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Two dogs who share a phone and do our own Instagramming. 📱
If u need to smile today ur in the right place. 💗🐶🐶


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I may look happy but exercise is no joke. Soon as I catch my breath I’ll look really unhappy about dis. Philly


Any one elses Saturday nights look like dis or do I really need to start doing something with my life? Philly


So proud of our little creation with @darrenandphillip
Look how beautifully classic these babes look in their personalised collars 😍😍😍 For those of you that are new to this page. We created our brand @darrenandphillip in 2016 from a passion of wanting to dress the worlds bully breed dogs in incredibly beautiful clothing, to show them in a much softer way than the typical shots you see of them in the media. We started with super soft and cute hoodies and PJ’s but our range has since expanded out to these beautiful leads and collars as well. We donate 20% of proceeds to rescues all over the world and absolutely love being able to give back in such a big way to dogs just like us that are much less fortunate.
Our clothing brand is creating more and more unique pieces for dogs every season and this year we have some very exciting things planned for our collections. If you’d like to own one of these beautiful classic collars and leads you can purchase them on our website (link in bio). Or you can jump over to @darrenandphillip and support our brand for its future endeavours, either way, we are entirely grateful for your support ♥️#darrenandphillip
These babes are @staff.igor.geous @ludvik_the_staffy @bruno_the_wonderpup and @taco_cubbington ♥️♥️♥️


mum hasn’t petted me for at least 5 minutes this is so cruel what did I do I knew it she hates me I am doomed forever


Omgggg u guyssss I got these amazing gummy bears like yesterday and like look at my hair it’s like magic omg u all need to buy some statttttt u can get them on my website for 4 easy payments of $399 and if u buy now u get free waist trainer totally worth it I mean look at my hair!
#influinsta #notanad #ijustlovetheproduct #jktheyarejustgummybears


Mum wants to ground me for chewing her shoes.. go ahead. It’s fine! Actually it’s GREAT. #suckaaaa


Fancied the beach to myself today shoulda seen dem all running out the water haha looool not soz 🦈


Dads outsourced the belly tickles to an automated device dis is what the world is coming to in 2018 #automatedeverything #notcomplainingdisiswaybetter


How long do food comas usually last? I been here since 10pm last night and still can’t roll onto my belly. Still not at the point that I regret the food I ate though so it good 🙃


Lucky for drive thru bc there was no way I was getting out of the car in my dressing gown. I’m also not wearing anything under dis so let’s pray I don’t get pulled over! #maccasrun


Too good to be true.
Must be a trap.
Seems like a bit of me. #yolo


Dis chin scratch is like no otter in fact I giz it my seal of approval!