you feel the aliveness of your body? The miracle of it?
Life is coursing through you right now. If you listen closely you can hear its call.
Join life. Be one with it and know the truth of who you are!
Love, you’ve got no opposite. All is within- but you gotta step out with it and shake and dance and wonder with everyone who’s ever lived and wept for joy.
#loveandalliscoming #iloveyou #2019 #selfie


talia sutra

Can you see without thought?
#loveandalliscoming 📷 @eladnissim


talia sutra

And when you listen, anyone who’s ever listened is listening with you.
And when you dance, you are the universe dancing.
#loveandalliscoming #beauty #joy #dance #yoga
with the magical @chintwins in @aloyoga


talia sutra

Happy holidays everyone!! I am incredibly grateful for you. Thank you for reading my words, for seeing me, for recognizing my spirit in yours. I love you.
I hope you spend the last few days of 2018 in presence, in grace, and in deep acceptance and gratitude. And that you love fiercely, one breath at a time.
#loveandalliscoming #yoga #2018 #happyholidays ❤️💚❤️