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Little bea & Maddie


After spinning around the world 35 years it’s amazed me to realize that one of the biggest challenges I’ll ever face is learning to be me. It’s easy to believe personalities are us, who we are, but they’re more like masks. A device we’ve created to hide a part of us that doesn’t feel lovable. A shield to protect a part of us that maybe was harmed along the way.
It’s easier to love others and have empathy when we can understand that most of us are doing the same thing. It’s why these days when I meet someone what they do or even what they create is the least interesting part of their story, it’s not who they are.
I’m not good at it yet, my personality is thick and my mask has been on a long time. But it’s a journey and I’m grateful to even realize I’m wearing one ✨


Driving atvs around a 10,000 acre ranch with some dear friends made my heart sing. Best day out on the road yet


My happy place is a field without a fence


Be impeccable with your word. Don’t take anything personally. Don’t make assumptions. Always do your best.


Pumped to be traveling through Wyoming this week ✨ got plenty of fish to catch and camp fires to watch 😊


Light is the messenger of life ✨


Sittin’ in a river is a physical reminder that we don’t have to force change in our lives, we just have to surrender. When we finally let go, when we hold life loosely, is an attitude of willingness and humility. Some of my favorite people in the world have lived through the 12 steps of recovery. There’s a unique light to be seen in a soul thats hit rock bottom. One that’s had to surrender to a higher power. I guess what I’m saying is that those sort of folks are my tribe. Seems like they get me too.
So here’s to collecting dimes for gas and barefoot living ✨


Where’s tha speckly dog?! This one doesn’t like fireworks either.
Feels nice to be In Boulder for a few. To take a rest, and a shower, so the world doesn’t smell us coming. 🙈


We out here doing neat stuff mom! My dear friend Garrett & I are finally out on the road shooting this crazy wild idea TV show idea we’ve had for a minute. It could be huge! But we’re also alright if it’s real small...because we’ll always have this expensive camera to pay for and doggie tripod to keep. Oh and all the memories!
But I do hope y’all push into a creative idea this season that you’ve felt nervous about. Truly, growth that is meant for the soul is on the other side of something that’s uncomfortable and not easy.


This place! Being on the water is home to me. Wonderful second day on the lake for @DiscoverBoating. Prob one of the best purchases I made was this doggy life jacket for Maddie. She just floats around all day now 😊


My granddaddy’s farm was a stones throw from the Trent River in coastal North Carolina. A sort of brackish river that flows into the Atlantic. Every time I find a swimming hole I think about being back there. Around rows of tobacco and soy.
I hope talks summer is full of love. We’re feeling so good out here ✨