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I haz a vision to building my own school called de Phillip University of Food Ninjas where doggo from around de world will be able to come and learn de art of ultimate stealth food ninja ing it a v v fine art u see and I want to be de one to show de world how it can be done. “Stealthiness. Mindfullness. Awareness.” Will be our motto. Enrolments start soon.



Got new friend he doesn’t know I not really an elephant yet just waiting til he feels more comfortable round here before I break de news 🐘



Empty handed I see? u know how cranky I get when u wake me up before 10 without my dippy eggs and soldiers I fought in 2019 u were gonna change but it appears not I not angry just disappointed



Are we
A) Tired from chewing somefing we shouldn’t have
B) trying to act innocent by giving direct but gentle eye contact
C) too full to move bc dat fing we shouldn’t have been chewing on was a full raw roast dat mum left on de kitchen table or
D) all of de above?



Thoughts of any Staffy u know
1) Wow u looked at me I love u here let me come there so u can touch me
2) I love u so much like unbelievably much did I tell u how much I love u
3) is dat food I can smell on u
4) I’m v grateful for u. Mostly ur hands, pls pet me.
5) show me both ur hands I fink ur holding a sandwich in de other one
6) kiss my face and let me kiss urs
7) u going to de toilet I love de toilet I come too
8) u making de bed let me jump on it to make it 10 times harder for u
9) u can play with ur phone/laptop in one hand, de other one iz for me.
10) dats right I gotta remember to chase next door neighbors cat
11) u going in de car I love de car!
12) I still don’t believe u don’t have a sandwich there somewhere pls share
13) let me put my face right up to urs all de time u know I gotta be v close to u
14) don’t vacuum de house u know I fink dat fing is out to get me
15) ur busy doing somefing dat doesn’t involve me? Cool. I’ll just whine right here until u finish



Since I iz seven now I figured I’d take Dads car for a spin to de beach was scared for my life turns out I not dat great behind de wheel anyway I here now and looking v cool in my muscle tee just waitin for de ladies to come on by got my keys out in front of me so dey can tell I got my own car just waiting for dem all to line up any minute now I sure



My hatred for de bath is so conflicted by my deep love for post bath time towel tacoing it like having a kale frosted donut two worlds colliding and I never know how to feel bout it. Philly



What a day! 7 is so much fun! We had de bestest day ever ever ever! Fank u all v v much for sending me so many messages of love I feel so special! I had a huge pizza cake and lots of treats! We went for a v long morning walk and den I passed out in de living room for two hours after dat. Dis afternoon we went mountain hiking which wasn’t dat good if I’m honest bc u know exercise but DEN!! We got a huge ice cream! I can’t believe I’m sayin dis but I might even be all fooded out for de hour! I’ll definitely need a good hour before wanting a real pizza for dinner to top it off. I’ll keep u posted ♥️
Love Philly xxx



It is I, prince Phillip, and today iz my Seventh Birfday! I shall declare dis day, ‘De day of Phillip and Pizza! 👑🍕



Mum n me baked Philly a super duper special Birfday cake today! Well, I halped by taste testing and I did a v v good job! Happy to report dat I didn’t eat de finished project and now we have a big surprise for philly tomorrow! Before u watch dis see if u can guess what de cakes gonna be..... I give u a hint... it’s phillys favourite fing in alllllll de world!



P: Repeat after me. “No mum I don’t know why on earth de online grocery order u did had no bread in it”
D: But Philly she’s going to know!!...
P: I said!....Repeat. After. Me.
D: Ok ok I’ll do it!! can u let me go now I struggling to breathe here
P: glad we understand eachother



Guilty confession I can be v v moody if I don’t get my morning massage I’m a simple boy don’t ask for much in life but I need my blueberry massages or it throws my whole day out u know