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Harajuku Japan

Miu on the street in Harajuku wearing a handmade street style that includes fox ears, a headpiece, kimono, and boots.


Harajuku Japan

Neo Tokyo (@social_emotional_neo_tokyo) on the street in Harajuku wearing a a barbed wire necklace with a Jouetie puffer jacket, a graphic tee, orange strap pants, an H&M bucket bag, and Vans sneakers.


Harajuku Japan

18-year-old Japanese beauty school student Kenshin (@shanqikenshin) on the street in Harajuku wearing a Comme Des Garcons jumpsuit with a Dior Homme necktie, a Sou Sou belt bag, and Sou Sou tabi shoes.


Harajuku Japan

We often see Japanese gothic lolita Yukachin (@yukachindayo21) on the street in Harajuku. Her look here features a handmade headpiece, Putumayo cape, Algonquins top, Gothic Lolita Punk skirt, ruffle legwarmers, Yosuke platforms, and a plush animal bag.


Harajuku Japan

20-year-old Japanese beauty school student Rena (@lenam_gram) on the street in Harajuku with a two-tone shaved hairstyle, Moussy leopard print coat, Evris leather skirt, YSL studded bag, and Getta Grip boots.


Harajuku Japan

Beautiful traditional Japanese furisode kimono on the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo. Monday was Coming of Age Day 2019 in Japan. On this holiday, Japanese women and men who are turning 20 years old celebrate entering adulthood. Dressed in kimono (or suits for many men), the young adults attend an official government ceremony in the morning, and then celebrate with friends and family late into the evening. Please join us in saying Congratulations to all of the young adults we met on the street in Shibuya!! We've got a lot more Coming of Age Day kimono photos to post, so check back soon for more.


Harajuku Japan

Gender queer Japanese creator Riku (@kaeri_gram) on the street in Harajuku wearing a top and fuzzy cardigan from Jouetie with GVGV pants, a vintage handbag, and Dr. Martens boots.


Harajuku Japan

20-year-old Japanese student Mika (@oreo.oreo.m) on the street in Harajuku wearing an oversized Rick Owens puffer coat with an Aries top, Yohji Yamamoto Y’s skirt, Dirk Bikkembergs handbag, and Petrosolaum shoes.


Harajuku Japan

Japanese art student Chami (@chami8725) on the street in Harajuku wearing colorful makeup, a sheer kimono with bird artwork by Takenoko, an ACDC Rag top, WC Harajuku pants, WEGO winged boots, a bag and accessories from 6%DOKIDOKI, plus Claire’s items.


Harajuku Japan

Japanese college student Shun (@madonna.77768) on the street in Harajuku wearing a white Maison Margiela faux fur coat with Haider Ackermann pants, Golden Goose high tops, and a silver Golden Goose clutch bag.


Harajuku Japan

18-year-old Japanese student Syuta (@syutafukano) on the street in Harajuku wearing a vintage suit over a Gucci shirt, leopard bucket hat and leopard belt as choker necklace, DIY safety pin accessories, leather gloves, a Diesel belt, and Gucci loafers.


Harajuku Japan

Japanese model Risa (@ri.ooo_saa) on the street in Harajuku wearing a Versace sweater with Gallerie Tokyo high waist metallic pants, Hare heeled boots, and a Cub Run tote bag.