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Toast is a King Charles puppymill rescue. She has no teeth like a cute hobo. Puppy PR by @the12ishstyle ORDER MY BOOK🕶️TOASTHAMPTON👙

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Heaven has a new star tonight. We’re heartbroken to share the news that Toast has passed. This puppymill rescue had an exceptional life. She wrote a book, had a televised wedding, appears on billboards across the country promoting rescue and modeled for an international eyewear campaign. But above all, she was a best friend, a world champion little spoon...but she was far from being an angel. Toast was often a little devil. Grabbing rolls of toilet paper off and dragging them into the living room for a snack. Peeing whenever/wherever she wanted to. Pretending not to be able to jump on the couch because she just wanted a ride. And snoring like a 400lb trucker.
In the next few weeks we will be doing tributes for her. If Toast has inspired you or taught you about rescue please consider donating to the link in the bio. 100% off the donations will go to her three favorite charities.
If you would like to show your love for Toast and the tongue that will never be forgotten, please post a photo using #ToastMeetsHeaven so we can see. Toast loved meeting fans at meet ups and on the streets. She knew she was loved and adored by people around the globe and we are so grateful to have known her. Our hearts will eventually heal knowing that she will live on forever in people’s hearts ❤️ her account will live on as a place to watch her siblings @muppetsrevenge and @underpantsthedog as well as to support rescue efforts near and dear to Toast’s heart #toastmeetsheaven


Snow is cool...but I prefer sand. #lovesummerhateeverythingelse #toasthampton #imisssummer


Happy #SantaCon b’s, good luck out there. I’ll be inside eating cookies bye.


Break the rules this weekend 💥


Please don’t buy a puppy for Christmas😢 All of these dogs need home and the rescue that is taking so many pups from Miami animal shelter and from puppymills needs help with food and supplies! To donate to their Amazon Wish List, Head to the bio. To rescue one of these pups or sign up to a foster contact @truenorthrescuemission 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶


Sunday Morning Toast.


For Christmas this year, I hope these two learn how to pose properly #amateurhour


Everyday’s a runway


I’m Reaadddddyyyyyyy!!!!


Me pretending to care


Further proof that this holiday is all about me #nationalfrenchtoastday