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Two dogs who share a phone and do our own Instagramming.
If u need to smile today ur in the right place.
Our clothing brand @darrenandphillip ♥️⬇️


I don’t fink ur ready for dis jelly #darrenandphillip @darrenandphillip


What’s work gonna be like today? I’m tired. I’m tired all the time actually I better google dat. I bet Susan forgot to file dose papers. I need to take my vitamins. I need to pick up meat from de butchers after work. Wonder if I’m gonna get a seat on de train. I’m gonna be late it’s already time to go. I’ll just tell them de train broke down. I have headache. I don’t want to get dressed. Maybe I’ll become a yoga instructor and just wear stretchy pants all the time. I want a croissant.


#inmyfeelingschallenge made v v embarrassing by Mum n Dad 🙈 #crumpingmystyle


Winter bonfire party w marshmallows, Drake, my favourite cousin and ofc we haz to be extra w our flower crowns 🌸🌼🌺 but for realz how cute are we?


Rainy day PJ PARTY w our cousins 😍😍 We all couldn’t stop laughing at philly cos he finks he’s de king sitting dere getting smooches and head rubs his face say it all 😂
Lottttssss if u haz been asking about our pjs and we haz some good news!! They go on sale next week on the 19th July!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍😍😍 follow @darrenandphillip for our countdown!! ♥️♥️♥️


I’m not needy I just has to be w u every hour of every single day and night geez nothing wrong w dat. #staffyproblems #captainneedypants #notneedyjustwanty


Bitch face on bad dis morning and good reason for it dis goofball wouldn’t stop annoying me and ruining my morning nap he left me wiz no option but to pin him down and keep him still bet he’s pulling faces at me down dere isn’t he I can just tell. 🙄 Child.


Saturbae pjs all dae whaddya sae hae?


My tootsies are v v toasty pls someone pass de marshmallows so I can stick dem on de end of my feet


The only way u getting me on a hike. #Philly


Got caught up binge watching daytime cooking shows all day n now I’z feeling all inspired to cook up de family a delicious feast. 😋😋
Frozen pizza iz in de oven and dese begetables are just for show hehe lolol


Melbourne pls stop changing ur weather like de weather ur playing wif our emotions ☀️😃❄️😭☀️😁☁️😢
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