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Timothy Sykes

For the past few months I’ve been busy working on a new @karmagawa project called @savethereef in which our team visited and documented the coral reefs in 7 different countries because sadly roughly half of the world’s reefs have already died and the rest are expected to die by 2050 so we need to spread awareness about the urgent issue and share potential solutions to this problem before it’s too late. Most people don’t think coral reefs apply to them, but they’re wrong since reefs are crucial to the survival of marine life and it’s that marine life, not trees, that create the majority of the oxygen we breathe. So, if you like breathing and living you should care about coral reefs, go follow @savethereef and get excited for our upcoming documentary that’s premiering in mid-June! These photos by the great photographer @micahniinuma are from our Belize trip which consisted of @amirzakeri @justinkalaniburbage @lorenzo_underwater and myself staying st the fantastic @hamanasi_resort and exploring this magical place where the reefs are actually healthy due to the fact that Belize banned offshore oil drilling just over a year ago and the environment has benefitted greatly! Many people have told us to give up on the reefs and the environment and accept the world for what its become, but my mom always taught me the world is what we make of it…SO NO, WE WILL NOT GIVE UP and we will do EVERYTHING possible to get more people to realize how important this issue is as Belize is living proof that if we make even the slightest bit of changes, Mother Nature is resilient and it can regenerate so there is still hope…we just need to get our act together before it’s too damn late! #savethereef #karmagawa #jewblue #jewishaquaman


Timothy Sykes

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, the absolute best mom in the world who I literally owe everything to! She worked so hard and sacrificed so much to raise me right so it’s my goal every day to be the most honest, hard-working and caring man that she taught me to be. I’ve been so blessed in my life and while I’m grateful for it all, it’s my proudest accomplishment of all to be able to treat my mom and dad to the life they deserve after all the incredible things they have done for me over the years and now so many of our students too (many people don’t know this, but my mom, dad and I are a family business)! I love you soooooo much mom, thank you for who you are and everything you’ve done for me and taught me, you truly are the best and I’ll always try to make you proud! Love, Tim #happymothersday #ilovemymom #jewmoms


Timothy Sykes

I’m here testing out the new @stockstotrade mobile app in the Faroe Islands while eating SO MUCH incredible food on my latest @the.hungry.tourist trip all while working out nonstop and getting swole too! Just kidding, this is the windiest place on Earth so I look like a giant inflatable doll, but the better news is that the @stockstotrade mobile app actually works well here which is crazy — major props to the STT team for getting it done and to the Faroe Islands for your solid wifi literally everywhere! Not to mention look at that insane #waterfall behind me, this place is #droneparadise so I have to get @samkolder here to continue his training to become the next @johnny_fpv or better yet maybe they can both come next time and fight to the death, the loser has to jump off this cliff while the other one drones the jump...hmmmmm, good idea, right? Oooooooo yeah I am feeling creative here, in true #jewswithviews fashion! Thanks for the photo @megkoh maybe Android isn’t that bad after all :) #faroeislands #workfromanywhere #swolejew


Timothy Sykes

I wish I could say I am celebrating here due to a big win on a trade in the stock market, but it’s the weekend and my @stockstotrade software is closed. I’m actually just very excited that I figured out how to watch the new Game of Thrones episode on my laptop just a few hours from now, woooohooo! Swipe right to see me struggling with this issue for far too long before my eventual victory :) #laptoplifestyle #gameofthrones #jewswithviews


Timothy Sykes

WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TRY THIS ON YOUR OWN, FOOD TASTING VIDEOS CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS! A few weeks ago, I met legendary foodie @migrationology on a @the.hungry.tourist trip to Thailand and Sri Lanka and I figured I could create my own foodie tasting videos just like Mark and David do nearly every day…it couldn’t be that hard, right? This video is my attempt at doing what they do, but as you’ll see it’s not as easy as they make it look and this endeavor can actually be very hazardous to your health as I burned my finger and tongue pretty badly trying the curry puffs at one of the best Hawker centers (aka food courts) in Singapore. PS once I treated my burns and the curry puffs cooled down, they were the absolutely the best bites I had here, definitely visit one of these food courts next time you’re in Singapore…just be very careful :) #foodiesofinstagram #dangerous #jewfood


