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Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

Ok folks. Get ready to melt, cry, squeal, swoon, faint, shriek, sigh, say UUUGHHH!, and pee your pants a little bit. That’s how good this video is. Ps: Tuna does not like babies. I repeat, he does not (usually) like babies but he’s made an exception. #sundaysnuggleswithsissy 😍😍😍


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

Has anyone ever come home to a ninja taking a nap in your bed, because I think I just did. Ps: How is there no ninja emoticon??! #shocking


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

I’d like to point out a few things that may not be super obvious to you. A) His paw 😂 All him. #dainty 2) He’s tucked away in the “sleeve” of my aunt’s vest. Again. All him. #strange 3) His #shrivelneck. #enoughsaid 4) His sass. #perfection 5) Portrait mode. Trying it out. #DoWeLike?


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

It didn’t feel like the first week of December over the weekend. We were in Atlanta, basically wearing shorts from the warm weather, but now that we’re back in freezing Cleveland, I chose this adorable #tunainterpretations to depict what the first week of December really feels like. #tunartuesdays by @dreamyportrait


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

Today is our 2 year wedding anniversary. I wasn’t going to post about it because it was kind of uneventful when it comes to celebrating. We spent it running all over Atlanta to make selections for our new house, we’re not feeling very well, and we spent hours in the airport to head back home. But as I sat on the tarmac waiting to take off, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I looked over at my incredible husband who was holding our beautiful sleeping baby, and then I looked down at my feet and smiled at our amazing #toodlebrain sleeping in his airplane bag and I thought to myself, “WOW, the past two years have been SO eventful and I’m so grateful for every moment.” While there have been unforgettable moments and moments I wish I could forget, I realised that you have all been a part of our story and our journey. So I scrolled through our wedding photos as we flew over various states, and I selected some of the sweetest moments to share with you from that lovely day, just in case you missed this part ☺️ Ps: Yes Tuna was our ring bearer 🤣 Lovely photos by the amazing @agallant


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

My golden boy and his golden hotdog shaped rump.


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

When you notice that your dog is “subtly” creeping on you from the back seat but it’s not that subtle. #nochill


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

Tuna has many toys but his favorite is Colin, as most of you know. He does this amazing thing where he retrieves Colin if I say his name or if I slap my hands against my thighs. Without fail! I’ve also showcased some of his other amazing qualities in a takeover on @themostamazingdog’s Stories today! There you will also learn how to audition for your pet to be on #FacebookWatch’s new show “The World’s Most Amazing Dog,” so please check out their stories to find out how, and to see more of Tuna. @themostamazingdog #ad


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

Someone got a little too carried away in the snow AND the mud, so someone had to quickly get into the bath and he’s not that happy about it. #😬 #consequences #hardtimes #🦀ie


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

Look who decided to hijack his baby sister’s carseat...with her in it btw. Haha


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

When you’re enjoying a nice nap on your mom’s lap and then a pesky fly enters the room and ruins your life. #from0to100realquick


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

Swinging into the holiday season feels like sloooow motion. Christmas come quick! Please! #onemonthtogo!!!