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Hi friends. I apologise for the lack of posts. Been dealing with something on the home front that has had to take priority. Thank you for your patience. In the meantime, I hope this #toodlebrain’s magnificent profile brings you some joy!


I came across this old #tunartuesdays post and can’t believe I never posted about it. I guess there’s no time like the present! #punnotintended. Thank you for this amazing #tunainterpretations, @noblefriendsshop 😘


One year ago today, this #toodlebrain made the cutest ring bearer, with the greatest #shrivelneck, in all the land! 📷: @agallant P.S. I tagged all of our vendors if you’re interested :)


If you click the link in Tuna’s bio to sign up your dog, or a friend’s dog, for a Dogsmas In The City @barkbox, it’s only $5 for a 6 to 12 month plan, now through Dec 3rd! Unfortunately Tuna isn’t included in the box but how great would that be? 😜#BarkBoxDay #partners


In addition to Tuna’s shop, I wanted to curate a Holiday Gift Guide for humans and pets, just for fun, and also because all of the items I chose were created by my close, personal friends. I hope that you and/or your recipient(s) enjoys these great gift ideas as much as we do! Link in the bio or at tunameltsmyheart.com/gift-guide. Featuring @barkbox, @bykaraelise, @darling, @dogdentons, @lascollective, @rubyrufus, @yark, @sniphperfumes, @thegivingkeys, & @wagaware!


There’s really no way to measure this, but I would go so far as to say that this is quite possibly the best yawn of all time. And also, so is his ear posture. Just my humble opinion. Goodnight. 😆


For savage footage of Tuna and Colin, watch here. {Volume ⬆️}


I’m sure you’ve heard that today is #GivingTuesday, so please consider giving a donation to an animal rescue group that you support, or maybe one that you’ve never supported before. Shelter and rescue groups rely on donations, but if you can’t give monetarily, most of them have wish lists for tangible gifts instead. Some awesome rescue groups that I recommend are @downtowndogrescue, @bestfriendsanimalsociety, @thesatoproject, @pawsny, and @sonomahumanesociety!


The look of confusion that you give your mom when you can’t locate your back foot 😕🤔 Snuggie by @dogdentons


I love when I have absolutely no idea where he is in the house, and I’ll call his name multiple times, to no avail, and then I’ll go into my mom’s room to look for him, and he’s just lying there, on her feet, buried under the covers, not budging.


Just imagine this cute/crabby package showing up on your doorstep. Volume ⬆️. Haha. #sponsored. Since “Home for the Pawlidayz” Weekend is officially underway, Zappos.com, in partnership with @animalleague wants to help you find your new furry friend! @Zappos will be covering adoption costs at pre-selected shelters for approved adopters which started Black Friday but is happening through Sunday! Find your shelter and more info at www.zappos.com/pets and bring home love this #Pawlidayz weekend! 🎁 #ZapposForPets #Zappos


The Tuna “Colin”dar is now available for pre-sale! He doesn’t know this yet because he’s still sleeping, but now you do! Link in the bio or tunameltsmyheart.com/products/colindar