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Photo by Pete McBride @pedromcbride | Elephants live in matriarchal societies, so the oldest and largest adult female in a family watches over the entire clan, including her sisters and offspring, forming a closely-bonded family that stays together for life. For more images of wildlife, follow @pedromcbride #petemcbride


“April showers did bring May flowers!” writes @markus_mcgruff


Photo by @lucalocatelliphoto | Visitors peer over Dubai from an observation deck at the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper at 2,717 feet (828 meters). Dubai aims for superlatives: It's now racing to become one of the planet’s most sustainable cities. The emirate will showcase its efforts as host of Expo 2020, also known as the world’s fair, a six-month exhibition with sustainability as one of its themes. A decade ago Dubai had one of the largest ecological footprints of any city in the world. By 2050 it wants to have the smallest. Can it get there?
My work revolves around the making of the future, how our society transitions through new ways of living, and how technology is changing our approach to the environment and to our cities. I’ve embarked on a journey with @natgeo to showcase how Dubai aims to become one of the world’s greenest cities.
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Lake Como - Italy ✨💜💜💜✨
Picture by ✨✨@pinkines✨✨
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¡Mañana llega #NatGeoRun a #Bogotá! 🌎 👟 🇨🇴 Ya estamos precalentando para este gran festival Eco-Friendly pensado para inspirar hábitos sustentables ¡Levanten la mano quienes vienen a correr por el planeta!
Conoce todos los detalles de la carrera en 👉


Spice markets make for a brilliant mini-adventure exploration no matter where you travel. India is no exception — spice browsing and shopping here never disappoints. .

Wandering, questioning, exercising curiosity, perhaps adding something familiar and needed, or unfamiliar and unknown to one’s spice rack back home. For as many times as we’ve been to India, we always discover something new or encounter something unusual. And, we always meet someone interesting.⠀


The spread of stalls across Shimla’s lower bazaar features sacks and tins, and ancient wooden racks, drawers and dividers that ought to have a voice so that they might tell us their stories. Colors are earthy and bright, chili peppers of the deepest red, turmeric otherworldly yellow. Scents waft among it all. The whole and the ground; the sweet and the pungent; the blended and the masala’d — all of which makes Indian food so delicious and complex.⠀
Taken on our @gadventures journey through northern India. #sponsored⠀.⠀
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Chengdu by Night 🌃 .
Taken with the #HuaweiP30Pro and Night Mode #HuaweiShot @huaweimobilefr
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Hello, world. Today’s #WeeklyFluff is Alex (@alexthehonkingbird), a 20-year-old cockatiel from Brisbane, Australia, and a head-bangin’ rock star. 🤘 “I never expected thousands of people all around the world would become fans of my birds,” says Annika Howells, who also looks after Alex’s son Dominic, a xylophone player. Rock on!
Video by @alexthehonkingbird


Rear View of Hong Kong | Photograph by Wai Ping Wong (@snakewwww)
#YourShotPhotographer Wai Ping Wong caught this moment as a man walks through a staircase in Hong Kong. This photo was selected for the May 17, 2019 edition of our Photos of the Week series.

“[This] photograph of a solitary figure ascending the stairs of Hong Kong building made me stop. It’s a man, or a boy, caught mid-journey in a stairwell’s light. Has he many more flights to go? Is he as alone as he appears, in one the world’s most bustling cities? I wanted to know more, and decided this qualified as a photo that moved me.” — National Geographic Partners Editorial Director and @natgeo Magazine Editor in Chief Susan Goldberg (@susanbgoldberg)


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