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Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

This is his “do not disturb me for the rest of the day because I’m super tired and cranky” face but he better believe that I’m going to disturb him. He’s just too cute not to. #shrivelneck


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

In two weeks from today, the Super Bowl is coming to our future hometown, Atlanta! During a visit to the city to check up on our new house, we stayed at the AWESOME, refurbished boutique hotel, @hotelclermont. If there are still rooms available during the Super Bowl (not sure if there are, but worth a try) stay there! It won’t disappoint because it is SOOO cool! To see more pictures from our stay, head over to Tuna’s travel account, @thetravelingtuna.


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

This one is an overly dramatic nervous ninny. Not sure if you’ve caught on to that yet. Haha #classictoons


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

This is the January photo in his 2019 calendar, so if you want to look at Tuna being a cheeky 🐒 for the next couple of weeks, we still have some available. Link in his bio. Ps: A year of Tuna makes for a great Valentines Day gift for someone else too! Just saying ❤️😘


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

I asked him not to beg while I ate my lunch in the car, so now he is just inconspicuously spying on me instead, waiting for an opportunity to eat any leftovers. #clever


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

Um. Ok most darling, tiniest #tunainterpretations of all time. Why don’t you melt my heart a little more, @amandaburnettillustration? 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘 #tunartuesdays


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

My favourite part about this photo is that he’s foaming at the mouth a little 🤤😂 #HappyMonday


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

His distraction method is to try to intimidate me with a stare down during playtime. Spoiler alert: it never works. #bumintheairdontcare


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

Since #tbt is almost over, here is a compilation of Tuna doing two of his most favourite things- sleeping and snoring! Turn up the volume! It’s important! 💤🔈⬆️🐽😂 #ilovespyingonhim! 😂😍 Sound like anyone you know?


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

When you’re into your outfit but you’re not into why you need to wear it. #snowistheworstwhenyouhavetopeeinit


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

I selected a #tunainterpretations that accurately depicts what Tuna has been doing all day and this one is spot on. He’s been burrowing under the duvet, ALL.DAY! Thank you for this sketch, @jj.illustrations, aptly titled “Duvet Day”


Tuna {breed:chiweenie}

We won’t be reunited with Tuna for another 4 hours so I apologise for the Christmas photo, but I wanted to post about the 2019 Calendars because they are back in stock now! Link in Tuna’s bio or tunameltsmyheart.com/products/tmmh2019