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Grace & Fanny, Pugs (8 & 4 y/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • "They live together. Fanny is in charge."


Tanith, Rhodesian Ridgeback (4 y/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • “‘Tanith’ – as if you were saying ‘tennis’ with a lisp. She was attacked by a porcupine twice in one day while Upstate. We pulled out all the quills and then she got attacked again the next day.”


Eddie, Labrador Retriever/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix (1 y/o), 11th & University Place, New York, NY • "There have been a couple of episodes of destruction in the apartment. He destroyed the kitchen – we had potting soil in a bag. He was just sitting there with his tail wagging." (Second photo by @marialinnekenberger)


Maisie, Toy Poodle (11 y/o), Times Square, New York, NY • “She steals the cat’s food but somehow the squirrels always get away.”


Kelsey, Dalmatian (8 y/o), 17th & Broadway, New York, NY • “Loves empty containers.”


Sassy, Heeler mix (5 m/o), Bryant Park, New York, NY • "She was found in a dumpster on Navajo Nation, one of the country's largest Indian reservations – a Rez-dog. Her other two siblings didn't make it. Due to a congenital hip defect she has not been able to use her rear legs, but that hasn’t stopped her. She doesn’t know she’s handicapped. The team at @bideawee brought her to NYC where she is getting to see the best orthopedists and neurologists in the country. There will be a period of physical therapy and then she will be ready to move into her forever home with some very lucky family. Stay tuned.” @underdogrescuerehab


Cooper, Leonberger (3 y/o), Union Square, New York, NY • “He’s afraid of everything – vacuums, brooms. He’s a mush. If you rob the house he’ll bring you to the jewelry and walk you to the front door.”


Odin & Phoenix, Bernese Mountain Dogs (10 & 7 y/o), Spring & Lafayette St., New York, NY • “Odin's stomach just flipped – massive surgery. We’re lucky he’s still here. Other than that, they’re dogs – they put up with her.”


Sheriff, Labrador/Golden Retriever cross (8 m/o), Chelsea Market, New York, NY • “He took his first subway ride today – the 6 and the L. He’s the seventh puppy I’ve raised for @ccicanine. He’s laid-back, easygoing. One of our dogs became the first courthouse dog in the state of Maryland. He goes up with kids to testify. There was some controversy over whether having a dog would sway the jury, but they’re usually closed hearings (without a jury).”


Lillo, Kooikerhondje (5 y/o), 17th & 5th Ave., New York, NY • “When she sees the carrier she jumps right inside. She’s the most uncomplicated dog.” #shotoniphone


Ryder, Bernedoodle (11 w/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • “She loves our clothes. If you ever need an outfit you can go to her bed and find an entire wardrobe.” @ryderthebernedoodle


Eevee, Shih Tzu (3 y/o), Prince & Broadway, New York, NY • “She steals underwear – she has a stash under the couch.” @eevee.the.ewok


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