Venus the Two Face Cat@venustwofacecat

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Dr. Seuss. #drseuss #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter

Photobomb courtesy of @roothekangaroocat 😹😹


I’ll take the deluxe meownicure pawlease 💅🏻🐾


#fbf Happy Friday everyone! 😽😽


Just a #tbt of my adopted brother Roo @roothekangaroocat and me as kittens. 💞
#friendsFURever #kittens


For this #tongueouttuesday , here’s foster kitten Mini’s 1st time drinking water. I shot this Friday and forgot to post it. The stuff on the pee pad is wet food mixed with milk replacer that was in the bowl next to this one.
They’re doing great with weaning (their choice as they were biting at the bottle, no blockage or anything) and even caught onto the litter box for the most part (a few accidents here and there).
It’s so cute to watch them eat food from a bowl like little carnivores... they’re growing up so fast!! 💞🐾
#fosterkittens #adoptdontshop #tnr #spayandneuter


Do you have a life hack for Monday blues? If so, what is it? 😺😽🐾
#monday #mondaymood #mondayblues


I’m sharing my tub with foster kittens....but act like I’m scared of them and won’t go near them! 🛀🏼
#catconfessions #scaredycat


Poll: ..... What do you want to see on my next Instagram livestream?
*Foster kittens
* Me (and Halo, Ginger, & @roothekangaroocat)


Hang in there....Friday’s just around the corner! 😺


First part of yesterday’s Instagram livestream.
We joined live with @nala_cat last week and it was so much fun.
Tag a cat account you’d love to see us go live with (not @roothekangaroocat because he always makes an appearance in my livestreams anyway since he lives here) and I’ll have my human reach out to their human to see if we can make it happen! 😺


Sunny and warm!! Hello spring.....finally! Woo-hoo! ☀️🌷💐


Happy Mother's Day to all Moms everywhere! Here is a pic of my real birth mama behind my lilac torti sis. Mama was a dark tortoiseshell like most of my coat is. Isn't she beautiful? My human mama didn't know about this picture until 2014. Until then she didn't know what my birth mama looked like.
Happy Mother's Day Moms!! Enjoy your special day! 😺💐💞


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