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Two dogs who share a phone and do our own Instagramming.
If u need to smile today ur in the right place.
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Dora Dora Dora!!!! 😍😍😍😍 Everybody pls watch dis video and den once u have stoped happy crying please go over and give @dorastaffy the biggest welcome to the @darrenandphillip family!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 We are so happy to call u family Dora!!! Dora is taking over our @darrenandphillip Instagram for the day so please go and show some huge love and make her feel v v v v welcome!! 💗💗💗💗


Philly ur in my heart and ur also inside my blanky heart u just in all de hearts I love u.. Bazzle 💗


De world definitely need more love if dogs ran de world it would be a v v loving place filled with kindness and happy fings love iz all we know really. #whatdeworldneednowisdogssweetdogs 💗💗💗💗


👏🏻😍 This will be the best thing you watch ALL DAY OMMMGGG! Welcome to the @darrenandphillip family ARNOLD!! 😍😍😍 I have no words TURN UP THE SOUND 😭😂😍
Arnold is taking over our @darrenandphillip Instagram all day today so make sure you go over and welcome this beautiful boy to our family!!!! We love you Arnold!!! @arnoldstaffzenegger


Promised myself I’z eat healthy dis week u see basically I got myself into a sticky lil situation where I was sposed to shed last years winter fat in summer but see dat didn’t happen and I just continued to eat all summer so if I go into dis winter as I am I will haz two years worth of winter fat and after dat I’m really past de point of return so here I am trying to ‘shred’ in winter when I should be eating roast dinners and pies wth has my life come to


Not gonna lie totally bawled in the royal wedding last night idk it just made me feel so smooshy Meghan is a v v beautiful princess 😍 and we like Harry bc he like Staffies. Also makes me reflect on our own royal wedding. The two royal princes (me, Prince Darren and Prince Phillip) totally stole the show no we wasn’t wearing Givenchy we was in de nude though and people went wild over dat!
Here’s some pictures of our Royal wedding for those that haven’t been with us that far back 💗💗💗


Yayyyy!! Our second family member has revealed herself on @darrenandphillip!! Welcome to de family Penny Lane!! @the_cheeky_staffys Penny is a princess Staffy who lives in Perth Australia. Her Mum Meaghan is a very talented photographer who captures Penny (and her late sister Chewy) so beautifully. She is taking over our @darrenandphillip Instagram all day today so go and see what Penny gets up to! 🙈 We love watching your life on de gram Penny and we’re so happy you iz now part of the @darrenandphillip family.
Everyone please go and give Penny a v v warm welcome! 💗💗💗 @the_cheeky_staffys


Mums making me write dis self shaming post I don’t wanna but here goes k so dis morning I was fast asleep u know just loving life but den I got de urge to poop real bad but u see it was v v cold at de time and so I decided to poop in de kitchen u know cos it was cold and all so den I went back to bed I didn’t tell mum bout where I pooped until she got up to get a drink but it was too late she stepped in my poop now I’m in trouble and she also has threatened a lock out each morning til I poop outside before being allowed back in surely she can’t just threaten a lock out like dis I mean I know I did wrong but dis is a little unfair don’t u fink?


Welcome to the @darrenandphillip family @lucky.the.pitbull 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Everyone dis is Lucky and he a v v amazing boy. He was shot and in a terrible way until de best family ever saved him and now he’s living de high life in Missouri! He’s just officially joined our @darrenandphillip family and he’s taking over the Instagram all day long! U have to go see what dis boy gets up to! By de look of dis vid it gonna be a fun day! Everyone pls pls go make @lucky.the.pitbull feel v v welcome! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


Darren keeps telling knock knock jokes dat aren’t funny who paired me with dis doofus for life smh


Philly and mum rn being sickly sweet to each other. I assured Philly when I took dis video dat it was just for de family to keep and dat I definitely wouldn’t post it on de internet for thousands to see. Hehehe lolol Philly now everybody knows how much of a mammy boy u really are!


7 years ago today Mums nagging got de better of Dad and so dey came and picked me up and brought me home. Dis photo is from dat day. I was so cute still am dey so lucky to haz me ♥️ Darren


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