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The sun brings out his most spirited side, as does going byebyes for a walkies so he’s getting the best of both worlds today! #joyful ☀️


When you’ve said “goodnight” at least 5 times, but your friend won’t stop talking. 🙉 Are you the friend or are you Tuna?


I love how Tuna just causally decides to take over everything that is given or gifted to our new baby, like this adorable monkey harness backpack situation, for example. He now thinks it’s his. #siblingrivalryhasalreadybegun Thanks again auntie @alissa.dawn for this adorable contraption 🐒


When you’re trying to take a selfie and your crush walks in on you. #embarrassing


This may be the wrong flag but it’s the right spirit! Come on England!!! ⚽️ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧 #Londonisoursecondhome #TunasdadisEnglish


I was about to go to bed, realised I didn’t post and that it’s almost Wednesday, so as I was scrolling through #tunartuesdays, I came across this older/insane/uncanny #tunainterpretations by @the.painted.pup! It looks so much like my sweet boy!! Thank you! 😘


When somebody in the room farted, and you’re pretending to investigate who it was, but it was actually you. 😬 #guilty #shrivelback


Sometimes (all the time) I like to stare at him while he sleeps and take photos of him. Last night, while I was doing that, I discovered a little white fleck in his nostril. I didn’t have the heart to remove it at the risk of waking him up, so I just snapped a photo so I could share it with all of you. Hope you likey :)


When your mom’s singing is getting on your nerves but you know you can’t do any better so you just have to keep your annoyance to yourself and tuck your ears back to block out the sound. 🗣️🙉


Tuna’s big plans for the evening are hiding from a thunderstorm. ⛈️ What are yours. #🚫⛈️ #didthisallonhisown #doesntmessaround


When your mom tells you that avocados are bad for you so instead you just stare at them hopelessly, hoping she’ll change her mind but she won’t. 🥑 Delicious summer salad inspired by the most talented chef I know, @bykaraelise. Recipe is in her feed!


His teeth are being shy today. 😬 For more patriotic videos, check out his stories! #happy4thofjuly🇺🇸