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Custom built my dream adventure-mobile and have been traveling the US for 3 yrs. #vanlife
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Photo taken with the @GoPro #Hero6 while flying above the Hawaii coastline on @maunaloahelitours. 📸🚁

Hawaiian Islands

I love asking people about the worst job that they’ve ever had or just their job history in general. It’s a great way to learn more about the person and you’re almost always in for a good story or two.
I’d love to hear if you have any good ones and I know I’ve definitely had my fair share in the past.
Sometimes I’d be working a job that seemed sooo pointless that I had no idea why I was there or how it would benefit me in the future... but looking back now, every single job I’ve ever had has given me some sort of knowledge, experience, discipline or confidence that I needed to end up exactly where I wanted to be (even before I knew where that was).
Don’t ever feel like you’re too good for a specific job, but don’t ever feel like that is where you need to stay forever!
Here are “just a few” of my past jobs- Restaurant busboy, door to door sales, putting together golf clubs in an assembly line with ex convicts through the night (while in high school), grocery store bagger, scraping grease out of dirty kitchen vents through the night, construction, cutting and delivering x-mas trees, almost every warehouse job, folding and hanging clothing full time, etc.
Do you have a random job you’ve worked and/or a funny story? I’d love to hear it in the comments below ⬇️👌🏼
Photo- Self portrait staring at the universe from California.


Namibia- Between the oldest desert in the world, cute baby seals, the Skeleton Coast and staying in some super unique glamping tents, @theblondeabroad and I definitely fell in love with this beautiful country. Here are a few highlights from our action packed 4 day road-trip. Huge thanks to @atiholidays & @matadornetwork for making this trip possible! #namibia #atihopidays #matadornetwork #skeletoncoast


I made a small fire in the wood burning stove which kept the tent extremely warm inside... But to be honest, I spent most of my time outside, watching the constellations seemingly drift throughout the sky as the earth continues its rotation at almost 1000 mph.
I’m forever grateful to experience so many remote and beautiful places such as this spot near Arches National Park and appreciate companies like @gmc and @matadornetwork sharing my stories and passions. #travelstoke #partner #nightphotography

Under Canvas Moab

Hold your breath and dive into a dream world. Friends @alliemichellel @alexandra_carson and @raquellemantra finding paradise off the coast of Hawaii.
Huge thanks to @cobiandewey for always showing us the best spots!

Hawaiian Islands

Searching for new perspectives 650ft (200m) above the ocean with @theblondeabroad. Check out my previous post to see the final image as well as all of my camera settings for the shot!
Cape Point, South Africa.
POV shot with the new @GoPro #Hero6.

Cape Point Lighthouse

Legend has it that ghost ships still haunt these treacherous yet beautiful waters that surround Cape Point, which is also one of Africa’s most southwestern points.
@Theblondeabroad sits along the sheer cliffs that tower more than 650ft (200m) above where the Atlantic and Indian Ocean merge.
The perfect sunset spot at Cape Point- Table Mountain National Park, South Africa.

Camera Settings-
Sony A7RII
16-35mm Lens
Shutter Speed 1/100th
Aperture f/8
ISO 200

Table Mountain National Park

Peter Pan views!
Flying over one of the most beautiful islands in the world with @maunaloahelitours.
Location: Neverland- a.k.a. Kauai, Hawaii.
@forsakeco @hippytree @goalzero


Finding different constellations down in the southern hemisphere at one of the coolest treehouses we’ve ever seen/stayed at. @theblondeabroad and I couldn’t believe this place was real!
Lion Sands Game Reserve, South Africa.

Lion Sands Game Reserve

I’m so glad I have these images because when I have kids and grandkids they are never going to believe the stories I tell. From scraping old grease out of ventilation systems through the night in super dirty restaurants to traveling and experiencing the world. I just hope I can help plant the seed that lets them know with passion, dedication and the belief that it is possible, they accomplish anything!
Swimming through paradise (also known as the Hawaiian Islands) with @kelsealoha and big thanks to @moderndayhawaiian for the boat ride and unforgettable adventure 🙌🏼.

Hawaiian Islands

Moab, Utah was the first place I stayed out shooting all night until the sun came up. 5 years later I’m still just as excited to head out at night to photograph the universe.
Single photo with the moon and Milky Way Galaxy, also a self portrait. Thanks to @gmc and @matadornetwork for making moments like this possible! Crazy to think just a few hours later it was completely stormy and raining. #partner #travelstoke

Moab, Utah

Exploring the oldest desert in the world along the Skeleton Coast in Namibia.
During high tide the Atlantic Ocean comes all the way up to the dunes and a lot of the coast becomes impassable. We barely made it through and returned by charging up and over the dunes, which made for quite an adventurous day with @theblondeabroad.
Huge thanks to @atiholidays and @matadornetwork for making this possible!

Skeleton Coast