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Photo by @medfordtaylor
‘Winter Birds’...Sweet Briar College campus, Virginia
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Photo by @robertclarkphoto // I met and photographed the #Ostrich while working on a story about the #OriginofBirds for @natgeo.
The common ostrich was originally described by Carl Linnaeus from Sweden in his 18th-century work, Systema Naturae under its current binomial name. Its scientific name is derived from Latin, struthio meaning "ostrich" and camelus meaning "camel", alluding to its dry habitat.


Photo by @joepetersburger / @thephotosociety // THE TINY BLUE // There are 3 or 4 blue tits (Cyanistes caeruleus) visiting our bird feeder regularly. It is set in front of the window of our living room in #Hungary. So they got use to our presence. Camera is on the outside ledge of the window. I am exposing remotely from inside in the warm room. A true luxury hide... They are extremely swift, so it is still a challenge to catch them in a good position. This male is just arriving to the feeder. No need to travel far away for fantastic experience. Travel less, discover your backyard, reduce your ecological footprint! Please #followme at @joepetersburger to keep up-to-date with my images!
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An endangered Yellow-billed Amazon Parrot feeds on an abundance of ripe nuts, Jamaica – Photo by Kevin Schafer – @schaferpho @natgeo // I am on the island of Jamaica all this week, tracking four species of rare and endangered birds, including this handsome parrot, and one critically endangered reptile. All are endemic, meaning they exist only in Jamaica and nowhere else on Earth, and all are threatened by the familiar recipe for island extinction: dramatic habitat loss, and both predation and competition from introduced species. My goal is to help draw attention to these animals and support efforts to preserve them. #jamaicabirds #wildparrots #birdsofinstagram #endangeredspecies


Photo by @gordonwiltsie Mountaineers Conrad Anker & Jon Krakauer ski below the Filchner Mountains in Queen Maud Land, #Antarctica where hurricane-force winds are launching long pennants of snowy spindrift. As one of the lead climbers for this February 1998 @natgeo cover story, @conrad_anker is currently back in Queen Maud Land en route to climbing other magnificent cliffs in the region. @krakauernotwriting #queenmaudland


Photo by @melissafarlow | Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument holds more than breathtaking views from a plane. It is one of the world’s most productive repositories of dinosaur bones dating to the Cretaceous. While on assignment for NatGeo magazine, I photographed a group of paleontologists focused on what they hoped were rare discoveries. In October scientists found a teratophoneus, a relative of T. rex. When uncovered, it appeared to be 80 percent intact making it the most complete tyrannosaur ever recovered in the American Southwest.
But also buried in Grand Staircase is about 9 billion tons of low sulphuric coal. President Trump acted to reduce the monument size and break it into pieces for possible resource extraction. Some of the researchers are suing in federal court to halt the move to protect future discoveries. NRDC, Utah Wilderness Alliance and 8 other conservation organizations including Sierra Club and The Wilderness Alliance are represented by Earthjustice. They are litigating to defend the environment in the national monuments. Patagonia put “The president stole your land” on their home page and linked to 19 conservation organizations taking a stand. @thephotosociety @natgeo @natgeocreative #conservation #nationalmonument #grandstaircase #utah


Photograph by @andyparkinsonphoto/@thephotosociety
Brown hare saying hi – Anyone who knows me or follows my page will know that I have a real passion for our native wildlife here in the UK, especially the lagomorphs which include brown hare, mountain hare and rabbit. This is a brown hare and much like the mountain hare posted a week ago this brown hare is having a bit of a wash and in the process showing off his enormous hind feet. Brown hares are substantially more challenging to work with than the ultra-confiding mountain hares and their preferred habitat of open lowland fields and flat agricultural land makes getting close to them especially challenging. As usual an intimate knowledge of the species, the location and their typical habits makes the process of achieving images significantly more feasible but they are still a species that can elude and frustrate. On this occasion I knew of a regular route that they would occasionally take a down a field margin and by using hedgerows, forests and thickets I was able to get myself into position unnoticed. From that point on it was all down to luck, even when it comes to which direction they might approach from. I’ve often ended up sneakily looking over my shoulder only to see one sitting a few feet behind me but in these instances I won’t even bother trying to turn around. Much better to simply try and melt into the ground, remain as unobtrusive as possible and hope that they meander past me and into a position where I can photograph them. The fact that this one is demonstrating such natural behaviour, even though I’m lying just a few feet away is testimony to the merits of this cautious and respectful approach and this can be summed up in one simple sentence. You cannot approach wildlife too slowly! Please #followme at @andyparkinsonphoto to keep up-to-date with my images @natgeo @andyparkinsonphoto @thephotosociety #brownhare #derbyshire #wildlife #phototips #ethicsbeforeimages #nature #naturelovers #wildlifeaddicts_ #animal_beauty #nature_brilliance #animalsonearth #exclusive_wildlife #majestic_wildlife_ #nature_brilliance #nationalanimals #majestic_wildlife_ #wildlifephotography


Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). A ruin in what was, #BearsEarsNationalMonument. On Monday December 4, 2017, President #Trump signed two proclamations, shrinking the size of Bears Ears by almost 85 percents and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument by nearly 50, fundamentally reshaping the two large national monuments.
The ancient double granary was created by the Ancestral Puebloans roughly a thousand years ago in southern Utah. The ruin is relatively unique for being both freestanding and for having no door. Even when you know that many travelers have come before you to these same ruins it still feels like an incredible adventure rounding the corner and seeing them for the first time. To see more images from Bears Ears follow @argonautphoto on assignment there.


Photo by @bethjwald // Kyrgyz men on horseback cross a broad, snow-covered valley above the frozen Chaqmaqtin Lake in the Little Pamirs of the Wakhan Corridor, a remote and isolated region of northeast Afghanistan. I am continuing this week my celebration of mountains, mountain environment and cultures with this photo from my archive taken on one of several trips to the Wakhan and Afghan Pamirs. A small population of Kyrgyz live a #nomadic life in high broad valleys, moving seasonally with herds of yaks, goats, sheep, camels and horses; they trade yak butter and milk with Wakhi farmers who grow grains and other crops in the lower valleys of the Wakhan, and with traders from Pakistan and from other parts of Afghanistan. It is a hard life and many Kyrgyz suffer from poverty, opium addiction and lack of education, but they also are proud of their culture, their ability to survive and their freedom on the “Bam-i-Dunya” or Roof of the World. Recognizing the beauty, the mountain ecosystems that support wildlife including snow leopard, bear, wolves, ibex and Marco Polo sheep, and the unique culture of the Wakhan District, the Afghan government declared the whole area a National Park in 2014. Dec 11 was the UN’s International Mountain Day but I am honoring it all week. We need more than a day to celebrate mountains and double-down on protecting their critical resources, the mountain ecosystems and diverse cultures that depend on them. Half the world’s population depends on waters that come from mountains and as the mountains warm and shed their ancient cloaks of ice and snow, all of humanity will be impacted. See my feed at @bethjwald for more images from this series! #internationalmountainday #Afghanistan #wakhancorridor #Afghanpamirs #Pamirs #Kyrgyz #nomad #mountainculture #Badakshan #roofoftheworld #bamidunya #nationalpark #onassignment #centralasia #pastoralist #nikonnofilter #nikon @thephotosociety @ilcp_photographers @natgeocreative


Photo by @florianschulzvisuals
When I look at this beautiful bald eagle, I see so much character and pride. No wonder it was made the national bird of the United States all the way back in 1782. It just has such an majestic look. I photographed this eagle in Alaska, where you find some of the largest eagles and the greatest abundance in the US. For a while bald eagles were not doing so well and were on the brink of extinction.At the end of the 20th century
there were only 400 breeding pairs left in the lower 48. The widely used pesticide DDT accumulated in eagles and caused them to lay eggs with
thinner shells that often broke, decimating the eagle population. Bald eagles received protection under the early version of the Endangered Species Act. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ordered a ban of the general use of DDT in 1972 and with several conservation efforts in parallel, bald eagles recovered until they were delisted in 2007 with around 10 000 breeding pairs. It is so important
that federal agencies like the EPA take environmental threats seriously and have the tools to protect wildlife and our environment. It is wonderful to see stories where we can turn things around! @natgeo @florianschulzvisuals @florianschulzproductions #conservation #EPA
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Photo by @camdavidsonphoto Wandering through Eastern Washington during the wheat harvest last year. to see more of my landscape and aerial photogrpahy, please follow: @camdavidsonphoto #washingtonstate #palouse #landscapephotography #blackandwhitephoto #sony #sonyrx1


Phone photo: @ivankphoto / A man from New York walks along Sand Dollar Beach, California, in late November, 2017. @runa_photos, @panospictures, #runaflirts