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Custom built my dream adventure-mobile and have been traveling the US for 3 yrs.
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All I could hear was the sound of the ocean as I crawled out of my tent to watch the Milky Way slowly fade and the new day begin.
Backpacking the rugged California Coast. #homeiswhereyoupitchit #nightsky #milkyway #backpacking

Northern California

Honored to work with @TravelBelize & @World_Wildlife to help protect two of the worlds largest reefs. With a $5 donation, you can win from a list of epic experiences in Belize. 100% of proceeds go toward helping the reefs (something that impacts us all!)
Please take a moment to click the link in my profile and check out the video to learn more! (US only/18+) #visitbelize #giveback #partners #unbelizeable


I never imagined I could have such an attachment to a hunk of steel sitting on rubber. The places we’ve gone, the things we’ve seen, and experience we’ve had, both good and bad, have made one of the largest impressions of anything or anyone in my entire life.
Here’s to almost 4 years living out of something the size of a walk-in closet.
Going to the Sun Road, Glacier National Park, MT.

#vanlife #homeiswhereyouparkit #bettythegraywolf #ultimateroadtrip #experienceofalifetime #GlacierNationalPark

Going-to-the-Sun Road

I have this indescribable attraction to limits, to fears, to dreams, and to the spaces in between.
I have learned that it’s our fears that create limits. These self-imposed limits lengthen the distance to our dreams or even make them seem unattainable.
The more I’ve faced my fears, the fewer limitations I’ve had, and the faster and easier my dreams have continued to come true!
Photo of me walking thousands of feet over Yosemite Valley by- @scottborrero.
Check out the link in my profile for a video by @beautifuldestinations that tells my backstory on chasing dreams and some of the struggles I faced along the road.
#yosemite #nationalpark #slackline #highline

Yosemite National Park

The moment this shot was taken, I hadn't slept in over 36 hrs which resulted in me becoming extremely sick for the rest of our road trip. But for me, this was a once in a lifetime experience and was well worth it!
Between the bioluminescent waves, the center of our galaxy illuminating the landscape, and having a perfect campsite nestled in the sand with no one around but some friends, I don't think it could have gotten any better.
Reality can be better than dreams.
@whitneyljames & @mandymarr on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington
#milkyway #camping #oceanview

Olympic Peninsula

Making new friends in South Africa with @theblondeabroad. I still can’t believe this place exists! Warm weather, clear water and penguins waddling and swimming around everywhere! Summer days in December at Boulder Beach. 
#southafrica #boulderbeach #penguins

Boulder Beach

It was cold and dark, my feet were sore from exploring the area for over 12 hours, I had been doing push-ups and shadow boxing to stay warm but my clothes were wet from laying in the snow to get some unique photos.
I’ll never forget the way the landscape was softly lit from the glow of the moon. I watched the clouds start to sweep over the sky from an oncoming storm and right then, a faint shooting star streaked across the sky.
These are the moments that make me realize that all of the hard work is worth it, the moments that make me feel alive!
Shortly after this photo the storm rolled in, so I packed up my bag and hiked for a few hours through the desert back to my van... with a smile on my face the entire way! #nightphotography #passion #sonya7sii #arizona

The Wave, Arizona

Each time I go into the ocean I seem to gain a greater respect for it and all of my surroundings. The sport of freediving (diving below the surface on a single breath of air) has helped me grow as an individual and also helped me meet some incredible people along the way!
Huge thanks to @gmc and @matadornetwork for creating projects that allow me to continue doing what I’m passionate about and hopefully encouraging some of you to chase your dreams as well! Swipe right to see a few more photos from this project in Hawaii. #travelstoke #freediving #partners #underwaterphotography

Hawaiian Islands

The rare “Super Blue Blood Moon” just happened a few minutes ago and I was fortunate enough to capture these images of it!
Here, a father and daughter share a moment, a moment that to me represents the passing of his appreciation for the environment and our responsibility to protect it.
Huge thanks to Tom and Ava Cain, @optcorp, @therealjbowen and most of all to @davidhatfieldphotography for putting in 50+ hours of work with me to calculate this setup and bring this vision to a reality!
Also, thanks to all of you who continue to motivate me and support what I do! 🙏🏼
#superbluebloodmoon #lunareclipse

San Diego, California

TONIGHT & TOMORROW MORNING! Don’t miss the rare “Super Blue Blood Moon” which hasn’t happened in over 150 years!
Most of the world will get to see at least part of this incredible show! It will be a super moon, a blue moon, and a total lunar eclipse (blood moon), all at the same time.
The total eclipse starts at 4:51am PST, but check online to see when/if you can view it.
This is my image of a total lunar eclipse from a few years ago. Good luck and I hope you all get the chance to experience this special event!
#superbluebloodmoon #lunareclipse

Planet Earth

Mountain Magic in Glacier National Park.
I’m completely honored that @GoPro announced this image as their “Photo of the Year” for 2017.
Here, @chelseakauai was performing her levitation tricks at Hidden Lake in Montana.
We soaked up some sun and enjoyed the perfect afternoon, then began our hike out and ended up in a heavy hail storm. With nowhere to hide, we just laughed continued on through the storm. After a week or two of summiting peaks, swimming in lakes, spotting incredible wildlife and enjoying crazy weather patterns, Glacier National Park quickly became one of our favorite places in the world!
Image shot with the GoPro #Hero4Silver

Glacier National Park

Such an amazing way to start the new year! (SWIPE RIGHT). 11 friends and I went to central Oregon and stayed in a beautiful cabin in the woods. I didn’t post much at the time (I’m a huge advocate of not being on my phone much when I’m around friends) but wanted to upload a few photos from our little adventure! Such an epic group and perfect location, big thanks to @glampinghub & @lolomalodge for hosting us!
P.S. I’m still blown away that Ryan (@handsomerobinson) captured this long exposure photo of me walking the highline. This line was super intense and I only tried walking with my hands behind my back a few times, yet somehow, he was able to grab my camera and tripod and snag this crazy shot while I wasn’t moving!
Much love to the whole crew 🙏🏼🙌🏼

Central Oregon