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What you choose to believe in sets the course of your life and the way you perceive reality.
Notice the thoughts, feelings and actions your faith inspires in you.
Are you free to be kind? Are you free to enjoy your life now? Do you wish freedom and and joy and peace to all?
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Thanks for the beautiful shots and for taking me to see these beauties today @Shani yoga.photography


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Responding to my last post regarding prayer. Do you pray? Why or why not?


talia sutra

Do you pray? Can you please share why or why not?🙏
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photo by @gianluca.iacopini


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Art imitating life or the other way around?
Also what should we call this incredible painting by @ezrabaderman ?
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When you finally have time to yourself after 9 days of work abroad and then three days of nonstop 2 year old birthday activities. AND a full moon. 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅🤪
I loved trying these sagittal waves today. I think I did it for a straight hour. Thanks to the amazing @danielrama_ and @shaktibird_ for the inspiration. Check them out to see how it’s really done. And try it at home!! So fun! 🐍🐍🐍
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Music by the one and only @aria.official


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6:56pm this evening Kiki turned TWO years old. TWO YEARS OLD.
Every step has been incredible. Challenging, exhausting, thrilling, heart opening, messy, hilarious, and full of awe.
We’re so alive with you. And so in love. And very grateful.
You are a joy and a blessing to this world Akiva Ram Shalom 🐾. #kiki #baluch #baldo #2yearsold #taurusbaby #loveandalliscoming
Thank you dearest @swami_jnanamudrananda for capturing


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Painful experiences bring us closer to everyone else who’s ever experienced something similar.
In that moment of despair, we are one with everyone else who has ever been or will be in anguish.
I want to feel what she feels, and her and him and you.
The understanding and compassion we gain is a doorway to transformation.
And that’s something to be grateful for.
The realization that we are never alone. That there is no one alone guilty. No one alone punished. No one alone enlightened.
Never a separated self.
We suffer together, we heal together.
We are made up of each other.
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photo @_alexfine


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Women are powerful. Amazing. Mind blowing.
Why is it that all over the world, girls’ and women’s bodies are other people’s business?
This week I’ve had two incidents which left me utterly confused. And now with the Alabama anti-abortion bill signed into a law, I feel like screaming.
I walked into a class with a friend in Los Angeles at a very respected yoga studio, the male teacher, from beginning to end, adjusted me in the most aggressive, condescending way. At one point pushing my head down hard as he walked past.
I didn’t walk out. I stayed and looked him in the eye.
Later, as I arrived in Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris for my connecting flight to Tel Aviv, a male security guard heartlessly threw away 9 days worth of frozen breastmilk. Mocking my disbelief and pain as tears rolled down my eyes.
I had no time to argue or stand my ground. My flight was leaving in 10 minutes. I ran in complete anguish to the gate.
Now I think of the girls and women in Alabama and the men who declare to know best what’s to be done with their bodies.
We have to wake up to the realities of the world right now and bring our hearts, minds and consciousness to make the changes that are so necessary. WE have to be the change.
I know in my heart this generation and the generations to come are doing it. We’re taking the time more than ever before to be the change we want to see in the world. We’re making Gandhi’s dream a reality every time we step on the mat, every time we choose to take action through a nonviolent path.
Every time we choose compassion, listening and love we burn away the ignorance of hatred and violence.
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My favorite dreamer.
Do you remember your dreams?
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Assisting the beautiful @hannahanahata during today’s The Method Backbending workshop at @alolosangeles.
Thank you universe for trusting me, for using me and thank you to all the yogis who made it to class today. My heart is full.
A million hugs.
Photos by @jesslrivas
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Flyinnnng high right now, feels so good to have seen these classes come alive this week. All wrapped up with @alo.moves and can’t wait to see some of you at @alolosangeles tomorrow!! Next up I’ll be in Austria for the @woerthersee_yoga festival, and please be on the lookout on my site for my upcoming first time visits to both Croatia and Singapore!!! Enjoy the weekend. Love harddddd!
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Thank you @griff_j for taking this photo and for capturing the yoga with so much care and love. 💗💗💗


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What are you reading right now?
Watch to the end to see what I’m currently reading. 🙃🤪
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