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A Kooikerhondje puppy • Frosty, Australian Shepherd - "The ducks chase the other dogs, but he stands there and lets them poke at his neck." • Homey, Siberian Husky - "He likes his beauty rest." • Bismarck, Labrador Retriever - "He's a Lab that needs swimming lessons." • Blu, Dalmatian - "He teaches fire safety to children in schools."


Ben, Hound mix (1 y/o), 10th & 4th Ave., New York, NY • “He’s from Dubai, so he’s very rich. This is his first winter – we started out with the balloon shoes but they broke, so we got these. Neon was the last color left in the store.”


Bindy, Australian Kelpie (5 y/o), Norwich, VT • "She’s afraid of men. She’s an intense, supportive dog who loves sticks and balls and solitude in the woods, like me.”


Waffle, Bernese Mountain Dog (3 y/o), Norwich, VT • "She's my psychiatric service dog – I struggled for a decade with a misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder resulting in 21 hospitalizations and being placed on psychiatric disability. Four years ago I woke up every day and wrote a suicide note. I was on 13 different medications and the combination of my underlying anxiety and the medications created psychosis. I've done the whole crazy person thing – I’ve walked down the street naked while screaming at people. No doctor would take me on. I thought I was going to just go to live on a farm – I had named my chickens. Four years ago I told my parents I wanted a dog and they thought I was joking because I could barely take care of myself. Two days later I got Waffle and she saved my life. With the help of Waffle and behavioral therapy I’ve been able to work full-time for three years. She’s trained for two things: to interrupt my OCD and to predict my PTSD flashbacks. I’ll have intrusive thoughts, phase out and she'll come give me a paw, then a second paw, or a teddy bear hug. It’s kind of a reality check, like, 'Hey mom, what’s going on up there?' There's an unspoken language. She’ll bark me out of bed when I’m depressed. My fiancé is a huge credit too; to have someone love you unconditionally – I may not be here without that man. Sometimes it’s really hard to talk about, but through Waffle I can tell my story. Waffle has enabled me to rock my truth. Waffle taught me that humor and light coexists with the shit and hardships. Life is about the coexistence – making light out of the darkness. It could be the worst day ever and she does something silly, and you think, 'She’s right, it’s all going to be ok.' Anyone can attest the power of the mind to screw you – with a dog you have someone to hold on to. No matter what you’re not alone." @wafflenugget @positively.kate


Winifred, English Setter (6 y/o), Norwich, VT • “Her full name is ‘Winifred Gangles the Snuggle Smuggler’ – she’s actually registered as that. I got her from the pound when she was a year old. She spends all of her time at top speed.”


Lucky, Golden Retriever, Norwich, VT • “He’s always out walking himself.”


RIP Toast, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel • Your tongue will never be forgotten. #ToastMeetsHeaven @toastmeetsworld


Finn, Australian Shepherd (3 y/o), Wentworth & College St., Hanover, NH • “Sometimes the only way to get him in the house is to say ‘TV?’, and he’ll run right in. He watches mysteries with us; if a dog comes on that’s a plus.”


Lulu, Goldendoodle (6 m/o), The Dartmouth Green, Hanover, NH • “She’s naughty most of the time.”


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Willie, Labrador Retriever (4 y/o), Main & Choate Rd., Hanover, NH • “He broke a toenail – he’ll work at it if I don’t keep it covered. He gets the cone at night.”


Luke, Labrador Retriever/Shepherd mix (1 y/o), Main & Choate Rd., Hanover, NH • “He’s the mellowest puppy. He’ll go out and run and then sleep the rest of the day.”