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Thank you @ryanmichaelkelly for this amazing short. I’m obsessed💕💕 also if you want these boots @patrickchurchny is a GENIUS 🙏🏾


She a lil rough around the edges fine , like Checkers fries


Come as you are.



Promise me you’ll give faith a fighting chance . And when you get the chance to sit out or dance- I hope you dance.


Mood today by @aerie


Homecoming. I was always the girl getting sent home for dress code . Often told I should dress modestly to not distract my male classmates. But never emphasized to them they should be able to respect a women no matter how she’s dressed. Born to a muslim family I’m definitely not what they expected. My momma use to always say “ this baby better be something cause she just can’t keep her clothes on 😂”. I’ve seen trends in magazines calling “ edgy designs” what I’ve been seeing inside here at the Slauson for years. One day I might wear camos and some sneakers but I also might be in Miami in a Gstring. We are all walking paradoxes and no one deserves to be judged or shamed💙



Gravitational Forces by @glassbook


Thank you @glassbook for this gravity defying editorial.


Yooo I’m dead @djsmilesdavis you definitely crazy for this😒😒😩


Ok y’all . Let’s have real conversations rolls. I often frame myself and I wanted to look based on the pics I post or delete and it makes me wonder why I don’t find myself beautiful when I’m not posed up or sucked in. Thru @aerie supporting me and using unretouched photos like this I’ve been forced to face my body dysmorphia head on. I’m all about a good angles sis but I just was thinking ...