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Custom built my dream adventure-mobile and have been traveling the country for 4 yrs. #vanlife
🗺️📍Southwest US.
Live passionately.
Follow your dreams.

3 am alarm clock. 10 hours on the water. Exploring incredible landscapes by boat with @DiscoverBoating. Rinse and repeat for 3 days… This is what we live for! Check out my video ( 2 posts back) to see a montage of our whole trip! #discoverboating #lakepowell #arizona


Heli camping just a short hike away from remote Native American ruins than might not have been seen by humans in who knows how many years!? There are so many incredible ways to explore this world and I am honored to continually meet other passionate likeminded individuals! Huge thanks to @iflyheli for taking us up and showing us a whole new way to camp in style. 🚁⛺️🌌 #helicamping #utah #nightphotography


Slot canyons, hidden arches and an endless wave to surf along the way! Such a fun trip exploring remote locations by boat on Lake Powell during these hot summer days. Huge thanks to @discoverboating for making this possible and to my rad friends for joining in on the adventure. Footage from the whole crew- @christianschaffer, @ambertorrealba, @paddymackk, @davidhatfieldphotography and edit by @ambertorrealba! #summer #boatlife #discoverboating #lakepowell #arizona


...WAIT FOR IT 😂. What you normally see on Instagram... and what you don’t normally see on Instagram!
Typical (weekday) crowds at Horseshoe Bend in Arizona.
SWIPE RIGHT to see behinds the scenes of me getting the shot of @christianschaffer, and the final photo at the end!
What do you guys think of crowds like this and/or do you like seeing behind the scenes of the locations and photo process?
I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks for the support 🙏🏼.
#horseshoebend #arizona #behindthescenes


Searching for treasure while boating and exploring Lake Powell’s thousands of miles of rugged shoreline. Huge thanks to @discoverboating for helping to make this adventure possible! Boat crew includes @christianschaffer, @ambertorrealba, @paddymackk, @davidhatfieldphotography. #discoverboating #lakepowell #arizona


Thank you so much to everyone who entered the #UltimateStorytellerContest. I am inspired by how courageous you all were with sharing your stories—the entries blew me away. You told tales of conquering fears, overcoming hardships, and achieving positive dreams for the future. It took countless hours to select just one winner. I will be sharing some of my favorite honorable mentions on my website next week.
The winner of my van, $6,000 worth of gear from my sponsors, and a one-on-one mentorship goes to someone who is humbly sharing other people’s stories, dedicated to making a difference, and constantly giving back to his community in a positive way.
Huge congrats to Mikey Huff, founder of the @woolsockproject, for winning the contest and constantly striving to pay things forward. Swipe right to learn about Mikey and his project and stay tuned for more details.

This wouldn't have been possible if my grandma hadn't been gracious enough to give me her van 4 years ago, and we are both excited to see the journey of #bettythegraywolf continue!
Thank you again to everyone who took the time to share their story and to my sponsors for their support.


Warm starry nights while hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park with @christianschaffer.
Bryce Canyon is known for having some of the darkest skies in the west, swipe right to see a few different images from my sleepless nights in the park. #brycecanyon #nationalpark #milkyway #nightphotography


Views straight out of a dream! Flying over Monument Valley during golden hour on our INSANE Heli Camping trip (I’m still blown away that even exists) with @iflyheli. More photos and videos to come!! Would you hang out of a helicopter here? #peterpanviews #experienceofalifetime #monumentvalley


Sometimes nature literally leaves me speechless.
Quiet moments in the vast desert just a few minutes before the pink tones of sunrise washed away the universe.
It’s been a dream of mine to photograph this place at night ever since my first visit over 8 years ago, huge thanks to @deuter for helping to make this moment possible and for supplying me with the new Futura Pro backpack that I’ve been using for the journey.
#milkyway #selfportrait #mydeuteradventure #nightphotography


A place where dinosaurs roamed, geologist are still perplexed and @christianschaffer felt like she was on a different planet.
Dreamland in southwest desert.
Shot with @djiglobal #mavicair
Song by @tychomusic


Spent the last few days driving down endless dirt roads, backpacking through canyons and eating peanut butter sandwiches with @christianschaffer.
Huge thanks to @deuter for making this trip possible and supplying us with the new Futura Pro backpacks for the journey.
Desert oasis found in the depths of Utah’s vast and diverse landscapes. #utah #backpacking #mydeuteradventure #campvibes
⚠️ UPDATE: This was not shot with a drone! Can you guess how I created this? :)


I pulled into Bryce Canyon late last night after driving for 5 hours. I had every intention of going to bed until I stepped outside and saw how many stars were out, so naturally I pulled out my camera. Next thing I knew it was 3:30am and I was meeting up with @christianschaffer in an hour and a half for sunrise!
Check out my story for some of the behind the scenes of my Milky Way shots.
This image was taken from this mornings hike with Christian as she experienced Queens Garden for the first time.
Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah.