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My best pal @reallykindofamazing has been on a vintage tear recently and just found this amazing rug! I love it so much. I don’t think he’s letting go of this one but a bunch of his collection is over on his Etsy. ⁣

A few of us in the photo world have been feeling slightly burnt out on creating images for the past few, I mean I’ve been at IG for nearly a decade and shooting professionally since 2005! And before that I was a photo major in 2001! Phew. It’s been amazing and wonderful but also exhausting. Even a one degree shift like my pal getting into vintage hunting feels like new life. My heart is deep for photography but I’m on the hunt for that new fire too. I’m thinking it might look like a fly fishing reel ✨


Theron Humphrey

Being in California makes me day dream about The Grapes of Wrath, I can almost just barley feel that journey all those Okies took down Route 66 in the hot sun. In all their hard days I hope they found a few sunsets filled with little moments like this. ⁣

The story of Okies migrating to California is a long and winding one that I can’t type out fully here, I figure most of y’all wizzing by on daily scrolling would nod off! But I can simply say at the time Okies migrants were met with disdain (once the crops were harvested, or too many showed up) but ultimately they injected California with a needed shot of culture. ⁣

You can thank an Okie today for that beautiful country music that came out of California. Like Merle Haggard to Jon Pardi today ✨


Theron Humphrey

Grateful to be back on life’s journey with my dear friend @jaredchambers. The way this guy sees the world is a gift and him being around makes life better. ⁣And I’m grateful to give him a giant rolling ladder for his amazing photographs. ⁣

If anyone bumps into this caption I do have a small encouragement today: take a moment a look at yourself in a mirror, look into your own eyes, and tell yourself everything you need to hear. I tell myself that I am enough, I love you, you deserve love.⁣⁣
I promise you that’s not easy to do but it drops me to my knees every time. When we finally love ourselves we can love others deeply ✨⁣


Theron Humphrey

Enjoyed the creative freedom on this project with @Walmart and @BlueBuffalo, and for sure always enjoy the process of capturing Maddie in her element. And I’m def still digging the curb side grocery pickup. Make your order online, pick a time, swing by and grab it. Works great for us! #sponsored #BlueBuffalo #WalmartGroceryPickup


Theron Humphrey

I like when photography can feel more like a poem scribbled down than a documentation of facts. When the light hits the world just right at the end of the day how can I not feel Andrew Wyeth and Steinbeck right there with me?


Theron Humphrey

The other night I was wandering down Abbot Kinney heard someone yell my full name out a car window, which felt weird cause folks normally yell Maddie! Or holler at my pal @reallykindofamazing thinking he’s me. But it was my dear friend @amyrad! It’s neat how pathways intersect in the universe when they are suppose to ⁣

Way back back in 2012 I randomly crossed paths with Amy in Arizona when I was out shooting a 50 state documentary. We’ve been pals since and I deeply enjoy her presence. She’s been a model in a bunch of projects I’ve shot over the years and it’s always a joy to see her. ⁣

She doesn’t have a cell phone plan so it’s crazy hard to find her, but if wanna be intentional it’s best to just wander around and let the universe connect ya ✨


Theron Humphrey

Morning commute ✨


Theron Humphrey

Been a wild ride for my wild heart but I made it to 36! Feels like I only started to wake up 2 years ago, took awhile to find me. If you want to give us anything today give yourself love, gentleness, and healing. I kept that good stuff away from me for way too many years and life is a lot better when you let it in. What protected us as children often doesn’t serve us well today. Trust me, that journey of connecting mind and heart is worth it ✨⁣

What are we up to today? Eating banana pudding and pitching TV shows. Feels strange to type that (not the banana pudding, that’s my birthday cake) because I feel like the least LA person ever. But I’m ready to do something totally different and challenging. And if you swirl in the creative world you know everyone is quick with a No but it’s good to put it on the line 🌵⁣

Here’s sweet reverence all my loved ones


Theron Humphrey

It’s easy for me to let gentleness slip away, especially towards myself. Feels like that’s why Maddie is so important in my life, feels good to be loved ✨⁣

If you’ve never made it Malibu is one of the most magical places in the country. And by all the traffic everyone else feels the same way. But it’s still worth it.


Theron Humphrey

When your best friend brings you the best beer 🦄⁣

Spending our summer adventuring out West with this delicious new lager (truly a big fan of it) from my friends at @BallastPointBrewing. I highly recommend taking a bite from a grapefruit and then trying this one, stumbled into that combo and it’s a gem. This easy drinking and refreshing craft brew is the quintessential beer for your summer activities ✨ #BallastPointPartner #For21+


Theron Humphrey

It’s official! It’s summer🏝


Theron Humphrey

Catching that last bit of light with my pals ✨