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Taylor Burk

Lately I’ve been struggling to find more purpose in the work that I do and what I choose to put my energy into, feeling guilty and unsatisfied with just traveling for the sake of traveling. It’s important to recognize that sometimes it’s okay to just relax and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us, accepting and appreciating it for what it is. Not everything needs a deeper meaning.


Taylor Burk

We don’t receive a lot of sun during the winter on the coast. When It does make an appearance and happens to put on a show like this, it makes you appreciate even more.
Last light on Mount Garibaldi.


Taylor Burk

The day that @hamishelliottnz and I learned the true meaning behind @itslittletom’s username...


Taylor Burk

The salmon runs in southern BC attract bald eagles from all over the PNW through the winter months. All the washed up carcasses make for an easy meal for these guys. Eagles aren’t the only ones though, over 100 species rely on wild salmon in the North Pacific environment!


Taylor Burk

Earlier this summer I joined a group of hooligans on my first bike trip. Our goal was to see how quickly we could relay-cycle coast to coast across Canada and raise money for a beach clean up along the way. Thanks to the generous support of many of you we raised over $6000.00 for @theoceanlegacy and @surfrider_pacificrim. This money helped fund a clean up on Nootka Island in which @andrewfitts and I were fortunate enough to take part in. Every beach clean up or sorting event I have attended over the past year has exposed me to what we are dealing with on a very emotional level. It wasn't until volunteering and seeing the devastation first hand that I substantially reduced my usage and was more conscious about my consumptions. I know there are tons of issues and organizations that need help around the world but if this issue speaks to you i’d encourage going and getting involved locally in anyway possible. There is a lot to learn and I appreciate everyone out there fighting the good fight and showing support.


Taylor Burk

The north shore mountains around Vancouver revealed a fresh coating of snow today. Figured it would be a good time to bust out some old winter photos along with a generic caption about being excited to bust out the skis. 😬
Who can name those peaks in the first pic?


Taylor Burk

The western edge of the coast mountains, the best of both worlds.


Taylor Burk

Over the past few months my buddy @scott_kranz set out to climb 50 peaks in the North Cascades National Park. It’s been entertaining to watch him complete this journey and join in on few of those summits.
Tomorrow he’s doing a presentation of the journey in Seattle, if you’re available come check it out! More details on his page.


Taylor Burk

Aerial view of Fitz Roy rising out above the Southern Patagonia Icefield.


Taylor Burk

We experienced a little bit of every season on our trip but it just made you appreciate the moments when the sun came out even more.
Taken along the Cabot Trail in @visitcapebretonisland.
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Taylor Burk

Looking back at our time out east I’d say that Cape Breton Island has been one of the best places to experience fall in Canada. The landscape was diverse, every road felt like a scenic drive and the hikes were short and rewarding. Every trip we make to the Maritimes the more we want to go back and spend more time.
Gypsum Mines - @visitcapebretonisland
#HikeCapeBreton #sponsored #ExploreCanada


Taylor Burk

Freedom. 🦅