Timothy Sykes

It’s the weekend and the stock market is closed, but I’m SO excited for the free webinar with 3 multi-millionaires this coming Tuesday on April 30th so I’m on my laptop sending emails and making video lessons to get the word out so you don’t miss out on this special one time free event. I’ve even changed the link in my bio with all the details so go check this out because this event is 100% FREE and I cannot remember the last time such high profile legends like Tony Robbins gave anything like this away FOR FREE. I’ll also be tuning in on Tuesday and taking notes because even though I’ve been successfully trading in the stock market for 20+ years, and teaching now for 10+ years, these 3 multi-millionaires who have teamed up for this free one time webinar event are truly people I look up to and I know everyone who attends will learn so much so I’m excited...leave a comment below if you’re going to tune in too, just be ready to learn some weird ass strategies because the key to becoming a millionaire is testing, testing, testing and trying out everythingggg and seeing what works best for you! #ilovemyjob #proudteacher #edjewcation #jewswithviews


Timothy Sykes

Today is #earthday where we celebrate/demonstrate our support for environmental protection; go see my charity @karmagawa and @savethereef accounts to learn about the issues facing our planet, but I’m posting here about the recent bombing attacks in Sri Lanka that has so far killed 290 people and injured 500+ more, because not enough people are talking about this tragedy AT ALL…in fact, Sri Lanka currently has a social media blackout in effect and my local friends there can’t even post about what’s happening! Given that I recently spent nearly a week in this magnificent country just a few weeks ago on a @the.hungry.tourist trip, I’m currently in communication with my local friends on the ground there who are thankfully okay, and because I stayed in the beautiful Shangri-La Hotel that was bombed in Colombo, I take this situation VERY personally. After all, Sri Lanka is a truly incredible place, their people are so warm and friendly (they also have the best crab I’ve ever had) and they are a part of our Earth and the devastation they’re facing is due to this violent environment that’s poisoning our entire planet...I call it global killing.

Swipe right on all the photos I’m posting and you’ll see a graph of the number of terrorist incidents worldwide over the past 40 years and the recent spiking is VERY very similar to our global warming/environmental issues and the worst part is that the vast majority of people just accept all of this bad news as just a part of the “sad world” in which we live. Well, I don’t because I was raised to believe that the world is what we make it so I’m doing what I can to help with @savethereef and @karmagawa and stay tuned for my plans to help lessen violence in the world too because no matter our background, race, religion or nationality, WE ARE ALL HUMAN AND THIS SENSELESS KILLING MUST STOP! I’ll have more details of my plans soon, but for now please share this post and help remind your followers about the ugliness that’s happening in the world right now and it’s our duty NOT to look away, but to recognize it and try to help protect each other and our earth. #earthday2019 #stoptheviolence


Timothy Sykes

Thank you for all the birthday well wishes, I’m sitting here on my layover on my latest crazy travel day thinking about how grateful I am for all my students and now the @karmagawa and @savethereef peeps all over the world so while I SERIOUSLY do not want you to get me anything for my birthday, do me a favor and go follow @savethereef so you can learn about why saving our oceans/marine life is such a crucial cause (that is, if you like breathing) and also go to http://karmagawa.com and grab some charity merch and then tag me and @karmagawa in pics/videos of you wearing it so we’re not just raising money to build more schools and help more animals, you’re also helping me spread awareness on social media about these important causes which is key to getting everyone to work TOGETHER to make this a better world! #sograteful #ilovemyjob #jewsonthemove


Timothy Sykes

Tomorrow is my birthday so this is my last #laptoplifestyle photo in a pool that I will ever post as I’ve now matured past these little stunts...just kidding, this actually is my life and I absolutely love trading stocks using @stockstotrade no matter where in the world I am. Not to mention it’s too much fun seeing the worried looks I get from people around me who are afraid I’m gonna drop my laptop in the water! (Although sadly I have dropped a few in my day aka I’m laptop enemy #1!) But on a serious note I’m SO grateful to each and every one of my followers, students and the entire @karmagawa and @savethereef communities too as we’re going to shock all the doubters and change the world in the coming years by working TOGETHER! Too many people look down on social media, but that narrow-mindedness will not define us nor the future...we WILL make this a far better planet for ourselves, our children and our children’s children so dream big and stay tuned as we’re just getting started so these are exciting times! #grateful #happybirthdaytojew


