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Harajuku Japan

Hiroki (@oirahiroki) is a Japanese model we often see around the streets of Harajuku. Here, he’s wearing mostly resale pieces including a vintage leather jacket, color block pants, Champion waist bag, and Adidas paint splattered sneakers.


Harajuku Japan

Married Japanese couple Masao (@masaunti) and Takako (@takahira1027) - well known personalities in the Tokyo street fashion scene - on the street in Harajuku wearing colorblock looks with items from Punk Cake Vintage, Cross Colours, Dr. Martens, Kinji Resale, and Sometimes Store.


Harajuku Japan

Japanese designer TKM Freedom (@All_Knowing_Nothing) on the street in Harajuku wearing a handmade avant-garde style with metal tubing, sports padding, faux fur, and platform heels.


Harajuku Japan

18-year-old Japanese student Hikaru (@hikaru_superman) on the street in Harajuku. He’s wearing a vintage marching band jacket from San To Nibun No Ichi with Pink House pants and Nike sneakers.


Harajuku Japan

Shiryu (@shiryupondan) and Ken (@ken.ahr) - both 18 years old - on the street in Harajuku wearing fashion by Broke City Gold (the denim x kimono jacket), Tripp NYC, Marithe + Francois Girbaud, New Order x Dr. Martens, Fendi, Cote Mer, and Sublime.


Harajuku Japan

11-year-old Japanese student Yuki (@kiyu.princess) on the street in Harajuku wearing a kawaii outfit by the famous Japanese lolita fashion brand Baby, The Stars Shine Bright.


Harajuku Japan

18-year-old Japanese fashion students Erina (@mmpoteto4745) and Bien (@beepastell) near Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo wearing colorful looks with items from Kobinai, Romantic Standard, Punk Cake, New York Joe, ME Harajuku, and Never Mind the XU.


Harajuku Japan

19-year-old Keito (@keito10899) and 18-year-old Akihiro (@akihiro_421) on the street in Harajuku wearing a Rick Owens leather jacket and a vintage leather jacket with items by 99%IS-, 666, and Dr. Martens.


Harajuku Japan

18-year-old Japanese student Yuri (@vvvx___x) on the street in Harajuku wearing twin tails with a red and black outfit featuring a lace choker, a pleated ruffle top over belted dress, patchwork bag, and platform booties.


Harajuku Japan

Tokyo fashion students Ibu (@buibuibui____) and Banana (@banana__0113) on the street in Shibuya wearing mostly vintage fashion including items from Elcasion, Fjallraven Kanken, George Cox, and Gucci.


Harajuku Japan

Japanese fashion college students Reiri (@twintail.g__) and Niina (@i_am_niina_217) on the street in Tokyo wearing a mix of vintage, new, and handmade fashion including items from WEGO, RRR Harajuku, and Dr. Martens.


Harajuku Japan

Japanese fashion students Rin (@_dontdefinemykawaii her Instagram name is "Don’t Define My Kawaii") and Dai (@dai.071518) on the street in Tokyo wearing fashion from Faith Tokyo, Gallerie Tokyo, Marine Serre, Kirsch, Bershka, Guess, and Yosuke.