Create show-stopping looks with our new festival-inspired jewellery. Tag #DOPANDORA to spread positivity and share your unique style.

Channel your inner mermaid with this PANDORA Disney dangle inspired by Ariel’s iconic ball gown. Crafted in high-quality sterling silver, the charm’s aqua green enamel details will step up your style. #DISNEYxPANDORA #PANDORARing #PANDORACharm #PANDORABracelet #PANDORA


Make a splash with beautiful PANDORA Disney charms inspired by Princess Ariel and her story. Add eye-catching movement to your necklace with Ariel’s ball gown and complete your collection of aquatic treasures with seashell and starfish charms in sterling silver. #DISNEYxPANDORA #PANDORACharm #PANDORABracelet #PANDORA


Dive into the fascinating story of Princess Ariel with PANDORA Disney jewellery in sterling silver. Dress up your look with Ariel’s ball gown dangle and add a fresh touch to your bracelet with stunning Murano glass charms. #DISNEYxPANDORA #PANDORACharm #PANDORABracelet #PANDORA


Create stunning day-to-night looks with layered necklaces and stacked earrings. Start small with a long sterling silver chain and work your way up with more necklaces, chokers and charms. Top off the look with bohemian-inspired earrings and delicate ear cuffs. #PANDORARing #PANDORACharm #PANDORAEarrings #DOPANDORA


When it comes to timeless looks, sterling silver necklaces and boho-chic charms are a perfect pair. Pick your favourites from our range of feather-inspired designs and tassel dangles, all beautifully hand-finished. Some charms only available this season. #PANDORACharm #PANDORANecklace #DOPANDORA


This season, mix and match materials to your heart’s content. Go two-tone with timeless sterling silver and super feminine PANDORA Rose or combine cool metallics with leather bracelets in warm hues. #PANDORACharm #PANDORABracelet #DOPANDORA


Nothing catches the eye quite like this golden tan leather bracelet. No matter how you sport it – solo, stacked, with or without charms – it will add an elegant, boho-chic touch to your outfits. #PANDORACharm #PANDORABracelet #DOPANDORA


Let your personality shine through your jewellery à la @duni_cheri. Stack up your favourite sterling silver and leather bracelets and add a personal touch with layered necklaces, chokers and pendants. Ours are carefully crafted from high-quality materials. #PANDORANecklace #PANDORACharm #PANDORABracelet #DOPANDORA


Add a splash of colour to your jewellery collection with our new rainbow-inspired charms in sterling silver. Their dazzling cubic zirconia and mosaic-style mother of pearl will brighten your days for seasons to come. #PANDORACharm #DOPANDORA


Express your free spirit and positive feelings with our sterling silver dreamcatcher charm. Inspired by Native American dreamcatchers, this hand-finished masterpiece looks beautiful on necklaces and bracelets alike. Photo by @duni_cheri. #PANDORACharm #PANDORANecklace #DOPANDORA


Take your look effortlessly from day to night with colourful sterling silver tassel dangles. Style them with bracelets, necklaces and chokers to suit any occasion or just for a touch of fun. Tassel dangles only available this season. #PANDORACharm #PANDORABracelet #DOPANDORA


Look elegant with our dreamy new multi-colour Radiant Hearts charm. Embellished with a ravishing centre stone encircled by colourful miniature stones, its hand-finished details are simply eye-catching. Photo by @duni_cheri. #PANDORACharm #PANDORABracelet #DOPANDORA