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He’s done it again, folks! Rolled around in the stank. 😩 Bath time will be a regular occurrence around here I suppose. This is a #TBT of Tuna getting a bath, as featured in #thetunabook.


Don’t let his innocent expression fool you 😇. Once again Tuna managed to fragrant himself in a questionably foul odor via our backyard 😷. I liken it to mole farts, and when you smell like mole farts, you get a bath. #itsnonnegotiable 🛁


My heart may have fallen out of my body over how freaking adorable this is! I don’t know what else to say. #tunainterpretations by the wildly talented @dave.xp ❤️😍 #tunartuesdays #cartuna


You guys! We’ve put an offer on a house which means we think we are moving! Which also means, lots of decorating to come so I just got this new AMAZING rug from @swoonrugs for either our master or the baby’s room. Isn’t it GORGEOUS!? I’m obsessed and clearly so is Toons! #goingmental I’ve posted some cute pics of him in his stories!


You’d think he’s sleeping but he’s actually just ignoring me. That, ladies and gentlemen, is his selective hearing face and he makes it often 😑


Since we accidentally weren’t invited to the #RoyalWedding today, here is a photo of Tuna from our non-Royal Wedding. He would have worn this though had he’d been invited. It’s from Amazon 💁‍♀️. #fancyandregal #shrivelneck 📸 by: @agallant


When you accidentally fell asleep on the sofa, wake up 15 minutes before your date is supposed to pick you up, and you still need to shower. 😬 #oopsies #relatable? #shrivelneck


If you ever visit London or even live in London, the @townhallhotel is AMAZING and I encourage you to stay there to experience the East End. We stayed in this converted century old Town Hall and everything about it was THE DREAM! To learn more about it and to follow along with our stay there, head over to @thetravelingtuna and visit the link in that bio.


Nothing to compliment beautiful classical music than a schlompy apple chewing sound. #gross 🙈🙉🍎 Swipe ⬅️ for part II.


When the sun is finally out but now you want it to go away. #makeupyourmindsir 😎


His theory on the rain: If you stare outside long enough, it will stop raining. Sadly that’s not working. #hardtimes #rainraingoaway ☔️ Update: IT WORKED!!!! It’s soooo sunny outside! 🌝


Last Mother’s Day, I was in Atlanta on a girls trip with my mom. In Sept of last year, she was diagnosed with cancer, and five months ago, today (12/13), I lost her to cancer complications. Five days before she passed, we found out that I was going to be a mom and we got to tell her that she’s going to be a grandma. What favour! What grace! Now it’s my turn to be an incredible mom, the way she was. I think both she and Tuna have prepared me for this new role, but man do I have big shoes to fill. Please pray for me, and please pray that Tuna likes this baby because he tends to have an aversion towards children. 😬😬😬 #bigbrother #mybump #dueinaugust #shrivelneck


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