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Travis Burke

There is something special about standing among waterfalls, towering granite cliffs, deep valleys, and the ancient sequoia trees. Yosemite was the first place I took a camera and ultimately the reason I fell in love with photography.
Huge thanks to @smartwool for making this trip out to Yosemite possible. It was great to explore some of my favorite areas of the park with @whitneyljames a few weeks back before the first snow storm!
It’s also always extremely humbling to get out on a highline a couple thousand feet above the valley floor in the birthplace of slacklining itself! #gofarfeelgood
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Travis Burke

I’m 33ft (10m) below the surface, backed into a tight corner with a wall of spiny sea urchins inches from my body, my mind bouncing between fear, camera settings, and the elegance of @jillyfish831 - all while trying to ignore my body’s signs that my one breath of air is running out.

I’ve always been attracted to things that push me mentally and physically. When I was a child, water would pour into my ears as a result of an ear surgery. It took me years to overcome my fear of water, even trying to touch the bottom of the pool didn’t seem possible.
Freediving became a goal of mine over the last few years and after a ton of research, training, and help from friends, I am stoked to be able to explore parts of the world that very few people get to see and share some of those experiences with all of you!
QUESTION- Should I post more black and white images? I love shooting in B&W but always hesitate to share them here.
Thank you again for all of your continued support!
#freediving #hawaii #blackandwhite


Travis Burke

I woke up at 4:30am yesterday to catch the first snowfall in Yosemite Valley.
It was 10°F (-12°C) but absolutely beautiful to witness El Capitan and the Merced River under the light of the small crescent moon.
A lot of you were asking for my camera setting on my Stories today, so here they are-
Shutter Speed- 25 seconds.
Aperture- f/4.
ISO- 6400.

Let me know if you have any questions!
#yosemite #nightphotography #camerasettings #yosemitenationalpark


Travis Burke

Drove up to Yosemite last night to catch the first snowfall with my good friend Quin- @everchanginghorizon.
I love how he always has a different approach to places, like taking his paddle board out in below freezing conditions (he was out there cruising around for almost an hour). Check out his feed for the video and all kinds of other epic content!
#yosemite #snow #paddleboarding #yosemitenationalpark


Travis Burke

😂 Who’s ready for winter?? ... I thought I was, but maybe not haha.
Fun session last year, thanks for catching this moment @kylor 🙌🏼
#happyfriday #kookoftheday #youwinsomeyoulosesome


Travis Burke

I love the fact that there are so many different ways to see and experience the landscapes around us!
This weekend I was stoked to have the opportunity to try something new and link up with @polarisadventures to rip around the desert and access places outside of Zion National Park that I had never been to before.
Definitely something to add to the bucket list as an epic way to cover lots of ground and reach even more beautiful and remote locations!
#zionnationalpark #coralpinksanddunes #polaris #utah


Travis Burke

A few days ago we arrived at this incredible location after hiking through some of the most beautiful and untouched canyons I have ever seen in the Southwest. I’ve been extensively traveling through the Western U.S. for 6 years and love the fact that I’m still finding new places like this.
@reyannemustafa and I had a blast and were impressed that we didn’t see a single piece of trash or a single human the whole day!
Out of respect for the locals and the landscape, I’ve decided not to give the exact location of this spot, but the Southwest in general has some of my favorite landscapes and National Parks in the country I encourage all of you to explore this area if you have the opportunity.
Get out there!
#southwest #adventure #explore #nothavasupai


Travis Burke

A week ago we braved the cold and scored this incredible camping spot in Yosemite all to ourselves!
Huge thanks to @smartwool for keeping us warm and making this trip possible, and to @whitneyljames for always smiling and laughing, even when the temps dropped to 18ºF (-8ºC) and the winds picked up at 10 pm and were blowing at 20+mph (40 kph) all night.

Totally worth experiencing this beautiful place in complete solitude!
#gofarfeelgood #yosemite #nationalpark #venturebeyond #backpacking


Travis Burke

After a whole 23 minutes of sleep, I woke @haydenkortemoore up at 3am to start our adventure. We paddled 14k (8.7 miles) in below freezing temps across the smoothest water I have ever seen, all while watching countless shooting stars and the northern lights dance off of the glassy lake all around us. At that moment, deep in the Canadian Rockies, with some of the darkest skies on earth, it felt as if we were paddling through space to another world!
We made it to Spirit Island to watch the sunrise, ended up eating lunch on a remote beach next to a stream where bald eagles flew overhead, and canoed the 14k back to our car entranced by the snowy peaks and crystal clear water the entire way.

This was one of those trips where photos and videos could never do it justice, we laughed all day, and the whole thing felt like a dream. Huge thanks to @tourismjasper for inviting us out to the Dark Sky Festival and letting us disappear into the wilderness for what was truly an adventure of a lifetime 🙌🏼🌌! #jaspernationalpark #myjasper #venturebeyond #wildcurrentoutfitters #canoe #spiritisland


Travis Burke

Today is World Jellyfish Day! What an honor it was to recently swim in a lake with these extremely rare stingless jellyfish.
Jellyfish have been around for hundreds of millions of years before dinosaurs, they lack not only bones, but hearts and brains as well, and some contain venom that is considered among the deadliest in the world.
Swimming around in their weightless world with Marine Biologist @brinkleydavies helped me realize how important it is to protect places like these and all of the things that have been here for millions of years before us.
#respectandprotect #wonderfulindonesia #jellyfish #worldjellyfishday


Travis Burke

On Monday we had one of the most popular photo spots in Canada all to ourselves!
We woke up early to ride mountain bikes 11k (7 miles) up the closed, snowy and icy road to Moraine Lake before sunrise. Such a fun way to experience this place as a winter wonderland!
Plus, hanging with @haydenkortemoore and watching her try the “floss” dance to stay warm definitely added to the fun! 😂🙌🏼
Moraine Lake, Canada!
#floss #canada #morainelake #mybanff


Travis Burke

Oct 27th, 11am-5pm, in Southern California, we’ll be teaming up with @adventureaide at Torrey Pines Gliderport for a rad meetup! I’ve been training to be a pilot here for the last few months and wanted to share how incredible the experience is with all of you.
If you book the adventure on the Adventure Aide app (at no cost) you’ll get a free print signed by me, free lunch and access to our Basecamp where I’ll be hanging out and doing a Q&A. Come enjoy the views, a cafe over the cliff, tons of photographic opportunities, and most of all, awesome people to hang with! You can also book a tandem flight at the event if you want to join us for an experience of a lifetime!
Click the link in my bio download the app and book the ‘Paraglide & Hang Out with Travis Burke’ and also see all of the other awesome adventures they are hosting near you! Hope to see you guys this Saturday.
@flytpg #meetup #sandiego #paragliding #california