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Would you take a drive in a Tesla Model 3?
Step inside Tesla’s brand new model and journey with us as we take it for a very, very long drive across New York.
Watch the full video on now | Link in bio
Photographer: Jeremy Cliff
Featuring: Jack Rix
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No amount of words can do the N24 justice, so here are many pictures captured by photographer Mark Riccioni instead.
There’s no race quite like the Nürburgring 24 hours. Like a rough and ready music festival crossed with an endurance race, it’s about so much more than the 24 hours of racing that’s the centrepiece. Many locals rock up a week beforehand to build huge structures in which to camp, party and perhaps watch a bit of racing.
Click through the album above and then try in vain to resist booking a trip to next year’s event…
For the full gallery of even more moments from the Nordschleife head to
Photography: Mark Riccioni | @bilstein_inside
Words: Stephen Dobie
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I try to fathom how my life has led me to this particular moment, stood in a dusty car park in Pune, India, surrounded by cameras and slightly disappointed faces, and can’t. So let’s start from the start, where we find an acorn of an idea. Early 2017, and Peugeot has just purchased the rights to the Ambassador name from Hindustan in a deal worth around £9m. The Hindustan Ambassador, if you’re not familiar, is the car that got India rolling – based on the Morris Oxford and built between 1948 and 2014, it received various mechanical upgrades over the years, but kept the same delightfully old-fashioned three-box body.
Where once they choked India’s cities, now, just four years after production ceased, Ambassadors are rarer than McDonald’s Szechuan sauce, used only by a handful of nostalgic private owners and government officials. I digress. The point is Peugeot’s acquisition sparked a memory, a recollection of elephants and sledgehammers and a stirring Indian soundtrack. You may recall a Peugeot 206 advert first shown in 2003, where an Indian chap takes a shine to the 206, so he sets about smashing and crushing a Hindustan Ambassador with the help of a large animal, a wall and various tools until it’s an approximation of the 206… at which point he drives around town grinning like a dog with two appendages.
Can a Hindustan Ambassador really be reborn as a Peugeot? Yep, and we've got the advert to prove it | Read the full story and watch the video at
Words: Jack Rix
Photography: Rowan Horncastle | @rowan_topgear
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McLaren phoned up. “We’re going to send someone down to show you the ropes, tell you what’s what, give it a bit of a demo run for you”. Someone, in other words, to hold my hand, someone to make sure I don’t sling £2 million worth of race-bred, track-ready hypercar into the wall at Turn 1 on the Red Bull Ring (far more likely to be Turn 3, actually – the downhill braking zone there is an utter nightmare). “Anyway,” the voice continued – and I could tell he was building up to something here, “Bruno Senna will be flying into…”
I can’t remember what was said after that, other than I felt slightly dazed as I walked back up the office to tell my colleagues that McLaren was sending a driving instructor out to impart some tips.

Read the full story at

Words: Ollie Marriage
Photography: Rowan Horncastle and Richard Pardon

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“More valuable than rubies in the desert,” Lawrence of Arabia noted of his nine-strong fleet of Rolls-Royces, modified to handle the brutal theatre of war he operated in. His personal car was called Blue Mist (he’s said to have commandeered it from its owner after spotting it outside a Cairo nightclub); others were open-bed tender vehicles, and several were armoured. During his legendary campaign against the Ottoman Turks, none ever broke down.

A century later, Rolls has different reasons for being in the Middle East, newly armed with a high-minded manifesto for its all-terrain ‘high-bodied’ vehicle. “Our answer to history, to the visionaries, adventurers, explorers and those who believe in the supremacy of liberty is the Rolls-Royce Cullinan,” CEO Torsten Müller Ötvös says. (Rather than rubies, the name references the biggest rough-cut blue diamond ever found.) Read the full story of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV at now

Words: Jason Barlow
Photography: @alexhowephoto
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Does Britain make the best cars in the world today?

We start off the only way we can, with the brand new 503bhp Aston Martin Vantage taking on an epic roadtrip around the mountains of Morocco.
Followed next by late-night testing in the prototype McLaren Senna: a car delivering 789bhp and capable of 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds. Time for a shakedown on Surrey’s worst roads.

Next up is a closer look at the altogether terrifying Land Rover Defender Works V8 – the original workhorse updated here with a 5.0-litre V8 under the bonnet. That means 400bhp. In a Defender. Yikes.

And much more... this month’s brand new issue of Top Gear Magazine celebrates home-grown talent across many genres.
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An entire magazine dedicated to the most thrilling carmaker in the world? You got it.
There’s a reason Ferrari is still the most-loved brand in the motoring world, and it’s not just the beauty of the machines that attracts the masses – no other manufacturer builds such consistently brilliant engines as Ferrari.
Celebrate the best of #Ferrari with #TopGear magazine's special issue on sale now


#TheStig, Lightning McQueen, Mater and Cruz Ramirez… in glorious @LEGO animation! Watch the full video on now. Link in bio >> #cars3 #LEGO #pixarcars #disneypixar #disneypixarcars #legogram #legofan #legojuniors #lightningmcqueen #thestig #stig #topgear #carsofinstagram


What's more fun than drifting on an ice lake in a modern Porsche? Doing it in an old one... #TopGear takes to the ice in the new Porsche 911 GT3 and a Tuthill-prepared Porsche 912. Read the full story on now. Link in bio >> #Porsche #icedriving #drift #Sweden #carsofinstagram


Sixty years ago, when beautiful, lightweight racing cars were in vogue, even Skoda had a go.
My left jean leg is sodden. My palms are blistered, my backside is crippled with cramp, and the fingers I can still feel are riddled with chilblains. And yet, despite a list of uncomfortable injuries that’d have Anastasia Steele on the phone to HR, I’m having the time of my life. Great cars can do that for you. If they’re making an indelible mark on your memories in addition to ruining your hands and trousers, they’re pretty much forgiven.
Driving Skoda’s rare 1958 prototype racer | Read the full story at
Words: @olliekew
Photography: Manufacturer
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“Did you see that, that’s insane…”
#TopGear episode 6: a flying Stelvio, #Alpine drifting and a trip to the @officialwrc in Monte Carlo.

@mleblanc, @harrismonkey and @mrroryreid head to Burghley Horse Trials and @harrismonkey puts the Alpine A110 to the ultimate test.

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@mleblanc, @harrismonkey and @mrroryreid partake in Top Gear's #SUV showdown at the home of Burghley Horse Trials.
Sunday, 8pm BBC Two.
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