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Service dogs Halsey, Talia, Justin, Murray, Chesty, Myers, Kevin, & Madison, Labrador Retrievers & Lab/Golden Retriever crosses, Smithtown, NY • Guide dogs and service dogs train to help the visually impaired and veterans with disabilities. • "These guys are future guide and service dogs. They’re raised by puppy raisers from the age of eight-weeks to sixteen-months-old. The puppy raisers try to build their fundamental skills that they’ll need for formal training. The four fundamentals of puppy raising are: good house manners, socialization, relieving routine, and ensuring success." • "During formal training, the dogs learn a set of commands and tasks, like retrieving a phone, pressing a handicapped door button, or switching lights on and off (mostly a PTSD task so that their handlers don’t have to enter a dark room). The guide dogs are taught to walk straight with purpose, to go around obstacles, and to stop at the curbs." • "When I first started working here I followed a class of veterans with their new service dogs. The first three days none of the veterans would look me in the eye. It was incredible to see their transformation after they got their dogs – their entire persona instantly changed. The whole environment changed. They were all becoming friends because they were going through this together with their dogs. There was one guy who was disappointed when he first met his dog and by the end of the class they were already bonded. I think a lot of them are skeptical and don’t think it’s going to work out but they always connect so quickly. It’s incredible to watch the transformation." @guidedogfoundation @americasvetdogs


Puppies at the Guide Dog Foundation & America's VetDogs, Labrador Retrievers & Lab/Golden Retriever crosses, Smithtown, NY • Puppies at the beginning of their journey to becoming working service dogs for the visually impaired and veterans with disabilities. • “At six-weeks-old they’re just getting used to surfaces and sounds; we'll also put leashes and collars on them to get them used to the feeling. We’ll play sound recordings of vacuums, highway noises, etc. so they aren’t scared once they leave here. It’s even important that they play and fight with each other so they can figure out how hard they can bite. They’re pretty fearless." @guidedogfoundation @americasvetdogs

Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind

Hurley, Wheaten Terrier (4 m/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • “He was born in a car. The breeder called him ‘Car Man’.”

Washington Square Park

Bella, English Mastiff (15 m/o), Madison Square Park, New York, NY • “You photographed her when she was four-months-old and she got 100 thousand likes. She’s still a gentle giant.”

Madison Square Park

Poldi, Staffordshire Bull Terrier (1 y/o), Washington Square Park, New York, NY • “The reason I’m walking her is because she got kicked out of daycare.”

Washington Square Park

Eloise, Shiloh Shepherd (1 y/o), Tompkins Square Park, New York, NY • “When boys don’t pay attention to her, she trips them.”

Tompkins Square Park

Birdy & Lovey, Pembroke Welsh Corgi & Dachshund mix, A @Netflix Film Premiere: Benji, New York, NY • Lovey the Dachshund is available for adoption from @friendswithfourpaws • Benji is the heartwarming story of a rescue dog who saves his family, too. WATCH NOW, Only on Netflix. #BenjiTheMovie #NetflixAndWoof #ad @GenuineBenji


Shmuley, Australian Labradoodle (5 m/o), 6th & Bowery, New York, NY • "He learned where we kept his food the day we brought him home. We had to safety-lock it." Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!🍀


“Fat” Chance & River, Labrador Retrievers (3 m/o & 8 y/o), Union Square, New York, NY • “Chance doesn’t know his own size. River has eaten pretty much everything – the couch, a bunch of donuts that weren’t his. We’re hoping he doesn’t teach Chance any bad habits.”

Union Square

Suki, Boxer (5 y/o), Central Park, New York, NY • “She doesn’t like funny noises.”

Central Park

Charlie, Golden Retriever (3 m/o), S Hill & 4th St., Los Angeles, CA • “She only walks if she’s carrying her leash in her mouth. There’s going to be a beer named after her – we’re calling it ‘Charliework IPA’ with her face on the label.”


Kona & Coco, Labrador Retrievers (11 y/o), Brentwood, CA • “I started fostering them, but within five minutes I was like, ‘I know a good home for them’. They hate water. I call them my ‘fake Labs’. They won’t go out in the rain.”

Brentwood, California