Timothy Sykes

Repost from @karmagawa BREAKING: Canada’s annual cruel commercial seal slaughter has opened and will turn Canada’s East Coast bloody with the carcasses of baby seal pups with 97% of the pups being less than three months old! The Canadian government actually regulates these barbaric hunts where seals are killed with wooden clubs, hakapiks (large ice-pick-like clubs) and guns — and the killing process is demonstrably cruel because the main sealskin processing plant in Canada deducts $2 from the price they pay for the skins for each bullethole they find, therefore sealers are loath to shoot seals more than once. This seal hunt on the East Coast is not to be confused with the Inuit hunt in the North that provides food, clothing and other necessities of life, while this hunt is cruel, unnecessary and wasteful as according to Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans, 92% of the meat from this annual hunt goes wasted. Please share this post with your followers, tag people who need to see it and follow @hsiglobal @peta and @action4ifaw to learn what you can do to help end this barbarism! #savetheseals #seallove #karmagawa


Timothy Sykes

Recently I’ve been traveling all over the world for my @savethereef documentary being produced by @karmagawa that will debut in June for #worldoceanday as this picture/video was taken in the amazing #whitsundays islands in #australia a few weeks ago (I was using @stockstotrade to research the best stocks as the US stock market is only open at night in Australia), this week the @savethereef team and I are staying at the beautiful @hamanasi_resort in #belize since this country has banned offshore oil drilling to protect its reef and marine life — which other countries could REALLY learn from — and while most people don’t think the #coralreef applies to them, our upcoming documentary directed by the man @amirzakeri will open EVERYONE’S eyes because the reefs are much more important to our survival than you think. This is also your #dailyreminder to build your own dream life and for me that involves trading stocks, teaching, charity and travel, but if you #studyhard and #workhard and become an expert in whatever you are most passionate about and then make enough money to earn your freedom, you can spend ALL your time focused on whatever you want and you never have to “work” a day in your life! I cannot tell you how great a feeling it is to build your own dreams, not someone else’s, so I hope to inspire you to do this too, no bullshit college degree or 9-5 job required! Just realize becoming successful is damn tough, so if you do take this path be ready to #pushyourself and #challengeyourself more than you ever have and if you want me to mentor you I will, not to be your friend, but to be the toughest damn teacher you have EVER had! #ilovemyjob #proudteacher #iwillteachjew


Timothy Sykes

⚠WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES⚠ Roughly half of the world’s reefs have recently died and 90% are expected to die by 2050, and on top of that we are killing marine life at a faster pace than at any other time in the history of the world...something must change or else our oceans and all marine life will go extinct in our lifetimes or our children’s lifetimes. And that’s when the real consequences will set in as reefs are essential for marine life and marine life is responsible for the majority of the oxygen we need to breathe in order to survive...that’s right, if the oceans die, then we as a species die so that’s why we at @karmagawa created the @savethereef movement and need your help in reaching more people because there’s literally no time to waste in spreading massive awareness about this problem as too few people know about it and mistakenly believe reefs and marine life aren’t very important! They couldn’t be more wrong, but they need to be educated about the issue and that’s what we are here to do...along with making donations to great charities like @coralgardeners @gbrlegacy and @reef_restoration_foundation as we’ve already donated $90,000 to those three groups, but it’s just the start as the good news is that right now there’s still time to act before it’s too late because reefs and marine life can regenerate with just a little help from us humans. Stay tuned for our full documentary feature directed by @amirzakeri coming this summer, but for now please share this video with your followers, tag people in the comments who need to see it and please encourage everyone you know to also follow @savethereef as we can make this planet better BY WORKING TOGETHER! Also, see the many great people tagged in this post as we couldn’t have done this video without them, just like we’re going to need your help to truly fix this urgent problem before it will be too late in just a few years! #saveouroceans #karmagawa #savethereef